Ninja cp301 vs cp307: Which Coffee Maker is the Right Choice?

Undoubtedly, it’s intimidating to choose the right coffee maker. Do you go for a cheap but unappetizing one or the pricey ones that could actually ruin your budget? The Ninja cp301 vs cp307 are two great coffee brew systems that will not disappoint. Indeed, the cp301 is inexpensive and perfect for those who want a sturdy, reliable mug that won’t shatter or break easily. Whereas the 307 is pricier, but it’s worth it for those.

Importantly, for those days where you want a cup of coffee but you don’t want to go out of your way, now there is a solution. The Ninja cp307 vs cp301 coffee maker lets you brew the perfect cup of coffee right in the comfort of your own home. Chiefly, this machine is vastly different than any other traditional coffee maker. Also, it can provide a cup of joe that tastes just as good as any Starbucks brand.

Comparison Chart of Ninja cp301 vs cp307

ProductNinja cp301Ninja cp307
ImageNinja cp301Ninja cp307
Coffee Brew StylesClassic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew & SpecialtyClassic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew & Specialty
Tea Brew TypesHerbal, Black, Oolong, White & GreenHerbal, Black, Oolong, White & Green
Tea Brew StylesClassic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew & SpecialtyClassic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew & Specialty
Serving Size OptionsCup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe & Full CarafeCup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe & Full Carafe
Permanent FilterYesYes
Type of Carafe50 oz. (10-Cup) Glass Carafe50 oz. (10-Cup) Thermal Carafe
Built-In Fold-Away FrotherYesYes
Permanent FilterCoffee & TeaCoffee & Tea
Removable Water ReservoirYesYes
Ninja Scoop with Onboard StorageYesYes
Product Dimensions11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches
Carafe Capacity50 oz.50 oz.
Brew Presets55
Brew Size66
Carafe MaterialGlassThermal
Clean IndicatorYesYes
Weight11.9 lbs.11.9 lbs.
Human Interface InputButtonsButtons
Capacity1 Fluid Ounce10 Cups
MaterialRubber, Plastic, Stainless SteelPlastic, Stainless Steel, Rubber
Programmable BrewYesYes
PriceNinja cp301Ninja cp307

Similarities: Ninja cp301 vs cp307


Basically, Ninja cp301 vs cp307 are the two different versions of a brand. So, the company had not put changes on the display and appearance of this machine. Both machines contain same looks, same colours, same styles buttons, same symbols on buttons, and same accessories. Amazingly, a person with a single glance will definitely consider them as a same product.

Dimension, Weight and Size

The carafe and cups have the same size and the same looks. Both machines come with the same dimensions are 11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches. Not only, but both brew machines also have the same size control panel that contains the same buttons at the same located points.

Moreover, both products Ninja cp301 vs cp307 carry same weight and weighs 11.9 lbs. Likewise, both products contain same watts that are 1400w.

6 Brew Sizes

This hot and cold brew system allows you to make the coffee in six brew sizes. So you can get the one that suits your mood. Thus, you can brew from a travel cup or a single cup to a full carafe. The most interesting thing is that it lets you make your choice of a blend of tea or ground coffee. Notably, for this, you don’t require pods.

5 Brewing Styles

Ninja cp301 vs cp307

Now, just unlock the coffee flavors by adding this coffee brew machine to your kitchen appliances list. In fact, you will get a hot flavored but never bitter drink. Now there are two ways to enjoy tea and over-ice coffee. Amazingly, there is a total of 5 available brewing styles. Likewise, these five flavors are divided into two categories. For instance, the five for tea and five for coffee. Consequently, you can enjoy the most desired or favorite one at your home.

Coffee brewing styles

  • Classic
  • Over ice
  • Rich
  • Cold-brew
  • Specialty

Tea brewing styles

  • Herbal
  • Black
  • Oolong
  • White
  • Green

5-Brew Styles Brief View

Brew Styles Brief View

a.    Fresh 10-minute cold brew

With this brew coffee-making system you can have accelerated lower temperature for making over-ice brew coffee that contains chill, smooth, cold, and natural flavor.

b.    Over-ice

You can customize hot and over ice brew at dual strength vivid, a real flavored tea or ice coffee that would never become watered down.

c.    Specialty

Additionally, you can customize the pair of tea and coffee condensed with frothed foamy milk to make delicious super-rich tea and coffee. As a result, you can have a fresh and naturally sweet drink including vivid taste lattes, macchiatos, cappuccino, and more. The Ninja cp307 reviews and Ninja cp301 reviews can put more ideas in your mind to have well-flavored different tastes.

d.    Classic and Rich

Now start your day with rich and classic style coffee or tea. In fact, if you want a normal taste brew then you can select classic brew style. Similarly, if you want to go for an intense-flavored drink then you can select the Rich style option.

Fold-away frother

Ninja cp301 vs cp307:

Ninja cp301 vs cp307:

Basically, frother lets you make foamy shape and taste of your drink like cappuccino, creamy lattes, macchiatos, and more. Chiefly, this feature adds quality to make the coffee or any drink in a professional way. Also, both products Ninja co301 vs 307 hold this fold-away frother to convert the milk into foam texture. Therefore, you can enjoy it more deliciously and can add different types of flavors to it.

Specifically, after frothing your drink, you can fold it back in the machine. In fact, it’s the easiest tech coffee machine and it’s amazingly super. Even, a beginner can enjoy using it.

Individual Tea and Coffee Basket

Ninja cp301 vs cp307

While doing a comparison between Ninja cp301 vs cp307, I have noticed a similar feature that is its, for both tea and coffee there is separate Smart brew basket recognition. Also, this feature eliminates confusion for those who get confused about which category to select to make tea as well as coffee.

Further, with the coffee basket, you can enjoy 5 amazing brew styles including classic, over-ice, rich, cold brew, and specialty. Furthermore, for tea brew styles you can put tea, herbal, black, white, green, and oolong flavors in the basket. Moreover, this machine will show the required basket option automatically by pressing a single button.

Removable Water Reservoir

Removable Water Reservoir

As both machines need to refill the water reservoir manually. So, the way to refill and clean the water reservoir must be easy and convenient.

That way, you must have the way to get your super flavored drink in the easiest way. Ninja cp301 or cp307 both included an excellent way of removing and readjusting the water reservoir. Just slip out the water reservoir and likewise same put back it. Additionally, you can clean and wash it easily.

No Pods Required

No pods mean you are not bound to make a specified variety of drinks. Surely, you can make unlimited variety including customized brews with limited plastic waste. So, you can add up two flavors at a time to make a new taste that also adds customized creativity.

Hot and Cold built-in Frother

Chiefly, this hot and cold brew coffee machine system holds a build-in frother that turns the milk into a soft froth in no time. Secondly, you can get it by just pressing a button.

Build Quality

Undoubtedly, this is an advanced and automated hot and cold brew system. Likewise, both systems hold an excellent build quality material. Secondly, the MENU system is so advanced and looks attractive. Thirdly, only the thing lacking in its material is its backside which is made of glossy material and does not hide fingerprints. In fact, the whole body is made of Stainless Steel, Rubber, and, Plastic. So, due to plastic material, you must firstly brew only water to let the plastic smell out to maintain the actual flavor.

Difference Between Ninja cp301 and cp307

Difference Between Ninja cp301 and cp307

Carafe Material

Ninja cp301 vs cp307 comes with almost the same specs, features, and display. Importantly, both machines carry the same control panels, appearance, and many other traits. But the first thing is making them different is the carafe that comes in accessories.

Basically, they hold the same carafe size and likewise the same carafe capacity that is 50 oz.

The only thing the is different is the carafe material.

Ninja cp301 comes with a glass carafe. On the other hand, Ninja cp307 comes with a thermal carafe.

According to, both materials are in demand due to different choices of customers. The customers who like glamour would like to go with Ninja cp301. Besides the customers who want sturdy material would definitely go for Ninja cp307.


Price is an important factor to discuss while doing products comparison. Basically, there is not a big difference in price between Ninja cp301 vs cp307. In fact, it’s only a $20 to $30 difference in price.

I come on point why the price difference is there as both machines are 99% holds similar features. According to the above comparison, that is the carafe material. We all know glass material is always cheaper than thermal material. Secondly, thermal material is sturdy and expansive than glass material. Due to this, the machine Ninja cp307 is a little more expansive than Ninja cp301.

Pros and Cons: Ninja cp301 vs cp307

Ninja cp301
  • Pros
  • ● Easy to use
  • ● Brew multiple 6-brew sizes
  • ● Hot and Cold built-in Frother
  • ● Auto IQ one-touch intelligence technology
  • ● Removable Water Reservoir
  • ● No Pods Required
  • ● Excellent build quality
  • ● Individual Tea and Coffee Basket
  • ● Fold-away frother
  • ● 5 Brewing Styles
  • ● Integrated smart scoop
  • ● Programmable Delay Brew
  • ● Permanent Filter
  • ● Glass carafe

  • Cons

  • ● Small reservoir

Ninja cp307
  • Pros
  • ● Easy to use
  • ● Brew multiple 6-brew sizes
  • ● Hot and Cold built-in Frother
  • ● Auto IQ one-touch intelligence technology
  • ● Removable Water Reservoir
  • ● No Pods Required
  • ● Excellent build quality
  • ● Individual Tea and Coffee Basket
  • ● Fold-away frother
  • ● 5 Brewing Styles
  • ● Integrated smart scoop
  • ● Programmable Delay Brew
  • ● Permanent Filter
  • ● Thermal carafe

  • Cons

  • ● Small reservoir
  • ● Glass material carafe


I conclude by doing full research on the reviews of Ninja cp301 vs cp307, both machines are excellent appliances for one’s kitchen. Furthermore, both brew machines contain almost all similar specs and features except one feature. Only the carafe material and price are the major differences between both products.

Mainly, it depends on you which carafe you would like to buy. If you like glass material and don’t want a sturdy thermal and of course to save money then you can go for Ninja cp301. Instead, if you love to buy a robust, long-lasting carafe material then you must buy Ninja cp307 as the Ninja cp307 coffee maker includes a thermal carafe.


What is the difference between Ninja CP301 and CP307?

There are two major differences between Ninja cp301 and cp307 that are:

  1. Carafe Material
  2. Price

Does Ninja CP301 make espresso?

Ninja cp301 hot and cold brew system holds multiple coffee settings with milk frothing. But unfortunately, it does not make expresso.

Does Ninja make good cold brew?

Yes, it does make a good cold brew coffee with multiple styles and tastes.

What’s the difference between cold brew and over ice ninja?

Only the difference between over ice and cold brew by Ninja is timing. Cold brew took more time so it makes smooth, silky, sweet drinks as compared to over ice brew.

Can you adjust the temperature on a ninja coffee maker?

No. there is no option to adjust the temperature on the Ninja hot and cold coffee maker.


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