An Ultimate Comparison EOTECH G33 vs EOTECH G30 – Which one is good to buy?

EOTECH is now the most recognized name in the field of magnification for many tremendous reasons. The EOTECH G33 vs EOTECH G30 is two good versions if you contemplate adding an EOTECH device to your gear. So how are you going to select them? We evaluate the EOTECH G33 vs G30 in this article. We will give the details in both the lens ranges in order to make it easier to pick.

Eotech models comparison chart between EOTECH G33 and EOTECH G30

The EOTech flip-up G33 3x magnifier performs well with one of its holographic weapons optics. You are undoubtedly familiar. The G33 allows you to increase your size to about 300 yards more simply.

Eotech Comparison
EOTECH G33 vs EOTECH G30 – Similarities

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An iron vision or red dot reticule may certainly make the shooter more visual and conscious of his environment. Therefore, it is virtually difficult to evaluate targets since such scope does not increase. Sure, with simple iron sight with red dot reticle scope you could still detect the target from a considerable distance. However, irrespective of your expertise, there is a significant possibility of missing the goal.

An iron vision or red dot reticule may certainly make the shooter more visual and conscious of his environment. Therefore, it is virtually difficult to evaluate targets since such scope does not increase. Sure, with simple iron sight with red dot reticle scope you could still detect the target from a considerable distance. However, irrespective of your expertise, there is a significant possibility of missing the goal.

3X best magnifier for eotech

EOTECH G33 and G30 each have 3x magnification power, as also indicated. This magnification of eotech magnifier g33 is set, so you won’t be able to alter how far and how near you wish to view. Specialists can accept that all you require for a near-range or mid-range rifle magnification is a 3x magnification power. You may couple your red dot reticle with a magnifying scope to overcome this difficulty. The flipper-to-the-side design is also a highlight to look at so that you can effortlessly juggle 1x and 3x enlargements. You may experience the best of all worlds with this combo. Use the red dot reticle sight alone if you want better awareness.

Eye relief feature in EOTECH G33 and EOTECH G30

Eye relief is the ideal distance across your eye and your back lens to see the full picture from your range. The G33 and G30 both feature an identical 2.2-inch eye relief. This small eye relief is perfect for guns. Remember that too many scopes are only suitable for sniper rifles with greater eye relief. Each shooter is in favor of eye relief. There are 2.2 inches of eye relief beneficial for them, thus according to their clients.

Angular field view of G33 and G30

The angular field of vision is determined by the lens size configuration. The larger the angular field, the greater the area with which you can see. Both feature a broad angular view of 7.3 degrees in the case of G33 and G30. So you should expect a surface of approximately 38 feet, which is quite remarkable at 100 yards.

EOTECH G33 vs EOTECH G30-Differences

Why Choose EOTECH G33?


The EOTECH G33 is disadvantaged by its bulkier frame

Physical Dimensions of EOTECH G33

Most shooters would think the physical dimension of the sight is really the last thing. The importance of the scope for them is nonetheless more essential.

The EOTECH G33 is disadvantaged by its bulkier frame if you’d like to take a lightweight kit. While this length of the G30 is the same, it weighs more than 11 ounces. This difference in size might be negligible. But this may not be an option for individuals who prefer the lightest ranges. This increased weight is due to its better overall construction.

EOTECH G33 – Built for every environment

Here is every fighting machinery should be constructed like a tank. In every weather condition, it should survive.

Every EOTECH gear is composed of sturdy materials, especially G33 and G30. But, the water resistance of the G33 is superior. The G33 may be submerged up to 33 feet in the water. You can predict no water damage at all after you get it out of the water. It also has a tan hue version, perfect for particular surroundings such as the desert. Finally, it’s compatible with night vision. It is sold independently, though. The EOTECH G33 is really designed for every conceivable scenario.

Unmagnified View of EOTECH G33

The g33 eotech can either have a 1x magnification or even an unmagnified view apart from its 3x fixed magnification. It features a side-by-side design that is appreciated by nearly all users of 3X scope magnification. Depending on the scenario, you may simply mix from 1x to 3x and vice versa. Eotech magnifier review also includes a fast detach mount which you believe is precisely what it is. You can simply remove or connect the size of your rifle with its QD mount.

Why Choose EOTECH G30?

The G30 features a lighter body

Physical Dimension of EOTECH G30

The G30 features a lighter body, by contrast. That is not the lightest weight on the marketplace, it weighs 9.5 ounces. As compared to the G33 it is lighter. As its optics is comparable, I notice more people purchase the G30, but its pricing is lighter than half the price of the G33.

EOTECH G30 – Build for every environment

Like such a tank, the G30 is built. It is resistant to shock, water, or fog in all sorts of ways essential. It can endure up to 3 feet of water in terms of water resistance. Both EOTECH scope QD mounts are certified with the military standards.

Unmagnified View of EOTECH G30

The amazing perspective allows us to better see our surroundings. At all times, particularly in a close-range fire, you need not utilize a 3x magnification.

The EOTECH G30 has no magnifying vision flip-out design. That signifies you are bound with the 3x set length. It’s has a QD mount, either. Like the G33, your gun may easily attach and untied. Yes, you can unload the G30 back to an unwieldy view but that’s an inconvenience.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-4″ cons_icon=”icon icon-check-4″ show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”true” pros_title=”EOTECH G33″ cons_title=”EOTECH G30″ link_text=”Buy on Amazon” link=”” ][i2pros]Pros:
• Infinitely stronger with improved water resistance is the quality of construction in the EOTECH G33.
• It features a key design so that you can snap from 1x to 3x.
• Internal optics are fog proof
• The tan color option, especially in the desert, offers you a steady edge.
• Suitable with red dot wide views
• For the same optical quality, you have to pay more money.
• For price conscious individuals, the EOTECH G30 is an excellent cheap option.
• With half the price, it claims the same optics as the G33.
• The quality and water resistance are decent to build.
• Some may find it a deal breaker due to its lack of a flip-by-side mechanism


Is the EOTech G33 worth it?

The G33 is a great supplement to the Eotech optic rifle. It adds to your weapon a new degree of adaptability and optical. The easy attachment of the lens allows your weapon to be a tool to detect and to effectively identify possible goals while you are ready to use them.

What magnifier works with EOTech?

The G33 is a tiny and lightweight chosen magnifier from USSOCOM. The mount enables quick transition between 3X and 1X and the optics gives vertical and horizontal adaptations, wider field-of-sight, and a diopter for changeable and accurate focusing without any tools. All EOTECH HWS variants are use to support the G33.

How far can you shoot with Eotech and magnifier?

EOTech is indeed the leading holiday brand with quick-target acquisition if you’d like to see the right close-quarters view. The next EOTech holographic view will take you on your hunting adventures with great precision up to 100 meters and enable you to target the animal without any problem.

What range is EoTech good for?

The EoTech has an external ring and a center of 1 thousand. You may use this to estimate the range pretty well. You should really be able to get hits at 3-400 meters if you understand your arrivals for the rounds out the gun. However, you should still be capable to get hits with iron in that range.

Where is EOTech G30 made?

This is EOTech, but then in China it is produced. The firm obviously decided to supply a cost-conscious 3x lens as part of the customer revision.

How far can you see with a 3x magnifier?

It seems 33.3 yards distant at 3x magnification. You pick whatever range you have, you divided it by the size and you get the distance from which this item seems to be beneath this size.

What red dot do Navy Seals use?

The US military elite generally employ the red dot sights Aimpoint and EOTech, just to mention a few. They employed the Holographic Sight of previous and contemporary Aimpoint Comp M2 & M4 EOTech 553. The Aimpoint, the ACOG TA01NSN and the Colt 4 X 20 have employee as a marine seal.

Are magnifiers for red dots worth it?

They are very useful in some instances and might offer you the insight to decide on an objective. They must not always see as a single monocular with the red dot and function wonderfully. I believe that magnifiers are wonderful to see goals that are lot easier away.

Winner product:

Large scopes help the shooter to take a photo in the middle of the range. Both G33 and G30 allow you to see nearer to your victims instead of being nearer to them physically thanks to their 3x magnification. When employing a magnification, it provides its user an unfair advantage. In a close battle, it will offer the shooter a disadvantage.

A flip-out design is necessary to prevent this. The EOTECH G33 is definitely the best fix 3x magnifying range. It features a superior grade of building, more resistant water, and an exhaust system. I propose that you purchase the G30 on a budget, since it can make about the same image as the G33.