Lenovo mirage solo vs oculus go: Which VR headset is best to buy?

VR headsets are machines intended to supplant our environmental elements with something made in the programming. There are gyroscopic sensors, gas pedals, and magnetometers in headsets to decide how you move and track your communications with a virtual space. Here is an ultimate comparison of Lenovo mirage solo vs oculus go.

Buying a VR headset can be a precarious interaction. At Android Central, we utilize each gadget we can get our hands on so we realize which elements are significant and which gadgets convey the best insight at their cost.

Computer-generated reality is most usually utilized in diversion applications, for example, computer games, 3D film, and social virtual universes. Shopper computer-generated reality headsets were first delivered by computer game organizations in the early-mid 1990s

Here is the comparison of two VR headsets Lenovo mirage solo vs oculus go.

Comparison chart

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Differences between the Lenovo mirage solo and the oculus go

Specifications of the Lenovo mirage solo and the oculus go:

Mirage Solo versus Oculus Go is fought for an independent, midtier VR predominance.

Both the Mirage Solo and Go are a ton of mid-level augmented simulation headsets and don’t show the sorts of features or subtleties we’ve reached expect from first-in-class headsets like the HTC Vive Pro or Gear VR. That doesn’t mean they have powerless or delicate equipment, nonetheless. The Oculus Go features a 5.5-inch LCD screen with a goal of 2,560 x 1,440px consolidated and a standard revive pace of 60Hz, be that as it may, some applications can drive it to run at 72Hz as opposed to forfeiting battery life. In a relationship, the Mirage Solo has an LCD with a comparable goal; nonetheless, its default invigorates rate is 75Hz.

While the presentations are comparatively better compared to average, the field of perspective on the Mirage is fairly broader at 110 degrees — identical to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive — while the Oculus Go is progressively identical to the Samsung Gear VR at 101 degrees.

The two headsets are free, which means they don’t need a cell phone or PC to work. With the Oculus Go, you have a Qualcomm high-performance Snapdragon 821 processor.

The Mirage Solo’s equipment is more current and heftier, with a Snapdragon 835 processor and 64GB of extra room.

That makes the Lenovo headset extensively greater and could be the explanation it has the same 3-hour appraised battery life as the Go. Besides, including a 4,000 megahertz battery appeared differently from the Go’s 2,600 megahertz.

It’s moreover an essential issue in the Oculus Go being around an enormous part of the expense of the Mirage Solo. The past will dial back you just $200, while you’ll observe the Lenovo headset even more usually sold at $400.

Winner product:

Mirage Solo is the winning product.

Invigorate Rate of the Lenovo mirage solo and the oculus go:

Oculus Go games and applications run at 60Hz of invigorate rate and can be upgraded to a limit of 72Hz.

In any case, the Mirage Solo works at 75Hz of goal rate, which takes into account more nitty-gritty visuals and illustrations with a smooth development.

Winner product:

Mirage Solo is the winning product.

Design of Lenovo mirage solo and the oculus go:

Looking especially like a created adaptation of its more outstanding kin, the Oculus Go is a smooth and refined-looking headset. It has a grayish concealing shading plan which urges it to stand separated without looking grandiose or unassuming, and its materials give it an exceptional vibe.

The head lash is velcro-joined texture, which simplifies it to put on and take off, but not by and large as easy to adjust as headsets with the turn dial fixing structure.

This turn dial is something the Lenovo Mirage Solo games, which makes tweaking its head lash length fairly less difficult. Moreover, the VR gadget itself is 0.4 pounds heavier than the Go, and you can differentiate by encountering them both, and for long gaming meetings, each pound matters.

It’s pleasing, yet its tight fit makes it genuinely hot and perhaps clammy with sweat understanding. With no ability to empty the face cushioning, nothing remains at this point but to wipe it down frequently.

As to and feel, the Mirage Solo has a chunkier plan with a hard, white plastic shell. Its weight and heave make it generously to a greater extent a decent contraption rather than something we’d need to take all over town with us, and it’s remote.

It doesn’t result in such a quality look as the Go; be that as it may, its forward-looking double cameras do make it stick out. You might feel a little silly wearing it; in any case, there isn’t a VR headset available right now that doesn’t have that as a fundamental piece of the experience.

The two headsets offer 3.5mm associations for earphones or other viable sound gadgets. However, the Go also has speakers incorporated into the head tie should you need a superior ear and strong entertainer rationale for the climate around you while investigating virtual universes.

Winner product:

Mirage Solo is the winning product.

Game and App Library of the Lenovo mirage solo and oculus go:

The Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream offers a better than the normal spread of employments for new buyers, with around 250 VR games and other involvement with outright, Particularly capitalizing on its arrangement of educational gaming and video content.

The 40-odd World Sense-supporting applications that exploit its six levels of opportunity are the most vivid you’re presumably going to get in an independent VR headset.

The Oculus Go, regardless, appreciates a much greater library of substance. While none will allow you to walk around, in reality, to investigate them, with more than 1,000 VR gaming experiences to peruse, the substance library for the Go is much broader, whether or not it’s not as significant.

Winner product:

Mirage Solo is the winning product.

Arrangement of the Lenovo mirage solo and the oculus go:

Setting up Mirage Solo is the most fulfilling and simple task. Unpack it, get the regulator, turn and put the VR gadget on, and follow a couple of step instatement process. That is the full exertion Solo requires.

Oculus Go VR gadget is additionally one of the most little complexes VR headsets. In any case, its introduction interaction is somewhat longer contrasted with the Mirage Solo.

Winner product:

Mirage Solo is the winning product

Field of View of the Lenovo mirage solo and the oculus go:

Mirage Solo elements a 110° field of view for absolute drenching in a computer-generated experience climate, and the Oculus Go has a space of perspective on around 101 degrees, which gives it a flat pixel thickness of roughly 13.0 pixels per degree.

Winner product:

Mirage Solo is the winning product.

PPI of the Lenovo mirage solo and the oculus go:

Oculus Go LCD runs at 538 PPI and which is an ideal add-up to have a vivid VR yield.

Be that as it may, behind the Mirage Solo 5.5″ showcase is a 534 PPI, which is certainly not a major distinction from what Oculus GO offers at the same time, the thing that matters is a distinction right!

Winner product:

Oculus Go is the winning product.

Microphone feature of VR headset:

The Mirage Solo has voice orders to control the basic elements of the headset. The Oculus Go has no underlying receivers, however, the Solo offers two amplifiers to expand the sound quality and empower the VR headset to sift through foundation commotion.

Winner product:

Oculus Go is the winning product.

Bluetooth version of VR headsets:

The Bluetooth variant Oculus Go backings are 4.1; be that as it may, the Bluetooth form Solo backings are 5.0, and the two headsets are viable with Android and IOS programming.

Winner product:

Mirage Solo is the winning product.


Lenovo Mirage Solo has higher CPU power 4 x 2.45GHz and 4 x 1.9GHz on account of its Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 against the Oculus Go 2 x 2.4GHz and 2 x 1.6GHz CPU speeds because of its Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Pro.

The Internal stockpiling of the two headsets is 64GB; nonetheless, just Lenovo Mirage Solo has an outer memory space.

Winner product:

Mirage Solo is the winning product.

Position tracking specification:

Oculus go can’t follow the position and doesn’t have a look and eye-following capacities too as, likewise can’t follow 360° head development. Interestingly, the Lenovo Mirage Solo can do these things and has the assets. What Mirage Solo doesn’t have is an infrared sensor that Oculus Go offers.

Winner product:

Lenovo Mirage Solo is the winning product.


Similarities between the Lenovo mirage solo VS oculus go

Regulators of the Lenovo mirage solo and the oculus go:

Nor headset’s regulators deal with such an opportunity. Even though they can follow slopes and bearings, you can’t interface and grab things in their accentuation on augmented experience.

Their controllers are indistinguishable in most various habits also, with various contributions of find offering fundamental in-application cooperation. In any case, regulator VR for Lenovo has a superior presentation by and large.

Tracking feature of the Lenovo mirage solo and the oculus go:

The two headsets are autonomous and require no external trackers; nonetheless, they do have different structures for planning where you are in the augmented experience space – climate.

Where the Go headset offers three levels of opportunity utilizing its locally available gas pedal, whirligig, and magnetometer, the Lenovo headset consolidates that with double back to front following cameras to give positional following too.

That gives us six levels of opportunity, allowing us to push ahead, invert, upwards, and down, similarly as shifting and turning. That makes for altogether more vivid and intelligent experiences in your favored computer-generated simulation applications.

The two headsets can follow head development; has a gyrator, and accelerometer, which is fundamental with regards to following.

Availability of VR headsets:

The two headsets support Wi-Fi 5 (802.11AC) what deals with the 5GHz recurrence reach and offers higher exchange and invigorate rates, further developed dependability, and further developed power utilization. It’s liked for VR gaming and ultra HD video in real-time.

Show Resolution of VR headsets:

Not at all like the Daydream View, the Solo VR gadget doesn’t need any outside equipment to work and has an inherent 5.5″ screen with a 2560 x 1400px consolidated resolution.

Then again, Oculus Go has a similar measure of goal pixels as Mirage Solo and offers a 2560 x 1440px consolidated showcase resolution.

Sound and audio of Lenovo mirage solo VS oculus go:

The two headsets have an attachment for a 3.5 MM sound jack and have coordinated sound. The two headsets support High-Res confirmed sound gear; notwithstanding, Oculus Go has sound system speakers.

Display of Lenovo mirage solo VS oculus go:

The two headsets have a similar presentation goal of 2560 x 1440px joined notwithstanding an LCD show with three subpixels per pixel. Moreover, the screen size Solo and Go have is likewise 5.5,” which can convey a vivid and better client experience.

The Lenovo Mirage Solo enjoys an upper hand over the Oculus Go gadget given its flexible focal points so the clients can guarantee sharp and clear visuals for a wide scope of clients, including clients who wear glasses.

The two headsets don’t have OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) shows, which are framed of natural materials that radiate light and are solid.

Pros and cons

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=” Oculus Go ” cons_title=”Lenovo Mirage Solo” ][i2pros]Pros
It’s reasonable
It has a huge library of VR games
It’s light and agreeable to wear
Less Screen-Door Effect [/i2pros][i2cons]Pros
It has a helpful plan
Reasonable for long-gaming meetings
It conveys superior grade and an amazing VR experience.
There is no full screen photo[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Frequently asked questions

 Is Lenovo VR good?

It is an extremely lightweight headset, the headband is not difficult to change, and the Explorer’s 1440×1440/eye goal is observably better compared to the first Vive. Cost is not exactly 50% of a Vive, so it’s an incredible section-level headset for VR and gives a practically identical encounter.

Why did Oculus partner with Lenovo?

Lenovo rushed to arise as an optimal accomplice. “They’ve quite recently done a ton of items in AR and VR so they’re entirely learned concerning what works and what doesn’t,” Mitchell added. For sure, Lenovo has both VR and AR headsets

Is the Lenovo Mirage solo discontinued?

Lenovo plans to keep selling its Daydream-fueled headset, the Mirage Solo, even as Google is moving in an opposite direction from the stage. … We will keep on offering the Mirage Solo to both buyer and business clients while supplies last.

What do you need for mixed reality?

For the essentials, you’ll need a PC with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update introduced, an Intel Core i5-7200U processor or better, 8GB of DDR3 RAM or better, 10GB of free circle space, an Intel HD Graphics 620 or DX12-skilled GPU, and HDMI 1.4 or Display Port 1.2, just as a USB 3 port and Bluetooth for the regulators.

Is Oculus Go worth it in 2021?

The Oculus Go is as yet an incredible starter VR headset with an astounding screen and heaps of content to keep you occupied. There are further developed headsets out there however you’ll have to pay essentially more for them. It is the most available VR headset yet. An incredible screen and months’ worth of free substance

 Do you need a PC for Oculus Go?

Oculus Go gets rid of every such necessity. No PC is fundamental. Nor do you need to connect a telephone; however you will require an iPhone or Android handset to set things up through the downloadable Oculus application. You’ll likewise require admittance to Wi-Fi.

Is VR bad for your eyes?

It is Dependable proof that VR headsets cause long-lasting weakening in vision in kids or grown-ups. Big tech presently comprehends that the blue light discharged by most screens has a major influence on the strain we get from checking out them for a long time.

Can kids play VR?

The base age limit for VR gaming is 7+ yet the greater part of the headset makers’ drawn the age line as indicated by their equipment. SONY’s play station VR has been confined as far as possible 12. Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR rate it 13+. Just HTC has no particular age limitations except for it additionally cautions its utilization for kids.

Final thoughts

The connection of the Oculus Go and Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream is like the first dispatch of the Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR.

Where both proposition customary augmented simulation experiences, the more affordable Oculus equipment doesn’t by and large match the total computer-generated experience given by its accomplice. Between the Lenovo Mirage Solo VS Oculus Go, Lenovo (All Rights Reserved) is a superior encounter.

On the off chance that you want more from your VR than a standing or arranged agreement and wouldn’t fret forking out $400 for it, the Lenovo Mirage Solo gadget offers a dynamically intuitive, better-looking VR space to explore.

We want to give a slight idea to the Oculus Go VR gadget.

It’s a more wonderful fit; its style is all the seriously satisfying, and — above all — it has an altogether more expansive library of substance to research.

At just $200, it’s the better choice for the people who are investigating computer-generated reality interestingly.