Which One Is The Best Gaming Monitor? ViewSonic xg2401 vs Asus vg248qe

During our research, about the gaming monitors the best b/w Viewsonic xg2401 vs Asus vg248qe we found a lot of aspects to elaborate you. In view of the fact that ViewSonic and Asus are always in rivalry, so what should you choose? You don’t have to worry read below:

Comparison Table: Viewsonic XG2401 vs Asus VG248QE

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Similarities: ViewSonic xg2401 vs Asus vg248qe

As you can see in the comparison table both monitor Asus and Viewsonic have almost the identical features except someone. Here you can clearly ascertain step by step all features that will give you an insight into the pluses of these monitors.

How’s the resolution:

How’s the resolution:

The resolution of both Viewsonic xg2401 and Asus vg248qe offers you 1920 vertical & 1080 horizontal high pixel density.1080 p resolution will give you crisper and detailed images and pixels will be harder even you won’t be able to see with naked eyes. Due to high resolution and graphic abilities we can call these full HD monitors.

Display Type:

Both of these monitors have LED displays which will increase the color contrast and improve the ranges. LEDs will reduce energy and give you more power to enjoy the game on the peek with a more genuine experience. It also provides you with eye care by reducing your eye fatigue and headaches. Both monitors ViewSonic & Asus have these efficient features.

Refresh rate:

The ViewSonic xg2401 and the Asus 248qe both have a refresh rate of 144 Hz.it will deliver you smooth visuals and movements while you watch and play high-action scenes. Refresh rate is an excellent feature of a gaming monitor because it keeps your game up to date with the most recent changes.

Fast response time:

The response time is very important for a gamer, here both monitors Viewsonic or asuss have ultra-fast response times is 1ms which is fantastic. With this response time, your monitor will reply quickly and constantly and it will also influence your gameplay. Monitors which have a 1ms response time are called competitive gaming monitors.

 Advanced scanning:

This type of scanning displays the pixels in order at the same time, while intertwined scanning display half the image at a time. So, ViewSonic xg4201 and Asus 248qe have progressive scanning which can reduce trembling and screen slitting.it enables smooth graphics and processes faster.

Compatibility ports:

The Xg ViewSonic and Asus both have ports to connect with HDMI, dual-link DVI-D, display ports, and USB connections. You can allow the audio and visual devices to connect with HDMI. For enhancing the resolution displays you can connect with dual-link DVI-D for high support. Both monitors have analog audio in 3.5mm that is utilized to connect witmonitorseadphone port. That’s all ports will upturn your gaming experience.

Angles for viewing:

Both monitors have accessible features to make comfort your gaming atmosphere. With a cable loop and headphones, you can focus on winning your game, cables will not become a hurdle in your way. Both have 170 degrees horizontal and 160-degree vertical viewing angles. You can also fix pivot, tilt, and swivel to adjust the height of the display that comforts you.


Differences: Viewsonic xg2401 vs Asus vg248qe

Wanna talk about these facts which make one of both a winner? So, put your attention & carefully read these aspects. Don’t be panic, don’t rush, we don’t put the burden on you to decide we’ve already selected the winner after deep testing.

Coming into view:

Coming into view:

Let’s come into view of fascinating monitors, as you can see in the comparison table image there is no prominent difference in their appearance. Both two look the same in color and dimensions but their weight is different from each other.

Viewsonic xg2401:

As you can see ViewSonic is made out of plastic which color is black. It comprises a stand that consents it to be easily adjusted and turned.it has a 24-inch screen and its dimension is 11.77 x 20.9, but its weight is 232.1oz. Due to its thickness, it can be mounted on the wall.

Asus vg248qe:

This monitor also has good quality and looks nice. Both, monitors Asus & xg2401 have the same dimensions and color, but their weight is 194 oz which is lighter as compared to the Viewsonic monitor.

According to minor differences, our winner product is Asus vg248qe.

Tools added in it:

Both monitors have some special features in them that will allow you to exercise and boost your gaming skills. Here we will elaborate on all those tools,

Viewsonic xg2401:

Viewsonic has some distinctive features like black stabilization that will work to enhance the brightness of pictures and greater visibility. This monitor consists of AMD-free sync that creates the frame rate productivity between graphic cards and monitors synchronize.it also has VESA adaptive sync which would make visible the darkest scene of the game.

Asus vg248qe:

The Asus 248qe has a fantastic feature GamePlus hotkey feature which will help you to improve your gaming abilities. The Asus offers a supreme 3D gaming experience that’s will help to increase the screen brightness with light boost technology. Which causes to shutter the glasses on the backlighting to blink in sync which produces light. Some other tools are also available like in-built stereo speakers free AMD sync. Due to the 3D option, Asus is more valuable for gaming.

Our winner product is Asus vg248qe.


[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Viewsonic xg2401″ cons_title=”Asus vg248qe” ][i2pros]Pros:
Its have ultra-fast response time and an amazing refresh rate.
It will provide smooth gaming by AMD free- sync.
Viewsonic consists of an ergonomic stand and blue light that help you in marathon gaming.
It includes mobile viewing angles.
It’s heavier in weight.
Its price is also high as compared to Asus.
It doesn’t have a 3D port of the display.
It can be mounted on the wall.
An easy viewing experience with swivel pivot, tilt, and height adjustments.
Asus has built-in 2W stereo speakers.
That comprises mobile viewing angles.
It contains the most efficient feature 3D gaming experience.
It’s light in weight and cheaper in price
There is no prominent con in it according to our analysis it’s the best gaming monitor.


FAQ’s (All You Want To Know About The Monitors):

Is Asus or ViewSonic better?

When a question comes about Asus & Viewsonic its answer may be crucial. Viewsonic may win by Asus but when we’re considering b/w these 2 models Asus vg248qe is better than compared to Viewsonic because Asus has a 3D gaming experience and some extra built-in features.

Is the Asus VG248QE VESA compatible?

The mount is capable of supporting up to 27″ inches monitors, so yes to both. Amazon shows the vg248qe as being VESA compatible.

How do I enable 144Hz on my Asus VG248QE?

Right-click and select Screen Resolution. Click Advanced Settings. That will bring up another window and there should be a tab labeled Monitor, select that tab. From there you should be able to select Screen Refresh Rate.

What panel is the Asus VG248QE?

The basic specifications reveal that this monitor uses a 144Hz TN panel from AUO with a WLED backlight 1920 x 1080 resolution and a specified 1ms grey to grey response time. It means feel secure to select it in all aspects.


Final Verdict

Which gaming monitor is best? This question is still stuck in your mind but now it’s time to clear it out. Both monitor ViewSonic vs Asus has extraordinary features but the 3D resolution in Asus vg248qe makes it more valuable. So, we will recommend you Asus vg248qe which is our winning product.

The final verdict:

Asus vg248qe Price

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