NZXT H510i vs NZXT H710i: Which NZXT H-series PC Case is Better to choose?

Now a day’s NZXT cases are being loved by pc admirers due to their easy installation and easy build-up with the computer. Apart from maintaining functionality, all the NZXT pc towers have a pure and simple approach to their style and design. There are many additional features in the NZXT features which are very simple and that also make life very easy and simple.

NZXT H510i and H710i which are the latest and up-to-date revisions of the icon H series PC cases are describe in this article. After all discussion, we will tell you which NZXT H-series PC case is best to choose.

NZXT H510i vs NZXT H710i comparison chart

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Similarities-NZXT H510i vs NZXT H710i

Manufacture and materials:

NZXT is known for its PC cases with standard content. The frames of NZXT H-series PC Case, H510i, and H710i give them adequate structural rigidity because they are construct from SGCC steel. Additionally, you can appreciate your efforts after making your computer from its tempered glass side panel. Although most PC cases today have a tempered glass front panel whiles both the H510i and H710i do not have this feature.

In the front panel, Minimal and blank panel designs are also visible. The materials used in the construction of both products are the same. But a full temper glass side panel which is also used to cover the PSU shroud is only present in H710i.

V2 smart device

Since these cases are from series H and ‘I’ versions, the NZXT’s CAM-power smart device is includ in the H510i and H710i. Behind the iconic NZXT bracket, this device is hidden. By using this black box and CAM software, you can easily control all the fans. RGB lights in your case can also be address by using this black box and CAM software. In the case of smart devices, it is the second iteration so an additional LED plug and a faster processor can be expect.

Strips of RGB

You do not need to purchase separate RGB strips as both H510i and H710i have already a set of 2 combine RGB strips. As described above, with CAM software and Smart Device V2, these RGB strips can be easily resolved. With the help of these RGB strips, you can admire all your efforts in building your computer even in the dark.

Differences-NZXT H510i vs NZXT H710i

Having maintenance for EATX motherboards increases efficiency in the Mid Tower case. However, it does come with a precautionary warning.

NZXT H510i

In the market, the standard motherboard is supported by the NZXT H510i such as mini ITX, micro ATX, and ATX motherboards. However, it does not assist the large EATX motherboards. However, it owns only 6.8 kg weight and has a dimension of 210 x 460 x 428 mm. as compare to H710i, it is more compact and rigid. I don’t find any benefit in having an EATX-compatible mid-tower case as the creator of the content and average player of the game will get a Micro ATX or ATX motherboard.

NZXT H710i

The floor area cover by NZXT H710i is greater than the H510i. It can also assist the motherboards of EATX. The weight and dimension of NZXT H710i are 12.3 kg and230 x 516 x 494 mm respectively. The longer GPU clearance is the major benefit that I find out in it. As compared to the GPU support of 381 mm in H510i, H710i has larger support of 413 mm in length. The body of the H710i is wider that’s why it can install thicker GPUs. However, vertically GPUs can be installed in both cases.

The winner’s product is NZXT H710i.

Support of fans and included fans

If the buyer gets a case that already has fans, then the money can be save.

If you plan to add more fans or update it to a liquid cooling solution, you should be aware of the case fan support you will purchase.

NZXT H510i

With the two 120mm fans, the NZXT H510i is available in the market. The one fan is for the rear and the other fan is for the top. Preferably, this kind of setup of fans is not sufficient for decent thermals. The front panel requires two intakes. That’s the reason you have to purchase two more intakes. The best feature of NZXT H5 is its support. In the front panel, it can assist dual 120 mm radiator or 140 mm radiator. For the rear, it can support a single 120 mm radiator.

NZXT H710i

With the single 140 mm fan and triple 120 mm fan, the H510i is stump by the H710i. For most uses of cases, this configuration of the case is adequate. But in case, if you want to upgrade or increase it to cooling liquid, you can do it very easily. One of the major differences between the H710i and H510i is the difference in support. Top-mount radiators are only supported by H710i. It’s up to you either you install a triple 120 mm radiator or a dual 140 mm radiator. The same is in the case for the front panel.
The winner’s product is NZXT H710i.

Drive base and ports of the cases

You should check out the H510i and H710i ports and drive bays if the expansion and storage of the device are significant features for you.

 NZXT H510i

On the top of both case series, the I/O is present. The audio jack is present in both cases. One is typed A USB 3.1 and the other is type C USB 3.1. Latest smartphones, latest PC devices, high-speed external storage can be easily connect with a type C port. In terms of storage, the H510i has plenty of space for solid-state drives and hard drives. 6 storage devices can be connected with it. 3 devices are for SSDs and 3 devices are for HDDs.

NZXT H710i

Though the H710i has all of the aforementioned ports, it still includes an additional USB 3.1 Type-A port. In addition, for more hard drives and solid-state drives, it has extensive assistance. Total 11 drives can be easily connect with it-4 HDDs and 7 SSDs.

The winner’s product is NZXT H710i.

Pros And Cons

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”NZXT H510i” cons_title=”NZXT H710i” ][i2pros]Pros:
The side panel of tempered glass, vertical GPU mount are some of the important and premium features which it has like some other cases.
At about half the price of the H710i, the H510 is available. H510i is better price.
The indoor temperature is not ideal as it contains only two 120 mm fans.[/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
Due to the wider dimension of NZXT H710i, the clearance issues are negligible.
Due to many fans out of the box, the thermal performance of the H710i is much better and great.
With its additional drive bay and USB port, storage and expansion are improve.

All its extra premium features come with a maximum price tag.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Frequently ask questions

Is the NZXT H510i better than H510?
I Series is one of the major differences between these two cases. The 510i has additional modules specifically for controlling lights and fans through its software.

What is the difference between NZXT h510 and h510 elite?

They’re stuck with the H510’s stock fan arrangement, but the H510 Elite glass front panel and a different fan configuration. On the other hand, H510 Elite is already arrange in the same way. The only difference is in the type of fan.

Is NZXT H510i ATX?

Compact mid-tower ATX cases of both H510 and H510i are extraordinary value for money. If you want a mini footprint ATX case, then this is perfect for you. Some of the major services offered by this are detachable radiator mounting bracket, glass window, type C front USB 3.1, and many filters.

What does the H510i come with?

Some of the major key features included in the detachable radiator mounting bracket, multiple filters of the fan, C type USB of the front panel, tempered glass window, etc. it also has NZXT Smart Device v2 that helps and powers the fans of the case and RGB and light strips. 

How bad is NZXT h510 elite airflow?

By standardizing the fans, the H510 Elite is kept at a temperature well below 56 degrees Celsius, so the airflow in the Elite is not naturally bad – it’s just high. … GPUs with standard fans become thermally difficult.

Does NZXT H510i have good airflow?

Importantly, this case is designed for negative

airflow, which means as compared to intake there is more exhaust pressure. On the

front side panel because of the limited intake of vents, upper exhaust fans and rear draw in cool air by the IO vents.

Does the H510 elite have good airflow?

No, its airflow is not naturally bad.

What is the best NXZT case?

Here is the list of the best NZXT cases of 2021.

  • Best altogether: NZXT H510i.
  • Dense and compact ITX: NZXT H210i.
  • Distinctive package: NZXT H1
  • Much spacious: NZXT H710i

Does NXZT H510 need front fans?

Until you don’t stop its side intake and put a fan or 2 for it, that’s fine. This is not the case with a frontal intake which cools ant better.

Final thoughts

Not surprisingly, the NZXT H710i is superior and top-class across the board because of its maximum price. You will definitely like all its extra features. But it is difficult to recommend because of its higher price. If you have cash, buy it. Some of the content creators and gamers want to enter the world of PC building, so this is the best opportunity for them to buy NZXT H510i.
NZXT H510i