Elf Happy Hydration Cream vs Holy Hydration: Which Skincare Cream Is Better?

Nobody wants to have a bad skin day. All skin types need to moisturize, and skincare products can allow you to get rid of dryness, blemish, uneven skin tone, aging, and many more. Elf (stands for Eye, Lips, and face) is a cosmetics brand that is loved for its professional quality, affordability, and a pretty extensive collection of skincare products. Let’s consider some moisturizers from elf to get which one is more capable to give all of these benefits. So, to get this, you must evaluate the ingredients, application, benefits, and side effects (if any). Therefore, we’ll provide you detailed comparison review on the elf happy hydration cream vs holy hydration to choose which skincare product is better to purchase.

Elf Happy Hydration Cream vs Holy Hydration: Comparison Chart

Firstly, we have a detailed breakdown of every attribute of elf happy hydration vs holy hydration face cream.

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Elf Happy Hydration Cream vs Holy Hydration: Things in Common

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Good skin care is important as well to keep your skin in good condition. Therefore, Skincare is important especially at the age of 20 to 30 when you’re going out. Undoubtedly, it strengthens and prepares your skin to fight the effects of aging. So, you need to keep your face clean and hydrated without damaging it with harmful products.

Obviously, choosing the right product for your skin is the most important task. Firstly, consider the type of your skin then consider the ingredients you should avoid. We have some attributes of a good elf hydrating moisturizer so, you can choose the better product according to your skin type. However, the following are some benefits you can find in elf happy hydration cream and holy hydration cream as well. Let’s consider the elf hello happy and holy hydration face cream review.

Elf Happy Hydration Cream vs Holy Hydration: Things in Common

Allergens and Alcohol-Free

The Happy hydration and Elf holy hydration cream both contain ingredients that are not harsh on your skin. These products are vegan and cruelty-free and free of harmful ingredients, for instance, sulfate, phthalates, and parabens. Therefore, you don’t have to fear any allergy or side effects.

Fighting Acne

Indeed, if we consider either Elf happy and holy hydration creams and face moisturizer, they both are good at fighting acne and uneven skin tone. Particularly, they contain niacinamide to act better to prevent acne.


Both, happy hydration and holy hydration creams are said to be good moisturizers. Moreover, happy hydration cream and holy hydration lock the moisture and work efficiently on your dehydrated skin. Meanwhile, hemp-seed oil and vitamin B5 are the best defenders of hydration. It contains hyaluronic acid to lock in all the moisturizers.


In addition to this, elf hydrating moisturizers can also be used for brightening skin. The Elf happy hydration cream and Elf holy hydration cream both are amino-rich formulas that not only condition, hydrate, nourish but also brighten your skin. Both, elf hydrating moisturizers can soothe your skin overnight.


Elf hydrating creams are too safe to apply on every skin tone. Get a small dot of the elf face moisturizer and gently massage with your hands. Elf moisturizer happy hydration cream can be used before makeup or as a primer. Moreover, you can add the happy hydration cream and elf holy hydration fragrance-free cream to your skincare routine.


Age Range

Happy hydration cream and holy hydration cream is a formula especially manufactured for people who are in their 20s to 30s. Further, adults can use them as they don’t have any side effects and will be a good moisturizer for top-layer skin cells.

What are the Differences Between Elf Happy Hydration Cream And Holy Hydration?

Probably number of attributes and 30 ingredients are in common in the elf happy and holy hydration fragrance-free creams. But you can consider some differences to get the authentic elf hello hydration face cream review and holy face cream review to choose the best one out of them.

We have presented some quality differences and claimed a winner so, you can be able to choose what from the hydrating moisturizer. Let’s figure out which elf face moisturizer will be best for you between the happy hydration cream and holy hydration cream.

Skin Type

Elf Happy Hydration

It works as a moisturizer and will be suitable for all skin types dry, oily, and combination. However, the elf hydration cream is more liable to work better on dry and dehydrated skin.

Elf Holy Hydration

In contrast, these elf holy hydration moisturizers work better will on not only dehydrated but with oily, combination and, normal skin.

The Winner is: Elf Holy Hydration Cream


Elf Happy Hydration Cream

This hydrating moisturizer contains many ingredients but its star ingredient is the hemp-derived Cannabis Sativa seed oil which is nourishing and moisturizes the skin. Moreover, it is rich in antioxidants to soothe and exfoliate the skin. Vitamin B3, B5, and hyaluronic acid are used to lock up all the moisturizers and boost up the health of your skin.

Elf Holy Hydration Cream

In contrast, the elf holy hydrating moisturizer contains many ingredients which are beneficial for your skin except hemp-seed oil. Importantly, vitamins and peptides give you a glowing and younger look and help to increase the elasticity of the skin as well.

The Winner: Elf Hydration Cream containing a star ingredient hemp-seed oil.

Quantity and Size

Elf Happy Hydration Cream

This face moisturizer comes enclosed in a jar of 6.2 × 6.2 × 8 inches with a weight of 5.44 Ounces in each jar which can be enough for long-term use.

Elf Holy Hydration Cream

On the other hand, holy hydration face moisturizer is enclosed in a jar as well of 2.48 × 2.48 × 3.19 inches and with a weight of 1.7 Ounces.

The Winner is: A Tie, quality of the products can’t be determined with the amount and weight.

Worth to Buy

Elf Happy Hydration Cream

Considering the happy hydration and elf hello hydration face cream reviews, It should be noted, both products can be availed at almost the same price. However, this elf hydration cream comes at a little bit higher price.

Elf Holy Hydration Cream

On the other hand, it contains the most ingredients to boost up the health of your skin at a bit lower price than the elf moisturizer happy hydration.

The Winner is: Elf Happy Hydration is more worth buying.


Elf Happy Hydration Cream

This product comes with a fragrance-free moisturizer.

Elf Holy Hydration Cream

Differing from elf moisturizer happy hydration, elf holy hydration contains a sweet fragrance that doesn’t feel awkward to the skin.

The Winner: Elf happy hydration Cream, as some fragranced moisturizers can be irritating to some of the skin types.


[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”E.l.f happy hydration cream” cons_title=”E.l.f holy hydration cream” ][i2pros]Pros:
It is a rich, whipped, and creamy formula.
This formula is beneficial for all skin types especially dehydrated skin.
Hyaluronic acid prevents moisture loss.
Boost up the hydration
Vegan and Cruelty-free
Absorbs easily
Hemp-seed oil and some anti-oxidant ingredients nourished the skin.
The container comes with a lid which can be a bit hygienic.
The formula is whipped and soft textured
Peptides complex and Niacinamide are beneficial for the skin and feel soft on the skin.
Maintains the skin moisture balance
Perfect for all skin types
Can be used before makeup or as a skincare product.
The top removable lid of the jar can be a little unhealthy.
A slight fragrance can produce irritation to the skin.



Is Elf holy hydration the same as happy hydration?

Holy hydration cream contains fragrance and happy hydration contains hemp-seed oil additionally.

Is Elf happy hydration cream good?

Moisturizer is formulated with hemp-seed oil and other powerhouses’ nutrients to hydrate your skin, easily blends into the skin and, locks moisturizer.

Is the elf holy hydration cream good for oily skin?

This formula is good for all skin types naming oily, dry, and, combination.

How many ounces is elf hydration cream?

Elf hydrating moisturizer contains 1.76 ounces of the formula.


Elf Happy Hydration Cream vs Holy Hydration: Final Verdict

To sum up, both elf products have their distinctive attributes, and you can have hydrated and nourished skin either you buy elf happy hydration or holy hydration. They do not only support the hydrated skin but the younger and glowing look. Holy hydration will be better for you if your skin type is combination and complicated and happy hydration will be better especially If you have dehydrated skin and is fragrance-free so, doesn’t irritate the skin.

Elf happy hydration cream vs holy hydration comparison’s winner is “Elf Happy Hydration Cream”.

Elf Happy Hydration Cream