Samsung T5 vs T7: Which Samsung Portable SSD Is Better to Buy?

Portable SSDs (Solid-state drives) are rapidly surpassing traditional hard drives as they offer 10 x faster data transfer rates. Besides, they can store a large amount of data and are more durable as well. Among various SSD manufacturers, Samsung is best of the best name. It offers two iconic external SSD models Samsung T5 and T7 in the market. Which one you should get? Here we’ll compare Samsung T5 and Samsung T7 to help you make an intelligent decision.

Let’s jump into a detailed feature analysis of Samsung SSD T5 and Samsung SSD T7 to know which one is worth your bucks!

Samsung T5 vs T7: Side By Side Comparison Chart:

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Samsung T5 vs Samsung T7: Similarities:

Certainly, Samsung is a highly desirable and reliable brand when it comes to transportable SSDs. Samsung T5 portable SSD is equally great for gaming, professional use, content creation, and casual users. In 2020, Samsung release a newer model in its lineup having two versions: the T7 standard and the T7 Touch. Both the T5 and T7 SSDs have a great combination of features and can hold the bulk of data. Besides, both the SSD T5 and SSD T7 can transfer data within seconds.

Samsung T5 vs Samsung T7:

Stuck between the T5 and the T7? Which storage device you should get to satisfy your portable storage needs? Surprisingly, both are great, and you’ll never go wrong with any of the two. However, we’ll compare them thoroughly for your convenience. Let’s look at their similarities before we find out how the Samsung T7 SSD essentially piles against the T5 SSD old model.

Samsung T5 and T7 have Multiple Certifications:

Both the SSD T5 and SSD T7 have equivalent multiple certification support to ensure their compliance with environment, regulation, and standard usage. To know all their supported certification, do check our comparison chart.

SSD T5 vs T7- Encryption:

SSD T5 vs T7- Encryption

Again, T5 SSD and T7 SSD (both versions) utilize Samsung Portable SSD software to ensure security. Besides, all three Samsung T-series drives use identical AES 256-bit hardware data encryption.  The Samsung T7 Touch SSD offers better security (detail is in the differences section).

Do Samsung external SSDs have Drop Protection?

Both the Samsung SSD t5 and Samsung SSD t7 equip EPCM innovation while having no moving parts. Their internal parts enclosed in a sturdy case allow them to withstand rough handling and a drop of up 2m while still having zero data loss. Besides, t5 and t7 can resist and even regulate high temperatures.

Both Samsung Derives Feature Compact & Durable Design:

Both Samsung Derives Feature Compact & Durable Design

Samsung T5 and T7 portable SSDs have a very sleek, compact design. Besides, their solid construction and excellent build quality make them worth the investment.

Samsung T5 and Samsung T7- Warranty:

All Samsung T5 and Samsung T7 and Samsung T7 Touch are backed up with a 3-year solid warranty. Additionally, All three Samsung portable drives offer good reliability of 1.5 million hours.

Difference Between Samsung t5 and t7:

Let’s get into in-depth differences to determine which one is your cup of tea the Samsung T5 or Samsung T7.

Samsung Portable SSD t5 vs t7- Color Options:

Samsung SSD T5:

As highlighted in the comparison table, the T5 external solid state drive comes with 4 color variants including deep black, metallic red, rose gold, and alluring blue. You can pick the one that attracts you the most.

Samsung SSD T7:

In contrast, The T7 standard external SSD provides subsequent color variations: metallic red, indigo blue, and titan red. While the T7 touch version SSD is available in only two colors: black and silver.

The Winner Is: Samsung T5 portable SSD:

Which Samsung Portable SSD Offers Better Performance?

Which Samsung Portable SSD Offers Better performance?

Samsung SSD T5:

The performance or transfer speed is a key factor of any SSD. You need an SSD with high read and write speed to get enhanced computer performance and an excellent user experience. Samsung T5 portable has a sequential read speed of 540 MB per second. Besides, the sequential write speed of T5 is up to 520 MB per second. It’s not as great as T5 but still impressive.

Samsung SSD T7:

When it comes to Samsung SSD t5 vs SSD t7 performance, the t7 stand against the t5 by a factor of 2. Both models of T7 portable are almost twice as fast means 510 MB/s faster than the T5 model (94.44% faster). The T7 standard and T7 Touch have up to 1050 MB/s read speed while the write speed is about 1000 MB/s. Thus. It’s better to opt for T7 models for boosted user experience and heavy transfer needs.

The Winner Is: Samsung T7 portable SSD (Both standard & Touch Versions)

T5 vs T7 SSD- Available Capacity Variants:

T5 vs T7 SSD- Available Capacity Variants

Samsung SSD T5:

You come across 4 different capacity choices while buying the Samsung T5 SSD:

  • 250 GB
  • 500 GB
  • 1 TB
  • 2 TB

You can opt for your desired size option that suits your storage and budget requirements.

Samsung SSD T7:

On the other hand, both variants of Samsung portable T7 SSD provide the following size or capacity options:

  • 500 GB
  • 1 TB
  • 2 TB

The 250 GB size option is not available for T7 models.

The Winner Is: Samsung T5 portable SSD:

Do Samsung SSDs have Fingerprint Scanner?

Do Samsung SSDs have Fingerprint Scanner?

Samsung SSD T5:

The T5 external SSD has Samsung portable SSD software for security. You can password protect your sensitive information using Samsung’s Magician software. However, T5 lacks a fingerprint scanner.

Samsung SSD T7:

Like the Samsung T5 model, the regular T7 model doesn’t offer a fingerprint recognition feature and uses the same security mechanism as of t5. However, the Samsung Portable T7 Touch drive has a novelty feature of fingerprint recognition. The built-in fingerprint scanner assure the security of your data.

Moreover, your can use up to 4 fingerprints and your set fingerprints work on all devices including Android ones. So, if you have confidential data, make sure to invest in T7 Touch for added protection.

The Winner Is: Samsung T7 Touch portable SSD:

T5 vs T7- Connections:

T5 vs T7- Connections

Samsung SSD T5:

The t5 portable SSD comes with USB 3.1 Gen 2. Make sure to use respective host devices and cables to get the best performance. All three models the t5, the t7, and the t7 touch support maximum of 10 Gbps of bandwidth. However, all Samsung SSD models are compatible with the older USB versions. The performance is slow with old versions due to their limited bandwidth feature.

Samsung SSD T7:

In contrast, the t7 portable standard and touch SSD devices feature USB 3.2 Gen 2 while having 10Gbps support. It’s future-proofed as it features advanced USB interface technology. Ensure you connect your SSD device with advanced USB versions to experience optimal performance.

The Winner Is: Samsung T7(Both standard & Touch versions):

Samsung T5 vs Samsung T7- Price:

Samsung SSD T5:

Price and budget are other main factors when considering SSD devices. Although the T5 SSD device comes at a cheaper price tag, it has limited speed and features as compared to newer T7 models. Besides, the price factor somewhat depends on the size option you go with.

Samsung SSD T7:

Samsung T7 SSDs charge a few extra dollars for added performance and protection. We suggest you opt for the T7 touch to get more bang for your bucks.

The Winner Is: A Tie:

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Samsung Portable SSD T5″ cons_title=”Samsung Portable SSD T7″ ][i2pros]Pros:
Compact and sleek design
More color and capacity variations are available
Powerful enough to match today’s standards and requirements
Excellent warranty and reliability
Multiple certifications support
Low cost
Doesn’t offer a fingerprint recognition feature.
Not as powerful and fast as the T7 (standard + touch)[/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
Compact and sleek design
2 times faster than the T5 model
Better security due to the availability of Fingerprint scanner
Gen 3 3.2 make T7 and T7 Touch SSDs future-proof
Excellent warranty and reliability
Multiple certifications support
A bit expansive[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, All Samsung external SSD devices are excellent options to consider. You can invest in a T5 model if you don’t have specific security and speed needs or have a limited budget. Otherwise, it’s better to go with Samsung T7 touch external SSD device to get uncompromised performance and data protection. If your only concern is speed and performance and not data security, the T7 standard SSD is worth consideration.

Samsung T5 vs T7: Which Samsung Portable SSD Is Better to Buy?

The ultimate winner of our Samsung T5 vs T7 is Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD.

Frequently Asked Question:

Is Samsung T7 better than T5?

Yes, the T7 SSD offers almost twice ad fast read and write speed as the older model T5. In real-world testing, T7 SSD speed is quite impressive (1000 Mb/s read speed and 800 Mb/s write speed).

Are Samsung external hard drives good?

Definitely yes! Samsung’s SSDs are great for power users. The T7 Touch is one of the slickest and most powerful Storage solutions out there. However, you have to pay a premium amount for its speed, security, capacity, and portability.

Is the Samsung T5 good for gaming?

Yes, the T5 portable Solid-state drive is one of the best gaming SSDs having great game load times.

Does Samsung T7 work with IPAD?

Yes, it works well with iPads (having iPadOS 13 or later).

Is the Samsung T5 plug and play?

Yes, the T5 SSD is fully plug-and-play and doesn’t demand any prior setup for running. Thus, you can use it at home or on the go for easier data transport.

Can you recover data from a dead SSD?

Yes, if an SSD died because of natural causes, you could recover its data by simply cloning it to a new SSD or drive (A common & straightforward method).

Does Samsung T7 work with PS5?

A sweet yes. Even t7 is future-proofed and a go-to drive for the next-gen consoles. Besides, both the X and PS5 series can enjoy high transfer rates of T7 drive as they feature USB 3.2 ports.

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