Nanit vs Owlet: Which Smart Baby Monitor Is Better for Your Child?

Are you on the hunt for the right baby monitor for your newborn baby? Nanit and Owlet are two leading brands offering high-end baby monitoring systems in the market. Both the Nanit pro and owlet cam monitors use HD cameras, advanced sensors, modern wearables, and insightful mobile apps to track your baby’s vitals. Both are great products to consider but which is better to buy Nanit Pro or owlet. In this comparison, we break down their specs, features, pros, and cons to help you to make an informed buying decision.

Read on to know which smart baby monitor is worth your investment between the Nanit and owlet!

Nanit vs Owlet – Side-by-Side Comparison Chart:

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Nanit vs Owlet – Similarities:

Smart baby monitors are gaining popularity in the last few years as they help parents to take care of their newborn babies. Being a parent, you coupled with the joy and a lot of pressure when bringing your baby home. You may be concerned about SIDS, health complications, and the baby’s safety. Or you simply want to understand the sleep pattern of your baby. Thanks to advanced technologies, smart baby monitoring systems are loaded with plenty of advanced features besides just audio and cam.

Both the Nanit and Owlet are two next-generation smart monitoring systems that help you to ensure your baby’s safety. They can improve a baby’s quality of sleep and provide peace of mind to parents. However, don’t entirely rely on these gadgets and give proper care to your baby while using a baby monitor. Although Nanit Pro and Owlet have many key differences, they have some similarities. Let’s discuss their common points first before moving further!

Both The Nanit And Owlet Are Easy To Setup:

Both the Nanit and Owlet are Easy to Setup

You can place the Nanit on the table using its Multi-Stand or floor stand. Similarly, the Owlet is a freestanding device and looks like a webcam on your table. Both the Nanit and Owlet also come with a wall-mounting kit that allows you to take a bird’s eye view of your baby. Wherever you install these advanced monitoring systems, their setup is quite easy and quick and takes 10 minutes or less for completion.

They Need Active Wi-Fi Connection:

Both the Nanit Pro and Owlet cam baby monitors need an active internet connection to fulfill the initial setup as well as to give you updates via the mobile app. However, if your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can get access to the live feed using the local network.

Nanit vs Owlet – Difference Between These Baby Monitors:

As we mentioned earlier, both the Nanit and Owlet are great monitoring systems. However, they are intended to meet different parents’ needs and offer different monitoring services. Therefore, it is crucial to understand their differences so you can invest in a device that is right for your needs and preferences. Let’s get into their in-depth details to understand which one is meant for you!

Nanit Pro vs Owlet- Design:

Nanit Pro:

Both the Nanit camera and wearables have sleek and intelligent designs. The camera is available in white color and its rounded corners look compact and stylish. Besides, the mounting kit of the Nanit and the Owlet has cable guards to securely hide wires. Moreover, you can choose Nanit breathing wear according to the size and age of your baby.

Owlet Cam:

Like Nanit Pro, Owlet also features a sleek and clever design, and its camera unit is also available in white color only. When it comes to wearables, Owlet Smart Socks come in exciting designs and offer two sizes for the left and right feet of your baby.

The Winner Is: A Tie:

Which Baby Monitor Provide Better Audio & Video Quality?

Which Baby Monitor Provide Better Audio & Video Quality?

Nanit Pro:

The Nanit Pro smart bay monitor offers 1080p HD video streaming and comes with an improved nightlight. It also features a status light indicator. Besides, you can switch between day and night modes using is an ambient light sensor. It also provides high image quality even in night vision mode. Additionally, it has dual-band Wi-Fi support and therefore allows you for more reliable and fast video streaming.

Furthermore, the Nanit Pro comes with 2-way audio that allows you to remotely interact with your baby. It also facilitates you with the white noise feature to mask natural sounds and lull the baby to take a nap. Overall, Nanit offers you better recording and audio features than owlet.

Owlet Cam:

In contrast, the Owlet camera also streams 1080p HD videos and features a night vision mode. Like Nanit Pro, it also supports two-way audio for remote interaction. However, it doesn’t have a white noise feature. Instead, it provides background audio that also you to listen to audio from the baby’s room even if your phone is locked.

The Winner Is: Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor:

Features And Monitoring System Of Nanit And Owlet:

Nanit Pro:

The Nanit Pro and owlet use different approaches for baby monitoring. The Nanit Pro combines a camera and a wearable band in its monitoring system. The camera equips all the sensors to track the sleeping pattern of your baby. Besides, you can measure room temperature and humidity with the camera unit alone. The wearable band helps you to track the baby’s breathing motions. Top of HD video streaming, it has a heat signature map feature. Overall, Nanit Pro is an all-in-one monitoring system that gives you insights into your baby and his environment.

Owlet Cam:

On the other hand, Owlet cam allows for sound and motion notifications and video streaming as well. It doesn’t have sensors like Nanit Pro. The Owlet Cam is combined with Owlet Smart Sock 3 (companion ankle wearable) to track a baby’s health vitals. The Owlet Monitor Duo (Cam + Smart Sock 3) allows you to monitor the sleeping trends, oxygen level, and heart rate of your baby.

Furthermore, the sensors are located inside the smart sock and allow you to observe the baby’s health vitals and sleeping trends even without the Owlet cam. The wearable fully charges in 90 minutes via its base station and has 16 hours of battery life.

The Winner Is: Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor:

Do They have App Compatibility?

Do They have App Compatibility

Nanit Pro:

You can install the Nanit app on your phone or tablet to turn it into a parent unit. then, you can check the baby’s live feeds, recordings, notifications, alarms, and insights right on the application. Nanit app is more intuitive as well as comprehensive than the Owlet app.

Even more, you get a 1-year free Nanit insights plan subscription by purchasing the Nanit Pro monitoring system. You can access more advanced features via the insights plan. Besides, the app supports multiple users and expanded storage with Nanit insights unlimited plans.

Owlet Cam:

Owlet follows the traditional approach and offers notifications and alerts via its base station also used to charge the Smart Sock 3. However, you can also download the Owlet app to access real-time views, sleep trends, historical data, and alerts when you’re outside your baby’s room. The owlet app is user-friendly but compatible with phones only. It can support multiple Owlet devices and babies profiles.

The Winner Is: Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor:

Safety Features Of Nanit And Owlet Cameras:

Nanit Pro:

The Nanit Pro is designed by keeping digital safety in mind. Hackers can’t access your baby’s images and information as the data is encrypted using an AES 256-bit encryption standard. Besides, the Nanit Pro uses AWS cloud computing for storage whose servers are strongly protected via solid digital standards and measures.

Owlet Cam:

In contrast, Owlet store your child’s information on Owlet servers that is inaccessible to third parties. Only you can access the statistics and share them with others. Owlet Cam monitoring system also uses AES 128-bit encryption while transmitting the information. However, the encryption standard for Nanit Pro is more secure and difficult for hackers to access as compared to owlet.

The Winner Is: Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor:

Nanit vs Owlet- Accessories:

Nanit Pro provides multi-stand, travel case

Nanit Pro:

The Nanit Pro provides multi-stand, travel case, mounting kits, and Nanit replacement parts as accessories. The company also offers various breathing wears like bands, sleeping bags, swaddle, and pajamas. Parents can choose depending on their baby’s age and size.

Owlet Cam:

On the other hand, Owlet also offers different sizes and styles of wearables. You can also purchase Owlet base station, Owlet replacement parts, mounting kits, and more as accessories. Even, the company sells Owlet gift cards to parents. You can buy each of them separately or with the Owlet Cam.

The Winner Is: A Tie:


[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor ” cons_title=”Owlet Cam Baby Monitor” ][i2pros]Pros:
All-in-one solution to baby monitoring.
Great data safety features.
Excellent image quality even in night vision.
Detailed sleep and breath tracking.
A plethora of additional features.
Customized sleep training tips.
Quick setup and intuitive app.
Remote monitoring options.
Nanit insights help to understand a baby’s sleeping needs.
Multi-user option.
Some users report connectivity issues[/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
Excellent choice for premature and NICU babies.
Various and comfortable sock sizes.
Great sleep and health information.
Easy to use and set up.
Data safety features.
Provide detailed health information.
Reasonable image and sound quality.
The app can support multiple devices.
The Smart Sock can be allergic to some babies’ skin.
Customer reports technical issues like false alarms. [/i2cons][/i2pc]


The Ultimate Winner of the Nanit vs Owlet comparison is the Nanit Pro smart baby monitor:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Nanit reduce SIDS?

Nanit and Owlet are not meant to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). However, they help you to track your baby’s sleep and other vital health signs. They may be helpful to reduce SIDS, but you shouldn’t entirely rely on these devices.

Does Owlet emit radiation?

Yes! Any wearable including owlet emit radiofrequency EMF radiation that may be of some concern to parents.

Is Owlet better than Nanit?

Both the Nanit and Owlet are high-quality baby monitoring systems. In our opinion, Nanit fares against the owlet as it offers an all-around monitoring service to any parent. However, Owlet is a better option for those parents who have NICU babies or preemies as it provides more health data.

Does Nanit record all the time?

Yes, Nanit provides you live video feed of your baby’s activities in real-time that is always recording. You can save and integrate advanced video tracking by subscribing to your desired Nanit plans.

Do pediatricians recommend Owlet?

No, pediatricians don’t recommend owlet or any other high-tech baby monitors including Nanit as they are not medical devices.

Does the Owlet cause burns?

If you have done some research on Owlet, you may get to know about the red marks babies have on their feet by using Owlet smart socks. According to Owlet, Its Smart Socks don’t cause burns. However, they can leave red marks if is on your baby’s foot for an extended period. Moist and dirty socks also cause red marks.

Final Verdict:

To conclude, both the Nanit and Owlet are the two best choices when it comes to smart baby monitoring systems. They not only help you to care for your baby but also create a memory album of the bay’s first year. However, Owlet relies largely on its wearable smart sock. In our opinion, if you want a single solution to baby monitoring, Nanit pro will be your best bet. It has better recording and audio features, an intuitive app, addons features, and above all Nanit Pro is a more affordable option. In contrast, if your baby has special needs or health complications, you should opt for Owlet as it can provide you with more detailed health information.