JBL Pulse 2 Vs Pulse 3—The Best Tool For The Entertainment

Are you an entertainment lover? Then JBL series will be the best option for your enjoyment. In the modern era, the new music and entertainment speakers have simplified the likeness of music lovers. Moreover, JBL Pulse 2 Vs Pulse 3 music speakers with versatile connectivity put a plus point in it. When you visit a market, you come across a lot of JBL speakers, but the thing is what to buy?

So, answering your question, we have taken two JBL pulse speakers for you. These can be your best choice, like JBL Pulse 2 and JBL Pulse 3. Additionally, the comparison, differences, and the similarities would help you more to understand these speakers.  Efficiently, JBL pulse vs pulse 3 are going to show the basics of these wonderful speakers. So, let’s understand the facilities and services these magnificent speakers are providing us with.

Comparison Table For JBL Pulse 2 Vs Pulse 3

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Similarities Between JBL Pulse 2 vs Pulse 3

These two speakers belong to JBL speaker series. So, there are several features that relate to each other, so let’s check the similarities of these wonderful music tools:

Connectivity Sources:

The connectivity tools of these speakers have the same features. The JBL pulse 2 has a USB pod in which you can put your USB device and enjoy the music. Conveniently, you can add the songs in your USB devices and play a long list of your favorite music list. In addition to this, the Bluetooth connectivity of this speaker possesses Bluetooth version 4.2. It is the most efficient and the latest version of Bluetooth, expressly.

JBL pulse 3 has also USB pod that is available to connect your USB devices to the speaker. Amazingly, you can enjoy your favorite songs with this function. Moreover, the latest Bluetooth version 4.2 provides an amazing range of connectivity for these speakers. With such incredible specifications, you can keep your speaker anywhere.

Structure and dimensions:

There is not much difference in the dimensions of these speakers. Notably, the shapes of the speaker are stable. Specifically, JBL pulse 2 has 7.24×3.31×3.31 inches dimension. The weight of this speaker make it handy so that you can hold it for longer period easily. Moreover, the smooth surface provide an easy grip for your hands to hold it.


Accordingly, the weight of JBL pulse 3 is 8.78×3.62×3.62 inches. So, the easy holding and the high grip make these speakers easy to hold and place. Therefore, you can place it anywhere and at any place. S eventually, these features make the impressive speakers feasible for you.

Difference Between JBL Pulse 2 vs Pulse 3/ JBL Pulse 2 Vs pulse 3

JBL Pulse 2 Vs Pulse 3

Most of the people search for the difference between JBL pulse 2 and JBL pulse 3, or you can say JBL pulse2 vs JBL pulse 3. Therefore, we are going to discuss the major differences that make these adorable speakers worthy for the customers. Moreover, these point fly away your confusion of choosing the best product for you. So, let’s have a look at the points below:


Although both the speakers are versatile, but the frequency difference make a unique statement for them. Because it is an important feature to know before buying a speaker.

JBL Pulse 2:

JBL Pulse 2 provides a low frequency range from 85 Hz. frequently, the level goes up to 20 Hz that is quite efficient for a speaker. These low to high frequency levels maintain the balance for the listeners to listen clean music.

JBL Pulse 3:

Comparing with JBL pulse 2, JBL pulse 3 provides a wider range. As a hearer, can hear songs from the lower frequency of 65 Hz, and it goes to 20 Hz. therefore, the difference is clear. In JBL pulse 3 you can listen to music more clear and efficiently. Even, the music with low base sounds are easy to play in this JBL speaker. So, it clearly proofs that JBL pulse is more workable at the frequency rate.

Conclusion: JBL pulse 3 is the winner

Battery timing:

The battery timing of a speaker is the most important feature to know. If a device does not have a good battery timing, then you will not be able to enjoy your music consistently. And also, charging the speaker again can make fuss or irritate you. So check JBL pulse 2 vs pulse 3:

JBL Pulse 2:

JBL pulse 2 has Li -ion battery that provides a longer time period for playing your music. Effectively, the device takes 16 W power to start the functions. Moreover, with such features, this speaker has music time for 10 hours at the high volume.

JBL Pulse 3:

JBL pulse 3 has Li-polymer battery that takes 20 W to power the system. Therefore, these speakers have more music time of 12 hours that make them durable. Additionally, this feature make your day entertained, and you also do not need to charge your speaker again and again. So, the high power battery and high volume time make these speaker useable for longer period.

Conclusion: JBL pulse 3 is the winner

JBL Pulse 2 Vs Pulse 3


The water-resistant property of any device make it secured and long-lasting. So, let’s check the water-resistant property of JBL pulse 2 vs pulse 3:

JBL Pulse 2:

JBL pulse 2 has water-resistant body composition. Therefore, you can enjoy it while you are having fun in your pool parties. Also, these speakers have high water-resistant power, so you can take them in rain also. Expressly, these features make pulse 2 as the best music tool for entertainment.

JBL Pulse 3:

The JBL pulse 3 is not a water-resistant speaker. Due to this, you can not use these speakers in rain and water. As comparative to JBL pulse 2, this speaker lacks this feature.

Conclusion: JBL Pulse 2 is the winner

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”JBL Pulse 2″ cons_title=”JBL Pulse 3″ ][i2pros]Pros:
● Long-lasting and durable
● With high to low frequency
● High frequency of 20 Hz
● Needs less power
● Requires no code
● With Bluetooth version 4.2
● Has USB pods
● Advance and versatile
● From JBL speaker series
● With high frequency of 65 Hz
● Compatible speaker
● With no verification code
● Highly compatible
● Easy to handle
● With 12 hours battery capacity
● Li-polymer battery
● Bluetooth version 4.2 available
● With advance connectivity features
● Require code for activation
● Needs 20 W power
● With high frequency of 85 Hz
● With USB pods
● From JBL speaker series
● Not water-resistant



Q1- What is the difference between JBL Pulse 2 and JBL pulse 3?

Ans: The major differences between JBL pulse 2 and JBL pulse 3 are the frequency and water-resistant feature, respectively.

Q2- What does pulse 3+ mean?

Ans: Pulse 3+ is the palpation number of the devices.

Q3- Is the JBL pulse worth it?

Ans: Absolutely yes, the JBL pulse worth it because the frequency level of these speaker are high to control the palpitations easily.

Q4- How do I pair JBL 2 and 3?

Ans: Both devices have Bluetooth connectivity and USB pods. So, you can connect to them through these specifications, alternatively.

Q5- When did the JBL pulse 3 come out?

Ans: JBL pulse 3 came out in 2017.

Q6- Will there be JBL charge 5?

Ans: Yes, JBL charge 5 is available now, as it was launched in 2021. Therefore, it is available in the market.

Q7- How many watts is JBL pulse 3?

Ans: Notably, JBL pulse 3 needs 20 W that are efficient for a speaker.

Q8- How long JBL pulse 3 last?

Ans: JBL pulse 3 can last for 12 hours so that you can enjoy your music half of the clock in a day continuously.

Q9- Is JBL pulse 4 worth buying?

Ans: The party features, the sound quality, and high frequency make JBL pulse 4 worth buying. Therefore, you can buy it with no doubts.


From the above all statements of JBL pulse 2 vs pulse 3, the clear winner is JBL pulse 3. Amazingly, the sound frequency and quality make these features worth for buying. Additionally, the reasonable price and multi-colors also add a touch in the success of these beautiful speakers. Moreover, the battery timing of these valuable speakers is quite good. So, you can enjoy the music for longer period.