YAS-209 vs ATS-2090 Which Sound Bar with Woofers You Should Aim for Better Experience?

It looks like a dream to get a great soundbar for TV with Alexa. Maybe it becomes true when you have Yamaha Yas-209 or Yamaha Ats-2090. Each soundbar aims to deliver the extra-ordinary sound quality either you’re playing audio or video along with the amazon Alexa to voice control. Yamaha offers a complete package of soundbars with DTS virtual sound, wireless subwoofers, excellent sound, simulated effects, and more. We have presented a detailed breakdown comparison to assist you to choose the best soundbar between Yas-209 vs ats-2090.

Side by Side Comparison Table: YAS-209 vs ATS-2090

Let’s get into the side-by-side comparison to go through the specs of yas-209 vs ats-209.

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YAS-209 vs ATS-2090: Which Specs You Can Find in Common?

Yamaha is a well-known company, ruling the market with its innovative smart soundbars. The Yamaha is pretty interesting as it has invented immersive soundbars which are manufactured to draw you deeply into shows, movies, songs, and games on the television. Yamaha yas-109 and 209 are the famous soundbars that are alternatives to each other, although are identical twins. Anyhow, it would be delightful to put Yamaha ats 2090 and yas 209 against one another to get which is more capable to hold the things better.

Indeed, yamaha yas-109 and 209 releases last year, are far from basic soundbars, which are slim and smart, advanced functionality, sound controls, virtual 3D, and many more. Today, we are going to have a lovely intriguing match-up with yas-209 and ats-2090 to get the one that is worth buying.

YAS-209 vs ATS-2090

Wireless Subwoofers

Yamaha 2090 v bar and Yamaha soundbar yas-209 come in easy setup with HDMI or optical cables and automatic subwoofer connection. These subwoofers with 2090 v and Yamaha yas-209bl have 100 W RMS power and frequency range of 34 to 190 which can be put aside or separately with the soundbars.

Will you take any trouble installing them? No! However, woofers are of 7.52 × 15.98 × 16.54 inches can be mounted on a table with the soundbar.  Moreover, we don’t think a weight of 17.42ib is going to create any mess with the setup.

Do Yamaha Soundbars Support DTS Virtual?

Yamaha ats-2090 and Yamaha yas-209 soundbars support the feature of DTS virtual for 3D surround sound. So, they can be able to provide a clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity. Therefore, you can enjoy the simulated sound effects with only one soundbar. Moreover, they encourage you to have a bevy of multimedia like music concerts, TV shows, sports live streaming, animated movies, games, and many more.

Alexa Built-In Voice Control

Both soundbars come with built-in Alexa voice control that allows you to play music, set alarms or timers, ask queries, listen to the news, view live streaming, and control other home devices as well. Moreover, with Alexa, playing music on your Yamaha yas-209 and 290 is as simple as asking to play a song from music.

Spotify, WIFI, and Bluetooth Connect

You can play music on a yas 209 soundbar and as well as on Yamaha 2090 and can enjoy the podcasts. This is more than a dream to operate your TV with a modern wireless soundbar with a single click. Moreover, you can route your Spotify tunes with your soundbar using Spotify mobile application wirelessly.

Spotify, WIFI, and Bluetooth Connect

Power Standby Function

When no task has been performed for almost 8 hours. the auto power reserve work actuated. So, at some point when it is empowered, the soundbar consequently winds down in any of the accompanying circumstances.

Mounting Type

We are appalled that Yamaha 209 soundbar and Yamaha soundbar yas 2090 can be mounted up any table. They don’t take more than 20 cm beneath your TV.

YAS-209 vs ATS-2090: In Which Aspects, They Differ?

Despite the number of similarities, there are some variations as well in design or specifications.  Let’s go through the Yamaha 2.1 ats-2090 review and Yamaha soundbar 209 reviews as well to differentiate them.

Woofers Specs


Yamaha soundbar yas 209 is ruling the Yamaha with more impedance, frequency range, size, weight, power, and more. More specs can give you a better music experience.


On the other hand, the ats 2090 is great among other woofers but with minimum specifications and lower frequency and impedance. They can let you have a good experience but not more than Yamaha audio yas-209.

The Winner is: Yamaha Soundbar Yas-209.

Audio Features


Yamaha soundbar 209 presents the speakers with 500 RMS (root mean square) power to let you experience HD audio quality.


The Yamaha 2090 ats woofers pull the audio with 100 W, which is not more than enough. Maybe, it lacks the simulated HD effects in sound.

The Winner is: Yamaha Yas-209

Supported Audio Formats


The yas-209 supports several audio files formats including Mp3, WAV, WMA, AAC, and many more. So, you don’t have to be deprived of any audio files.


Yamaha ats can play audio files in different formats but doesn’t support some audio formats, letting you be deprived of some of them.

The Winner is: Yas-209 Yamaha

Power Button


Furthermore, the Yamaha 209ib has a power on/off button but lacks a built-in display.


The ats woofers don’t contain the power switch as well as a built-in display. Therefore, you have to plug it out to turn it off.

The Winner is: Yas 209 Yamaha

Worth Buying


Indeed, 209 audio soundbars do justice with the price for immense specifications with a lot of wireless connections. But it can feel a little heavy to your pocket.


The ats-2090 soundbars can be fitted with home theater splendidly. Moreover, it is better to purchase a lot from some bucks.

The Winner is: Yamaha ATS-2090 

YAS-209 vs ATS-2090: Pros & Cons

At last, we have some advantages and disadvantages of these soundbars considering the yas 209 and Yamaha 2.1 ats-2090 review to choose the best out of them.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”YAS-209″ cons_title=”ATS-2090″ ][i2pros]Pros
• Clear and splendid audio
• Alexa built-in
• DTS: 3D virtual
• Spotify Connect
• Best for Home Theater
• High-Frequency and Impedance
• Mics work well in a noisy environment
• Easy to handle and install
• Easy to maintain

• lacks built-in display
• Adorable audio
• Amazon Alexa
• Bluetooth/Wireless Connect
• HDMI Cable Connect
• Packed and sealed very well
• Remote Control
• Refurbished Warranty


• Lacks multiroom features

• Low-frequency
• Freezes up so often

YAS-209 vs ATS-2090: Final Verdict

In a nutshell, both audio soundbars are identical, and you can experience 3d virtual audio either with Yamaha yas-209 or ats-2090. Moreover, it doesn’t feel like a burden on your pocket. The yas-209 can be a good choice if you are a hardcore lover of 3D and high-frequency audio and don’t want to compromise on the budget. However, if you want enough specifications at a cheap price then ats-2090 is the ideal option for you.


Is the Yamaha ATS-2090 the same as the YAS-209?

YAS-209 and ats-2090 soundbars are identical with slightly different specifications.

What is the difference between Yamaha YAS and ATS?

The Yamaha 2090 comes up with many advanced specs but on the other hand, 209 comes up with more frequency, impedance, channels, and advanced sound quality.

Does YAS-209 have Dolby Atoms?

Yamaha yas-209 soundbars support Dolby digital to connect to the internet among other things like Spotify connect, Amazon Alexa, and more.

How many speakers does the Yamaha-209 have?

The Yamaha-209 audio soundbar comes with 2 speakers to emphasize the sound quality.

How many watts is the YAMAHA ATS-2090?

ATS-2090 soundbars need 100 watts to power on with the power standby feature.

Which is the best Yamaha soundbar?

Yamaha yas-209 soundbar has the perfect working till today’s date.

How long should a soundbar last?

A brand new soundbar like yas-209 or ats-209 by Yamaha, expect the hardware to work from 6 to 16  years almost.


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