Lange vs Revlon One-step Hair Dryer: Which Brush Blow Dryer Is Better for You?

With the popularity of blow-drying and heat styling, more and more brands introduced a range of hot hair styling brushes. Revlon’s one-step volumizer and styling brush is the first advanced hot brush launched in the hairstyling industry. L’ange is another famous name that provides premium and high-end styling tools in the market. It adds more technologies and features in its Le Volume 2-in-1 volumizing brush than one step. Both Revlon and Lange brushes are versatile and convenient tools. In our Lange vs Revlon comparison, we figure out which model better suits your styling needs.

Let’s get started by looking at the spec breakdown between Lange and Revlon hair dryers right in the comparison table!

Lange vs Revlon – Side-by-Side Comparison Chart

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L’ange Le Volume vs Revlon One-Step Brush- Similarities

We all especially women buy hair styling tools as they make you look more attractive. Besides, your hair looks better with styling that leads to boosted confidence. You can style your hair every day whether you choose Revlon one-step or L’ange Le Volume styling brush blow dryers. Because they use minimal direct heat for styling while boasting smooth, shiny, and premium feel styling results.

Both the Revlon and Lange hair brushes are great for drying and styling your hair and give them salon-quality blowouts. You can flexibly style your hair in a matter of minutes with Revlon one step volumizer and L’Ange Le Volume hair brushes. Although they both have their unique features, they have many common features being all-in-one styling tools.

Let’s explore their similar aspects first before diving into actual differences!

Both Brushes Have Tangle-Free Combination Bristles

Lange vs Revlon One-step Hair Dryer

Lange Le Volume and Revlon one-step come with tangle-free combination bristles that gently detangle your hair without breaking them. Their identical bristles don’t tug your hair as compared to other similar models available in the market.

L’ange and Revlon Dryers Come with 3 Heat Settings

Both L’ange and Revlon 2-in-1 hot brushes and dryers come with three heat settings that allow you for multiple styling performances. Although they have different specs, styling quality is never compromised with any of these hair dryers. If you have coarser, thick, or textured hair, opt for their high setting. In contrast, their low setting is perfectly suitable for fine and thin hair types.

Moreover, both the le volume and one-step hot brushes also feature a cool option for styling flexibility and allow you to set your tresses after blow-drying and locks in their shine and style.

Lange and Revlon Brushes are Easy to Use

The Lange Le Volume and Revlon One-step are versatile and all-in-one hair brushes. They are convenient and super easy to use. You can dry, style, and volumize your hair in a single step whether you opt for Lange or Revlon.

Furthermore, they are great choices for achieving mega volume, quick-drying, sleek strands, and smooth curled ends. So, no more need to keep your typical round brush and separate heavy blow dryer as you can achieve better results with a single hair tool (either Revlon or Lange).

Silky & Soft Styling Every Single Time

Lange vs Revlon One-step Hair Dryer

The Lange Le’s hot brush and Revlon one step volumizer have excellent hair protection technology. Therefore, you end up with silky and smooth styling every time even if you use them more frequently. these oval-shaped models use negative ion technology to deliver high-end styling while reducing heat damage. Iconic technology ensures silky and soft tresses with a shiny finish after styling. While they help to reduce hair splits and frizz.

Do They have Universal Voltage Feature?

Unluckily, neither the L’Ange le volume nor the Revlon one-step hair dryers feature a dual/universal voltage function. This means they are designed to use inside Canada and US. You perhaps purchase a voltage converter to use in other countries. However, it’s not recommended to use a voltage convert/adapter with them as it can damage them and affect the styling performance.

Lange vs Revlon – How These Brush Blow Dryers Differ?

Although both the L’ange and Revlon hair dryer brushes look identical, they have some noticeable differences that can alternate your buying decision. The Revlon one-step quickly becomes a must-have styling tool for many people and has a huge fan following with the popularity of all-in-one hot brushes. L’ange includes some high-end features in Le Volume hairbrush to compete with its one-step rival. This section helps you to decide whether Lange is better to purchase or even upgrade if you already have a Revlon one-step styling tool.

Let’s take a leap to decide which hot brush hairdryer is worth your purchase!

L’ANGE Le Volume vs Revlon- Design & Build Quality

Almost all brush hairdryers are designed in the same manner. Therefore, they seem to look identical and have an apparent exterior difference in their color. They both are huge and convenient to hold and have tangle-free bristles. However, L’Ange le volume feels more premium than Revlon one step volumizer.

L’ANGE HAIR Le Volume Brush Blow Dryer

The Le Volume hot brush has an elegant appearance and is made of higher-quality materials as compared to Revlon. Besides, its handle offers a better and smoother grip and stays steady in your palm. It also has an upper hand in the department of bristles as they glide gentler and better on your hair.

Moreover, the Lange blow dryer brush comes with a longer cord. According to its specs table, it comes with a 9ft professional length cord. Another difference is their available color variants. The Lange is found in black and rose gold that gives you a feel of grace and luxury.

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer

In contrast, the Revlon one-step is well-built and looks quite good. Unlike Lange, Revlon’s one-step hair dryer comes in various color variants including pink, mint, teal, and black. However, its colors are quite intense and don’t match my taste. I prefer the gold finish of L’Ange instead. Besides, it also comes with a short cord length of only 6ft.

The Winner Is: The L’ANGE HAIR Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Blow Dryer

Which Brush Blow Dryer Have Better Styling Ability?

Lange vs Revlon One-step Hair Dryer

Moving further, both Revlon and L’ange offers excellent styling quality and have three heat setting. However, both oval-shaped brush dryers come with different plate technology.

L’ANGE HAIR Le Volume Brush Blow Dryer

Lange Le volume 2-in-1 hair dryer brush comes with a titanium barrel or plate. The titanium plate heats up more evenly and quickly dry or style your hair. Besides, it delivers 360° airflow and works well with all hair types. Le Volume can manage thick and long hair fully which is not possible with regular hairdryers available in the market.

However, must ensure that your hair is protected by any sort of thermal protection spray/lotion before you use this tool on your hair. Because the titanium plate can be harsher and leads to hair damage with improper use. The styling ability also depends on barrel size. The L’ange Le volume hot brush is available in two barrel sizes. You can opt for 75mm Lange le volume for effortlessly styling long, thick, and curly hair. While the 60mm le volume fits better to fine and short-medium hair.

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer

On the other hand, the Revlon one-step blow dryer brush equips ceramic plate technology. you can easily dry and style your hair within jiffies with the Revlon hot styling tool. Unlike le volume, Revlon comes with only one barrel size. The company claims it can handle both long and short hair. However, it is quite a tricker to use it with long coarser hair. Revlon one step is a great choice for fine thin hair but the L’ange le volume has better styling ability.

The Winner Is: The L’ANGE HAIR Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Blow Dryer

Lange vs Revlon- Price & Value for Money

Although both hair dryers offer excellent styling performance, the one-step hairdryer is more affordable than the le volume styling brush.

L’ANGE HAIR Le Volume Brush Blow Dryer

The Lange Le Volume is quite heavy on your pocket. However, it has a higher-quality build and better styling performance than Revlon. Besides, it can excellently manage all hair types quickly and effortlessly.

Moreover, L’ange looks and feels more premium. Therefore, many customers who already own Revlon, switch to the le volume. All these plus points altogether justify its higher cost.

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer

If you have a limited budget or have fine thin hair, the Revlon one-step is a strong and smart choice for you. Being a budget-friendly hair tool, it gives you exceptional styling results. If you catch Revlon’s one-step hot air brush on sale, it charges you under $50. Revlon one step is three times cheaper than the expansive Lange le volume.

The Winner Is: A Tie

Lange vs Revlon: Pros & Cons

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Lange Brush Blow Dryer” cons_title=”Revlon Brush Blow Dryer” ][i2pros]Pros:
• Lange’s all-in-one styler offers reliable styling performance.
• Its unique gold finish gives you a more premium feel.
• The sleek design is compact and travel-friendly.
• Available in two barrel sizes.
• Has hair protection technology.
• Works well with all sorts of hair types and lengths.
• Has more robust styling features than Revlon one-step.

• Very expansive.
• Excellent styling performance.
• Versatile and all-in-one styling brush.
• Feature hair protection technology.
• 3 times cheaper than the Lange le volume hot brush.
• Meet the US safety requirements (ETL certification).
• It gets hotter when continually use for a longer time.
• Not suitable for thick and long hair

Final Verdict

To sum up, you get excellent and reliable styling results whether you end up with Revlon one-step or L’ange le volume all-in-1 hot brushes. Both can dry and style your hair simultaneously. However, we recommend L’Ange le volume over the Revlon as it has better quality and more premium looks. Besides, you get shinier and frizz-free styling results with the Le Volume hair brush. In our opinion, L’ange hot air brush is an intelligent investment and doesn’t hurt as it cause less damage and tangle to your head crown (hair).

Our Ultimate Champion is the L’Ange Le Volume 2-in-1 brush blow dryer.


Which is better Revlon or L’Ange?

Both the L’Ange and Revlon hair brushes give you reliable and excellent styling performance without damaging your hair. However, the Lange Le Volume brush gives you better styling results due to its advanced features. Keep in mind that better results come at a higher price tag.

Does Lange Le Volume damage hair?

No! The Le Volume features advanced technology and gently styles your tresses and detangle them smoothly. Thus, you can style or dry your hair in a non-damaging manner with this L’Ange model.

Can you use the Revlon one-step on wet hair?

Definitely yes as one-step is a drying tool. However, let your hair dry to around 80% for getting the best styling results. If you use it on soaking wet hair, it will not only take more time but also can damage your hair cuticle. Besides, the styling results are not that great either.

Are hair dryer brushes bad for your hair?

Hot brushes are the safest styling tools out there and cause minimal possible damage to your hair. Because they use less direct heat for styling than curlers and flat irons. However, your hair is still exposed to heat and can be damaged with excessive use.

Note of Caution: Always use protection spray/lotion before any type of heat styling.

Is the Revlon one step dual voltage?

Unluckily No! Revlon one-step volumizer and dryer is not dual voltage as it is designed to use inside Canada and US.

Does the Le Volume come with a cover?

Yes! L’Ange Le Volume hairdryer comes with a protective storage cover and cleaning brush.


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