Wireless Headphones Beats Solo 3 vs Studio 3 – Which One Is Best To Choose

Wireless headphones Beats solo 3 vs studio 3 – which one is best to choose

The Beats solo 3 vs studio 3 are the two most well and immediately recognized wireless headphones in market. Both of these are offered in a variety of colors and are rather pricey, particularly the former, which costs more than $300. While they appear to be the same sort of headphones at first appearance, they are not: the Studio3 is now over-ear headphones featuring noise canceling (ANC), and the Solo3 are normal on-ear headphones.

Even though they are distinct types of headphones, those two Beats devices have a lot in common. In terms of build quality, functions, mic efficiency, app availability, and wireless connectivity, these are extremely comparable. This head-to-head analysis will assist you in picking between the Beats solo 3 vs studio 3 for your next headphones buy.

Comparison Of Beats Solo 3 And The Beats Studio 3:

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Beats Solo 3 Review:

Because of its more tiny and breathable form, the Solo3 is suggested if you like on-ear earphones. These are less expensive and considerably more portable, taking up little space within your suitcase when foldable, which regular travelers may appreciate. However, they are not quite as excellent for all-around usage as the Studio3, and their poor noise isolation makes them unsuitable to be used in a noisy area. Despite being more flexible than that of an over-ear fit, their tight on-ear fit is less pleasant for lengthy listening sessions. If you prefer on-ear headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) for enhanced noise isolation, look into the more costly Solo Pro.

Beats Studio 3 Review:

Overall, the Studio3 are superior headphones. They are more adaptable than the Solo3 due to their ANC function and improved noise isolation capabilities, making them more ideal for traveling, leisure, and workplace usage. Although their battery life is reduced when ANC is activated, they will be more than capable of sustaining lengthy commutes, aeroplanes, and prolonged office hours. Most individuals will also discover that their over-ear fit is far more pleasant for lengthy listening periods since it relieves strain on the ears. They are, however, incredibly costly, often costing roughly the same as the Sony WH-1000XM3 and the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II.

Differences Between Beats Solo 3 vs Studio 3

Design Of The Beats Solo 3 And The Studio 3:

Both the Studio3 and the Solo3 are quite well wireless headphones with confined ear cups, easy-to-use controls, and a folding design. These are both easy for using, and their build quality is pretty similar. But, because they are multiple kinds of headphones, they are significantly different in comfort and provide different advantages and disadvantages in that regard.

The Solo 3 Beats And The Studio 3 Beats Fit:

The Studio3 and the Solo3 may assume to be about the same headphones from a range due to their specific looks, although they are not. The Studio3 are now over-ear headphones with such a heavier shape and a much more comfortable to wear because they do not push immediately against your ears. However, the Solo3 are on-ear headphones featuring smaller ear cups as well as a more breathable shape, making them ideal for lengthy sessions, particularly if you sweating a lot.

These headphones feature stronger clamps that certain users may find painful after several hours of intense usage, particularly the Solo3, because directly press on your ears. Here on the bright side, these results in a more comfortable and solid fit. With their stronger clamps, these headphones are suitable for sports usage, particularly since their wireless connections eliminate the possibility of audio cords becoming entangled in something when working out.

Build Quality Of beats solo 3 vs studio 3:

The build quality of the Studio3 and the Solo3 is pretty comparable. Although they do not even feel as luxurious as their high prices imply, both are solid headphones that won’t come apart within a few mild drops. Their headbands are both elastic and strengthened with metal, but their ear cups will be well and feel sturdy.

Controls Of The Solo 3 Beats And Studio 3:

The Studio3 and Solo3 offer on-cup control for simplicity, as do other wireless headphones. In terms of regulations, they are roughly equivalent. Both offer easy-to-use settings for call and music monitoring, as well as volume adjustments. Their on-cup controllers are discrete and integrate with the aesthetics of their distinct ear cups. The main difference between the two is that Studio3 has extra control for its ANC function.

Portability Of Solo 3 And Studio 3:

These headphones fold towards a more compact configuration taking up less room in your backpack. Making them somewhat more accessible than non-folding over-ear and in-ear earphones. Both of these are lightweight and easy to transport for daily usage with their separate carrying cases contributing to their total mobility. The Solo3 is somewhat more accessible due to its more compact form while the bulkier Studio3 comes with a more durable hard travel case.

Accessories Of Beats:

When there is opening the Studio3 and Solo3, don’t expect to see many accessories, because both headphones remain light on them. Each includes audio cords for converting to wired mode, as well as storage cases and charging cables. Their carrying cases, meanwhile, differ: the Studio3’s hard carry case is more resistant to physical harm than the Solo3’s soft carry case.

Performance Of Both Beats Solo 3 And The Beat Studio 3:

The most significant differences between the Studio3 and the Solo3 are in sound insulation and battery life. As one would anticipate from ANC-enabled headphones, the former provides superior noise isolation and lesser sound leakage. But on other hand, has a significantly better battery life for each charger, allowing it more ideal for multi-day use. In these other ways, the Studio3 and Solo3 are comparable, although some may favor the latter’s more stable audio reproduction.

Sound Of Beats Solo 3 And Beat Studio 3:

Although neither the Studio3 nor the Solo3 will amaze professional audiophiles, they are unexpectedly very well wireless headphones. These headphones are appropriate for a variety of music genres, however, the Solo3 has a more balanced and steady overall sound. Those are not suggested for commercial or studio usage, but they are more than enough for most people’s relaxed listening needs. Unfortunately, unlike some wireless headphones, their audio profiles cannot be adjusted using a specialized companion app.

Isolation Of The Solo 3 Beats And The Studio 3 Beats:

The Studio3 outperforms the Solo3 by a large margin in terms of noise isolation, which is not unexpected given that they are integrated with ANC technology. They are significantly better at shutting out background noise in the workplace and during commuting. Their noise leakage is also reduced, which is specifically useful when used in the office, in which some individuals may not appreciate being treated to the strong sound emitted by your audio equipment.

The Solo3’s closed-back construction only provides passive noise isolation. You may use them to hide ambient sound by turning up the music level, although sound leaking can be a problem in some cases. If you require on-ear headphones with strong noise isolation capabilities, there are far better choices on the market, such as the new and much more costly Beats Solo Pro.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless vs Studio Wireless Mic:

Both the Studio3 and the Solo3 are not ideal for phone conversations, especially essential business calls. Their built-in microphones are acceptable for phone conversations in a calm area, but they perform badly in a loud one. Choose a boom mic-equipped headset rather than you’re seeking superior microphone headphones, either for gaming or business use.

Battery Life Of Beats Solo 3 Studio:

Both headphones include long-lasting batteries, allowing them to be used for extended listening sessions and then all use. The Solo3 can run for up to 40 hours of battery life, enabling them to endure for many days on such a single charge. The Studio3 could also operate for up to 40 hours on a single charge, and only when the ANC is turned off. Their battery life lasts up to 22 hours with the ANC function active, which is still enough. Furthermore, both headphones offer fast-charging capabilities, with the Solo3 delivering three hours of playing after only five minute time period and the Studio3 offering three hours after ten minutes.

Connectivity Comparison Of Beats Solo3 vs Studio3:

While neither of these headphones supports NFC technology or multi-device pairing, they do have outstanding wireless capabilities when linked with Apple devices, providing you more flexibility to move around at the house or the workplace. They are very simple to link with Apple devices. Whenever their batteries run out, you may utilize their audio cords to convert to wired mode, which is useful. Although both headphones are designed for Apple devices, they may also be used with Android smartphones. However, irrespective of your device, you do not receive a specialized app for personalization.


Pros & Cons

Beats solo 3
  • Pros:
  • A 10-minute charge gives three hours of playing. • Adaptive active noise canceling.
  • Over-the-ear design to block out background noise
  • It features a 5-minute Fast Fueling timer.
  • Accurate audio reproduction
  • Inconspicuous on-cup controls
  • More breathable style
  • Cons:
  • Poor sound isolation
  • App support is limited.
  • Less comfortable for lengthy periods of listening than Studio3.

  • Comparison of Beats solo 3 and the Beats studio 3

Beats studio 3
  • Pros:
  • A 40-hour battery life
  • Quick charge in 5 minutes for 3 hours of playback
  • Numerous color options
  • Hearing only what you want to hear and not much else
  • Excellent noise isolation with ANC
  • Minimal sound leaking
  • Extremely comfy
  • Inconspicuous on-cup controls
  • Cons:
  • Extremely costly
  • Unsightly design
  • App support is limited.

  • Because of its more tiny and breathable form

Why Are Beats So Expensive?

If there is a particular brand name that is capable of leading the charge in terms of style being equally as important as precise sound quality it is none other than Beats. Although marketing accomplishments over the last decade have established the brand successful in the good favor of celebrities across a wide range of styles. The company’s recent inventions have informed us about its consistent progress in regions gained by cutting-edge technology.

Many detractors point to its distinctive loud bass, however when it comes to current music creation, Beats headphones accept the demand for low-end quality better than many of their opponents.

Studio 3 and Solo 3 Common Features:

Apple’s W1 chip provides instant device pairing and reconnection, as well as a consistent and effective Bluetooth connection. With appropriate software, you may enjoy a superb listening experience without sacrificing battery life. It simply takes 1-2 seconds to switch between linked devices, so each model immediately reconnects to the last functional issues even when turned off.

Beats has renamed its Android app to replicate the Bluetooth capability seen on Apple devices. It allows you to rapidly pair your headphones, evaluate battery life and condition, apply updates, and operate Studio 3’s Active Noise Cancellation function.

In their default configurations, both Studio 3 and Solo 3 provide 40 hours of playback.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between Studio 3 and solo 3?

The Studio 3 is stronger; more isolated, and has noise reduction features than its sister, although it is substantially more costly. The Solo3, featuring its on-ear design, is more accessible and less bulky, albeit it foregoes some of the structural strength provided by the Studio 3.

Is Beats Solo better than studio?

It is also commonly acknowledged that the Beats Studio has somewhat superior overall sound quality. Even though the Beats Solo has extremely great audio quality as well and is about equivalent to the Beats Solo. The Beats Studio also offers a “fast charge” option that takes only 10 minutes of charging time to get three hours of listening time.

Are Solo 3 beats worth it?

Having just said, the Beats Solo3 Wireless is also a good option, but it’s isn’t worth the expense. However, if you’re with them you’ll still receive important aspects like good battery life. Class 1 Bluetooth, AAC compatibility, and rapid charging, all in a stylish, portable package.

Which beats are most comfortable?

The Beats Power beats Pro Wireless is the greatest Beats earphones we’ve tried. Because of their designed ear hooks, these completely wireless headphones feature a lightweight, ergonomic design and are sturdy enough to keep in position throughout workouts.

Is it worth buying Beats Studio 3?

If you preferred over-ear headphones and have an iPhone, then Beats Studio3 Wireless is also a good buy. Bluetooth connection is seamless, battery capacity is excellent, and they’re also well-designed. Everyone else has an easy option to make.

Does Beats Solo 3 have good bass?

The sound upon that Solo3 Wireless is exceptionally clean and clear, particularly at higher levels. The bass is robust, which is unsurprising, but it isn’t overbearing.

Is Beats Solo 3 uncomfortable?

Several forum members are stating the same thing. Beats headphones (particularly the Solo3 wireless) are unpleasant and, in some situations, uncomfortable to use. Beats do not have a strong reputation within audiophiles.

Is Beats Solo 3 good for running?

The Beats Solo 3 are fantastic accessories for indulging in strenuous physical activities because of their absence of cables. The basic form of these headphones gives them an advantage for racing or jogging, in contrast to weightlifting and calisthenics.

Is Beats Solo Pro better than solo 3?

The Beats Solo Pro Wireless is an excellent improvement well over Beats Solo3 Wireless. The Pro, on the other hand, maybe a little too snug for some, while the Solo3 is more relaxed. The Pro, on either hand, seems more elevated and robust. They have an identical sound profile; however, the Pro is a little more neutral.

Are beats worth it in 2021?

Since you’re a design aficionado who desires to explore a certain image or aesthetic, the answer is most likely yes. These gadgets also have excellent audio quality. But on the other hand, when you’re on a limited budget, you might want to look for a less expensive pair of headphones.

Are Beats Solo 3 waterproof?

No. The Beats Solo 3 Headphones aren’t sweated and resistant to water or proof. Let’s continue them from becoming wet. Sweat and water resistance is provided by the Power beats 3 Wireless earbuds as well as the new Power beats Pro earphones.

Is Beats Studio 3 discontinued?

Inside the case of earphones over-ear staples like the Solo 3 and Studio 3 remain in production. Whereas the on-ear Solo Pros launched following some of those pairs will be the first to be phased out. In addition to earbuds and headphones, the business still sells its Pill plus Bluetooth speaker.

Winner Product:

Because of the noise cancellation, the Beats Studio3 Wireless is a little superior headphone than the Beats Solo3 Wireless. The Studio3 isolates somewhat better in loud environments than the Solo3, making it a better choice for commuting and travel. They also offer a more pleasant over-ear design that almost all people may choose well over Solo3’s on-ear fit. The Solo3, on either hand, is somewhat smaller and has a significantly longer battery life than the Studio model. They also feature a longer wireless range and lower latency.

They also feature a longer wireless range and lower latency