STIHL MS 271 vs. STIHL MS 291: which chainsaw is best to choose?

STIHL MS 271 vs. STIHL MS 291: which chainsaw is best to choose?

At the point when the vast majority considers trimming tools, they will more often than not think about the Stihl or Husqvarna. Of course, there are huge loads of other solid makers out there, however, it seems like Stihl and Husqvarna are driving the market. This is most likely because throughout the long term these two names have come to represent quality and dependability.

There is no rejecting that these two names are the best of the best with regards to trimming tools, yet for what reason are there such countless various models, and what does each bring to the table? On the off chance that Stihl and Husqvarna are so great, for what reason do they continue to come out with various models, and what’s the contrast between them?

Comparison chart:

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What Are the Stihl 271 And 291?

The principal thing that you want to know is that both the Sithl 271 and 291 trimming tools are trimming tools that offer an optimal blend of force and accommodation. These saws aren’t simply solid and convenient with regards to cutting trees or kindling, yet they can be used for various errands. Truth be told, these very saws could come in more than convenient on any homestead or building site. In addition to the fact that they come furnished with an engine that is equipped for taking care of a large portion of the difficult tasks, yet their lightweight plan and height make them simpler than at any other time to move from one area to another.

Try not to be tricked by this because the lodging and edge are worked with the very strength and dependability that has come normally from the Stihl name.

Assuming you think about two likewise measured models of trimming tools, the Stihl has a somewhat bigger motor. For example, the Stihl MS 362 has 4.69 torques and the Husqvarna 555 just has 4.3 strength. The amazing motor improves Stihl trimming tools at chipping away at intense logs or overcoming hitches. STIHL makes the #1 selling brand of trimming tools around the world, known for their constancy and strength, and stuffed brimming with highlights that convey ideal execution and expanded solace.

Similarities between the stihl 271 and 291:

Pre-Separation Air Filter feature of stihl 271 and the 291:

In case you have possessed a trimming tool in the past then you realize that they don’t come without a huge load of upkeep obligations. Addition to the fact that you have to continually watch out for the gas and bar oil, however, you need to watch the channel.

In case the channel gets stopped up it will hinder the motor. Keep the machine from running as productively as could be expected which will just diminish the existence of the engine. Here both the 271 and 291 dominate. The two models come outfitted with what is known as a pere-division air filtration framework. This framework is extremely compelling in that it can take the customary air channel and add multiple times its typical life expectancy.

Getting multiple times the life out of your air channel won’t just guarantee that your trimming tool runs all the more effectively during each utilization, yet it could assist you with reducing the expenses of purchasing as many air channels Also saving the time that it takes to change the air channel.

Vibration System of the stihl 271 and 291:

You can check out any Stihl trimming tool and see that it was truly solid. This is significantly more obvious with the 271 and 291 models. In addition to the fact that they feature a rough plan with an elevated expectation finish, however, they come outfitted with an enemy of vibration framework.

This enemy of vibration framework incorporates springs introduced between the motor and the handle framework. This framework was explicitly set up to assist with decreasing the vibrations that are produced by the motor just as the moving chain. In addition to the fact that this reduces the mileage on the machine, yet it lessens the weakness on the client too. Smooth cutting conduct and fewer vibrations guarantee smoother cutting tasks.

The Side-Access Chain Tensioner of the stihl 271 and 291:

It doesn’t make any difference what sort of trimming tool or purchase or which producer you purchase, there will be times when you need to fix the pressure on the chain. This is only a standard piece of possessing a trimming tool.

Fixing the pressure won’t just assist with saving the cutting edge keener for longer timeframes, yet it will guarantee that the chain doesn’t get excessively extended too. Assuming you know about the cycle, you likely definitely realize that it isn’t all-around hard and just requires a couple of moments. Indeed, the Stihl 271 and 291 have made the cycle considerably simpler.

The two models currently offer what is known as the side-access tensioner. This tensioner makes it a lot more straightforward and helpful for the client to change the chain with a bar wrench.

Convenient Handle of stihl 271 and the 291:

Both the Stihl MS291 and MS271 Farm Boss trimming tools are planned with a substantial ergonomic handle. The plan guarantees solace and less shock brought about by the effect of vibration. The rubber-treated material on the handle will diminish shock while offering better taking care of and full control, in any event, when your hands are sodden with sweat and dampness.

Guide Bars of the stihl 271 and 291:

The two trimming tools are viable with guide bars somewhere in the range of 40 and 50 centimeters or 16 and 20 crawls long. Stihl suggests using an aide bar from its Dolomitic series. These aide bars are developed of high-grade steel. In this way they are ensured to endure longer than a large portion of the contender brands

Differences between the stihl 271 and the 291:

The 2-MIX Engine feature of the stihl 271 and 291:

You will see immediately that both the 271 and 291 models come outfitted with the 2-MIX motor. This motor isn’t just more than incredible, yet it offers a ton of high hauling power. With the 271 models, clients can anticipate 2.6 kW of force, while the 291 model proposition is close to 2.8 kW of unadulterated power.

There is just no rejecting that the two models come furnished with an amazing engine, yet don’t allow this reality to hinder you since it won’t consume the fuel as one would think. Truth be told, these 2-MIX motors were explicitly planned with innovation to assist with filling utilization.

With this new imaginative innovation, proprietors can cut as must 20 pennies off fuel utilization when contrasted with different models and 50 pennies contrasted with those models without with 2-MIX motor.

Winner product:

Stihl 291 is the winning product.


Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
  • incorporates 18″ Bar ● Toolless fuel and oil covers ● Low-outflow, eco-friendly motor – lessens fuel
  • Side-access chain tensioner
  • Complete with a lightweight suppressor
  • Conservative, ergonomic plan
  • half lower outflows than the MS 270

  • Cons:

  • It is expensive
  • Pros:

  • The 291 has the more current defined series motor, it’s more eco-friendly, lighter, less vibration, and calmer.

  • It’s with regards to a pound lighter than a 290 which can have an effect if you are running the saw some time.
  • The eco-friendliness and better air filtration framework are more too.

  • Cons:

  • It is expensive

Frequently asked questions:

Is Stihl 271 a pro saw?

The MS 261 is an expert ranger service saw that is intended for uncompromising cutting in outrageous conditions. The MS 271 is a cultivating/finishing saw that is intended for property support. The genius saw enjoys a lot more upper hands over shopper saws which reflect in the cost.

What does MS mean on Stihl chainsaws?

What’s the significance here? We’ll begin with a simple one. Each STIHL trimming tool model name begins with MS, MSA, or MSE. The normal part, MS, represents Motors age which is German for trimming tool. MSA shows that it’s a battery trimming tool and MSE lets us know that it’s an electric model

What is a farm and ranch saw?

Homestead and farm gas saws are additionally called farmers. Considered presume models because their sticker prices regularly land them soundly between proficient saws and buyer saws available. … Farmers offer a significant number of similar elements as expert saws however utilize less substantial parts and are more affordable accordingly.

Is Husqvarna better than Stihl?

Next to each other, Husqvarna beats Stihl. Their security elements and hostility to vibration innovation take into account simpler and more secure use. What’s more, even though Stihl trimming tool motors can have more power, Husqvarna trimming tools will more often than not be more productive and better at cutting. To the extent esteem goes; Husqvarna is likewise a top pick.

Is the MS 261 a pro saw?

The Stihl 261 is a supportive level trimming tool, instead of a ‘homestead and farm’ or mortgage holder trimming tool. … Probably the best thing about the MS261 is that it has a brilliant 1.6 ability to-weight proportion. That fundamentally implies that for the power it gives, it’s light.

Does Stihl ever go on sale?

STIHL Inc. doesn’t offer specials or limits. … You should check with your nearby approved STIHL Dealer for any specials or advancements. Generally speaking, trimmer and blower advancements are in the spring. Late-spring and trimming tool. Blower advancements are presented in the pre-fall and fall.

How big of a bar can you put on an ms271?

You can put on a bar between 16 and 20 inches.

Is Echo a good chainsaw?

They simply construct great, fair hardware,” one of our analyzers said. That is the Echo more or less. It additionally has the best activity on its chain-brake switch—fresh, with no slop. At long last, and maybe generally significant, its motor works with an expansive force bend, and that power comes radiating through in the extreme cuts.

How do I identify my Stihl chain?

Assuming that you are supplanting a Stihl® chain. You can take a gander at the numbers on the chain to decide pitch checks and different attributes of the chain. Model: Your chain has the number 33RM2 stepped in its side. The last three numbers (or letters) indicate the qualities of the chain.

Are all Stihl chainsaws made in Germany?

Stihl is a German organization, established by the mechanical architect Andreas Stihl during the 1920s. Settled close to Stuttgart in Germany. Their initial saws as a whole including. The most punctual Stihl trimming tools were made there. They currently have to fabricate plants all around the world delivering and completing their items.

Final thoughts:

If you are on the lookout for another trimming tool, you essentially can’t turn out badly with the Stihl name. Stihl is unquestionably one of the most productive trimming tool makers in the world. Will keep on being so to the furthest limit of time. Their creative planned combined with their respectability and steadfastness have moved them into what they are today as an organization.

Nonetheless, at times as you can see simply picking the Stihl name isn’t sufficient. You need to pick a particular model that best suits your requirements. Both the 271 and 291 models bring a ton to the table; however, stihl 291 is the best chainsaw for you.