Kyocera brigadier vs Casio commando -which one is better to buy?

A smartphone is a PDA that permits you to accomplish more than settle on telephone decisions and send instant messages. Cell phones can peruse the Internet and run programming programs like a PC. … There is a large number of cell phone applications including games, individual use, and business-use programs that all sudden spike in demand for the telephone. Here we will compare Kyocera brigadier with Casio Commando

How we devour data has changed from conversing with one another to perusing the paper to staring at the TV, to social occasion information on the web utilizing a PC and presently a cell phone. … Our cell phone offers us multiple methods of correspondence: calls, a message informing, texting, email, online media, sites, and so forth

Here is the comparison of two smartphones- Kyocera brigadier vs. Casio commando. Let’s see how they differ from each other.

Comparison Chart

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Similarities Between The Kyocera Brigadier And The Casio Commando

The Durability of Smartphones- Kyocera Brigadier And The Casio Commando:

Both smartphones are durable. The Brigadier highlights MIL-STD 810G and IP68 evaluations, which mean it, can withstand some genuine maltreatment. It’s appraise for drops of up to four feet onto hard surfaces and can complete inundated in six feet of water for as long as 30 minutes.

The Casio G’zOne Commando has a tough outside that makes it water-safe. Its size and weight are to a great extent because of its defensive shell. Like the other G’zOne telephones, the Commando is military-ensured (under MIL-STD-810G confirmation) to be safe against water, shock, downpour, residue, vibration, and then some.

The Command feels very strong close by. The majority of today’s cell phones are fragile bits of plastic contrast with this block of a telephone. While it’s not the most polished model available, the Commando searches sensibly useful for a ruggedized unit. The majority of the telephone is canvasse in smaller elastic to shield it from falls and to give you a superior hold on the fairly huge gadget.



The right spine of the Commando houses the earphone jack, a miniature USB charging port, and a devoted camera button. These ports have waterproof covers, in the event, the telephone drops out of your pocket and into a puddle. Rather than being on the highest point of the gadget, the power button is on the left spine, alongside the volume rocker and an adjustable material key, but instead far down; I would like to have the power button higher up. A 5-megapixel camera (with streak) is on the back of the Commando, and you likewise have the standard touch-delicate buttons you find on most other Android gadgets (Menu, Home, Back, and Search

Water And Dust Resistant Feature of Kyocera Brigadier And The Casio Commando:

Both smartphones are waterproof and dustproof. So snap the ideal Oceanside pic, go running in the downpour or leave on a dusty path since you can.

*Certified for IP68 Protection against residue and water inundation for as long as 30 minutes in up to 6 feet (1.8 meters). The telephone won’t work submerged and ought to be dried as fast as conceivable when wet. To guarantee that the telephone is waterproof, ensure the charger/information port, sound jack, and card opening covers are appropriately situated, with no unfamiliar items impeding the seals.

Android for The Outsiders:

Casio constructed a custom Android overlay for the Gone Commando; however, it doesn’t change the UI as drastically as Samsung Touch Wiz or HTCs Sense. The conventional 2.2 docks at the lower part of the screen have been supplanted with a Phone symbol on one corner of the screen, and a snap-out menu on the other. The snap-out menu should give you speedy and simple admittance to your most-utilized applications, yet I thought that it is a gigantic aggravation to utilize primarily because of the touchscreen (erring on that later). Similar to the Samsung Continuum, the Commando is control by Bing search rather than Google search, which is an irritating element regular of numerous Verizon telephones. You additionally won’t find Google Maps preinstalled, however, you can download it yourself from the Android Market. I observe that such transporter changes truly take away from the center Google Android experience.


Preloaded on the gadget is Verizon V Cast set-up of applications, the previously mentioned Bing, Skype, NFL Mobile, Slacker Radio, Social Beat, InfoPath Active Care, XT9, and Gear. Social Beat permits you to see and deal with your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and RSS divert in one bound together newsfeed. InfoPath Active Care permits you to check for and download programming refreshes for the gadget; however, it appears to be somewhat since you can do that locally through the Settings on the telephone. XT9 replaces the conventional Android console with one that copies Skype. You can’t switch back to the stock Android console; however, you can likely find something almost identical in the Android Market.



GzGear is likely the most intriguing piece of preloaded programming I have at any point seen on a cell phone. The application is separated into various areas (Earth Compass, Walking Counter, Adventure Training, Trip Memory, Thermometer, Tides, Sun/Moon, and Star Gazer), with every one contribution a helpful or fun utility.

Of the relative multitude of utilities, Walking Counter and Adventure Training were two of the most intriguing. The strolling counter counts the number of steps you take like a pedometer, and lets you know how far you’ve strolled with the telephone. In addition, you can make different virtual trips to places like Mt. Kilimanjaro or the South Pole. Experience Training sounded promising; however, I was always unable to get it to work. Experience Training should make you a superior sprinter by dissecting how you run and contrasting your speed with that of Olympic competitors. My carefree run around the square didn’t enlist on the gadget by any stretch of the imagination. Experience Training could be a truly cool application, so ideally a fix will carry out soon.

Differences Between Kyocera Brigadier And The Casio Commando

Touch Screen -Kyocera Brigadier And The Casio Commando:

The most fragile mark of the Casio GzOne Commando isn’t its dated 800MHz processor, but instead, its horrendously terrible touchscreen. Applications will frequently require a large number of taps before they will open, and composing on the virtual console is sufficient to make one toss the telephone down in dissatisfaction (the beneficial thing is it’s shockingly safe).


Surprisingly, the touchscreen was just awful with programming that came preloaded on the gadget. Outsider applications fared somewhat better, yet the touchscreen had a few issues in those applications also. This persuaded me to think that the processor was not the primary driver for the information issues I was having. Attempting to pound out an instant message on the gadget finished with me simply choosing to call the individual all things being equal.

Brigadier’s touchscreen is worked for drops and tumbles with Kyocera’s restrictive Sapphire Shield show. Second, just to jewels in mineral hardness, Sapphire Shield is scratchproof and gives extraordinary security against sway harm. It stands extreme against everything from keys in a pocket to a face plant on a rock, so agonizing over a harmed screen will not be important for your day.

                    Winner product:

Kyocera brigadier is the winning product.

Performance of Kyocera brigadier And The Casio Commando:

Kyocera brigadier super sturdy with Military Standard 810G assurance against dust, shock, vibration, temperature limits, blowing precipitation, low tension, sun-powered radiation, salt haze, mugginess, blowing precipitation, and water submersion, making it an optimal companion for pretty much any experience.

The Commando has a commotion-dropping receiver on the back of the gadget, yet it didn’t appear to work when I settled on a few telephone decisions. Individuals on the opposite end let me know that it did practically nothing to sift through foundation commotions (which they could hear). Every one individual I considered likewise grumbled that my voice was fluffy and difficult to hear, even though those individuals sounded fine on my end.


Perusing the versatile Web was an OK encounter. Screen to the side, pages stacked rather rapidly over Verizon 3G organizations, and everything downloaded without wasting any time. I figured out how to get a normal of 0.71 megabits each second (Mbps) for downloads and 0.5 Mbps for transfers when running the FCC-endorsed Okla. Speed Test application on the telephone. What’s more, as an Android 2.2 telephone, the Commando can likewise be utilized as a 3G versatile focal point for up to five gadgets.

                     Winner product:

Kyocera brigadier is the winning product.

Battery type:

The type of lithium-ion battery is used in both the Kyocera brigadier and the Casio Commando. The capacity of the battery in the Casio commando and Kyocera Brigadier is 1460.0 megahertz and 3100.0 megahertz respectively. The Li-Ion 3100 megahertz, the non-removable battery gives the cell phone decent battery reinforcement. This is a low upkeep battery. No intermittent release is required and charging should be possible at irregular. The standby time of Kyocera Brigadier is greater than Casio commando which is 370 h.

                         Winner product:

Kyocera brigadier is the winning product.


Pros And Cons

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Kyocera brigadier” cons_title=”Casio commando” ][i2pros] Pros
the non-removable battery gives the cell phone decent battery reinforcement
Brigadier is 3G and 4G skilled.
This cell phone has an underlying GPS beneficiary.

Verizon will not activate it

“Due to Network Upgrades, this device is no longer compatible with Verizon services”.

Incredible battery life for a cell phone

Exceptionally strong plan

Quality of call could be better
Lethargic touchscreen


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Kyocera phone not turning on?

Quite possibly your battery should re-energize. Have a go at connecting the telephone to your charger and give it a couple of moments before holding down the power button. In case the telephone neglects to turn on, all things consider, that battery does not work anymore and should supplant.

Can Kyocera phones be unlocked?

What is Kyocera Unlocking? Kyocera cell phone opening is additionally call Network Unlocking, Sims open and Phone Unlocking. It is just the evacuation of any organization or transporter limitations on your Android telephone permitting your telephone to utilize with any viable SIM cards around the world.

How do you reset a Kyocera Brigadier?

First mood killer your Kyocera Brigadier totally. …

Keep hanging on volume down and power keys together for a couple of moments.

When the Kyocera logo is shown, discharge the buttons.

How do I activate my Casio Gzone?

Go to the telephone’s primary screen. …

Press the way to choose “Open.”

Enter code “0384.” During assembling Casio introduces this number as the default code for inert wireless. …

Go to the telephone’s fundamental screen.

Press the button to choose “Open.”

Can you track a Kyocera phone?

To find or find a lost or taken Kyocera Dura Force Pro 2 and know its rough area, we first need to approach a PC, tablet, or cell phone with a web association.

What kind of Kyocera phone do I have?

You can observe the model number of your gadget in the About Phone or Phone Information segment of the Settings menu. For Android gadgets, dispatch the Settings application, then, at that point, tap About Phone. Contingent upon the rendition of Android that the gadget is running, you might have to tap the Phone Identity tab.

Final thoughts

As you could see both the Kyocera brigadier and the Casio commando work great. But Casio commando is better than another. The Commando acquires Android to the outside a smooth, yet tough telephone, yet its lethargic touchscreen make it disappointing to utilize. The Casio Gone Commando is intended to take a decent amount of misuse. Similar to the Motorola Defy, the Commando on Verizon ($200 with another 2-year contract) is a rough Android gadget implied for individuals who require a cell phone that can persevere through the hardest components.



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