Athlon 3000 g VS Ryzen 3 3200g— the best AMD processor

Athlon 3000 g VS Ryzen 3 3200g--- the best AMD processor

Looking for a fast processing unit? As every second of a day is the time of innovation and achievement in technology.  Apparently, when we go for the processing tools, a name comes on screen as AMD(Advanced Micro Devices) desktop Processors. That processor incredibly increases the speed, the latest graphics and the resolution of your home screen/desktop. There are two upcoming series of AMD processors as Athlon 3000 g and Ryzen 3 3200g. For checking the compatibility of your device processor, we show you major differences. So, you would buy it of your own choice. Have a look.

Comparison Table: Specs Athlon 3000g And The Ryzen 3 3200g

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Similarities Between AMD Athlon And Ryzen 3

Similarities between AMD Athlon and Ryzen 3

AM4 Socket

Both AMD Athlon 3000 g and Ryzen 3 3200 g have the same AM4 Socket that supplies energy to the system.


Athlon 3000 g and Ryzen 3 3200 g shows four threads. Although, Athlon 3000 g shows 2 to 4 threads that make it a little versatile.


The core is a very important thing to know because it describes the compatibility of a device to the other systems. Athlon 3000 g and Ryzen 3 3200 are available for Core 4 series. Therefore, you can go for both for your programs.


Differences/ Athlon 3000 g VS Ryzen3 3200g

Differences/ Athlon 3000 g VS Ryzen3 3200g

Process size

Majorly, it describes the capacity and the latest edition of a software.

Athlon 3000g

Processing size matters a lot when it comes to the sizes of the processors. Therefore, in Athlon 3000g the processing size is near to 14 nm.

Ryzen 3 3200g

The processing size of Ryzen 3 3200g comes near to 12 nm with the latest technology of FinFET. Supervising with such incredible features, you can hold up heavy and newly launched games on your PC in a better way.

Conclusion: Ryzen3 3200g, wins


Basically, what does a transistor do? A transistor is a chip/device inside AMD that amplifies and transmits billions of electromagnetic waves. So, if a device has a high-power transistor, it can connect more signals for fast and proper performance of your PC.

Athlon 3000g

Apparently, Athlon 3000g contains 48 M transistors inside it. That means, it can catch near to 48 M electromagnetic waves in just a blink.

Ryzen 3 3200g

Specifically, the Ryzen 3 3200g has 49 M transistors inside it. The impressive range of minuscules enhances the capacity of electromagnetic waves to get into the device. Lastly, it keeps your PC functions quick and fast. Along with such functionality, it also keeps your graphics completely connected.

Conclusion: Ryzen 3 3200 g, wins

Conclusion: Ryzen 3 3200 g, wins


Frequency in the AMD process mainly increases the flow of data and the speed of waves inside the device. The more a device has a frequency, the more it will be proficient in its working. Therefore, for quick processing, a PC should have high-frequency AMDs.

Athlon 3000g

Notably, Athlon 3000 g has an incredible high-frequency feature. It covers almost 3.2 GHz to compete with the high-resolution games and programs on your PC.

Ryzen 3 3200g

Ryzen 3 3200 g has a higher frequency with 3.6 GHz. It means you can connect your PC at higher speed. Specifically, the latest games and programs demand high revolutionary connectivity. Therefore, if you want to play perfectly, you will be needing high-frequency devices.

Conclusion: Ryzen 3 3200 g, wins

Ryzen 3 3200g

TDP requirements

TDP stands for Thermal Design Power. The function provides higher power to the system with more heat production. A cooling system is required for devices with high TDP. Mainly, the AMD devices round about 45-65 W energy to run the system.

Athlon 3000 g

Athlon 3000 g usually requires 53 W TDP for startup. Also, it efficiently affects the heat production of the system while doing tasks. In parallel, a cooling system is present inside Athlon 3000 g to cool down the system.

Ryzen 3 3200 g

With high frequency, Ryzen 3 3200 g produces more heat with TDP 65 W. But, the system controls it from 45 W to 65 W. So that, you can control the extra heat production with an in-built cooling system. Apparently, you have a controlling system also that will provide you with great efficiency in your work.

Conclusion: Ryzen 3 3200 g, wins


AMD has Radeon Vega graphics that are the successors for the rage line. There are specific technologies like HyperZ, XGP, TruForm, Eyefinity, HyperMemory, etc that induce the resolution and power of the desktop sufficiently. Moreover, with the advanced features and functions, you can install games with high-resolution backgrounds. Otherwise, your screen can get pixelated and faded. PowerPlay is available for power-saving functions and CrossFire provides multiple-CPU connectivity. Or you can say, for multiple devices, you need Hybrid Graphics that AMD offers you.

Athlon 3000 g

Athlon 3000 g has Radeon Vega 3 graphic series. It provides frequent speed and power play functions for simple games. In addition to this, the Multi-monitor setup allows multiple tasks to work at the same time.

Ryzen 3 3200 g

AMD Ryzen 3 3200 g has the latest integrated graphic processors. Incredibly, you can use it for your gaming passion. Also, it allows Intel UHD Graphics so that you can use it for Intel Core CPUs as well as Laptops. HyperZ, multi-monitor setups, PowerPlay for power-saving, XGP, TruForm, Hybrid Graphics, etc are available in Ryzen 3 3200 g. At ease, you can run your machine with high frequency and graphics.

Conclusion: Ryzen 3 3200, wins

Ryzen 3 3200 g


Pros & Cons

Athlon 3000 g
  • Pros:
  • Threads 2-4 at one time
  • Processing size 14 nm
  • 48 M transistors
  • High frequency of 3.2 Hz
  • Boost clock is available
  • Requires TDP of 53 W
  • Requires code name “ZEN”
  • Cooling system is available
  • DDR4 Dual-channel memory is available
  • Supports Core 2-4
  • Graphics of Radeon Vega 3 is required
  • Up to Cache L3 with 4 MB shared
  • Compatible for simple work
  • The best AMD processor for daily work
  • Cons:
  • Not for high gaming system
  • With medium frequency production
  • Low graphic mode
Ryzen 3 3200 g
  • Pros:
  • Comes with 4 threads
  • With the latest processing size of 12 nm, FinFET
  • Provides higher frequency of 3.6 Hz
  • With higher number of transistors 49 M
  • Offers Boost clock of 3.6 Hz frequency
  • Cooling system is present
  • Code name refers to Picasso
  • Dual-channel DDR4 memory with 2933 MHz system is available
  • Provides Cache memory of 4 MB in one screen
  • Graphics of Radeon Vega 8 is available
  • Compatible for high games
  • Supports PC as well as laptops
  • Supports Core 4 machine
  • Cons:
  • With high heat production system



 Which one is better, Athlon 3000 g or Ryzen 3 32000 g?

Ans: Ryzen 3 3200 g has more features that are updated. As well as, the high frequency, high graphic system, and power controlling functions make it better than Athlon 3000 g.

 Is the AMD Athlon 3000 g better for gaming?

Well, when we take things out of comparison, Athlon 3000 g has all the functions that make it compatible with your PC for gaming. But, for the comparison, Ryzen 3 3200 is the latest technology, so you can also go with it.

 Is the AMD Athlon 3000 g worth it?

Yes, definitely  AMD Athlon 3000 g is perfect for gaming. So, it approves its worth with great graphics and compatibility of Cores 2-4.

 Is AMD Athlon 3000 g good for 2021?

For the low games, Athlon 3000 g is compatible. Apparently, you can also do your PC tasks easily with it. But, when it comes to high-power-consuming games, you need to update your AMD processor.



With all the features and functions, I conclude that the Ryzen 3 3200 g is better for gaming. Athlon 3000 g vs Ryzen 3 3200 g shows the differences and preferences of both AMD processors. Athlon 3000 g with core 4 is also compatible for low games, but for higher functions, you will be needing an update and the latest versions of AMD processors. Preferably, Ryzen 3 3200 g has high desktop revolutionary functions that make it more versatile than Athlon 3000 g. One who just needs to perform common PC tasks can for both Athlon 3000 g and Ryzen 3 3200 g. ()

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