Sennheiser PC 363D vs 373D: Which is the Better Surround Sound Gaming Headset?

Are you wondering if someone could advise you on a good gaming headset? Sennheiser is dishing out the best gaming headset which is widely regarded as the best gaming headset ever. PC 363D and 373D are from their recent gaming lineup. If you’re hesitating between these two then you’re at the right place. We’ll let you know, which one is best for you between Sennheiser pc 363D vs 373D.

Sennheiser PC 363D vs 373D: Comparison Chart

Firstly, let’s take a glance at the comparison overview of all available specifications in the comparison table.

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Sennheiser PC 363D vs 373D: What Are The Things in Common?

The Sennheiser is one of the top leading manufacturers of audio appliances like speakers, headsets, microphones conferencing, and wireless communication technology. Its appliances are available all around the world. Moreover, its wireless broadcasting system, gaming headphones, and hearing aid are at top of the list. Sennheiser headset, headphones, and soundbars will let you enjoy your favorite music in the best sound quality no matter where you are. In addition, with the immense range of adorable gaming headphones, you can enjoy the game perfectly either you’re at home or walking over a road.

The PC 363D and the PC 373D are another adorable entry to a versatile PC gaming series from Sennheiser. Sennheiser is providing the PC 363D and 373D gaming headset with its long history in quality sound and use mantle of superior gaming audio. Moreover, it is the only company which is manufacturing headsets and precision microphone equipment. Game developers use this equipment to develop the game audio.

Sennheiser PC 363D vs 373D: What Are The Things in Common?


Now, we will take a look to get what are the things in common between Sennheiser pc 363d vs 373d. Although they have some differences which we’ll discuss below, in this section, we would discuss some similarities between them.

What Sound Quality They Offer?

The sound quality of pc 363d vs 373d is outstanding and the surround sound on the headset is exceptional. They have 2 stereo speakers on both left and right sides that provide the sound from various channels. These stereo speakers provide a rich and clear sound to the user. Furthermore, they both have a high frequency of 28000Hz and a low frequency is 15Hz. They come with 50 ohms impedance as well.

Moreover, it also comes with a sound card that connects with a microphone and audio inputs. Furthermore, the 7.1 channel ensures real direction and depth to sound while still keeping speech clear and precise. It can give you an advantage as you can see from which direction the sneaky sniper’s bullet just missed you. The audio quality is splendid and excellent which is important for gaming.

Is Dolby Digital Enable?

For an incredible gaming experience, both pc 363D and pc 373D do support Dolby digital which uses sound enhancement software that delivers premium quality sound. In addition, it provides an excellent audio experience with several channels. When it comes to positional audio, it allows the sound to be more precise in three-dimensional and creates a virtual surround sound environment, which lets you get a better experience. Moreover, it is cheerful for gamers, where audio makes a great difference.

Microphone: Noise-Cancelling Feature

The Sennheiser pc 363d headset and Sennheiser pc 373d headset come with decent clamor dropping receiver microphones with the noise-canceling feature. Moreover, the amplifier was intended to push out background sound from incoming sound as input. This will be helpful when you’re playing a game in a noisy place. In addition, they both have a high frequency of 16000Hz that provides a better recording pitch. The pc 363d Sennheiser and pc 373d come with the microphone affectability of -38dBV/Pa and a low microphone frequency of 50 Hz. They both have one mouthpiece for better outcomes.

Comfort: Sennheiser 363D vs 373D

It feels cheerful, both 363d vs 373d headsets have an agreeable standard size open-back plan with a sturdy cup that encases your ears easily. This assists with forestalling sound spillage. Furthermore, they convey ideal clamor and bass level. Both have a volume regulator installed into their right ear cup for simple control. Moreover, the velvet padding in the headband and earcups are more than comfortable and prevent it from getting too much hot.

Are They Compatibile with Various Devices?

To reach a straightforward gaming environment, both Sennheiser pc 373d vs 363d headsets are compatible with laptop and desktop computers. In addition, you can use them with mobile phones, TV, and tablets effortlessly. Moreover, you can connect them with PS4 as well to deliver the sound with a console cable.

Are They Compatibile with Various Devices?

Mute Function of Surrounded Headsets

One more advantage of pc 363d vs pc 373d is that they have a similar mute function to facilitate chatting and entertainment. In addition, it helps to facilitate conversations as well.


The Sennheiser pc 363d and Sennheiser pc 373d surround sound headsets have a warranty of a minimum of 2 years which let you exchange or repair in case of any problem.


Sennheiser PC 363D vs 373D: How are They Different From Each Other?

However, both headsets from Sennheiser pc 36 and 37 are identical and share several similar specs but they differ a little bit as well. Let’s take a glance at which ways you can differentiate between Sennheiser PC 363D vs 373D?

Software: The Dongle

Firstly, dongle Software performs the job of the equalizer is featured with one of the headsets to ensure entertainment. In addition, it lets you equalize presets and select the level of surround sound you want.

Sennheiser PC 363D

The pc 363d Sennheiser is a splendid product in the gaming headsets lineup with built-in control. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain dongle software.

Sennheiser PC 373D

Despite this, the 373d gaming headsets support the dongle software which doesn’t feel a burden on the device. Moreover, it let you customize the surrounded sound in several ways.

The Winner is: Sennheiser PC 373D


What Sound Pressure They Offer?

Secondly, both headsets 363d and 373d have different sound pressure.

Sennheiser PC 363D

The Sennheiser pc 3636 gaming headset has a high surrounded sound pressure of 112dB/mW which does justice with the cost.

Sennheiser PC 373D

On the other hand, the Sennheiser headsets pc 373d has a surrounded sound pressure of a bit more than 363d of 116dB/mW.

The Winner is: Sennheiser PC 373D

Design and Ergonomics

The PC 363D and the PC 373D are identical brothers sharing the almost same design with a little difference.

Sennheiser PC 363D

When you unbox the pc 363d, you’ll find a wire of 3.2 meters which allows you to move freely during gaming. Unfortunately, it lacks the bottom inline plug of the speaker.

Sennheiser PC 373D

On the other hand, the Sennheiser gaming headsets pc 373d comes with a cable of 17 meters in length. Moreover, it has a straight plug at the bottom of the speakers as well. In addition, PC 373D has redlining in the ear cups and the microphone has 2 horizontal cuts.

The Winner is: Sennheiser PC 373D


Sennheiser PC 363D vs 373D: Pros & Cons

Before going to our final verdict, we feel important to highlight some advantages of pc 363d vs pc 373d and disadvantages as well.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Sennheiser PC 363D” cons_title=”Sennheiser PC 373D” ][i2pros]Pros:
Build material is excellent.
Velvet makes it more comfortable.
Splendid surrounded sound quality.
Dolby Digital
Stereo Speakers let you experience incredible audio.
Lengthy Detangled Cable
Compatible with PC, laptop, and tablet.
The color pattern is dull
Dongle Software Control
Good Configuration
Unique and Preset Sound quality
Inline Straight plug lets it produce the 3D roomy sound.
Attractive Redlining and color
Compatible with all devices
Durable Microphones with high sound pressure
A bit expensive


Are headsets better for gaming?

If you are a pro gamer then a gaming headset will perform better. But if you’re buying it to listening music or movies, a normal headset will suit you.

Which is the best headset with a mic?

The recent addition in the gaming line from Sennheiser is with durable microphones are performing splendidly.

What headsets do pro gamers use in 2021?

Pro gamers use different headsets. But most of them use the recent line from Sennheiser.

What headsets do pro use?

The recent gaming headset line from Sennheiser is catching the attention of pro users.

Final Verdict

The similar specs make it hard to choose which is better between Sennheiser PC 363D vs 373D. After reviewing both gaming headsets we are clear that both have good quality, durable build, excellent microphone, and adorable sound quality. We’ll let you know that, if you want to pick enough specs at an affordable price then the Sennheiser pc 363d is the good option for you. But, if you don’t want to compromise on attractive design and budget, Sennheiser pc 373d will suit you best.

Sennheiser PC 373D