Holy Stone HS720 vs DJI Mavic Mini: Which GPS Drone Is Better to Buy?

If you are interested in a drone, then the Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Mavic Mini are the two best options available in the market. Both shine in the drone industry due to their cool features, price range, and innovative technology. This Holy Stone HS720 vs DJI Mavic mini comparison helps you understand which drone performs better in various aspects. Hence, you may end up with an intelligent decision. Let’s get started with the comparison chart!

Holy Stone HS720 vs DJI Mavic Mini: Side By Side Comparison Chart

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Holy Stone HS720 vs DJI Mavic Mini: Similarities Between Them

Drones are gaining popularity because they allow you to shoot detailed HD videos and capture high-quality photos. You can make a super smooth film of your every new adventure and share it with your contacts with a single tap.

Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Mavic Mini are the two most popular and best quadcopters that come with innovative technology. Both share some similar specs and almost have identical sizes. Therefore, many people are interested to compare these quadcopters to know which one is more worth their money. Both the Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Mavic Mini are mid-ranged but higher-quality drones and offer you many professional features. Let’s look at their common features.

Build & Design of Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Mavic Mini

Both the HS720 and Mavic Mini come with a foldable and amazing design which makes them a more practical and easier choice. You can effortlessly carry and transport them as well as efficiently store them. The Holy Stone HS720 also comes with a carrying bag. It is heavier than the DJI Mavic and requires FAA registration for legal concerns.

On the other hand, the Mavic Mini is one of the smallest DJI quadcopters that weigh less than 250g. It is a very powerful and compact drone that even can fit the palm of your hand. You can fly it in the USA, UK, and Canada without the need for FAA registration.

Moreover, The Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Mavic Mini have a sturdy build and come with a silent brushless motor that allows them to hover more smoothly and accurately. Besides, their powerful sensor and advanced features keep them stable and allow you to fly them safely even indoors.

Are These Drones Feature Return To Home (RTH) Capability?

Both the Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Mavic Mini quadcopters come with GPS and RTH features. GPS allows you to track them easily via an app and prevent any possible crashes. Besides, Their GPS Automatic Return to Home ability protects them from getting lost. You can activate this feature from both the remote control and the app. It is very handy if you don’t want to lose your drone.

Because of this intelligent feature, they return automatically whenever you lose the connection (due to weather conditions or by going too far), you press the return button, or your drone is short on battery.

Both Drones Are Easy To Control

The Holy Stone HS720 and Mavic Mini offer you excellent performance and they are easy to control as well. Their powerful features allow them to hover accurately and work as they should. Moreover, you can control them either using the remote controller or their companion mobile app. So, these FlyCam quadcopters are good options for you. Even more, you can control them while enjoying filming landscape and beauty far and wide.

What’s the Difference Between Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Mavic Mini?

The comparison chart clearly shows which one is superior between the Holy Stone HS720 and the DJI Mavic Mini. However, we will discuss their differences to see which aspects set them apart from one another.

Flight Performance (Control Range + Flying Time) of Both GPS Drones?

Both the Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Mavic Mini give you excellent performance. But one of them surpasses the other in terms of flight time and control range.

Holy Stone HS720

The Holy Stone HS720 drone gives you a maximum flight time of 26 minutes on battery. Besides, you get an additional battery with HS720. So, the combo of 2 batteries allows you to enjoy the flight and capture professional videos/images for up to 52 minutes.

Moreover, it offers a decent control range of 1.6 km. However, smartphone connection remains stable between 800m-900m range, and Wi-Fi range for FVP is limited to 2.4GHz.

DJI Mavic Mini

In contrast, the Mavic Mini gives you 30 minutes of maximum flight time. Although many factors affect that time, the practical time per battery is still impressive (around 28 minutes).

Furthermore, it allows you to cover wider areas and can capture videos/photos up to 4km away (without any barrier between drone and controller) with the 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. So, the DJI Mavic wins the round.

The Winner is: The DJI Mavic Mini

Which Quadcopter Come with Better Cameras?

Honestly, drones are gaining popularity because of cameras. It is one of the main features of any quadcopter. Both drones come with high-quality cameras.

Holy Stone HS720

The HS720 FlyCam quadcopter comes with a reasonable camera that can capture videos in 2K and images in 4K with its 1/3 inch CMOS sensor. However, you need a micro SD card to record this resolution. You may notice some distortion such as the jello effect and tremor in videos because this holy stone drone doesn’t have any stabilization system.

DJI Mavic Mini

The Mavic Mini comes with a superior HD camera and allows you to record film in 1080p or 2.7k at 30fps. Besides, its 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor takes high-quality 12MP sharp images.

Moreover, the Mavic quadcopter comes with tripod mode for recording slow-motion cinematic videos. the advanced 3-axis gimbal system supports the camera and provides video and image stabilization. However, you can capture only in JPEG format with a DJI drone.


Holy Stone HS720

Holy Stone HS720 comes with GPS-assisted intelligent flight modes (the main advantage that Mavic Mini doesn’t offer). The Follow Me, Orbit, and Waypoint features/modes are very handy in different situations. If you are a novice, these modes are especially useful. Besides you can record yourself while controlling your drone hands-free using intelligent modes.

DJI Mavic Mini

Unfortunately, DJI mini drone does not feature intelligent flight modes. It is a bit disappointing especially when the Holy Stone quadcopter comes with flight modes.

However, you still get something interesting with the DJI drone. It comes with 4 pre-programmed modes known as QuickShots and Snap Adapter. These QuickShots (Dronie, Helix, Orbit, and Rocket) allow you to capture more creative and cinematic shots from various angles and paths. Moreover, the Geofence function keeps your drone within a specific radius and is equally useful for pros and beginners.

The Winner is: A Tie

Are These Drones Have Mobile App Compatibility?

Both drones can be controlled using either remote control or the companion mobile app. However, many people prefer to control everything using their smartphones in the current era.

Holy Stone HS720

The Holy Stone HS720 drone comes with a more advanced remote control with an LCD screen to monitor important information. You can also control it using an app developed for the HS720 and called Ophelia Go mobile app. It is not well-developed and faces some technical issues especially while using the FPV feature.

DJI Mavic Mini

Conversely, Mavic mini quadcopter comes with streamlined remote control and is mainly controlled via a mobile app. The DJI Fly mobile app is a better app designed specifically for Mavic quadcopters. It has an easy-to-use and simple user interface. You get pro video templates and tutorials in the app that helps you to learn and edit your videos and share them on your social accounts with a single click.

The Winner is: The DJI Mavic Mini

Holy Stone vs DJI- Battery Power & Charge Time

A high-quality drone gives you long battery life and its battery should also take less time to charge.

Holy Stone HS720

The Holy Stone HS720 GPS drone comes with a 2800mAh lithium-polymer battery. The battery is more powerful but gives less battery life as compared to the DJI Mavic drone. Besides, it takes more time for battery charging.

DJI Mavic Mini

The DJI Mavic Mini FlyCam quadcopter comes with a 2600mAh battery. Its battery has less power than HS720 battery power. However, Mavic Mini’s battery life is longer, and it charges in less time as well.

The Winner is: The DJI Mavic Mini

More Affordable Option Between Holy Stone HS720 and DJI Mavic Mini?

Both the HS720 and Mavic Mini are budget-friendly drones available in the market. But let’s see which one is a more economical drone.

Holy Stone HS720

The Holy Stone Hs720 drone costs you less than the DJI Mavic quadcopter. If you want a cheap drone for photography, then consider buying the HS720 GPS drone. It is one of the best GPS drones under $300.

DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Mini is available at a higher price tag. However, the Mavic Mini GPS drone comes with innovative features that provide you a way to unlock the next layer of creativity and record your every desired moment. The Mavic Mini quadcopter is actually worth your extra bucks.

The Winner is: The Holy Stone HS720

Stone HS720 vs DJI Mavic Mini: Pros & Cons

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=” Holy Stone HS720 ” cons_title=”DJI Mavic Mini” ][i2pros]Pros:
• The foldable design and highly portable.
• Smooth flight due to brushless motor.
• Intelligent flight modes & innovative Follow Me feature to satisfy your selfie interest.
• Shoot high-resolution photos and videos.
• Excellent features at a less cost.
• GPS RTH feature protects from getting lost.
• Takes extra time for battery charging.
• Mobile app issues

• More compact and Powerful drone.
• Does not require FAA registration.
• 30 minutes long maximum flight time.
• GPS RTH feature with vision sensor
• Battery charged quickly
• Innovative 3-axis Gimbal system and 2.7K camera
• QuickShots and cinematics video capturing feature.
• Up to 4km control range.
• No object tracking

Undoubtedly, the clear winner of our Holy Stone HS720 vs Mavic Mini is the DJI Mavic Mini quadcopter. It gives you overall better quality in terms of photo/video capturing and flight performance but at a high price. If you are on a budget, then Holy Stone HS720 is the way to go.

Both drones are very powerful, and you choose either Holy Stone HS720 or DJI Mavic Mini according to your budget and needs. However, we recommend spending some extra bucks on the Mavic Mini to enjoy a more professional and robust experience.


Which is better the DJI Mavic mini or the Holy Stone?

Certainly, the DJI Mavic Mini is better almost in every category than the Holy Stone HS720 and gives you better value for your money.

Does DJI make any military drones?

No! DJI manufactures civilian drones for personal and professional use. They are designed for peaceful objectives and can’t fulfill military needs.

What kind of camera does Holy Stone have?

Holy Stone HS720 comes with a full 4K UHD camera that allows you to capture high-quality videos and images (3840 x 2160 resolution) without camera vibration. You can view the world from a different angle with its 5GHz FVP transmission and 110° FOV.

Is the DJI Mavic Mini good for beginners?

Yes! The DJI Mini is a friendly option and comes with all-new flight tutorials available in the DJI Fly app. It helps you to learn everything about flight settings, safety, and aerial creations and assist you to go from novice to pro.

What is orbit mode on the Holy Stone drone?

Orbit cinematography mode allows you to set circular filming preset. You can simply choose a subject and the HS720 quadcopter automatically fly and smoothly capture every dimension of your desired subject.

The Winner is: The DJI Mavic Mini

Are Holy HS720 and Mavic Mini Have Intelligent Flight Modes?

The intelligent flight modes allow you to fly the drone hands-free as well as more accurately. They also increase the hovering abilities of your drone and gives you a more incredible experience.

DJI Mavic Mini


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