Android TV vs Roku: Which Smart TV Platform Is Better For You?

Stuck between Android TV and Roku to fix your entertainment needs? Well, both are excellent platforms and give you a versatile experience and incredible features. So, it is confusing to choose the right one for you. Although they have a few similarities, some key differences make them suitable for diverse users. Today, we create an Android TV vs Roku head-to-head comparison to help you to invest in a better option that meets your preferences and specific needs.

Android TV vs Roku: Side By Side Comparison Chart

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Android TV vs Roku- Detailed Review & Comparison

Both the Android TV and Roku make your TV more than a TV and offer you more control, flexibility, app library, and more. While regular TV facilities you with a couple of channels and a few apps only. Both are excellent players in the streaming market. Therefore, the World’s famous retailers sell Roku and Android such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others.

Let’s comprehensively compare both TV platforms in various aspects to know which one is of your concern the Android TV or the Roku TV!

Features of Android TV and Roku

Android TV

You get new and advanced features with an Android TV. It comes with a voice control feature and allows you to control and manage things using its voice remote through commands. Besides, Google Assistant is also available on Android that makes voice control better, and gives you an incredible experience. You can do a lot of stuff using Google Assistant besides the general media-centric voice commands such as scheduling your day, checking the weather, searching images and videos, and controlling smart home Android devices.

Moreover, some models also have Amazon Alexa integration. In addition, Android TV allows downloading 5000+ apps available on Google Play. It also has an edge in wireless connectivity and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So, you can enjoy audio through Bluetooth speakers and private listening via headphones. Above all, it also has a mobile companion app that provides you with convenience and more functionalities.


On the other hand, Roku also comes with great features and is compatible with virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You also get a voice control feature with Roku devices. Besides, the latest Roku devices come with 4K compatibility and a voice-operated remote.

Moreover, you get many apps on your Roku TV. However, it doesn’t allow you to access the Google Play store. So, you get fewer app options with Roku than on Android. Besides, not all Roku devices have Bluetooth compatibility. However, it allows you for private listening using Roku mobile app.


Both devices offer excellent features. However, Android TV is better than Roku In this category as it has more advanced features.

Are These Platforms Have Wide Brand Support?

Android TV

Keep in mind that Android TV is not supported by all TV brands. Besides, it is not compatible with all brands. However, Google develop and market the Android system, therefore it is supported by well-known brands like TCL, Sony, Philips, and Hisense.

Moreover, Android partners up with some popular corporations by featuring their apps like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and others. Even more, Android TV supports other Android devices such as your Android phone.


Roku is certainly compatible with all devices and supports all TV brands. You can use it with any TV until and unless tv has a USB and HDMI port. You can either get a Roku device or official Roku TV according to your preferences.

Like Android, it also partners up with almost all popular companies such as Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and all others.


Both Roku and Android TV offers great brand support and provide you with everything of entertainment by partnering with famous companies. Roku wins in this category as Roku TV models are more widely available.

Which TV Platform has More Content for Your Entertainment?

Android TV

You can almost access all third-party streaming services on both devices. The streaming services include Disney+, Pluto, Hulu, Starz, Netflix, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, and many others. You can also watch live TV without the need for a TV antenna.


In contrast, Roku facilitates you with all your favorite TV shows and movies and supports all 3rd party options and streaming services. However, Roku gives you added benefits over Android TV as it offers you more TV channels. You can watch Roku’s TV channels any time to fix your entertainment. Besides, you also get access to other free TV channels via Roku such as Plex, WeatherNation, News Live, and PBS Kids.

Moreover, You can watch Live TV without having an antenna and get subscriptions/licenses through applications like Hulu, VidGo, Netflix, and more to enjoy live TV channels.


Although, both offer great streaming services, and the possibility of live TV, the slight winner is Roku as it offers more content.

User Interface of Both Smart TV Platforms

Android TV

Android TV comes with a slightly advanced and more complex interface. Its interface is more up-to-date and has plenty of sliders. The developers put a lot of effort to give their users a dynamic and more appealing feel. The home screen showcased your favorite and most-used applications. Next, you can find a recommendation, and everything installs on your TV in the “Discover tab”.

Furthermore, the Android TV interface somehow matches Netflix’s homepage. You can find everything just in a jiffy using its remote control.


On the other hand, Roku focuses on simplicity and comes with a static interface that is easy to understand and navigate. everything important is aligned on the left side like My Feed Updates and featured content. While you get all the options, apps, and channels on the right side. Although the Roku interface is easy to use, it seems outdated.


Both Android TV and Roku utilize different approaches for their interface. It depends on you which interface you like most. In our opinion, Android TV has a better interface.

Android TV Vs Roku TV Are Easy to Use

Android TV

The plus point of an Android TV is that it requires no setup to get things started. You just plug it out and start enjoying its smart features. Besides you get a smooth and responsive experience as the Android system is optimized for large screens.

Moreover, the interface is identical to streaming platforms and is not too difficult to understand. Additionally, Google Assistant allows you to use it with much ease.


Installing and setting up Roku is a piece of cake. You just need to follow a few steps and all is done. Along with an easy-to-use interface, its remote control doesn’t have too many buttons and allows you to manage everything with a few clicks.

Thus, the Roku is an excellent choice for newbies, kids, non-techie, and those persons who are looking for minimalism and simplicity.


Although both are easy to use, their definition of use is a bit different. For us, this round is a tie. You can determine which one is easier for you and pick the winner accordingly.

Are They Have Additional Smart Features?

Android TV

Discovery is one of the great smart features Android TV has. Android TV learns user behavior and interest with discovery and then shows the content that may interest the user. Another great option is a possible 4K resolution that gives you satisfying watch time.

Although, both the Roku and the Android TV are not designed for games, Android does a great job at gaming. You can play Crossy Road, Airborne (Asphalt 8), Final Fantasy IX among others. In addition, you can buy an NVIDIA Shield TV to enjoy all PC games and take your gaming experience to the next level.


You also get some great smart features with Roku such as you can pause live TV channels on a Roku device. In this way, you can catch up on everything without missing and also skip ads if you pause for a long time (added benefit).

Furthermore, the invention of Roku’s channel is another great feature that can replace your cable TV. Roku is not meant for games but still, you can enjoy some simple games on Roku such as chess and sudoku among others.


Both the Android TV and the Roku pack up excellent add-ons to give you a smart entertainment experience. Here, the Android TV offers you slightly better smart features.

Which platform Is More Versatile Android TV or Roku?

Android TV

Android TV offers you great versatility and connects with other android devices to give you smart home entertainment. Moreover, it comes with Google support and allows you to stay updated with everything and make things effortless for its customers.


In contrast, Roku provides you surprising versatility within as well as outside the software. You can connect multiple Roku devices and even connect your other smart devices of various brands with Roku. Moreover, Roku supports third-party features and gives you versatile and expanded performance.


This round is a tie as both platforms are efficient and give you great versatility.

Android TV vs. Roku- Hardware Availability

Android TV

Last but not the least, Android doesn’t offer too many streaming boxes and stick. The only available option is the NVIDIA Shield TV streaming box that takes your entertainment to the next level. However, this high-end streaming device is a bit expensive.

Recently, Google started popping more Android tv devices. You may get a better lineup in the future.


Nowadays, Roku offers you a great range of streaming boxes and sticks such as Roku Ultra, Express, Roku Express+, Ultra LT, and Roku Premier. Additionally, all the options are quite affordable. So, you get more value by spending a few bucks.

Moreover, the story is the same for TV models. Many companies such as TCL, Sharp, Insignia among others adopted the Roku platform. So, you get a wide range of Roku TV models than Android TV for serving every buyer.


When it comes to Roku vs Android boxes and available hardware, Roku pulls a clear win in this category.

Similarities Between Android TV and Roku

We thoroughly discuss every aspect of the Android TV and the Roku TV. Now let’s quickly highlight the thing that they have in common!

Android and Roku TV models are versatile and quite easy to use.

Both are compatible with several applications, services, and brands.

You can operate them via voice control, and both have virtual assistance.

Both Android and Roku are compatible with various devices.

Android TV and Roku TV offer incredible entertainment through their smart features.

Differences Between Android TV and Roku TV

Now, Let’s quickly recall their differences to reach out a final buying decision!

Android TV provides access to Google Play while Roku lacks it.

Roku comes with slightly easy-to-use interfaces while the Android TV has a better and advanced interface.

Android offers you better functionality and supports plenty of apps as compared to Roku TV.

You get more hardware availability with a Roku TV.

Roku facilitates you with more content, you can watch for free.

Android TV has better gaming features.

Android TV vs Roku: Pros & Cons

Android TV
  • Pros:
  • A plethora of smart features.
  • Support Google Play and provide a giant app library.
  • Easily pair with home smart devices or various Android devices.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Google apps as powered by Google.
  • Versatile and Compatible.
  • No setup is required.
  • Cons:
  • A slightly complex interface as compared to Roku.
  • Fewer firmware updates.
Roku TV
  • Pros:
  • It has plenty of smart features.
  • Gives excellent and incredible content for free.
  • Compatible with 4K video quality.
  • It is responsive, smooth, compact, and portable.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Affordable price.
  • Cons:
  • Limited access to live TV without licenses and subscriptions.
  • Require quality internet connection for streaming content.


Is Android TV better than smart TV?

Android TV facilitates you with all the features, you get with a smart TV. While considering the smart TV vs Android TV debate, many users may think that Android TV has an upper hand over the smart TV.

Can you get Roku on an Android TV?

Unfortunately, no! You can’t get Roku channels natively on an Android device. However, you may be getting a native app from the Roku channel on Android TV in the future.

Can I use Android TV without internet?

Yes, you can access and utilize basic functions without having an internet connection. Though, we recommend connecting your Android TV to the internet to make use of its full functionality.

Is there a monthly fee for a Roku TV?

No! You don’t need to pay any monthly fee for using a Roku device and watching free channels. Only subscription channels such as Netflix cost you a monthly fee.

Can Android TV get a virus?

Yes! Just like a PC, your TV is susceptible to viruses. Your TV can get viruses from connected Wi-Fi and infected USB (or any other attached device infected by virus).

Can I install Android apps on Roku?

A definite no! Just like Apple TV, you get a closed app ecosystem with Roku. So, you can’t install android apps on it.

Which is better smart TV or Roku?

Unquestionably, Roku TV is better as it is more than a smart TV. You get the latest streaming channels, an easy-to-navigate interface, quickly launching of tv shows and movies with simple remote, smart features with automatic updates, and much more with Roku models.

Final Verdict

Finally, Both the Android TV and Roku TV are best in their particular way. The Roku TV is best for non-techie users, or those who are only interested in browsing and watching movies and TV shows using an easy-to-use interface. In contrast, Android TV is a great choice for tech-oriented people and tinkerers who want to make use of every smart feature, a smart TV platform offers.

Thus, there is no clear winner of our Android TV vs Roku comparison. The Android TV nudge over the Roku in terms of smart features and functionalities. While the Roku outshines when it comes to content streaming and available hardware. The final decision somewhat depends on your personal preferences and what you want out of your smart TV.

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