Braun 790cc vs 7865cc Electric shaver- which Braun series 7 is the best?

Shaving is a delicate procedure that necessitates not just accuracy but also the delicacy. Electric shavers are preferred over traditional razors by many individuals since they do not require the use of shaving cream or the trouble that comes with it.

The Braun Series 7 electric shavers remain one of the most bestselling shavers for those who have sensitive skin and anyone searching for a high-quality electric shaver. Below, we compare two popular models, the Braun Series 7 7865cc and the Braun Series 7 790cc.

Braun 790 vs 7865 – a Braun series 7 comparison

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Similarities between Braun electric shavers, series 7 7865cc and 790cc

Similarities between Braun electric shavers, series 7 7865cc and 790cc

The Braun 790cc vs 7865cc electric shaver have a lot of similarities. A few of these are covered farther down.

Power and speed of Braun 7 series

We observed only minor differences between the updated 7865cc and the 799cc after comprehensive testing. Despite having two more speed options, the performance was the same. So it makes it reasonable that the 790cc would be similar in speed and power to the 7865cc.

Gentle shaving with Braun 7865cc and 790cc shaver

The Braun series is designed for a close and delicate shave, ensuring a flawlessly and comfortable shave while ensuring that no hair is missed. They easily adjust to your face, giving you soft skin without effort. As a result, you’ll look good from any aspect.

Cutting-edge efficiency of 7 series electric shaver

Their cutting ability is outstanding. Its flexible head molds to your skin, leaving your face smooth and irritation-free. Both the 7865cc and 790cc shave quickly and quietly shave your face and make it gentle. When grasped, the handles feel substantial, making it simple to glide across your skin.

Differences between the Braun 7865cc and 790cc

Differences between the Braun 7865cc and 790cc

Although both models of Braun electric shaver have many similarities, there are several distinctions in the Braun 7 series, such as

Battery timing of both Braun 7 series shavers

Braun 7865 cc

The 7865 cc contains a lithium-ion battery that takes one hour to charge and runs for about 50 minutes. This battery timing can last three to four days for single shaves if you have mastered utilizing this shaver.

Braun 790 cc

After an hour of charging, this shaver’s battery can last up to 50 minutes. Additionally, there is a Quick charge option that allows you to charge this shaver for a single shave in just 5 minutes. However, unless you are on the run, the battery timing should not be an issue because it lets you use it when plugged in.

The winner product is Braun 790cc

Dry and wet shaving with Braun 7865cc and 790cc

Braun 7865cc

You can shave both wet and dry with this model. Its electric razor is completely waterproof and has a seven-year lifespan. It can be used for quick dry shaving as well as with water foam or gel. You can use it in the shower at any time. This model wins this category because it has more options.

Braun 790cc

Only a dry shave is available with this model of Braun 7 series. If you are usually in a rush or never use gel, this would not be an issue for you. They also frequently come at a lower cost.

Braun 7865cc is the winning product

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Braun 790cc” cons_title=”Braun 7865cc” ][i2pros]Pros
•Capable of handling coarse and thick beards
•The cleaning process is both efficient and simple to use
•Long battery time
•Always a comfortable and delicate shave, even on sensitive skin
•Shaver that is simple to clean

•colour fade may occur[/i2pros][i2cons]Pros
•Automatic power adjusted and streamlined electric shaver
•This electric shaver includes settings for sensitive, normal, and intense shaves
•It comes with a cleansing and charging base, among other features
•Cutting in one stroke is made easier with four synchronized shaving parts

•Over time, cleaning solvent refills will be required[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Buyer guide while purchasing Braun 7 series- 7865cc and 790cc electric shavers?

There are only a few factors to consider when deciding which Series 7 is best for you.

The automatic cleaning action of Braun series 7

Maintaining your electric shaver regularly is crucial to ensuring that it lasts a long time. You should lubricate the electric shaver’s blades with oil or grease regularly. Some shavers are equipp with a cleaning kit. Simply place them in the cleaner and the shaver will be automatically recharged and lubricated. You do not have to do anything.

Use Braun 7 series- wet or dry

If you are not going to shave in the shower or with shaving cream or gel, you should probably go for a dry-only option because they are usually less expensive. If you shave in the shower regularly, you will need one of the newest dual-mode machines.

Charging time of Braun electric shavers

The charge life of an electric shaver is an important feature to consider when purchasing one. If you expect to shave soon, unlike with a standard razor, you’ll need to plan and charge your razor. Though it varies with each razor. Most can last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours after being fully charge.

Handling while using electric shavers of Braun 7 series

You should also think about the ergonomics of the electric razor’s handle, as grip comfortability affects your shaving experience. Some shavers make use of advanced technology that allows each shaving head to move independently of the others.



Q: Is the Braun Series 7 the same across the board?

A: All Braun Series 7 products use the same replacement shaving and cleaning cartridges.

Q: Is the Braun Series 7 a good investment?

A: The Braun Series 7 is a reasonably priced electric shaver with long battery life. And a variety of options such as wet and dry shaving.

Q: How close do foil shavers shave?

A: Foil shavers are ideal for trimming sideburns and mustaches since. They are designed in a straight line and provide excellent precision.

What is the difference between a Braun trimmer and a Philips trimmer?

A: The shaving system is the most significant difference. Braun employs a foil system with many blades and a center trimmer, while Philips uses a head system with three shaver blades.

Q: Can I use a Braun Series 7 to shave wet?

A: Because the Series 7 is entirely waterproof, you can use it for both wet and dry shaving, and you can even wash it in the sink.

Q: Is it preferable to shave with a razor or with an electric shaver?

A: Shaving with an electric shaver is also faster than shaving with a razor because there is no need to wet or soap the face, and it takes less time to go over the entire face.

Q: Can a Braun Series 7 be used with shaving cream?

A: The Braun Series 7 is recommended for persons with sensitive skin. And those who shave daily. Shaving with water or in the shower is referred to as wet shaving.

Q: Is it better to shave with an electric shaver wet or dry?

A: When compared to wet shaving, dry shaving causes fewer nicks and cuts. While dry shaving is quicker, wet shaving results in a closer shave and a more pleasurable experience.

Final Verdict

The Braun 7865cc and 790cc electric shavers have similar shaving performance, therefore there’s no clear winner. This means that the Braun Series 7 7865cc’s wet and dry shaving modes give it a little advantage, as you may use gel and shaving cream with it. Everything is the identity between the two, including shaving features, attachments, and modes. The Braun Series 7 790cc, as one of the oldest Series 7 shavers, can be a cost-effective option if you can find a discounted offer. However, because of its timeless appeal, it has remained popular, and its price has remained stable.

Braun 7865cc electric shaver is the overall winning product

Braun 7865cc

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