Soda Stream Fizzi vs Source: which one of the soda makers is best to choose?

Soda stream establishes ascendancy over the soda maker market. Most of the well-known companies have already struggled against them but they do not come close to offering soda stream models. While choosing the best soda stream model has become an issue, this is the reason why people are expressing their concern in making their soda water.

. In this article, two soda stream models – the fizzi and source have been discussed. I know this is a contradictory comparison considering the wide range of their prices. But they have more features in common than differences.

Comparison chart- SodaStream source vs fizzi

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Differences between Soda Stream fizzi and the source

Let us analyze that how the models of Soda Stream- fizzi and source differ.

The very first clear difference in the models of Soda Stream is in their size and design. The shape of the fizzi is round and the source has a boxy and angular design. The source is stupendous and giant-sized as compared to fizzi. In addition to black and white, it is also available in many different colors. Though you cannot set the level of fizziness through both soda makers the source is the only one that provides you the facility of LED indicator for fizziness. Mini carbon dioxide cylinder in the source can make soda water up to 9 liters.


Soda Stream Fizzi vs Source: – similarities

Here we are going to describe similarities that exist between fizzi and source soda makers.

Compatibility of carbon dioxide cylinder:

Are Soda Stream cylinders interchangeable?

Soda stream manufacturing company is well known for making soda water and other carbonation products. Fizzi and source both come from the soda stream. With the same carbon dioxide cylinder, both soda machines are reconcilable and compatible. With both 60 liters and 9 liters of carbon dioxide cylinder, soda stream fizzi vs source are compatible and well-matched. Its gas exchange program feature is what sets the soda stream apart from its competitors. The amount of money you pay for a full refill of a 60-liter tank is a mere $15 which is unprecedented. In case, if there is a requirement for an extra carbon dioxide cylinder then no worries because you can buy a cylinder for only $30 and it is the cheapest you can get.

Manual Pump Action of soda stream

How does manual Soda Stream work?

Unfortunately, both the Soda Stream source and the fizzi are not automatic soda machines.

One big advantage, however, is that both sparkling water makers do not require batteries or electricity. Always remember that there is a nonuser replaceable battery in the source and the LED indicator is powered by this battery. Being a purely mechanical process, soda stream batteries are the first need to make soda water. There is also one drawback of the soda stream source that once a SodaStream battery runs out, the LED indicator will not be able to work.

Soda water and other drinks:

Can you make flavored water with Soda Stream?

In addition to making sparkling water with the help of these machines, you can also make other special drinks. You can taste the soft soda water using fruit drops that are also selling soda streams. You can also reap the benefit from the soda flavors that usually contain less sugar than the sodas you buy from your regular store. Additionally, carbonated cocktails can also be prepared from the recipes found on the website of soda streams. In case, if you do not like alcoholic beverages, you may want to look at other recipes like Infusion and Mock tail. Another major benefit of sparkling water maker is that it provides you the facility of having full control over the ingredients you want to use.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Soda stream fizzi” cons_title=”Soda stream source” ][i2pros]Pros:
As compared to the source, fizzi is more dense and light in weight.
Apart from black and white, it comes in many other colors.
Fizzi’s working process and effectiveness is similar to the source but its price is less than a source.
Due to its fewer prices, it is one of the most popular and well-known soda machines.
There is no need for full power and battery to work for the fizzi soda stream.

Each time you use Soda Stream fizzi, you have to estimate the amount of carbonation because it does not have an LED fizzi indicator.

The well-crafted language from Soda Stream Source looks great with other kitchen appliances in your kitchen.
The LED fizzi Indicator protects you from the hassle of estimating the amount of carbonation in beverages.
9 liter of sparkling water can be obtained with the help of a mini carbon dioxide cylinder.
Because the source uses manual pump action for carbonating the water so it does not require batteries or electricity.

Soda stream source is a bit expensive so you have to pay more money for purchasing it.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Soda Stream Fizzi vs source?

A more basic model which is now offered by the soda stream is none other than fizzi it lacks the source clear indicator but is available at the same price as the source. As compared to fizzi, automatic one-touch fizzi is very easy and simple to use but it is a little bit expensive than the source.

How long do Soda Stream cartridges last?

60 L TO 130 L of water can be easily bubbled up by using the carbon dioxide cylinder of the soda stream. With regular use, the average life span of carbonating cylinder is 4 to 8 weeks.

Can I carbonate wine with my Soda Stream?

Manufacturers usually do not recommend it but still, wine can be carbonated by using a soda stream. But it will not carbonate the wine completely and bubbles will arise there.

Can you use glass bottles with Soda Stream one touch?

There are four main types of carbonating bottles of soda stream. Slime bottle of 1 liter, a standard bottle of 1 liter, a glass carafe bottle of 21 oz, and the bottle of 0.1 liter. Except for the glass carafe, the fizzi and one-touch are compatible with all kinds of bottles. Aqua fizz, on the other hand, was only basically designed to work with glass carafe.

Can you put flat Coke in a Soda Stream?

Scientifically yes, while most of the manufacturers of soda streams do not recommend this. They claim that under the carbonation nozzle, a bottle of flat soda is possible to fit. The only downside is that this task is often accompanied by a large sticky mess.

Why is my Soda Stream not fizzing?

The most common reason for fizz reduction is that the carbonating bottle is not installed properly at the water maker base. Obtaining a full tank should reduce this problem as the soda stream will be able to fill your water bottle with much more carbonation than before.


Final Thoughts:

Both soda machines are similar in terms of functions and features. But you will wonder why one is more expensive than the other. What are the features of Soda Stream Source that are not in fizzy? Being designed and manufactured by a special designer, source soda stream is expensive. Despite having better designs than fizzi, the functionality of both soda machines is the same. I recommend you buying fizzi instead of a source. But if you prefer LED indicator and design more than anything then go for source.

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