Vornado 630 VS Vornado 633 — Which Table Fan Is The Best Choice For You?

Vornado 630 VS Vornado 633 --- Which Table Fan is the Best Choice for You?

Vornado has a series of fans that provide you with quick and fast functions. But when it comes to comparison, Vornado 630 and Vornado 633 stand at the top level. In accordance with your demands, you just need to choose the better one. Conveniently, we are going to provide you with differences, comparisons, and similarities between Vornado 630 and 633. The clearing points of Vornado 630 VS Vornado 633 will declare the winner. So that, you will be able to choose the best table fan with closed eyes. Have a look.

Vornado Fans’ Comparison / Vornado 630 VS 633

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Similarities In Vornado 630 And Vornado 633

Along with the differences, there are also certain similarities. Check them out with us.

Power Source:

Both Vornado 630 and Vornado 633 have an electric source. You can run them on electricity. The thing you need is to just plug in the socket and change the speed of the fans.

Speed Controllers:

The speed controllers are present in Vornado fans. Apparently, there are three manual controllers in Vornado 630 and the same speed controller is present in Vornado 633. You can directly change the speed with such controllers at any time. Moreover, the controllers provide you with speed change, airflow, and blades’ adjustments. So that, it will be easy for you to make the airflow according to your room.

Tilting Head:

Although, there are differences in the functions of both Vornado fans. But, both have tilting head that rotates in multiple directions. It does not matter that you are sitting in any corner of the room. You can easily move your head towards you. The head efficiently moves up and down and right and left.

Body Design:

The structure of Vornado 630 and Vornado 633 is almost the same. Both have blades, an Outer duct, an electrical socket, a table stand, circulation motion, highly classified body material, etc. You can also choose any of the Vornado fans on the basis of colors. Vornado 630 is available in black color. And, Vornado 633 is present in white color. The beautiful and elegant design can put a coin in the bottle of beauty jar of your room.

The structure of Vornado 630 and Vornado 633 is almost the same

Weight And Size:

Precisely, The weight of both Vornado fans is almost equal. Vornado 630 comes around 5.84 pounds. And Vornado 633 goes with 5.9 pounds. So there is not much difference in weight. Additionally, both Vornado fans have equal to near dimensions. Like, Vornado 630 covers 8.25 x 12 x 13.6 inches and Vornado 633 covers 8.7 x 12 x 13.8 inches. With such lightweight and small dimensions, you can place the fans on the table easily.

Comparison/ Difference / Vornado 630 VS 633

The weight of both Vornado fans is almost equal


Like airspeed, the air range is different in every model of a Table fan. Mainly, it covers n area of 60-80 feet.

Vornado 630:

Vornado 630 is of the efficient fans of the Vornado series. Usually, with high speed, it provides almost 70 feet of the surface area of a room. More than that, it has the ability to cover the areas in a circulation/ circle motion. So, for the smaller as well as large rooms, you can perfectly use it. There are deep-pitched blades with a guide cone in a pair. Significantly, these blades spread the air in the room.

Vornado 633:

Vornado 633 is one of the latest editions of the Vornado series. The Vornado fan covers near to 80 feet surface area. Additionally, the swing motion simultaneously cools your room and provides you a wider covered air. If you have a large room, or you are fitting it in a big hall, you can easily get the air inside the area. The Vertex blades are present in the air and enclosed in a duct to provide the air at large angles.

Conclusion: Vornado 633, wins

Vornado 633 is one of the latest editions of the Vornado series


The thing that satisfies the most is the warranty giving statement. Especially, when you are confused about choosing a product, you check the warranty/ money back schemes.

Vornado 630:

The table fan is providing a five-year warranty with the technical damages. Certainly, if you find any problem or your Vornado fan is not working properly, you can complain to the company. Therefore, with such high satisfactory scheme, you can trust to buy Vornado 630 table fan.

Vornado 633:

Fantastically, Vornado 633 avails you with the opportunity to use your fan for the ten-years without any technical damage. Somehow, the span of a 10-years warranty makes it a trustful and facility-providing machine. You can get it without any other single thought.

Conclusion: Vornado 633, wins

Usage (Indoor Or Outdoor)

It is very much necessary to know that if you can use the machine inside/ indoor or outdoor. Some people use fans for outdoor areas also. Therefore, one must go with the Vornado fan that is capable of proving both services.

Vornado 630:

Vornado 630 medium room fan is basically a table fan, or you can say a fan for indoor usage. Therefore, you can not use it for outdoor use. As it covers an area of 70 feet, so you can not place it in very large rooms like balconies.

Vornado 633:

The fan of the 21st century adorably provides the services for indoor and outdoor usage. You can use it on open surfaces like balconies or open launches. Perfectly, it covers the whole area with a higher blade moving speed. This incredible device is capable of any kind of use.

Conclusion: Vornado 633, wins 

DC Motor And Tilting Head:

The DC motor and the tilting head are efficient features of a Table fan. Because the basic aim of Vornado fans is to spread the air through the room.

Vornado 630:

Vornado fan 633 has a Vertex air circulation that allows it to spread the air throughout the room surface. But it does not have any DC motor. Moreover, with the tilting head, you can move the blades in different positions like right/left and up/down.

Vornado 633:

Vornado fan 633 along with the DC motor with brushless design provide great services to make air flow smoothly. Additionally, the tilting head moves in multi-direction so that you can move the head wherever you need direct air. The multi-functional abilities make it manageable and fast to perform the functions.

Conclusion: Vorando 633, wins

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Vornado 630″ cons_title=”Vornado 633″ ][i2pros]Pros:
Versatile in functions
With managing controllers
Controls air flow and air speed
With an equilibrium stand
With electric socket
Provides 70 feet air flow range
Comes in black color
With stiff and high material body
8.25 x 12 x 13.6 inches dimension
5.84 pounds weight
Three controllers
For indoor use

Only for indoor use[/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
Multi-functional Vornado fan
Comes with air flow controllers
With electrical socket
Controls efficiency of the air
Comes in black color
With the DC motor
Blades are availlable
8.7 x 12 x 13.8 inches dimensions
5.9 pounds weight
Indoor and outdoor usage
Covers 80 feet surface area
With a stand for equilibrium
Fast and quick Vornado fan
From Vornado series

No cons are available[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vornado fans worth the money?

Yes, definitely the Vornado fans are worth the money. The versatile airflow, air controllers, blades, and table stand can make your room fresh and airy. Additionally, the area coverage of 70 to 80 feet allows you to enjoy high speed in any direction of your room.

What is the most powerful Vornado?

Vornado 633 is the most powerful Vornado because it has all the latest features that provide you with high airflow. Moreover, the technical functions allow you to control the fan easily.

What is so good about Vornado?

The thing that is so good about Vornado, is the controlling system. The air circulators and the controllers make it easy to use the fan. Because not every time you need the same speed. So that you can flip the point lower to high and high to low.

Are air circulators better than fans?

Both features have different places and specialties. In fans, you can get the same speed. Also, Circulators allow you to spread the air throughout the room. Besides, with fans, you can just get the air in a single direction. Therefore, air circulators are better than fans.

Which Vornado fan is the best?

The comparison statements/ Vornado 630 VS Vornado 633 clearly declare that Vornado 633 is the best Vornado fan for today.


I conclude that Vornado fan comparison provides you with a clean and clear statement to choose your desired product. Furthermore, Vornado 630 and Vornado 633 have different abilities to provide you with great air services. You just need to get the clarity from Vornado 630 VS Vornado 633. So that, you just can easily buy your Vornado fan.