XPS 9550 vs 9560: Which Of The Dell Premium Laptop Worth Your Money?

As we stand in the digital world, you just need a laptop. If you are looking for a laptop that meets your requirements, you must consider the laptop from Dell in the XPS series. The XPS 9560 is the latest up-gradation of the older XPS 9660 from Dell. While there are not enough changes, you must be wondering that should you grab the updated version or stuck to the older one. So, let’s take a look at the comparison to differentiate between the XPS 9550 vs 9560 from dell.

Side-By-Side Comparison Chart: XPS 9550 vs 9560

Firstly, we will go through the side-by-side comparison table to take a glance at all the specifications and features of XPS 9550 vs 9560. Which let you hit the mark on your choice. Let’s get into the comparison table then we will take you to the further details.

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What Specifications They Have In Common? XPS 9550 vs 9560

Dell is a well-known company that develops and repairs computer and their accessories. Moreover, it supports computer-related products and services. Its mission is to be the most recognized company in the field of computers and technology. In addition, it aims to provide the best customer service. And it is keeping its promise by introducing XPS 9550 vs 9560. These laptops are the latest addition to the XPS series.

Dell is continuously upgrading its inventions to provide a better user experience. The XPS series is an important initiative to keep what they said. The XPS stands for Xtreme Performance System.

XPS stands for Xtreme Performance System

The Dell XPS 9550 vs 9560 are the two latest models from dell. Dell refreshed the specification and features of XPS 9550 with the 9560. Initially, they look identical in functionality but they are not. One of them is having more functionality than the other. Hence, the dell XPS 9560 comes with a speedier processor and GTX graphics card. Let’s see what are the similarities between XPS 9550 and XPS 9560.

Design And Screen Resolution Of XPS 15 9558 vs 9560

All the laptop models from Dell are the same in size and overall design. XPS 15 is presenting the thinnest performance-class laptop. The display size is dell 15.6 XPS 15 9550 vs 9560 both. If we measure the width of the laptops, it is probably 5.7 mm which is thinner than a MacBook Pro. Moreover, both laptops have a display screen with touch input. Their screen feels much bigger and more flexible to work with. Furthermore, they have a dazzling Ultra High-Definition display with a screen resolution of 3840 × 2160. The high resolution makes you able to display more content at one time.

Dell Xps 9550 vs 9560 Motherboard & Processor

They both XPS 9550 vs 9560 have the super-fast and super-speed motherboard and processor. Dell XPS 15 is a Windows 10 based professional laptop with a Core i5 processor. Which can let you have the processing with super-fast speed and high accuracy.  Moreover, the approximate speed of the laptops is 2.8 GHz. Moreover, they have 2 slots for permanent and temporary storage. Eventually, it will let you work with your windows 10 smoothly when you want to process something too intense. So, you can open up the 100 tabs on windows 10 on XPS 9550 vs 9560.

Operating System With Dell XPS 15 9550 vs 9560

The dell XPS 9550 vs dell xps 9560 both come with a high-edge operating system. They both come with windows 10 already installed on them. Dell has introduced their latest models with 15-inch flagship with the license windows 10. Windows 10 is the most top-rated secured and fast operating system in the market.

You can observe it with the use of windows 10 again and again in different systems. Moreover, it makes your businesses easy for you and protects devices and users’ data. Most noteworthy, if you are typically a Linux user, you can download the OS and install it on your computer. It smoothly processes on the Linux operating system as well.

Dell XPS 15 9550 vs XPS 15 9560: Wi-Fi And Ports Connection

When we talk about the wi-fi range, they both fulfill the wireless communication standard. So, you can bring your ideas to life with the 802.11 ac wi-fi and Bluetooth 5.1. The Xps 9560 vs 9550, can let you have an excellent experience while gaming online.

Moreover, you can have your online official meeting, enjoy your favorite series on Netflix, or can make a video call to your dear ones. Their wi-fi speed will never interrupt or dismay your ongoing process. Moreover, you can get your content quicker with 1 SD card slot, 2 USB ports with Power Share, Kensington Lock stock, AC power, HDMI and Ethernet port, and thunderbolt 3 bi-directional on dell xps series.

thunderbolt 3 bi-directional on dell xps series

Power Source And Battery Life Of The Dell XPS 9560 vs 9550

Both updated models from dell required one lithium-ion battery to process smoothly. The dell xps 9550 vs 9560 battery life is up to 8 hours. They can process probably up to 8 hours with a complete charger. Moreover, dell promises 12 hours of use on the full HD version processing. They both charge with the corded electric with AC or DC voltage. Moreover, they come with a 130 watts AC power adapter to charge the laptop. Both of them have e type-c port for charging the xps 15 laptops from dell.

XPS 9550 vs 9560: What Are The Differences Between Them?

Earlier, we have gone through the comparison chart containing all the specifications and features. We already know the xps 13 9550 vs. xps 13 9560 looks quite similar but there are big differences to consider your choice.  Probably, they are big differences to consider which is the best option for you. So, to help you decide with the best out of dell xps 15 9550 vs dell xps 15 9560, we have collected some more details as differences.

Memory And Storage Of XPS 15 9550 vs 9560

You can get rid of the basic 8GB model by Dell. Because 8GB of Ram fails when you need to open 100 tabs on chrome or work too intense on your laptop. The only aspect you will never complain about xps 9550 vs 9560 is the memory and storage. They both not only have enough memory but storage as well to make the processing efficient. Let’s see who wins the race between dell XPS 15 9550 vs dell XPS 15 9560.

Dell XPS 9550

The XPS series has introduced the excellent laptop till now. If you are thinking that your laptop will be slow down with multitasking. There will be no chance of this situation in xps 9550 from dell. Because a 15 xps 9550 comes with the 16 GM RAM. 16 GB RAM is more than enough. Moreover, it will never slow down or interrupt your surfing on the internet. You can enjoy the gaming session at full speed without stopping. Furthermore, it not only comes with 512 GB of permanent storage but you can attach the external hard drive with it as well.

Dell XPS 9560

On the other hand, the 9560 comes with a high-speed 32 GB DDR SDRAM for high-speed processing. Your laptop is never going to hang up while working on the high-powered software. Hence, it comes with 256 GB of permanent storage. On a laptop, So, just save your big files permanently. There is no chance that your laptop is running out of space. Furthermore, the faster ram makes your laptop more efficient, increases the speed, and transfers the information on other components faster. Therefore, 32 GB of ram is exactly what you need on your laptop. Moreover, the high memory and permanent storage increase the processing speed of the laptop.

The Winner Is: A Tie

Processor Type Of Dell Xps 15 9560 vs 9550

When it comes to processing, they have a quad-core processor with high-frequency processing. So, there is no chance that you are complaining about the processing speed of these laptops. Let’s get into it to see which one exceeds.

Dell XPS 9550

The dell 9550 is one of the famous laptops of the xps series comes with the 6th generation quad-core sky lake processor. The processor is one of the important aspects, you cannot compromise on them. So, dell confirms it with the latest and high-performance processor. Which is going to give you a speedy and efficient performance. Moreover, it makes the performance efficient with high-frequency processing.

Dell XPS 9560

A big noticeable difference in both of the laptops is the up-gradation of the processor. In contrast, the dell xps 9560 is upgraded with the quad-core 7th generation Kaby Kale Processor. This processor gives a boost to your processing and makes the performance more efficient. Moreover, it increases the power efficiency and integrated graphics power of the laptop. If you are a lover of 4K video graphics, you must go for the dell xps 9560 because it can handle the 4k resolution in a better way.

The Winner Is: Dell XPS 15 9560

XPS 9550 vs 9560 Charger And GTX Card

Now, let’s talk about the graphics port and card in the laptop.

Dell XPS 9550

The other big change is in the up-gradation of GTX cards in the laptops. The xps 9550 from dell comes with the NVIDIA GTX 960 M graphics card. It will give you specifically good graphics while processing.

Dell XPS 9560

On the other hand, the up-gradation of the NVIDIA GTX 1050 M in the dell xps 9560 is a significant change. Which makes it the best for the 4K graphics and screen resolution. Therefore, if you are a hardcore fan of gaming then you must go for the dell xps 9560. It will let you have a great gaming experience and high settings while gaming. Otherwise, the dell xps 9550 can be a good option for you.

The Winner Is: Dell XPS 15 9560

XPS 9550 vs 9560 Dimensions And Weight

No doubt, dimension, weight, and price are not the primary things to consider while shopping. But in the long run, they can affect the performance. Let’s go the decide the best size for you.

Dell XPS 9550

Keeping its name and aim, it comes with high specifications and unique features. Moreover, these features differentiate this laptop from old-school laptops. These features include the aluminum casing on the laptop, Gorilla Glass for the screen, and précised keyboards and touchpads.

Dell XPS 9560

In contrast, the dell 9560 comes with almost similar specifications but with the 4K Ultra High-Definition display for a great visual experience. In terms of weight and dimensions, the 9560 is a little bit heavy and big. But it is really easy to carry it outside.

The Winner Is: XPS 15 9560

Pros & Cons: Dell XPS 9550 vs 9560

To stand with the best laptop out of them, we should consider the advantages and disadvantages of both of the laptops in the xps series from dell. So, let’s get into it for the better choice.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Dell XPS 9550″ cons_title=”Dell XPS 9560″ ][i2pros]Pros
Bladed slim and durable design
HD screen
High-Speed Skylake processor
High graphics
Long term battery
High storage space
Easy to carry
Speedy Wi-fi connectivity
Less RAM for high processing
Basic GTX card[/i2pros][i2cons]Pros
Slim and sleek but powerful design
4k ultra-high-definition screen
Kaby Lake: Fast processor boosts up the processing speed
Huge storage space for saving the informative stuff
Lithium-ion battery works up to 8 hours
GTX makes it the best computer for the gaming process
Speakers could be better[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a new Dell XPS coming out in 2021?

Dell is planning to launch the xps 13 in 2021. The new xps 13 will be a window laptop with an optional OLED display which will take you to the more defined picture and videos.

Is Dell coming out with a new XPS 15 in 2021?

Yes, dell coming with the optional OLED display in 2021. Moreover, it will be one of the earlier laptops to place the updated version with the latest OLED technology.

Is XPS good for gaming?

Yup, xps will be able to provide you with the 60 FPS gaming experience. Moreover, the specifications of XPS are enough for a gaming laptop. But you need to fix some settings to maintain a perfect gaming environment.

Is Dell XPS 15 9560 worth it?

If you are looking for a powerful laptop that perfectly meets your requirements, XPS 15 9560 is the best laptop in the market. Moreover, it can do anything that you want from a computer.

Does Dell XPS have GPU?

For the more intensive processing, xps from dell has a GeForce GTX 1650 GPU in it. Moreover, it is integrated with the Intel UHD graphics 630 GPU.

Meta Description 

Best laptop from Dell: XPS 9550 vs 9560? In this article, we presented a comprehensive and detailed face-off between two premium dell products. Eventually, it will let you grab the best laptop out of them.

Final Verdict

As things stand, after the detailed comparison we think you should grab the Dell XPS 9560 premium. One of the important things, it is upgraded with the Kaby Lame processor and GTX 1024 which can boost up the processing speed. Moreover, Kaby lame processor can handle the 4k screen better. So, if you want a 4K screen the Dell XPS 9560 is worth your money. Otherwise, the Dell XPS 9550 can be a good choice for you.

XPS 9550 vs 9560

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