QY7 vs QY8: Which Bluetooth Headphones Provides You Better Experience?

Are you looking for sporty Bluetooth earphones for everyday use or working out? You land on the right page. Today, we pick two best inexpensive wireless headsets that offer a lot of functionality: The SoundPeats QY7 and the QCY QY8. Although the QY7 and QY8 come from different importers, their specs remain quite identical. We create a head-to-head comparison between QY7 vs QY8 earphones so, you can identify which one is your cup of tea.

Let’s get started by looking at their spec and features right in the comparison table!

QY7 vs QY8: Side By Side Comparison Chart

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QY7 vs QY8- Similarities

Generally, our smartphones come bundled with a good headset. But these cable earphones turn into a tangled mess whenever not in use. People want something better and therefore various brands introduce a wide variety of wireless Bluetooth headphones in the market. The wireless models eliminate the cable between the earbuds and your cellphone to fix the issue. Wireless earbuds are a great alternative to traditional earphones that always fall out of your ears lead to frustrations.

QY7 vs QY8

There are thousands of wireless headphones available for under $30 or so. Many of them are named identically i.e., QY7 and QY8 or QY9 that may confuse customers which one is genuine and perfect for them. Remember that the number doesn’t matter a lot as they all (QY7, QY8, and QY9) have almost the same features but come from different brands (SoundPeats, ATL, COULAX, Matone, eBerry, and more).

Here, we pick the two best models the QY7 from SoundPeats and the QY8 from QCY after checking their technical specs, price, and customer reviews. So, you can better understand which one you need to choose from. Let’s discuss the main specs and functionality the QY7 and the QY8 have in common!

Sound Quality Of SoundPeats QY7 And QY8

The good sound quality of headphones is mandatory to have a pleasurable experience whether you are jogging, working out, or simply listening to your favorite music. Luckily, both the SoundPeats QY7 and QCY QY8 give you quality sound without any distortion and drops in signal. They produce better constancy of sound and have clearer and richer sound depth.

Furthermore, the QY7 and QY8 have deep and powerful but not heavy bass. Besides, the mids and highs reproduce clearly. Overall, you get excellent sound quality for the price of both wireless headsets.

Both QY7 And QY8 Are Sweat Proof

Both QY7 and QY8 are Sweat Proof

The QY7 and QY8 are sweat-proof so no more sweat damage or slipping out of earbuds due to sweat. Both models are protected by nano-coating to withstand sweaty jogging or tough workouts. Besides, they can endure accidental falling into the water. This feature makes them perfect for sportsmen and trainers.

Can Thy Connect To Multiple Devices Simultaneously?

Interestingly, you can pair/connect two devices at the same time with both the QY7 and QY8. It is useful when you have a smartphone and a separate music player.

Level Of Comfort And Fit

The SoundPeats QY7 and the QCY QY8 are comfortable out of the box and remain well-adjusted in your ears. The manufacturers mainly focus on comfortability and less on modern appearance. Their lightweight design keeps earphones in position. Besides, they don’t even hurt you even if you use them for hours.

Moreover, various ear tips and ear hooks of different sizes and types come along with the QY7 and QY8 models. So, you can pick the one that perfectly fits in your ear. Remember that ear tips are essential for convenience. They fit comfortably and securely in your ears and don’t bother and fall off even when you move quickly (during running or exercising).

Do They Have Noise Cancelation Technology?

Both the SoundPeats QY7 and SoundPeats QY8 come with CVC 6.0 noise cancelation technology that blocks unwanted sound and background noise from getting in. So, you get incredible sound quality with QCY QY8 and QY7 Bluetooth headphones. Whatever you want to enjoy such as soundtracks, relaxing music, audiobooks, tunes, techno music, or even want to do phone calls, they don’t let you down.

Easy To Use Controls

Easy to Use Controls

Both wireless Bluetooth headsets feature easy-to-use multi-functional control buttons that allow you to play or pause your music, adjust volume levels up or down, and change tracks without accessing your phone. Besides, they also have a built-in mic so you can answer/hang-up phone calls and talk to your friends and family via their control button. They also enable hand-free calls while you’re enjoying your favorite music playlist.

SoundPeats QY7 vs QY8- Connectivity Range

The SoundPeats QY7 has Bluetooth 4.1 support with a maximum of 10m of connection range. Like SoundPeats QY8, the QCY QY8 also feature the latest version of Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR with a radio frequency range of 10m. This range is quite limited, and we prefer a longer connectivity range. Thus, you can’t go far from the connection source with any of these headphones.

Despite their lower reach, their transmission quality is undeniably excellent. If they offer a broader range, they have been perfect earbuds.

Do They Offer Multiple Device Compatibility?

Luckily, The SoundPeats QY7 and the QCY QY8 are compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices and brands. You can connect all android and iPhone devices and smartphones with them. Even you can pair them with a LED TV having Bluetooth support. So, you don’t need to worry about connectivity whether you have an iPad or a Galaxy tab, or any other cellphone.

Differences Between QY7 And QY8 Bluetooth Headsets

Although the QY7 and QY8 are like two peas in a pod, they still have some marginal differences. Now, we discuss how they differ from each other so you can wisely choose the one that suits you best whether the SoundPeats QY7 or QY8!

Design & Build Quality

Design & Build Quality

SoundPeats QY7

The QY7 SoundPeats headphone is designed very well and looks cool. There are no visible flaws in those earphones. It is not completely wireless, the left and right earpieces are joined through a short flat tangle-free wire. Thus, you can easily put it over your neck. The left earpiece has a cover micro-USB charging port while the right earpiece houses power and control buttons. Although there is nothing special about its material and design, the QY7 headphone is lightweight and has a decent build.


In contrast, the QY8 sports headphone has a more appealing appearance. Like SoundPeats QY8, its earpieces are joined together via a strong and tangle-free flat wire that doesn’t break easily. The covered charging port is located on the left earpiece. All the buttons have a good click and house on the right earbud.

Although the QY8 is not $100 earbuds, the quality is surprisingly good and can withstand modest abuse. Thus, it is suitable for those who have an active lifestyle (running, driving, camping, jogging, hiking, gym workouts, and other sports).

The Winner Is: A Tie

Which Bluetooth Earphones Have Better Battery Life?

Better Battery Life

SoundPeats QY7

When it comes to SoundPeats QY7 vs SoundPeats QY8, the only differences lie in their battery time. The earlier one offers up to 6 hours of playtime or talk time. The SoundPeats QY8 offers up to 5 hours of playtime/talk time. However, the playtime may vary depending on content type and volume levels. Besides, the QY7 has 145 hours of standby time, and it takes almost two hours for charging the battery from empty to full.


On the other hand, the QCY Q8 offers an average of 7 hours of continuous playtime or talk time (the time may vary depending on sound levels). The previous QCY QY7 offers up to 5 hours of battery time. The two hours longer battery power is a welcome feature and quite near to other costly alternative models.

Moreover, It has 175 hours of standby time. Like SoundPeats QY7, it takes two hours to completely charge the battery.

The Winner Is: The QCY QY8 Mini Bluetooth Headphones

Value For Money

SoundPeats QY7

The SoundPeats QY7 is one of the best wireless headphones under $30. For its price, it has great sound quality and durability and comes with a lot of accessories.


The QY8 is also an inexpensive Bluetooth headphone that offers fantastic sound quality and has a lot of accessories out of the box. The Matone QY8 earbuds have a slight edge over the QY7 as it comes with more ear tips and hooks. Overall, the QY8 is great and worth the money.

The Winner Is: The QCY QY8 Mini Bluetooth Headphones

Pros & Cons

SoundPeats QY7
  • Pros:
  • • Lightweight and cool design.
  • • Affordable.
  • • Good Sound Quality.
  • • Comfortable and stable fit.
  • • High Volume Levels.
  • Cons:
  • • Bothersome control button placement.
  • • Relatively short battery life.
  • Pros:
  • • Excellent sound quality.
  • • Lightweight and comfortable design.
  • • Ear connect varieties for a stable fit.
  • • Great value for money (very affordable).
  • • Decent battery life (good playtime & standby time).
  • • Easy to use control buttons.
  • Cons:
  • • Sound still can’t evaluate higher-end models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SoundPeats qy7 good for jogging?

Yes, the SoundPeats QY7 is designed to use for jogging and workout. The sound quality is good, and the volume levels can also get quite high. Besides the battery life of 5 hours is somewhat reasonable

How do I pair QY7 earbuds?

To begin with, press and hold the multifunction button until the indicator light turns to steady blue (for almost 6 sec). Now, activate the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone and search for the available devices. Lastly, select the “Q seven” from the listed devices and you are good to go.

Is QCY a good brand?

Yes, the QCY as a mono headset works great and provides good sound quality. Its products offer strong bass while the audio is clear and easy to understand. Overall, it provides much better than we expected for the low price.

How do you pair QCY Bluetooth headphones?

Press and hold two earbuds for approximately 1s to turn on (LED blinks twice). Both right and left earbuds automatically pair with each other and will enter auto-pairing mode. Once the LED on the left earphone turns off, search for the “QCY-QY8” on your smartphone and tap to connect.

Is SoundPeats compatible with iPhone 7?

Yes, the SoundPeats QY7 and SoundPeats Qy8 are compatible with iPhone 7. Additionally, it pairs well with all other devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 or above versions.

Final Verdict

To conclude, Both the QY7 and QY8 are great headphones that offer reasonable sound quality and excellent functionality for the price. You can’t go wrong with these great price range models whether you choose the SoundPeats QY7 or QY8. However, the QY8 has a slight edge over the QY7 and therefore the QCY QY8 is the winner of the QY7 vs QY8 comparison.


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