JBL T110 vs T210: How You Can Choose the Best In-Ear Headphones?

Do you spend your day in frenzy activities and then regret it why don’t you have some music and fun? Then, these headphones are for you. You get entertainment and relaxation by spending a few bucks on JBL T series headphones. We are going to compare two headphones that belong to the T line from JBL. So, you can choose, which headphones work better for you between Jbl t110 vs t210.

JBL T110 vs T210: Comparison Chart

Firstly, let’s get into the detailed breakdown comparison to figure out which one is best for you between jbl t110 vs t210.

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JBL T110 vs T210: Specifications in Common

When it comes to affordable and excellent in-ear headphones, the JBL has been a renowned company in the audio appliances market since 2016. It is making high-value and high-quality goods for its target market.  Jbl is providing the simplest models which have common specifications and are splendid for everyday use. Both, Jbl t110 and jbl t210 help you to be cool by listening to music, answering incoming calls, and offering great value for money. You’ll have a pair of tiny speakers that you wear inside your ear. They didn’t reach your ear canal but sit outside of it.

JBL T110 vs T210: Specifications in Common

The Jbl t110 and jbl t210 are useful little devices because you can hear loud music without disturbing your peers. You can bring t110 and t210 everywhere either you’re traveling or going to the office because they are comfortable, light-weight, and compact. Thus, you can experience your favorite songs like never before either you are purchasing jbl t210 headphones or t110. The JBLs unboxing results in 3 earbuds and a fabric pouch with the JBL logo on it. We have summarized some similarities between jbl t110 vs jbl t210 below. So, let’s get into it……

Style, Color and, Design:

Jbl considers t110 and t210 earphones identical with a very similar size, color, and weight with a minor ignorable difference. Both earphones come in metal finishing. The jbl t110 and jbl t210 are made of plastic following by the lower section with silicon plastic. The quality is enough robust and durable to deal with daily use with no mess.

Cable of JBL In-ear Headphones:

The cable of 1.2m is impermeable, flat, and gets detangled easily. Flat and good length cables are easy to keep tangle free, therefore, can be used for a long period. Moreover, there is one button remote in line and a microphone as well.

Stereo Speakers:

The Tune 110 and 210 are implanted with stereo speakers which create extravagant sound and a superior encounter by conveying it from different channels on both sides equally.

Vocals of JBL T110 and T210:

Jbl in-ear headphones t110 and the t210 are great with good sound quality and provide pure sound with bases.

Active Noise Cancelation:

The Jbl in-ear headphones t210 and 110 can isolate the irregular outside sound for you. Microphone works great for this range of prices.

Frequency & Impedance:

Jbl 110 and jbl 210 are both come with the lowest impedance which makes it easier to reach out to the high volume and consumes less power. The lowest frequency of both JBL t110 and JBL t210 makes the base stronger and more sodden.

Are They Compatible with Multiple Devices?:

It ‘ll be cheerful to know that the jbl t110 and tune 210 earphones are fully compatible either you’re using them with android or apple devices.

Light-weight and Comfortable:

The tune 110 and the tune 210 share similar designs which provide an exceptional level of comfort and fit. Moreover, both are very light-weighted, durable, and fit inside ears tightly without any irritation.

JBL T110 vs T210: How you can differentiate between them?

No doubt, both headphones from the T line share several similarities, now let’s see how they differ.

Base Sound of JBL T110 and JBL T210:

Jbl t110

The t110 is a light-weighted, comfortable, and nice design which is made of high-quality material which allows you to have a great audio experience. Moreover, these headphones come with a great base but may fall a bit short on highs and low performance for demanding listeners.

Jbl t210

In contrast, the t210 in-ear headphones contain powerful jbl pure bass sound into a tiny ultraportable venue making it perfect for everyday use. Therefore, jbl in-ear headphones t210 are better than 110 in terms of sound clarity.

The Winner is: Jbl t210 in-ear headphones

Driver Size of JBL Headphones:

Jbl t110

Both Jbl t110 and jbl t210 are globally respected and recognized which supports dynamic and compression drivers. The t110 deals with the 0.35 inches to experience the best audio experience with no issue.

Jbl t210

In contrast, t210 earphones are with pure bass sound supports driver of 0.88 mm tuned for a frequency response of 20 Hz to20 kHz.

The Winner is: Jbl t110 In Ear headphones

Driver Size of JBL Headphones JBL T110 vs T210

Which Headphones are Lighter?

Jbl t110

It is cheerful, the jbl tune 110 is light-weighted and comfortable, doesn’t let you feel any irritation after consecutive use.

Jbl t210

On the other hand, jbl t10 weighs a little more than 110 which may leave a burden on the ears.

The Winner is: Jbl t110 in-ear headphones

In-line Remote Button Response:

Jbl t110

The t110 supports the following controls:

  • Answer/Decline
  • Play Pause
  • Previous/Next

Jbl t210

Conversely, jbl t210 inceleme deals the same controls except previous or next. However, the In-line button remote control does a great job.

The Winner is: Jbl t110 In ear headphones


[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”JBL T110 Headphones” cons_title=”JBL T210 Headphones” ][i2pros]Pros:
Stereo Speakers
Flat and easily detangled cable
Enable voice assistant
Light-weight and Comfortable
Noise Cancelation
Compatible with all devices
In-line Remote Control Buttons
Bigger driver size
A bit expensive but cut the price in the long run
Pure Base Sound
The cable is durable and won’t tangled up in knots
Supports voice Assistant
Sound Isolation
High Frequency and low impedance
Contain soft carrying pouch
metallic-Finish housing faded sometimes.
Less inline remote control



Is JBL T210 noise canceling?

Active noise canceling let you enjoy a good sound experience and jbl t210 supports it. They isolate the sound in a noisy environment and it has high sound output.

Is JBL T110 good?

The jbl t110 is adorably designed, light-weighted, and has comfortable earphones with great bass and a snug fit of the in-ear tips.

Which model of JBL earphones is best?

Several nicely designed in-ear headphones from jbl are in line. Moreover, jbl t110 and t210 are one of them.

Which one is better JBL T110 or T210?

Both products are identical but the jbl t110 has better expert reviews than the t210. The average review score between them differs by 2 or 3 points.

Is JBL waterproof? 

No, both jbl in-ear headphones t110 and t210 are not water, splash, or sweat resistant.


Final Verdict

Both headphones are identical and indistinguishable and you can appreciate them by receiving several features possibly by purchasing jbl t110 or t210. If you want slightly better audio quality, active noise cancelation and don’t want to compromise on budget jbl t110 will be the best option for you. However, the jbl t210 will be suitable for you if want good-looking in-ear headphones with several features at a reasonable price.

JBL T210 Headphones

Final Verdict: JBL T110 vs T210