Omega j8004 vs j8006, Prioritize the best Omega Juicer

When it comes to the difference b/w the Omega j8004 and j8006, centrifugal & masticating two options are here. The choice is always yours to choose a fast juicer or effective juicer b/w centrifugal and masticating irrespectively. Now we will Comparison between Omega j8004 vs j8006 their every aspect in detail, to find the best & winner juicer.

Omega j8004 vs j8006

TitleOmega J8004Omega J8006
ImageComparison Table: Omega j8004 vs j8006Comparison Table: Omega j8004 vs j8006
Item Weight13 pounds19 pounds
Wattage150 watts200 watts
Revolution80 RPMs80 RPMs
ColorWhiteBlack, White
No. of Nozzles55
Warranty Time15 year15 year
Auto Pulp EjectionAvailableAvailable
Other includingPulp bowl, Homogenizing cone, Juice bowl, StrainerPulp bowl, Homogenizing cone, Juice bowl, Strainer
Juice store time72 hours in fridge72 hours in fridge
Product Dimensions6.5 x 14.5 x 15.5 inches6.5 x 14.5 x 15.5 inches
Cost$200 to $380 in between$50 more than $380
PriceOmega j8004 vs j8006, Prioritize the best Omega JuicerOmega j8004 vs j8006, Prioritize the best Omega Juicer

Similarities: Between the Omega j8004 and j8006

Automatic Pulp Ejection:

Omega 8004 masticating juicer & 8006 both have the pulp ejection quality which means added benefit to it. You just have to extract the juice and auto pulp ejection make it tremendously delicious. Therefore, it becomes so easy to clean the juicers, also you can use these pulps in many recipes. It adds flavor to your salad and also a thickener for soup.

Duplex stage of Juice Extraction:

Omega j8004 vs j8006, Prioritize the best Omega Juicer

As I told the pulp ejection process, there is a dual-stage of juice extraction in omega juicer j8004 or j8006. Juice extract in two stages firstly pulp ejection, after that these pulps, are dried and juice taken out from food. These steps make sure all juice is extracted and pulps are much dried. In Omega juicers, it’s a masticating feature in it.

More varieties juices:

Yeah! So when it comes to varieties of juices Omega j8006 and Omega j8004 both play a vital role. You can have orange juice, and other fruits, vegetable juices as well. Moreover, you can also extract celery, wheatgrass, and big leaf greens. You’ll surely love this feature and admirable in Omega juicers.

Juicer’s compactable Size:

How would omega j8004 or juicer j8006 both have a compactable size? As above mentioned, the dimensions of both juicers are the same in size that easily fit in your kitchen and also looks beautiful. This compactable size really matters when you have to store it or place it in your kitchen.

Other uses of both juicers:

After the pulp ejection, you can use these pulps or fruits in different foods. Just as you can use it in desserts, both the juicers j8004 and j8006 can be used for ice-cream also. Also, these juicers can use for butter or nut milk. Is it sounds so delicious? For me it is.  Moreover, the extremely exciting thing is it is also used for pasta extruders. Whenever you want to make something different or nutrition for flavor change try out Omega juicers.

Power required to run the juicers:

Both juicers of Omega j8006 & j8004 require a power rating of 150 watts. The power setting can be changed into three stages for what kind of food you want to juice.

Low speed for Masticating:

In the first line of the article, we talk about the features of masticating and centrifugal. With the low speed, firstly you have to love this feature because of 80RPMs speed there is no heating in juice extraction. Also, juice extracts so perfectly with the slow speed feature. With cold juice, you can get all the nutrition and perfect juice extraction that doesn’t affect your health. But gives strength to your immune system and is healthy for your diet also.

Ease in its use:

Either you are using Omega j8004 or Omega 8006 both with a strong handle that provides ease in its use. The style of the juicers is quite different but there is the easiness with its use. The rubber on the handle allows for slippage-free use. You should consider this feature as more important in every product.

Tools added in it:

Additional tools are added in it like Omega j8004 and j8006 come with 5 nozzles, a cone, a pulp bowl, strainer, and juice bowl. These all are the additional tools added benefit to it.

Silent feature for healthy atmosphere:

As noise pollution is to be avoided everywhere, so it’s your choice to select a noise-free silent juicer. In the Omega juicers quiet motor is installed due to its slow-speed masticating feature. It’s really quiet as you can make juice no matter if anybody is sleeping at home.

Testing Certificate for customer’s satisfaction:

Safety standards are purely maintained in it. Therefore, a safety UL certificate comes with Juicer j8004 and Omega juicer j8006 that ensure its testing.

Life time of the juicers:

Warranty on any product makes their customers feel secure while buying it. Just like that 15-year warranty on Omega j8004 or j8006 is available. It surely means it’s a quality product which satisfies their customers with their best features. Durability is provided on both juicers.

Differences: Omega j8004 vs j8006

Coming into view:

Let’s come into view of masticating juicers of Omega, as you can see in the comparison table image there’s no prominent difference in their appearance. Both two are horizontal and the same in look and dimensions but the color differ from one another.

Omega j8004 vs j8006, Prioritize the best Omega Juicer

Omega J8004:

This Omega juicer is made up of 6.5 x 14.5 x 15.5 dimensions same as Omega J8006. Same dimensions are the main reason for the same size and appearance. Its weight is 13 pounds, here the J8004 juicer differs from the J8006 juicer. It is lighter in weight and also its color is white that looks nice & decent in your kitchen.

Omega J8006:

Omega J8004, J8006 have the same dimensions. But when it comes to weight (19 pounds), it is heavier than J8004.

There is no prominent winner product in its appearance.


Value of money beautiful maintained in Omega juicers, it starts from $200 to $380. With this nominal price 15-year warranty is a great package. You’ll surely love to have the Omega juicers. Here we see where prices differ Omega j8004 vs j8006.

Omega J8004:

The cost of the J8004 juicer is affordable and lay between the given prices. After reading about their all feature you would have to say that it’s the best according to cost.

Omega J8006:

It also cost nominal but the extra $50 for their dynamic black and white color makes it minor expensive than the Omega J8004 juicer. So, it’s one of the main reasons to lose the race with Omega j8004. But away from it it’s dynamic and beautiful in design too.

The winner product is clear Omega j8004.

Pros & Cons: The Omega j8004 vs Omega j8006

The Omega j8004
  • Pros:
  • A strong built-in handle for easy handling.
  • It is lighter in weight as you compared it with the Omega j8006 juicer.
  • Juice stays fresh in the refrigerator for so many days.
  • Rubber on the handle provide non-slippery gripping.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • It is cheaper as compared to Omega j8006.
  • Cons:
  • There is no prominent con in it, according to our testing it’s the best juicer.
The Omega j8004
  • Pros:
  • A strong built-in handle for easy handling.
  • It is lighter in weight as you compared it with the Omega j8006 juicer.
  • Juice stays fresh in the refrigerator for so many days.
  • Rubber on the handle provide non-slippery gripping.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • It is cheaper as compared to Omega j8006.
  • Cons:
  • There is no prominent con in it, according to our testing it’s the best juicer.

Omega j8004 vs j8006, Prioritize the best Omega Juicer

FAQ’s (All you want to know about the juicers)

What is the difference between Omega J8006 and J8006HDS?

Firstly, Omega j8006HDS is not our comparison product but in both models, there is only a horsepower difference J8006 is 1/3HP and Omega J8006HDS works on 2HP.

Which slow juicer is best?

If you’re asking between two comparison product. So we have already told you both are the best and durable but Omega J8004 is the winning product due to the low price with the same features.

How do I setup my Omega juicer?

It is not too difficult. Once you get that so next time you’ll be easily set it out. Here we take Omega juicer j8006, this really easy to set up. You can check it on our given link.

What kind of juicer is best for celery?

As I mentioned above Omega j8004 and j8006 both are best for celery there is no difficulty with both juicers. You can choose any of them between both.

Is Omega juicer worth?

Of course, no doubt in it Omega juicer is a big investment. But after that, you can make any type of fresh and delicious juices at home. So, it’s quite suitable to say that the Omega juicer is worth.

Is Omega J8006 a cold press juicer?

Yes, no doubt in it Omega j8006 is a cold press juicer. It extracts more juice and is useful in all terms of dessert and ice cream as well.

The Final Verdict

Which Omega juicer is the best? No doubt this question is still counter in your mind. So, now there is time to clear it out. Both juicers Omega j8004 and Omega j8006 are perfectly working and highly designed under specialist supervision. Hard to find but just because the price and same efficiency in working Omega J8004 are the best to buy according to our point of view.


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