Moen Motionsense Haysfield Vs Arbor: Which Faucet Is Best For You?

It is a contrast to the Moen Motionsense Haysfield and Arbor touchless tap. The Moen’s kitchen tap will style your kitchen additionally resourceful and attractive. These faucets are not only practical and useful, but also they look beautiful too. Hence, this Moen Motionsense Haysfield Vs Arbor review will definitely help you as a helpful handy guide. Primarily, it will offer you every single jiff of info you essential to choose which Moen hands-free faucet is correct for you.

Specifications: Comparison Table of the Moen Motionsense Haysfield vs Arbor Faucet

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Similarities: Moen Haysfield Motionsense Vs Arbor Faucet

In an age of home automation and technology, the Motionsense kitchen tap is absolutely a very warm welcome addition. The brand of Moen is recognized for its excellent kitchen kinds of stuff and fittings. Similarly, the Arbor and the Haysfield faucet are one of them. So, selecting between these 2 can be fairly puzzling, as asides from certain esthetic changes and a few structures. These taps are fundamentally the same. So here are the similarities between them.


The Moen Haysfield with Motionsense and the Moen Arbor Motionsense taps are designed almost similarly. As they equally have tall arches with stretched pull-down streams. Additionally, a thin neck provides them an elegant appearance just like a swan. The breadth of the stalk slowly but surely grows as we go down from the neck and reach the base side. Moreover, a handle is fastened to the base for hands-on working.


The installation of either faucet is very simple and easy. Both contain what’s coined equally the Dura lock speedy attach installation system in them.


The loveliness of both models by Moen Motionsense faucets is in their ‘hands-off or touch less’ capability. As you know very well that while culinary or washing dirty utensils, most of the time, our hands become messy. In this situation, if you hunger to shoot on the tap sans staining it with jiffs of food or transporting germs and dirt. Then of course you can effortlessly resolve this very common but uncompromised problem with one or the other Motionsense faucet.

Using the Motionsense expertise, you do not have to physically contact the faucet to custom it. As for your comfort, the Moen establishes the wave sensor at the upper fits of the faucet. So, when a hand movement is sensed around the faucet, it will start working. Furthermore, to end the water flow while you have completed the task using the tap. Just wave the hand once more above the sensor. The sensor at the tap’s base power on the tap, detecting that a thing is below the spray. When you take out the thing from the sensor’s trail, the water flow halts running.

Similarities: Moen Haysfield Motionsense Vs Arbor Faucet

Additionally, Motionsense wave is a variation of the Motionsense technology arbor in certain models of Moen Arbor. Therefore, this expertise customs 1 sensor situated at the base of the tap relatively than the upper side, in place of creativity in the dual-sensor Motionsense.

However, this touchless facility is not deprived of its objections. Chiefly, in the starting few months of usage, the probabilities are that your hands might float about the faucet. All of a sudden the tap might start on, and your clothes or the sleeves can get wet. Or else not as good as, you are doing your work in the bowl of the sink, and the sensitive sensor at the bottom detects an item and turns on. Consequently wetting whatsoever it is you are making or doing.

Primarily, these ‘mishaps’ might be annoying, however, you can permanently deactivate both or one sensor. In spite of these tiny disadvantages, most of the consumers love the Motionsense technology at all. Due to its efficiency, convenience, and ease, people love and rely on these faucets offer in the kitchen.


Moen Motionsense Haysfield faucets and the Moen Motionsense arbor faucets provide 2 spray choices. In this way, to do away with hard clutters with the least energy, you can select a potent spray. Or on the other hand, you can select a stable stream of water according to your desire.


Both faucets contain a built-in Reflex structure that permits you to expand the hose at a good distance. As an outcome, the hose is adaptable, and you can easily utilize it to do a number of kitchen jobs a long way from the sink.

Furthermore, a button on the showerhead aids to stop the stream of water even though the hose is yet extended. In addition, to set back the showerhead to the base, just leave it and let it go. In like manner, it will go back itself automatically and re-attach definitely to the tap again.


Primarily, the Motionsense or hands-off sensors in both faucets work with the faucet or batteries, or even you can easily plug the faucets into the wall. Mainly, the faucets arrive with a 6 AA battery.

However, an AC adapter is not comprised. So, most of the consumers complain that the faucet’s batteries don’t last for a long time. Consequently, it will essential to change them frequently. Though in case the batteries are not working and the service of power is interrupted, no need to worry at all. Because you can always and simply use your faucets physically by using the handlebar at the base.


Both are manufactured with similar water consumption and flow rate of around 1.5 to 2 GPM (Gallons per Minute) of water.


Moen Motionsense Haysfield faucets and the Moen Motionsense arbor faucets arise with a limited warranty lifetime.

Differences between Moen Hand Free Faucet Haysfield vs Arbor Faucet

Differences between Moen Hand Free Faucet Haysfield and Arbor Faucet

Let’s discuss the major differences between Moen Motionsense Haysfield vs arbor faucet now in detail.


Moen Motionsense Arbor Faucet

The Arbor faucet has a curvy and sleek design as well as a small flare. At the same time, there is no edge in the Arbor faucet.

Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet

There are 2 main differences regardless of clear similarities design-wise. Firstly, the Hayfield faucet handle is flat with an amazingly simple design. Secondly, the Haysfield’s base has a round edge at its foot.

Differences between Moen Hand Free Faucet Haysfield and Arbor Faucet

The declared winner is: Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet


Moen Motionsense Arbor Faucet

The Moen sensor faucet Arbor arises in 3 colors:

  1. Chrome
  2. Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  3. Spot Resilient Stainless Steel.

A large number of consumers are inclined to favor the spot resilient stainless steel color as its label proposes, that it will not only safeguards the faucet from water spots but also from fingerprints. This quality is the symbolic mark of a tap that has been utilized over time.

Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet

Due to the clear inclination of customers towards the spot resilient stainless steel color. The Haysfield was launched in simply 1 color choice: the spot resilient stainless finish. That guarantees your faucet will be spot-free during its lifetime.

Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet

The declared winner is: Moen Motionsense Arbor Faucet


Moen Motionsense Arbor Faucet

You can mount the Arbor tap only with 1 hole and 3 holes sink submissions.

Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet

At the same time, the Haysfield tap works on 1, 2, 3, and even 4 holes sink applications.

The declared winner is: Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet


Moen Motionsense Arbor Faucet

Mainly, the length of the Arbor faucet hose is considerably extended than the Haysfield’s faucet. The hose length of the Arbor faucet is approximately 24 inches.

Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet

The length of the Haysfield Motionsense faucet is much smaller than the Arbor faucet.

The declared winner is: Moen Motionsense Arbor Faucet


Moen Motionsense Arbor Faucet

The Moen Motionsense Arbor faucet does not contain a soap dispenser. On the other side of the coin, the Moen Motionsense Arbor faucet is designed deliberately with an eco-performance spec. That assists you efficiently in preserving water use by consuming a lesser amount of water. At the same time, it provides the best performance.

Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet

While the Moen Motionsense Haysfield faucet arises with an excellent feature of the soap dispenser.

The declared winner is: Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet

Pros and Cons: Moen Motionsense Haysfield vs Arbor Faucet

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Moen Motionsense Haysfield Faucet” cons_title=”Moen Motionsense Arbor Faucet” ][i2pros]Pros
Hands off sensors for ease
Offered in an excellent spot-resistant finish
Arises with a superb soap dispenser
Smaller hose length
Hands off sensors for ease
Offered in an excellent spot-resistant, chrome, and oil brushed bronze finish
Extended hose length
No soap dispense


Q1. Can you bypass Moen Motionsense?
Ans. Yes, of course. To deactivate both sensors in the faucet: just grip your hands straight above the “wave sensor” for roughly 5 (five) seconds. Clearly, the water will start to flow and then automatically turn off. This will indicate that Motionsense touchless has been deactivated.

Q2. How long do batteries last in the Moen faucet?

Ans. While the blue LED (light-emitting diode) sign at the bottom of the spray blazes. It’s high time for you to understand that the batteries of your faucet are going low. Not to panic at all. Just open the cover on the battery box and change the 6 (six) AA batteries easily. Furthermore, the battery life is roughly 1 (one) year.

Q3. Does a touch-less faucet need electricity?

Ans. Touch-less taps need electricity to work. Either via consuming batteries or through joining an electric plug-in the fence. You have to check the packing of the touchless faucet formerly you place the order for it. In this way, you can confirm the appropriate power source for the faucet.

Q4. How do you reset a Moen Motionsense faucet? Or Moen Motionsense faucet won’t turn on?

Ans. Obviously, there are a number of models of the Motionsense faucet by Moen. Therefore the directions beneath may differ a little for your specific model of the Motionsense faucet. Though for a rearranging of the faucet or your Moen Motionsense faucet won’t turn on. You essential to take out the data cable and power source of the faucet. Which is usually laid through the line. So, now follow these instructions to reset or to turn on a Moen Motionsense faucet:

  1.       Trace the control case below your sink (it can be black or gray)
  2.       Detach the source of the power from the control case (A/C adapter or battery pack)
  3.       Detach the data cable or wire from the control case (the black cable)
  4.       Here you have to wait for almost 1 minute. So that the control case will reset
  5.       Confirm that the sensor on the Moen Motionsense faucet is open and clear from anything that may hinder with it
  6.       Now plug-in back the power cable and also the data cable as well
  7.       Don’t touch the tap for approximately two minutes at least until it starts back on.

Note: You may notice here that the blue color light above the sensor flashes two times. This specifies that the Moen Motionsense faucet is working correctly now.

Final Verdict

Both faucets are no doubt wonderful and excellent. Deliver one of the best touchless facilities available in the marketplace. These two best touchless faucets can fulfill the needs of almost every kitchen easily.

The chief determining features in this comparison are basically the extended length of hose in the Moen Arbor faucet and the soap dispenser addition in the Moen Haysfield faucet. In case you frequently utilize the pull-down feature of hose. Then you must go for the Arbor faucet. On the other side of the coin, if you must require a “soap dispenser” in your faucet. Then go for Moen Haysfield faucet.

However, the Moen Motionsense arbor faucet can do mainly all the work that Haysfield can. Also, the arbor is cheaper than the Haysfield. Additionally, it has an eco-performance approach. That surely benefits you to decrease the water bill. Moreover, a sale might close the breach between both faucets. However, at the usual price, the additional feature of the soap dispenser of the Haysfield does not value the additional dollars.