An Ultimate Comparison Instant Pot Duo Nova vs Duo Evo Plus

Multifunctional cookers with increased functionality and several configurations seem to be instant pots to prepare an even tastier dinner. In addition to quicker cooking periods, the finest instant pots have additional practical features such as well before settings, LCDs and adjustable parameters. People loved how quickly they could prepare their dishes with the Instant Pot, which typically requires hours to finish. Instant Pot says this even boils up to 70% quicker.

In this post, two Instant Pots – the Duo Nova and Duo Evo Plus are to be looked at. Examine them to all the details.

Comparison chart between instant pot duo vs duo nova

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Size of Instant Pot duo nova versus duo plus

As both Instant Pots are produced in various sizes, our 6 quarter variations will be compared. It’s really Instant Pots’ best popular model. In addition, all items in Instant Pot offer a 6 quarter variation. This means that most households with up to 6 individuals are generally large enough. You may get your 8-quarter varieties whether you possess an even larger family. Note, there is a 10-quarter variety in the Duo Nova.

Use and Purpose of duo nova and duo Evo plus

The Duo Nova and Duo Evo Plus are both superposed. The cooker, steaming, rice cooker, slow cooker, heater, yogurt maker, and development are significant and sears are both useful. You can make meals from thousands of good recipes with this kind of cooking capabilities. You really can obtain the Instant Pot Recipes app completely free of charge on iOS and Android smartphones.

Packaging and Warranty of duo nova and duo Evo plus

Duo Nova and Evo plus Instant Pot are easy to transport. The instant pot, an additional screening ring, and a steaming rack are included. Instant Pot, finally, is a trustworthy brand. Instant Pot promises a warranty repair for 12 months.

Instant Pot duo nova vs duo plus: Smart Programs

This is where things are turning enormously. Smart software from Instant Pot is awesome. This utilizes a microprocessor placed in the prison cooker but also, for such perfect cuisine, adjusts time and time. You may anticipate amazing rice, beans, kinds of pasta, meats, and when utilizing the correct intelligent software.

Nothing can sneeze in the Duo Nova. It includes over a decade of programming and covers almost all of the foods you prepare. Please note, although, that Duo Nova 3qt is less programmable than Duo Nova 6qt, Duo Nova 8qt, or Duo Nova 10qt.

There’s no competition here since 48 clever applications are provided by the Duo Evo Plus. The Duo Nova is around four times more. Even if you purchase the 6qt Duo Evo or perhaps the 8qt Evo plus Duo, it shouldn’t matter, all are very much the same. I usually tend to mention all of the programs, but still all 48? When you do, every product list should be checked.

Just note that even though the Duo Nova can prepare the most food, almost every dish you can imagine is cooked by Duo Evo Plus. Smart programs, as more than just a side note, are excellent but you may also cook manually. We can do everything with the correct time or temp parameters. Smart programs are not necessary, but they are beneficial.


Instant Pot Duo Nova vs Duo Evo Plus-Differences

The Duo Nova has many features, will not get us incorrect, but for novices, it’s preferable to have a low printing cooker with some of the most important products and programming. Although distinctive including both size and in size, this is the single benefit contrasted to the Duo Evo Plus.

The Duo Evo Plus, nevertheless, wins in all categories. It contains 2 more pieces of equipment and around 3 dozen more intelligent programs. Moreover, it features an awesome blue LCD screen.

Instant Pot Duo Nova review

Why Choose Instant Pot Duo Nova?

Why Choose Instant Pot Duo Nova

Duo Nova Cooking Programs

The Duo Nova and the Duo Evo Plus have comparable characteristics as described previously. But we’ll talk about where they’re different.

14 smart programs are integrated into the nova plus instant pot. It contains most of your main meals. As soon as you utilize the correct settings, either Duo Nova or Duo Evo Plus may be prepared with tasty food. You may make meals for your family by using the Instant Pot cooking app and surprising them with amazing flavors.

Price concern of Instant Pot Duo Nova

As there is a huge variation in their functions, the Duo Nova and the Duo Evo Plus also vary in price. The Instant Pot Duo Nova has a cheaper price tag, as you would tell from previous lines.

Small differences between Duo Nova and duo Evo Plus

Duo Nova and duo Evo Plus have tiny variations that can offer you plenty of advantages.

The Duo Nova and the Duo Evo Plus both include an intelligent lid. The innovative simple seal lead screens you Instant Pot immediately, so steam will not leave. In addition, with only a push of a fast-release button, if you wish to discharge any steam within the pots. The Duo Nova and Duo Evo Plus are also both machine-type “set and forget.” One will thus be happy to hear both Duo Nova and Duo Evo Plus have more than 10 integrated security features; hence you didn’t have to worry about the use of them everywhere over your family. Finally, it includes a heating element of 1000 watts to let you prepare food more quickly.

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus review

Why Choose Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus?

Why Choose Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

Duo Evo Plus Cooking Programs

Whereas the 14 clever Duo Nova programs are outstanding, the number of preset culinary programs that Duo Evo Plus offers will wow you greatly. The Duo Evo plus Instant Pot features 48 preset cooking modes. It’s four times the Duo Nova. The Duo Evo Plus produces video and bakery services, not to mention. This being said, because of the additional programmed cooking schedules, you can master meals with Duo Evo Plus.

Price concern of Evo Plus instant pot

The Evo Plus instant duo is more costly than that of the Nova duo. Their price gap is nevertheless not as big as the Duo Evo Plus capabilities may suggest. Therefore, once you have the additional cash, the Duo Evo Plus can be better than just the Duo Nova. So your Duo Evo Plus will no longer represent your favorite cooking mom. The Instant Pot Duo Nova wins this classification for its incredibly affordable pricing.

Small differences of Duo Evo Plus

The Duo Evo Plus likewise includes a fast cool deck, apart from a clever lid. Instant Pot offers a quick & reduced pressure relief time using QuickCool technology. It includes a detachable indoor pot, which has a simple handle, unlike with the Duo Nova. Furthermore, the Display unit is still the largest on the front side of the Duo Evo Plus. This view is inclined and sufficiently light to see in a distance. It has a driver and heat dispersing cap, similar to Duo Nova. Finally, it comes with a stronger heating element of 1200 watts which may cut pre-heating time substantially. So it’s also faster to prepare your food.

Accessories of duo Evo plus vs duo nova

What about accessories? Now they were also linked. The two screw rings are provided with a pan and place and also the frying pan in steel material. The major change is that even the Duo Evo Plus does not have grips in its slow cooker.

In addition, these two traits are extremely similar. Do have a simple sticky lid, which stops steam from flowing when cooking under pressure. These also have included an easy-to-release valve to keep you from burning. They include an additional screening ring.

Pros and Cons of Duo Nova and the Duo Evo Plus

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Instant Pot Duo Nova” cons_title=”Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus” ][i2pros]Pros:
• With its lower price, one can obtain 7-in-1 cooking appliances.
• The easy to manage makes an immediate pot dual Nova a new player device.
• You may cook a broad range of meals using 14 smart programs.
• They can’t reasonably change their pricing because Duo Evo Plus could do more!
• Contrary to Duo Nova you may sub-vide and bake with the Duo Evo Plus.
• Prepare more tasty meals with 48 well before cooking programs with Instant Pot Evo Plus.
• The price point is quite good.
• This isn’t tighter budgeted for individuals.

Frequently asked questions

Is the instant pot DUO Evo Plus worth it?

In general, the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus is a fantastic choice if you are searching for an Instant Pot that is easy to operate and is cooked perfectly.

What is the difference between instant pot duo and duo nova?

The Duo Plus has a sophisticated 9-in-1 Instant Pot architecture, 15 one-touch, intelligent programs, and an Easy-sealed cover. In contrast with Nova the Duo Plus can only be found in the usual formats (3, 6, and 8qt) and only 13 smart single-touch models as well as the Cake and Beans/Grains applications are not accessible in the 3-quarters size.

Which Instant Pot should I buy in 2021?

Instant Pot suggests a 3-quarter model for one or two persons when it comes to finding the correct size. The 6-quarter multifunctional cooker is likely to satisfy a family of six or less. It is considering spring for an 8-quarter model if you have a significant household or entertain huge people regularly. Many brands also have choices.

Do professional chefs use pressure cookers?

It still has to be seen if pressurized cooking becomes more famous with chefs, but most don’t utilize it in the restaurant. Mostly because the taste cannot be monitored or adjusted. This simplifies the usage of other ways of cooking.

What is the benefit of using a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers shorten cooking time by up to 70%. The time that foods typically keep boiling or steaming off the original flavor and nutrition is significantly reduced. Pressure cooking generally increases food’s wealth and organic tastes.

What’s so great about a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker cooks the food around 30% quicker than traditional steaming, slow cooking, and braising techniques. Cookers are very handy for high elevation cooking. As the height increases, the overall pressure of the atmosphere is decreasing and water boils at lower temperatures that prolong the cooking time.

Is the pressure cooker healthy?

Pressure cookers also consume 50 to 75 significantly less energy because of shorter cooking periods, reported to the American Energy Efficient Economic Council. Pressure-cooked meals preserve greater (and also taste) essential minerals than boiling foods, since nutrients may disintegrate into less water.

Does a pressure cooker use a lot of electricity?

They consume 300 watts that is greater than 50% less for a classic oven, for 3 to 12 hours. Pressure cookers utilize high pressure to cook meals quicker, saving power.

Can you put frozen meat in a pressure cooker?

In the instant pot, you can prepare frozen meat securely since heating temperature cooks food fast. The Instant Pot helps to bring rapidly frozen food to just a suitable temp, but unlike pressure cooker, inside which frozen food can remain within a harmful range of temperature for too prolonged.

Which is better stovetop or electric pressure cooker?

Electric pressure cookers are generally slower than stovetop cookers and take approximately three times more for our testing. However, they are easier to use, and once you know how much time your recipes need, less care should be required than stovetop versions.

Is the duo Nova worth it?

The DUO Nova is also an excellent choice and an excellent price for the majority of individuals that desire a flexible cooker that is able to produce food as simple as feasible. The Duo Nova is a fantastic starting machine. The Nova includes a simple screen cover, a quick steam discharge, an LED display screen, and an indicator of the cooking status.

Which brand of a pressure cooker is best?

Here are the 7 best pressure cookers brands

  • The most popular brand is Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Pressure Cooker
  • Easy to use pressure cooker is T-Fal Clipso Pressure Cooker
  • The best pressure cooker for Experienced Cooks: Breville Fast Slow Pro Pressure Cooker
  • Best for Crispy Food is Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker
  • The best Multi-use cooker is Zavor LUX Edge LCD Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker
  • Best for Large Servings is Yedi 9-in-1 Instant Programmable Pressure Cooker
  • The most affordable cooker is Presto Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Winner product

These two pressure cookers are amazing, so it’s all you need. If you ever need 48 cooking programs, 9 gadgets, and several safety devices for the most powerful press cooker currently on the market, Duo Evo Plus would be for you.Nevertheless, the Duo Nova is ideal for everyone if you want a cheaply priced cooker that has strong features and is flexibly sized.


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