Arctic mx-4 vs Arctic silver 5 – What is the Best Thermal Paste 2021?

Build a new computer? If so, you shouldn’t ever neglect the little items you should acquire apart from the CPU, GPU, and memory. It’s the duel between Arctic Silver 5 and Arctic MX-4, the two most common thermal pastes just on market. The market has several thermal kinds of pasta, although it can assist to reduce your temperature by several levels while using the finest thermal paste. We will check the results of two famous thermal materials in today’s post – Arctic Silver 5 and ARCTIC MX-4.


Quick Comparison of Arctic mx-4 vs arctic silver 5

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Types of Thermal Paste

The selection of the right thermal paste involves the fitting of a paste that is suitable for the computer and the competence level of such a person applying. For most being, liquid metal pastes are to be avoided. Paste on metal is very good for heat dissipation but potentially harmful for novice users.

Viscosity and Ease of Installation

Apart from the risks of electricity, certain pastes are more readily available physically than some others. You will need to understand something about the viscosity of dough before you attempt to use it, but if you’re an expert builder. Considering the viscosity can assist you in not squeeze the wrong quantity of paste out. Furthermore, for this usage for thinner pastes, the types of application techniques you need on a thicker paste are not always the same.

Quantity of Paste

You will not have to bother about just the supply of thermal paste when you put only thermal paste across one or two CPUs. Almost all thermal paste tube upon this market is supplied with sufficient paste for CPU installation. However, you would want to note the amount of paste you obtain when you buy if you are conducting more than one small installation. Some companies give sufficient space to cover dozens of separate facilities.

Thermal Paste Lifespan

Whenever you look at the amount of thermal paste in such a tube, it is not a good way to begin creating illusions over years of usage. The life span is only two or three years for many thermal pastes. Thermal paste does not get good aging. You’ll want to discard what paste is left behind after you’ve been sure that you’ve installed properly your CPU cooler.

Each paste changes its application life. Up to the top, you will come across pastes that promise eight years of their effectiveness. On the bottom end, you will discover manufacturers that propose every 2 – 3 years to replace their paste. The best part, albeit decreased from its initial condition, is that after all three years these passes will probably keep delivering high efficiency.
Arctic silver 5 vs Arctic MX 4 – Differences

Arctic silver 5 vs Arctic MX 4 – Differences

Why choose arctic mx-4?

Temperature Drop of Arctic mx-4

While ARCTIC failed to specify the reduction in temperature which the MX-4 can achieve, it was allowed to say it for them by professionals. It worked nicely at 36.9 degrees centigrade for an air-cooled CPU with MX-4. And although the temperature difference is tiny, the temperature is still incredibly low. In addition, the air cooling GPU was measured at 67.5 degrees Celsius at a lower temperature. That’s a stunning delta of 2 degrees! The micro-particles contribute to high heat conductivity, as noted before. The ARCTIC MX-4 is hence ideal for overclocking or other uses. This entire means that the ARCTIC MX-4 is unwilling to overcome the AS-5.

MX-4 Material and Composition

The ARCTIC MX-4 is composed of micro-particles of carbon. High heat conductivity is achieved when micro-particles are used. The ARCTIC MX-4 never damages your electronics, as this is metal-free and is therefore not electrically conductive. Instead of thermal pastes metal nano oxides and liquid metals. This category is gain because of the lowered danger of the ARCTIC MX-4.

Longevity of arctic mx-4

The ARCTIC MX-4 generally lasts longer and fades slower, while delivering improved performance. The ARCTIC MX-4 will last eight years once treated compare to the yearly reapplication of AS-5. This is a technique while this 8-year gap will be a major technological development. You may have to repair your PC altogether after it dries up because it could be obsolete by then. Exactly for this reason ARCTIC relies heavily on the guarantee for 8 years.

MX-4 difficulty of Installation

The paste of the MX-4 is smooth and simple to apply. But if you have no expertise with thermal paste, there is virtually minimal chance of causing a mess or using too much inadvertently. The simple form of the application tube allows it particularly easy to prevent hardware losses or otherwise leaks.

Why choose Arctic silver 5?


A temperature drop of silver 5

AS-5 may decrease the temperature of the system by 3 to 12 grades Celsius by Arctic Silver adversely affects. The average global temperature reduction was substantial, according to users, approximately ten degrees. The AS-5 achieves 37.7 degrees Celsius, compared with Air-cooled CPU benchmarks. While being in the air-cooled GPU, 69.5° Celsius is achieved. If the efficiency of the ARCTIC MX-4 is compared to side-by-side, the AS-5 works worse. The AS-5 is half the cost of the MX-4 and is quite good.

Arctic silver 5 material and composition

99.9% purest silver in the AS-5 was utilized by Arctic Silver. Arctic Silver states that it employs 3 distinct pure silver shapes and forms to optimize particle to particle interaction and therefore enhance its heat conductivity. While silver is the finest power supply, the AS-5 is not powerful. However this is the case, Arctic Silver states that it is still marginally capable of electric traces, pins, and slides and therefore should be kept away. Consequently, undesirable issues might be caused.

Longevity of silver 5

The replacement of thermal paste every several years is not essential, according to Intel. I recommend that it replace once a year. Moreover, reapplying it for a cause or seeing the temps greater than normal is a fantastic suggestion if you eliminate your cooler. There is a user report that the AS-5 finally dries out, which shows that frequent maintenance is necessary. The above-indicated danger of problems resulting from defective use does not make the AS-5 a newcomer. Finally, AS-5 may be supported with a 2-year guarantee only in two variants: 3, 5, and 12 g.

Silver 5 difficulty of Installation

Even when a variety of thermal pastes have been installed previously, you will be into an amazing surprise when you never experienced Arctic Silver 5 paste. This is because it truly is a silicone-free synthetic oil composition. The oil-based nature of the Silver 5 AS5 also permits processors to applies in a manner that is just impossible for other heat pastes.

The heat leaving your CPU is increasingly thinner, leaving behind just thermally essential items, after it has a place and your CPU activates initially. The final application not only provides a very good thermal energy exit uniformly. It also offers a sort of long-lasting stability that can assist maintain this paste in future years. The high-density structure of this paste implies that the installation is a bit more practical, but finally for everybody.

Pros and Cons of Arctic silver 5 vs MX-4

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Arctic mx-4″ cons_title=”Arctic silver 5″ ][i2pros] Pros:
• Better cooling by 2C.
• MX-4 is non-metallic and non-electrically conductive.
• 2-degree temperature differential makes MX-4 more overclocking-capable due to its better efficiency.
•  Do not need to routinely replace thermal grades.

• Even if it costs more than AS-5 in every area.

• 99.9% Pure silver for a more thermally conductive transmission.
• Simple to use and to delete.
• While its thermal performance is worse.
• Rather lengthy guarantee is provided.
• There are no metallic particles; therefore there will be no difficulty with electrical conductivity.

• You will need to address the danger to use the AS-5 short circuit.

Frequently asked questions

Is Arctic Silver 5 still the best?

For those who want to spread the paste to numerous CPUs, the Arctic Silver 5 AS5 is the right solution. It means to last 8 years, meaning that your CPU may outdate before changing your paste.

Is Arctic MX 4 the best?

I’d advise the MX-4. No healing time, no lead time, and a little improved performance (<2C). AS5 was formerly a highly strong paste, but, there were better options now for a few days.

Do arctic silver 5 go bad?

You claim that it sets and it does not work, yet for 3 years I have used the same tube. If you keep it on its sides (not on the right side), it is probable that any settlement will spread throughout the tube and will remix when it is squeeze.

Is Arctic mx4 corrosive?

Safe use ARCTIC’s MX-4 is not good conductors of electricity or metal-free, unlike pastes built on metal oxides as well as liquid metal. This reduces the possibility of short circuits and prevents concern about the corrosion attack produced by liquid metal just on the base of the radiator.

Does arctic silver need to cure?

Arctic Silver says that the Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste needs up to 200 hours of breaking time to “cleanse” and stabilize its efficiency.

Is expensive thermal paste worth it?

No, it’s just going to work okay. The more costly thermal pastes may offer you more time, but you don’t have to purchase them at all.

Can we use toothpaste instead of thermal paste?

Toothpaste is also a very good thermal paste replacement. After some days their structure declines, particularly when the working temperature is high.

How long does Arctic mx2 last?

MX-2 is demanding in terms of durability, compared to silicone or metal paste. If applied correctly, that has up to 8 years of shelf-life.

Can Vaseline use as thermal paste?

The combination of extremely thin aluminum powder with Vaseline oil could use as a further option for thermal paste. To prevent the existence of little tiny bubbles, the blends must be mix for a minimum of 10 min.

Does replacing thermal paste improve performance?

The incorrect type of paste not just to increases the PC temperature, and might also damage its efficiency. If the thermal gel is apply enough, the CPU/GPU will remain cool with heating.

What happens if you use too much thermal paste?

It can serve as an insulator if you applied too many thermal pastes. Inside the best scenario, the paste might be useless, or in the bad case, you can overheat components.

Does thermal paste need to cover the entire CPU?

If you try to make sure you’re using sufficient paste to coat the whole surface of the CPU, you’ll most likely wind up with more paste. The thermal paste is intent to cover tiny gaps on both CPU and thermal dish surfaces.

Winner product

Thermal pastes are really good and we have a true winner, the Arctic MX-4. Another great benefit is that now the paste doesn’t need any cure time for the Arctic Silver 5 at 200 hours, as is the case with the low temp if idle either under load.

Just at the time, it introduces in 2004, arctic silver was a nice paste, but technology is ongoing and better options now. It may last up to 8 years and does not require ever update this unless you want to leave the same CPU running for 8 years. The Arctic MX-4 is an extremely good heat paste that keeps low temperatures overall.


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