RCA Viking Pro vs RCA Galileo Pro: Which 2-in-1 tablet is best to buy?

Have you been thinking about buying a tablet but aren’t sure which one to buy? If so, then you are on the right page. There are a variety of tablets available in the market. But, RCA tablets are the best choice for those looking for a reasonable and easy-to-use tablet. In this guide, we compare RCA Viking Pro vs RCA Galileo Pro. However, these tablets come with detachable keyboards at a very affordable price which is currently available on the market. RCA Viking Pro and RCA Galileo specifications, as well as features and weaknesses, are compared for your ease. So without further ado let’s get started.

Side By Side Comparison Chart – RCA Viking Pro vs RCA Galileo Pro

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Similarities – RCA Galileo Pro vs RCA Viking Pro

Tablets from RCA are durable and offer good comfort. One of the most popular products that they manufacture is the 2-in-1 tablet. Furthermore, a comparison of RCA Viking Pro vs RCA Galileo Pro shows that they both are similar tablets. Similarly, both are popular and affordable 2-in-1 tablets in the series.

Now let’s look at the similarities of RCA Galileo and the Viking Pro tablets.

How long do the RCA Viking and Galileo Pro tablets last?

The Viking and Galileo tablets run on the same lithium-ion batteries. Both tablets should have a battery life of approximately 6 hours when fully charged. However, if continuously used the battery lasts about four hours. For instance, if you use it continuously like for playing games then the battery lasts for 4 hours.

RAM, Storage, And Processor Of RCA Galileo Pro And Viking Pro

Oops! There is no difference in RAM or storage between these two devices. Moreover, both the RCA Galileo Pro and the RCA Viking Pro are equipped with a 1.3 GHz Quadcore processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of memory storage capacity. So, both run very smoothly and effectively. Though, this might not be the best choice if you want a multitasking tablet.

But you will find its performance fast enough to accomplish what you need. With Galileo, you can play games, watch videos, and check your email easier due to its lower resolution. Therefore, the Galileo Pro shouldn’t require as much processing power for basic tasks as the Viking Pro. For such basic tasks, the Viking Pro is also good, but it sometimes freezes.

The RCA Viking Pro Versus The Galileo Pro – Differences

In general, both tablets perform the same, but one performs better than the other. However, if we put both tablets side by side then we can see that they differ in various ways, such as price, size of the screen, weight, or other factors.

Now it’s time to see differences in RCA Viking Pro vs RCA Galileo Pro and learn how they differ from each other. Continue reading to find out what tablet is the best option from the screen size and other aspects.

What is the screen size of tablets?

screen size of tablets

RCA Viking Pro

The RCA Viking Pro is among the most powerful 2-in-1 android tablets. It features a screen of 10.1 inches and the resolution of the display is 1280×800. Further, as compared to Galileo Pro it has a sharper resolution. This display ensures that users don’t experience any issues with viewing angles.

RCA Galileo Pro

In contrast, the screen size of the RCA Galileo is 11.5 inches and greater than Viking pro. Unfortunately, the screen has a low resolution of 1024×600. TFT screens are also problematic from a viewing angle perspective. However, when the device is tilted one way or the other, it will appear brighter or darker.

The winner is – The RCA Viking Pro

Difference between the operating system of the Viking vs RCA Galileo Pro

RCA Viking Pro

The Viking Pro tablet is equipped with the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. This tablet is compatible with most apps found in Google Play Store so you can download them easily. However, Viking pro provides smooth performance but the Galileo is superior in this category.

So we recommend you purchase the RCA Galileo Pro tablet if you want a high-performing device.

RCA Galileo Pro

On the other hand, the Galileo Pro tablet features the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. Compared to Viking Pro, it performs better and faster.

The winner is – The RCA Galileo Pro

Compare The Number Of Ports Of The Viking And Galileo Pro

ports of the Viking and Galileo Pro

RCA Viking Pro

The Viking Pro has the least number of ports which are HDMI port, USB port, SD card port, and headphone jack. Moreover, it is also equipped with a Bluetooth port.

RCA Galileo Pro

The RCA Galileo Pro is equipped with lots of features like a micro SD card slot, full USB and micro USB port, DC jack, headphone jack, and microphone ports.

So, if you want a tablet that has numerous ports that ease your use then invest in RCA Galileo Pro.

The winner is – The RCA Galileo Pro

RCA Galileo Pro And Viking Pro – Pros & Cons

We do a comparison of RCA Viking Pro vs RCA Galileo Pro. It’s time to compare the Pros and cons of both 2-in-1 RCA tablets.

Pros & Cons

RCA Viking Pro
  • Pros
  • A great product at an affordable price
  • Have enough battery life
  • The resolution of the screen is sharper that is 1280×800
  • Customers are satisfied with this good quality tablet
  • Cons
  • It freezes while in use
  • The clarity of the screen is just OK
RCA Galileo Pro
  • Pros
  • It offers multiple features that make it easy to use
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Equipped with a fast processor that allows you to type documents effectively without stuttering
  • Wireless connection- Bluetooth and wifi
  • Comes with different types of ports like a headphone jack, USB port, microphone, and many more.
  • Cons
  • Comes with a high price tag

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RCA Galileo Pro a good tablet?

Yes, because you can use the tablet as a computer and it comes with a detachable keypad. The RCA Galileo has a USB port and an easily portable device. However, it has a 5/5 rating on Amazon.

Does the RCA Viking Pro have a camera?

Yes, the Viking Pro has a 2-megapixel front and back camera. Unfortunately, the camera quality is not very good.

What is the newest RCA tablet?

The RCA Galileo Pro is the newest tablet that features a detachable keyboard and runs the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. Even more, the tablet’s 11.5-inch screen boasts clear, vibrant colors that will take your breath away.

How do I update my RCA Galileo pro?

Firstly, connect to the internet and go to the setting. Select the system upgrade the menu item and click it. Then on the next screen, the RCA tablet shows if the upgrade is available or not. So, if available you can download and install it.

How do you screenshot on a tablet without a home button?

When you press the power and other down keys simultaneously, you can take a screenshot. On the other hand, the screenshot will not be captured if you do not press the keys at the same time.

Can you draw on an RCA Galileo Pro?

Yes, you can draw, write, tap and swipe for up to 12 hours using the ULTRA-ACCURATE 2mm pen tip on the Galileo Pro (11.5″) screen.

How do I rest my RCA Galileo Pro tablet?

  1. Go to setting and click on the System option
  2. Then click on the rest option
  3. Choose to erase all data
  4. Click the rest tablet option at the bottom
  5. The confirm option appears to click on that and erase all the things
  6. After erasing the data on your device, it will reboot and may display progress information.

Final Verdict

Lastly, both the tablets have some similar characteristics. But when we compare RCA Viking and Galileo Pro, then Galileo wins over Viking. The Galileo Pro is lightweight, Android 6.0 operating system, and has more ports. Hence, it is a more appropriate device. So, the winner of our comparison RCA Viking Pro vs RCA Galileo Pro is the Galileo Pro tablet. 


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