JBL party box 100 vs 300 wireless Bluetooth speakers- which one is the best for ultimate party beat?

When you do not want wires all over your house or around you while listening to your favorite music, JBL party box 100 vs 300 wireless speakers are a terrific option. You won’t have to come up with new ways to hide the cables or try to keep others from tripping over them. Most individuals are aware that they desire wireless speakers for this reason, but they are unsure which wireless speakers are appropriate for them and their needs.

The two top wireless blue tooth speaker brands, JBL party box 100 and 300, are compared to determine which is the finest in a party beat. This article will walk you through all of their characteristics, allowing you to choose the best one for your needs.

JBL 100 and 300 party box- A comparison chart

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Wireless Bluetooth speakers, JBL Party Box 100 vs 300 – Similarities

The JBL party speakers share a lot of characteristics. A few of these will be covered in more detail further down.

100 and 300 party boxes- built quality

They are both strong and long-lasting. Both are made of high-density polyethylene. The body is sturdy and tough to prevent it from breaking. They look to be formed of the same substance. In each case, the controls and connectors are also well-built. If you take proper care of the speakers, you will not have any problems with them for many years.

JBL party box 100 and 300 speakers-Wireless stereo quality

Both gadgets offer wireless stereo and may be easily paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Now is the time to pair your hearts.

Input connection and light showing the ability of both speakers

Both speakers have an in-built connection and the capacity to exhibit light. Mic or guitar cord, USB cord, and Aux- I cord are all supported by both JBL party boxes 100 and 300. When it comes to the ring light feature of both wireless speakers, there is no difference. Each of them provides stunning ring lights in a variety of modes. In both circumstances, switching modes is a good idea. They also only have two ring lights each.

Light-reflecting effect of both 100 and 300 wireless speakers

Without vivid disco lights and unique, vibrant colors, a party is dreary. As a result, you’ll get a sense of the entire party. The light mode option on both the JBL party box 100 and 300 creates a variety of colorful lighting effects.

Bluetooth connectivity of wireless speakers

When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, both speakers are equally capable. Both enable uninterrupted music listening. There is no difference in Bluetooth range, which is more than 10 feet in both cases.

Warranty card of party boxes Bluetooth speakers

A one-year guarantee is included with both the JBL party box 100 and 300 speakers. If there is a technical problem or disorder, you can change it.

Differences between the JBL party box 300 and the party box 100 speakers

Even though both JBL wireless speakers have a lot in common, the JBL model has a few distinctions, such as:

Weight of wireless speakers

JBL party box 100

The JBL party box 100 is smaller and lighter than the JBL party box 300, as well as any other JBL speaker. It weighs 9.70kg and has reduced dimensions of 90 mm 288 mm 551 mm, making it easy to move by one person and proving to be comfortable.

JBL party box 300

The 15.84 kg JBL party box 300 speaker requires some effort to move. But it is not a particularly weighty piece.

The winner product is JBL party box 100

Ease of Portability of both speakers

100 JBL party box

The JBL Party box 100 is particularly portable due to its small, compact form. As a result, you can effortlessly transport them wherever you go. It may, however, be too heavy for some. The two handles on the size make it easy to carry because they assist you.

JBL party box 300

If you look at the specifications of the JBL Party box 300, you will notice that it’s slightly larger and heavier than its competitor. It does, however, feature a handle that makes it a little easier to carry around.

JBL party box 100 is the winning product

The output power of JBL wireless 100 and 300 speakers

JBL party box 100

The JBL speaker’s output power varies depending on its size and dimensions. JBL party box 100 has a 160-watt output power.

JBL party box 300

Due to the larger size and dimensions of the JBL 300 speaker than the JBL 100 party box, the output power of the JBL party box 300 is 240-watts.

JBL party box 300 is the winning product

Style of 100 and 300 speaker

JBL party box 100

This speaker is made of plastic and boasts a high-quality metal grille on the front. This was incorporated into the design to keep the speakers safe and secure. If you find the lights to be too bright, you can turn them off. It also features two stroboscope lights on the inside that may be turned off if needed. They can be arranged either in horizontal or vertical positions.

JBL party box 300

The JBL Party box 300 is quite large when compared to the previous generation. This, too, has a similar metal grilled to keep the drivers safe. It also features an enthralling design. You can use this device either horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs.

JBL party box 100 is the winning product

Bass boosters of both wireless Bluetooth speakers

JBL party box 100

Bass is a must-have feature for party speakers. JBL party box speakers, without a doubt, are party killers. At all volumes and bass settings, the Party box 100 has a deep and clear bass.

JBL party box 300

The Party box 300 features unprocessed low bass. The bass from 300 party speakers is far more powerful than the bass from 100 party boxes.

JBL party box 300 is the winning product

Wireless Bluetooth speakers- charging Time

JBL party box 100

It is vital to charge the speakers to retain a positive battery response, and you must charge the speakers for a specified amount of time to get a higher charging quality. The charge time for the JBL speaker 100 is 6.5 hours.

JBL party box 300

The recharge time for the JBL wireless party box 300 is 5 hours long.

JBL party box 300 is the winning product


Pros and Cons

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”JBL party box 100 speaker” cons_title=”JBL party box 300 speaker” ][i2pros]Pros
• More portable and lighter than the Party box 300
• Wireless Bluetooth speaker with bass booster
• Not only can you connect by cables, but it also has a robust and stable Bluetooth connection option
• A wide range of input possibilities and a long battery life
• It also comes with a pole mount, allowing it to be seen and heard from a greater distance
• It takes longer to charge than the JBL party box 300

• 18-hour battery life, nothing will be able to stop the jamming
• A two-level Bass booster is included in the light effect
• Excellent communication, both wired and wireless
• The speaker features handle to make carrying it easier
• There is no pole mount included
• Expensive, large, and heavy speaker[/i2cons][/i2pc]

What to look for before buying a wireless blue tooth speaker?

There are only a few things to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker.

Multi-speaker configuration and wireless range

Most decent wireless speakers support multi-unit pairing (daisy-chaining) and can maintain a stable connection to a source device across a distance of at least 30 feet, even when passing through walls and furniture. Good speakers have a small amount of distortion even at maximum volume, and the best way to decide which one to buy is to listen to many speakers and see which one produces the cleanest audio.

Waterproofing and durability

Speakers have always been immaculate instruments, but with the introduction of a new line of activity-oriented speakers, you can now choose speakers that will not be destroyed by a few unintentional falls.

Separate bass drivers or radiators

A separate bass radiator is used by good speakers, allowing for stronger bass delivery. It also gives the primary driver greater room to deliver crisp, detailed minds and well-balanced highs, while the passive radiator pumps out powerful, clear lows.

Portability and audibility

When purchasing a portable speaker, make sure it is truly portable. You should be able to easily transport the speaker. Portability is related to comfort and convenience. To determine the device’s portability, evaluate its size, style, design, and all other qualities.

Loudness and battery life

Loudness is vital, and you can find out how loud it is online or by asking the company. Make sure to check the frequency range, which should be between 100Hz and 20,000Hz for most excellent speakers. If you spend a lot of time outside, you’ll need a lot of battery power.

Speaker’s price ranges

This is the most important consideration when purchasing a speaker. Speakers can be purchased for as little as rupees 30,000 and as much as rupees 1 lac or more. As the price rises, the sound quality, frequency, and other characteristics alter. A low-cost, powerful speaker can be purchased for between 30,000 and 40,000 dollars. If you’re a true audiophile, you’ll have to pay more for a higher-quality speaker.

Final verdict- which air fryer is right for you?

The JBL Party box 100 is the victor after a thorough product evaluation and comparison. The JBL Party box 100 has more to offer in terms of build and quality. You can easily bring it anywhere with you because of the tiny design. Furthermore, the JBL Party box 100 has a somewhat higher audio quality and soundstage performance than its competition. Because of its smaller size, the Party box 100 is better built and more portable. It also boasts a greater soundstage performance and a more balanced sound profile.

JBL party box 100 speaker

The overall winner product is JBL Party box 100 speaker


Q: Can the JBL Party boxes 300 and 100 be used together?

A: For the True Wireless Stereo connection to work, you must utilize the same speaker model. JBL Party box 100 + JBL Party box 100, as you may connect these two utilizing TWS.

Q: What is the maximum number of JBL speakers you can connect?

A: You can use Bluetooth to connect up to 100 JBL speakers wirelessly. You can listen to stereo sound or double the volume. JBL offers a variety of solutions for interconnecting several speakers. It is not possible to connect all of the speakers at the same time.

Q: Can the JBL Party box 100 be connected to other speakers?

A: In TWS mode, the two Party box 100 speakers can connect. Press and hold both speakers for 5 seconds, a tone will sound to indicate that the speakers are in pairing mode. You will hear another tone once the TWS connection has been established.

Q: What is the volume of the JBL 300?

A: The JBL Party box 300, at 65dB, is still a contender in its own right! Although it provides the same JBL distinctive sound, the Party box 1000 outperforms the Party box 1000 in terms of volume and bass response.

Q: What is a suitable decibel level for speakers?

A: The sensitivity of an average speaker is roughly 87 dB to 88 dB. A speaker with a sensitivity rating of more than 90 dB is regarded well.

Q: What is TWS mode, exactly?

A: The track while scan (TWS) mode of radar operation uses some of the radar’s power to track the target or targets while the rest is used to scan, as opposed to the straight tracking mode, which uses all of the radar’s power to track the acquired targets.

Q: What is the maximum number of JBL Party box 300 you can connect?

A: You can use TWS (true wireless stereo) to connect two Party box 300s by holding the Bluetooth button on each for 5 seconds at the same time.

Q: Does the JBL Party box 300 come with a waterproof case?

A: Because the JBL party box 300 is not dust, water, or impact-resistant, you should exercise caution when using it.