Sony x800h Vs x900h: Which 4K LED TV Is Better For Home Entertainment?

Undeniably, Sony is a leading brand in the TV market for years. It has been introducing the latest features, sleek design, and irresistible performance in its products. Sony X800H and Sony X900H are its top-notch 4K smart TVs vying for the minds and hearts of their intended customers. Both are the choice of many folks due to their impressive performance and great gaming features. Here, we create a comprehensive comparison between Sony x800h vs x900h to help you decide which one is worth your investment.

Let’s dive into detailed feature analysis of Sony x800H and x900h for making an intelligent buying decision!

Sony x800h Vs x900h: Side By Side Comparison Chart

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Sony x800h Vs x900h: Similarities

Both the x800h and the x900h 4K ultra HD smart LED TVs are part of Son’s 2020 TV lineup that wins the heart of many folks due to their exceptional performance. Being mid-range smart TVs, both models are great in many respects. They are not only fancy accessories for your living space but also make your day better by offering a full box of entertainment.

offering a full box of entertainment

Here are the details of various competitive features the Sony X800H and X900H offer in common!

Smart TV Platform Of x800h And x900h

Both the Sony x800h and x900h come with a similar Sony Android TV platform. Their Android smart TV platform brings a wide range of content providers offering plenty of premium entertainment. Besides, you can access the Play Store to access a wide range of your favorite smart apps and games. Overall, both Sony TVs are a great entertainment hub for your home.

Both Sony TV Have X1 4K HDR Processor

The Sony x800h and the x900h has X1 4K HDR processor that provides you high-end clarity and a life-like experience. Both models use advanced algorithms to cut noise, enhance picture details and improve the overall viewing experience.

Moreover, they improve the texture of any resolution and upscale 2K pictures to near 4K with 4K X-reality Pro technology. Thus, you get super high-resolution and finer quality with both 4K content and non-4K content.

HDR Support & Dolby Vision

Both Sony TVs have HDR support along with Dolby Vision compatibility that takes your watch experience to another level.

Both Sony TVs Have Triluminos Display

Both Sony TVs have Triluminos Display

The x800h and Sony x900h feature Triluminos display is another highlight feature of these Sony models. With this display, you get a wider color spectrum and color range. Besides, Triluminos display improves the image quality to a great level. As a result, the audience is deeply engrossed in the world on the screen.

Remote Control Of Sony x800h And Sony x900h

Typically, both Sony ultra HD smart TVs come with a similar voice remote control. The included remote control allows you to conveniently control your TVs with your voice.

Are These Smart TVs Have Virtual Assistant Compatibility?

It is another selling point of the Sony x800h smart TV and Sony x900h smart TV. Both support Google assistant and are compatible with Alexa as well. Besides, they support Apple Airplay 2 and HomeKit and allow you to integrate your iPhone and Siri devices. Overall, you can manage your smart home devices and stream unlimited content with these Sony TVs.

Sony x900h vs x800h- Dedicated Game Mode

Sony x900h vs x800h- Dedicated Game Mode

The x800H and x900H Sony 4K TVs have a dedicated gaming mode that takes your PlayStation experience beyond expectations. Whether you opt for Sony x800h or x900h you enjoy next-level, smoother, and more responsive gaming.

Connectivity Options

Both the Sony x900hand the Sony x800h have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. Thus, you can connect to other devices and stream your favorite content by connecting to a fast and stable internet connection.

Moreover, both Sony 4K smart TVs have a plethora of ports. You can attach your phone, camera, and USB devices using their USB ports. Besides, multiple HDMI connections can even support your home theater system.

Are They Environmental-Friendly?

Both Sony X800H and X900H are packed with various environment-friendly features to keep up with Sony’s vision (leaving no/zero environmental footprints). Their backlight control and energy-saving mode conserve energy and make them energy-efficient smart TVs.

Moreover, They have a display-off mode that allows you to use your TV with the display off while your TV isn’t on full standby. You can cut billing costs with any of these two Sony smart TVs.

Differences Between Sony x800h And Sony x900h

Although there are many similarities between the X800H and X900H, they are significantly different in terms of quality and performance. Let’s closely look at their differences to decide which one is better to buy the Sony x800h or Sony x900h!

Sony x800h vs x900h- Design & Build Quality

Sony x800h

The Sony x800h ultra HD TV has a plane frame and V-shaped legs. You can either place it on a flat surface or mount it on a wall. However, the wall mount brackets cost you extra bucks. The narrow blazes and slim design give it a refined appearance and give the ultimate watching experience. Overall, it is a standard-looking design having sturdy and high-quality construction.

Sony x900h

On the other hand, the Sony x900h ultra HD TV comes with premium build quality and a sleeker and modern design. The V-shaped metal feet slide into the x800hand to hold it stable on the flat surface. Although the x900h 4K model has a wide footprint, you still get plenty of room in front to place a soundbar or other décor.

Moreover, you can also mount it on your wall. The metal stand support it well it looks ultra-slim. Besides, it doesn’t wobble much and gives you an ultimate viewing experience from each angle. Overall, this premium and nice-looking TV is a great choice to elevate the aesthetics of your living space.

The Winner Is: Sony X900H 4K Smart LED TV

Do They Come With Multiple Screen Sizes?

Do They Come with Multiple Screen Sizes?

Sony x800h

Another selling point of the x800H Sony TV is it comes in 6 different screen sizes. You can select the 43-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch screen sizes. The various screen sizes come at different prices. Therefore, it is relatively cost-effective for you as you get the same feature with all screen sizes. We suggest choosing a size that fits your space, satisfies your needs, and is under your budget.

Sony x900h

Although the x900h also offers various screen sizes, it comes in only 4 screens sizes instead of 6. You get 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85” screen options to choose from. Multiple screen options make your buying decision more efficient and straightforward.

The Winner Is: Sony X800H 4K Smart LED TV

Picture Technology Of x800h And x900h

Picture Technology of x800h and x900h

Sony x800h

We already know that the Sony x800 and x900 come with X1 4K HDR processor and Triluminos display that provides super clarity and high-resolution content. However, both TVs have different contrast and backlight technologies. Therefore, the out differs in terms of vibrancy and quality. The Sony x800h comes with Frame dimming on its edge backlight. Besides, you get greater depth and excellent texture with an Object-based HDR remaster technology.

Moreover, the Live color technology caters to more vivacious color details. Additionally, Dynamic Contrast enhancers bring an optimized range of brightness frame by frame on the display. Although it is typically a basic version of the counterpart, its IPS panel offers the widest viewing angles, so pictures don’t degrade as you move off-center. Ultimately, you get a life-like and great user experience.

Sony x900h

On the other hand, Sony x900h possibly has all technologies featured in x800h. Additionally, it has some rampant innovations such as Precision color mapping to enhance and optimize colors exclusively. It brings better contrast vibrancy due to Full-Array local dimming on a Direct LED backlight. The X-Tended dynamic range makes it great for dark room viewing as well as getting great experience in a well-lit room.

Furthermore, it has a better contrast ratio and peak brightness than the x800h TV. The only downside with the x900h model is it has a VA panel instead of an IPS Panel and therefore has narrow viewing angles. You may face issues while using this TV in wide sitting arrangements.

The Winner Is: Sony X900H 4K Smart LED TV

Sony x900h vs x800h- Refresh Rate Technology

Sony x800h

The Sony x800h 4K TV feature Motionflow XR 240 refresh rate technology. Its motion enhancer technology (refresh rate) is based on a 60 Hz refresh rate that is quite good for streaming content and as a gaming console.

Sony x900h

Alternatively, the Sony x900h features X-Motion Clarity motion enhancer technology. It has a 120Hz refresh rate. You get very minimal to zero motion blur and more fluid motion pictures with this Sony model as it has better refresh rate technology than the x800h model.

The Winner Is: Sony X900H 4K Smart LED TV

Speaker System of Sony 4K TVs

Sony x800h

Although both the Sony x800h and x900h have 2Ch 20W speakers system, their systems are slightly different from each other. It has X-Balanced speakers and a Bass Reflex speaker system that delivers great sound quality. Besides, you can get a 2.1” Soundbar to enjoy your content to the full extent.

Sony x900h

In contrast, it comes with X-Balanced speakers and has Dolby Atmos support like the x800h model. However, it comes with Acoustic Multi Audio speaker technology instead of Bass Reflex speakers. Thus, you get better and more immersive sound quality with this Sony model.

The Winner Is: Sony X900H 4K Smart LED TV

Which Sony TV Gives Better Gaming Performance?

Which Sony TV Gives Better Gaming Performance?

Sony x800h

The Sony x800h Ultra HD 4K TV has up to par gaming performance. You can connect a wide range of gaming systems and devices with this model and enjoy your favorite games. Just plug in your play station and view the movement in high definition in its smooth gaming mode.

Although it lacks VRR technology, it still delivers outstanding input lag performance. Thus, if you are one of those folks who play games more often, this is a great pick for you.

Sony x900h

Unquestionably, you get better picture quality and streaming experience with the x900h premium 4K TV. The same goes for gaming performance. It is the best of the best choice for competitive gaming. This is because, it offers reduced blur, better motion clarity and contrast ratio, low input lag,  and enviable response time. Even more, it gets VRR support after receiving a firmware update and delivers an exceptional gaming experience.

The Winner Is: Sony X900H 4K Smart LED TV

Sony x800h vs Sony x900h- Value For Money

Sony x800h

The Sony x800h 4K HDR TV comes with a sturdy design, good image quality, great gaming performance, decent sound quality, and more. You can say that it is a basic version of x900h that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Thus, it is great for those who want a budget-friendly and mid-range 4K TV from a trusted brand.

Sony x900h

In contrast, if you want everything up to the mark, the x900his the one for you. However, you need to spend more to get higher features and incredible performance. So, if the pricing is not a big deal for you, this model is truly worth the investment.

The Winner Is: A Tie

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=” Sony x800h” cons_title=” Sony x900h” ][i2pros]Pros:
Energy-saving & environmentally friendly.
Excellent response time.
Incredible Triluminos display.
Great picture and sound quality.
Decent gaming performance with little input lag.
Multiple screen sizes to choose from.
IPS panels offer wider viewing angles.
Sturdy and budget-friendly 4K TV.
Minimum HDR peak brightness.
Average color accuracy.
Doesn’t support Bluetooth audio plug-ins. [/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
Subtle and sleek design.
Energy-saving & environmentally friendly.
Great HDR picture quality and high peak brightness.
Incredible Triluminos display.
Minimal input lag.
Full-bodied and amazing sound quality.
The excellent gaming performance and immersive viewing experience.
Great contrast ratio and life-like colors
Fast and better response time.
Support VRR after a firmware update.
Limited viewing angles.
Relatively higher price tag. [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sony X800H worth it?

Yes, the Sony x800h 4K TV has crisp and detailed image quality and great gaming performance. Besides, its plenty of smart features at an affordable price make it worth buying. However, if you want more controls and full-featured smart LED TV, consider the x900H model.

What comes with Sony X900H?

The Sony x900h 4K smart LED TV comes with a table-top stand, AC power cord, quick setup guide, a voice remote including batteries, and an instruction manual.

Is Sony X800H good for gaming?

The Sony x800h is a decent option for gaming as it has low input lag and great response time. However, it comes with a low contrast ratio and is not recommended for darkroom gaming.

Does the Sony X900H have Dolby Vision?

Yes, the Sony x900H supports Dolby Vision HDR format.

Does Sony x900h have a variable refresh rate?

Yes, the Sony x900h supports VRR (variable refresh rate) after receiving a firmware update. This feature allows you to adjust the refresh rate in real-time for getting a better, smoother low-lag gaming experience. The VRR range of x900H is 48 to 120 Hz.

Final Verdict

To sum up, both the Sony X800H and the Sony X900H are the two best 4K models out there. You can play your favorite games and browse desired content with them. You can’t go wrong with any of the two. However, the X900H is superior to the X800H as it gives better gaming and viewing performance.

If you don’t mind the price, the Sony x900h 4K LED TV will be your best bet. Because you get a better contrast ratio and color reproduction, higher peak brightness, and incredible gaming experience by paying a little extra. But if you have a limited budget, the x800h is still a decent and great choice to go with. In the end, make up your mind according to your budget and preferences.

The ultimate winner of the Sony x800h vs x900h comparison is the Sony X900H 4K smart TV.

Sony x900h

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