OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4 — the best Bluetooth speakers trending

Today, there is a tremendous impact of music on people all over the world. The invention of Bluetooth speakers for music has led music lovers towards a variety of sounds at any place. Conveniently, you can take Bluetooth speakers anywhere to enjoy dance, jamming, and soul sounds. In addition to that, you do not need to charge them again and again, as the perfect chargeable battery allows you to enjoy your music for hours. When it comes to the popular water-resistant music speakers, OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4 take the prior places. But the question is, which one is the best Bluetooth speaker? Therefore, clearing your minds, we provide you OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4 comparison so that you will choose which other is better for you and which one is not. Let’s have a look.

Comparison table for OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4/ specifications of OontZ VS JBL

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Similarities between OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4 (OontZ VS JBL)

There are the following similarities that you must know while comparing OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4. So, here we are:

Bluetooth Version and Sound type:

OontZ Vs JBL comparison table clearly shows that OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4 have the same Bluetooth versions as Bluetooth 4.2. The version provides you the great Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect your mobiles/ sound devices with them, conveniently. Moreover, there are transistors that provide a wider range of connections therefore by sitting in another room, you can connect to the devices more precisely.

OontZ Angle 3 has a connectivity pace of near to 100 feet, and you can take the same for JBL FLIP 4. It is because, both the devices have the same Bluetooth version 4.2. Other than that, both speakers have the same stereo sound type. That means you will get the same clear sound, amplification, resolution, and loudness of the sounds. Impressively, OontZ and JBL have high-quality Connectivity features as well as sound systems.

Portability and non-wireless connectivity:

Sometimes, the battery gets down, or you do not get time to charge your speaker. Therefore, OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4 provide you with non-wireless connections like AUX-in, Microchip slot, and Microphone option. The choice of multiple-connectivity is so much convenient and cheap that you can buy an ordinary affordable AUX wire and connect your device with the speaker.

Along with that, if you have USB or music card chips, then you can also put them into the speaker and play your desirable list. Basically, the whole connectivity functions help you in saving your speaker’s battery. So that you will be able to use it for the places you want in the future easily.OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4 — the best Bluetooth speakers trending

Speaker type (indoor/outdoor):

As both, the speakers are water-resistant so that you can use them indoor and, for he outdoor use. Specifically, the problem comes when facing hurdles in using speakers for the outdoor. But impressively, OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4 are compatible for outdoor usage. You can take the speakers to pools, roads, open grounds, small rooms, large halls, and in rain. These speakers are specially designed for music lovers and dancers, therefore you can use them for dancing competitions.

Differences: OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4

To buy any product, mainly you need to know the difference between them. Specially, you must go for the specifications that complete your need of time. Therefore, we are providing you with the clear differences between OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4. Let’s have a look:


Although OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4 have the same Bluetooth version 4.2, there is a clear difference in their working abilities. Let’s have a comparison:

OontZ Angle 3:

OontZ Angle 3 is a versatile device, but it does not connect to more than one device. Therefore, you can only use a single device while using it. It’s a problem because when you use a speaker at a party or rushy place, you need to connect multiple devices for higher sound. Unfortunately, this feature lacks in OontZ angle 3. Also, OontZ angle 3 does not pair with 2 speakers.


JBL FLIP 4 is much more versatile than OontZ angle 3 in connectivity. At the same time, you can connect 100 JBL devices collectively with a single speaker. Moreover, it is compatible with iPhones, laptops, and other Bluetooth devices. You just need to switch on the Bluetooth of devices and connect it with JBL and make a louder sound and enjoy your party.

In addition to this, JBL FLIP 4 connects 2 devices at the same time. It means that you can connect two mobiles with the same JBL Speaker. The level of sound and entertainment is higher in JBL.

Conclusion: JBL FLIP 4 is the winner 

Design and built-in properties:

With the advancement in technology, there is a great invention in designing and processing. When you compare the designs and properties of OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4, you will definitely observe the difference. So, check it out.

OontZ Angle 3:

The incredible device has a more angular design with three-sided corners. The shape of the speaker looks like a triangle or pyramid, with smaller dimensions of 5.3 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches. Parallel to this, the weight of the speaker is not too much, as it counts only 9 ounces. Therefore, you can hold it easily, and also you can place it in smaller places like you can adjust it with a wall. The bottom of OontZ angle 3 is flat so that you can adjust it with an object also. 


JBL FLIP 4 has a round or cylindrical shape. With the round shape, you can grab it in your hands easily. Additionally, the complete surface area takes around a 2.76 x 6.89 x 2.68 inches dimension. The weight of JBL FLIP 4 is 1.14 pounds, which means it is more in weight than JBL FLIP 4. Moreover, the two terms clarify that OontZ angle 3 is lighter and smaller in size so that you can use it more conveniently. Because the size and weight of a particular device can not be ignored as it prefers the feasibility of the device.

Conclusion: OontZ angle 3 is the winner

OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4


The battery of a speaker matters a lot because it determines its compatibility and portability. Effectively, a speaker with longer battery timing is more like to work properly. So, let’s have a look at OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4:

OontZ Angle 3:

The battery capacity of OontZ angle 3 is 2500 mAh that you can run for 14 hours continuously. Although the battery timing of OontZ is low, it can provide you the sufficient hours for music. Mainly, the use of a battery depends on the maximum volume that you run while using the music. The charging time of OontZ angle 3 is 8 hours, which is too much to handle. That means, for 14 hours of enjoyment, you will need to put your speaker on charging for 8 hours before.


JBL FLIP 4 has a very versatile battery like its functions. Amazingly, it has a battery power of 3000 mAh but with the louder sound, it provides 12 hours of music at the maximum volume. Additionally, you can connect multiple devices, so it will be easy and entertaining for you to use JBL. Moreover, it needs only 3 hours to get complete charged power. Therefore, you can use the speaker instantly after charging. Additionally, with a small charging time, you can charge it many times a day so that it will be convenient for you to use JBL FLIP 4. Clearly, the comparison shows that JBL FLIP 4 has a better battery than OontZ angle 3.

Conclusion: JBL FLIP 4 is the winner 

Audio Quality:

The audio quality of a speaker is the most important feature. If your speaker does not provide you with clearer sound, you can not enjoy your music properly. Also, the system is not good, then it may cause distortion of the music and sound. So, have a look at OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4:

OontZ Angle 3:

OontZ Angle 3 has a power booster of 10 Watts, but that is suitable for a room or small hall. Sufficiently, those people who enjoy music to a certain range can go for OontZ angle 3. Although the sound system is small, the echo of the speaker is clear to the last beat.


The music quality of JBL FLIP 4 is extraordinary with JBL Bass Radiators. Additionally, the fantastic Echo and sound-canceling speakerphone reduce the outer sounds so that you can get pure and clear music. From JBL FLIP 3, JBL has improved the quality of the sound effects. The Bluetooth streaming is powerful so that you can connect the device conveniently.

Conclusion: JBL FLIP 4 is the winner 

Waterproof stability:

OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4

If it’s a rainy season, then how will you take your speaker outside? Definitely, the problem comes when your device is not waterproof because it will retard your enjoyment while listening to music. Moreover, for the pool parties, you will need a waterproof speaker. So, let’s have a look at OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4:

OontZ Angle 3:

OontZ Angle 3 has IPX5 water-resistant properties. It means that it can resist water splashes, but you can not say it is waterproof. Therefore, it would be better if you do not soak it into the water. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the system of OontZ angle 3. 


JBL FLIP 4 is completely waterproof with the latest technology of IPX7. Amazingly, you can take it down into the pool as well. Also, it is convenient to use it in rainy seasons. Incredibly, it resists the water to get into the system. Therefore, it is the best Speaker for today with all the fantastic properties.

Conclusion: JBL FLIP 4 is the winner

Pros and Cons for OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4 

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”OontZ angle 3  ” cons_title=”JBL FLIP 4″ ][i2pros]Pros:
Cambridge Soundworks
100 feet sound system
With volume booster
Indoor and outdoor device
IPX5 water-resistant
14 hours battery timing
2500mh battery
8 hours battery charging time
5.3×2.8×2.6 inches dimension
9 ounces weight
AUX-in, chip connection, and microphones are available
Lithium-ion battery
With high-quality material
Triangular in design
Connects no multiple devices
Single mobile connectivity
JBL store product
Cylindrical in design
Provides wider sound system
With a clear stereo sound system
Range of 100 feet sound
Connects 100 JBL other devices at one time
Provide 2-mobiles Bluetooth connectivity
Bluetooth version 4.2
For indoor and outdoor use
Versatile and high quality
IPX7 water-resistant device
3000mAh battery
12 hours battery charged timing
2.76×6.89×2.68 inches dimension
1.14 pounds weight
AUX-in, Chip connection, and Microphone are available
Battery charging 3.5 hours
Lithium-ion battery
No cons are available.


Q1- Which one is the winner?

Ans: JBL FLIP 4 is the winner as we go along the upper statements. 

Q2- What is IPX7?

Ans: IPX7 is the technology that clearly shows that a speaker is waterproof. That means you can take your speaker into the pool and rain without any damage to it.

 Q3- What are the battery powers of OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4?

Ans: Apparently, OontZ Angle 3 provides a battery power of 2500 mAh while JBL FLIP 4 avails 3000 mAh battery for your system.

Q4- Clarify major differences in OontZ and JBL speakers.

Ans: Comparison / OontZ angle 3 vs JBL FLIP 4 is as:

JBL FLIP 4 has high battery power, a waterproof structure, high battery timing, and a feasible design.

OontZ Angle 3 has an angular and small body structure, suitable battery timing, medium battery charging, and stereo sound type.

 Q5- What is the Bluetooth version of both speakers?

Ans: Both speakers have the same Bluetooth version 4.2 so that you can choose any of the speakers on a version basis.

 Q6- What are the other common features of OontZ angle 3 and JBL FLIP 4?

Ans: Both devices have the same Bluetooth version, variety in colors, Audio Stereo Type, AUX-in, Chip connectivity, and Microphones.

 Q7- What are the sizes of speakers?

Ans: 5.3×2.8×2.6 inches is the dimension of OontZ angle 3 and 2.76×6.89×2.68 inches is the dimension of JBL FLIP 4, notably.


I conclude that with the comparison/ OontZ angle 3 Vs JBL FLIP, you can directly conclude which device is better for your use or which one is not. Expressly, the winner is JBL FLIP 4 as it has all those qualities that make a device worthy and compatible for use. But, users who want small functions at a reasonable price can go for OontZ Angle 3 also. So, the choice depends on the requirements of usage.

OontZ angle 3 VS JBL FLIP 4

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