Cosmos vs cosmos elite – Comparison details of VR systems

No adventurous game designer had experimented in virtual reality creation since the introduction of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy until about the Oculus Rift. Ever since there are several firms that entered this growing market. HTC, which created the famous Vive VR headsets, is among the top firms in the VR field.

Today, we’ll take a look at another HTC VR product: the Vive Cosmos. Interior track was utilized by HTC for a few of the Cosmos VR headsets. When compared to the previous HTC Vive VR headsets, this headset requires less installation. Without any further ado, let us just compare the HTC VIVE Cosmos with the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite.

Comparison between vive cosmos vs vive cosmos elite

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Similarities of HTC vive cosmos and the vive cosmos elite

Display of the vive cosmos and the vive cosmos elite

The HTC Vive Cosmos vs Cosmos Elite VR headsets are practically the same. Both VR headsets feature a dual 3.4″ LCD panel with such a quality resolution of 1440 x 1700 pixels per eye. Its total resolution is 2880 x 1700 pixels. HTC, interestingly, used an LCD in the Cosmos series rather than an AMOLED panel in their prior Vive VR headsets. The LCD panel they utilized, on the other hand, is excellent and equivalent to the more costly Valve Index. The LCD panel has sub-RGB pixels, which means that each pixel contains all of the RGB colors. Even though it loses more vibrant colors and darker, it’s doesn’t suffer from the sliding glass door impact as AMOLED panels do.

Refresh Rate and Field of View

HTC updated the panel technologies on the Cosmos range but did not modify or enhance the screen resolution or field of vision. The Cosmos and Cosmos Elite have 90 Hertz refresh rates and a range of views of 110 degrees. It was a shame HTC didn’t boost the refresh frequency of both Cosmos VR headsets. In the VR community, a panel with such a refresh rate of 90 Hertz and a range of view of 110 degrees is regarded as the basic minimum.

Flip Up Visor Design

The strapping system of the Cosmos and Cosmos Elite is halo-style. There seems to be a knob on the rear of these VR headsets in which you can spin to adjust them. Furthermore, both include top stretchy straps that keep the headsets in position. HTC got it right with their flip-up visor style. If you wish to return to reality, you don’t have to take the headsets altogether; instead, you simply lift it like such a visor. If you wish to observe your environment using the front cameras, you may still use the chaperone security function including both headsets.

The image quality of both HTC cosmos and the HTC cosmos elite

Both the Vive Pro and the Vive Cosmos top the market in screen brightness because of their high resolution and sharp screens. Because of the pixel-packed panels on such headsets, users probably wouldn’t feel any screen door influences, which contributes to richer visuals and a much more realistic viewing experience. Whenever the technology disappears into the backdrop, you’ll be completely immersed in the VR storyline and images.

The Vive Pro is powered by two brilliant AMOLED displays, each with a resolution of 1,440 x 1,600 pixels. AMOLED displays inky blacks and vibrant hues. The Vive Cosmos has a comparable 1,440 x 1,700-pixel pipeline per eye just like its business cousin, resulting in a somewhat higher field of view. The Cosmos, on the other hand, uses an LCD screen with complete RGB subpixels, resulting in a highly clear and vivid picture. Even Samsung’s Odyssey HMD has a display with such a higher pixel density, with such a resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 per eye. All refresh rates on vive cosmos headsets include 90Hz refresh rates including frame rates of up to 90 FPS, which are ideal for reducing motion sickness and nausea. They all have a 110-degree range of view, thus there is no variation in immersing in that crucial parameter.

Differences between the cosmos vive and the cosmos elite vive

Tracking technology the cosmos or cosmos elite htc vive

Tracking technology is an important component of a virtual realities system since it makes life more genuine and realistic. HTC Vive Cosmos and Cosmos Elite tracking technologies are vastly different.

HTC Vive Cosmos

As previously stated, the HTC Vive Cosmos seems to be more close to the Oculus Rift than just its elder Vive siblings. Instead of using SteamVR base stations, it employs some inside tracking techniques. This type of tracking is less difficult to install than lighthouse-based monitoring. You are not required to place lighthouses throughout your room. The Vive Cosmos handles everything for you. This is especially useful for those who move rooms frequently so because the setup is simpler and easier.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

The Vive Cosmos Elite, on the other hand, is equivalent to the previous Vive headset. It employs SteamVR tracking 1.0. Unfortunately, the setup process is more time-consuming. You must set a pair of lamps from across the room where you will play. All of your achievements will be rewarded when the Cosmos Elite’s exterior tracking becomes more precise. As a result, you will enjoy a much more enjoyable experience.

The Winner Is- HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

Faceplates of HTC cosmos and the elite cosmos HTC

Among the first noticeable changes between both the Cosmos and Cosmos Elite is their faceplate.

HTC Vive Cosmos

Because the Vive Cosmos employs inside-out tracking, cameras are required to monitor you, your emotions, and your environment. It’s because it has six cameras scattered around it. One disadvantage of these tracking systems is that it requires a pristine environment to function correctly. If somehow the room is too bright, too dark, too simple, or too busy, it will not function. To counteract this, you may purchase the Cosmos Elite faceplate, which provides far more precise and better tracking.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

Once you purchase the outside tracking faceplate, you will be unable to utilize the Vive Cosmos’s inside-out tracking and controllers. You will also lose two cameras. The additional cameras can be deployed to provide chaperone security. It’s worth noting that you’ll want two SteamVR base stations to use this extra faceplate. The HTC Vive Cosmos wins this award for improving the system.

The Winner Is- HTC Vive Cosmos


The Cosmos and Cosmos Elite each have their own set of controls.

HTC Vive Cosmos controller

The HTC Vive Cosmos includes the latest light-up Vive controllers. This illumination is then taken up by the headset’s six camera setup, which rotates your in-game hands. It’s an intriguing idea. However, as previously said, tracking precision is not very good. Some consumers even reported controller drift. Furthermore, the new Vive controller is powered by two AA Alkaline batteries provided in the box. That might be problematic for some because they will still need to purchase more batteries that once supplied battery run out of juice.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite controller

The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite comes with the same set of controllers as such original Vive. It does not brighten up because the lighthouses, instead of the camera array, conduct the majority of the tracking. This will be the same pair of controllers which most Vive users rely on and enjoy. It features a built-in battery pack with a battery life of about 6 hours. This set of controllers features micro USB charging connections. The Cosmos Elite won this classification because of its inbuilt rechargeable battery and dependability.

The Winner Is- HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

Price of the cosmos and the cosmos elite

Your choice is ultimately determined by the cost of both VR headsets. Will the added capabilities provided by the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite be worth the extra cost? Let us explore.

HTC Vive Cosmos

The VR headset industry is saturated with excellent options. In terms of design and functionality, the Oculus Rift S is the Vive Cosmos’ direct competitor. It too employs some inside tracking method; however, the Oculus excels at it. With Vive Cosmos costing more than the Oculus Rift S, it is tough to suggest. We are, therefore, comparing the Vive Cosmos to the Cosmos Elite. The Vive Cosmos set is, in fact, less expensive than the Elite version. Is it, however, worthwhile?

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

The Vive Cosmos Elite’s highly precise tracking comes at a higher price. When you already own the original Vive, then you may just purchase the Cosmos Elite headset, which is suitable with the existing Vive’s accessories. It is said that it may be less expensive than the Vive Cosmos. But, if you’re looking for your first VR headset, I’d recommend looking elsewhere. For this first VR headset buyer, the HTC Vive Cosmos is recommended because of its cheaper price tag.

The Winner Is- HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC vive comparison of pros and cons

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”HTC Vive Cosmos ” cons_title=”HTC Vive cosmos elite” ][i2pros]Pros:
• Dual 3.4′′ LCD screens
• A combined resolution of 2880 x 1700 pixels
• A refresh rate of 90 Hertz
•  Field of vision of 110 degrees
• A flip-up visor
• Safety function for chaperones

• No adjustability for eye distance
• The refresh rate should be greater
• Inaccurate tracking
• The gaming environment should be optimal
• Worst performing controller

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• Dual 3.4′′ LCD screens
• A combined resolution of 2880 x 1700 pixels
• A refresh rate of 90 Hertz
• A field of vision of 110 degrees
• A flip-up visor
• Chaperone security feature
• More precise tracking
• Compatibility with original Vive accessories
• Improved controllers
• There is no eye distance adjustment
• The refresh rate might be faster
• The SteamVR tracking 1.0 is still used

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Does the Vive Cosmos Elite improve tracking?

We have concerns about the basic version’s inside-out tracking not working properly in some situations. If the area is too bright, too dark, or too simple and featureless, the cameras will have difficulty distinguishing the controllers from the environment, resulting in painfully incorrect hand tracking. The Cosmos Elite solves this issue by utilizing the External Tracking Faceplate, which allows the headset to be used with Vive Base Stations.

That’s fantastic. The disadvantage is that you want the room to put up these trackers. The stations must be placed at opposing sides of a room, overhead height. Mounts are supplied, allowing you to place them in the room, use a tripod, or precisely place these on a bookshelf. They connect into the biggest supply (one for each) and require a full vision of the headset/play space to function correctly.

Headset connection to PC

The headset must then be connected to your PC or games laptop through the Display Port connector and a USB cable that plugs into the linked box that also requires a power source. You get the entire picture: you’ll need a lot of plug sockets.

All of this would be recognizable to current VR customers, although it’s worth mentioning that the Vive Cosmos sometimes doesn’t enable HDMI, so make sure your gaming system has a Display Port output. The entire kit comes with a Display Port to Mini Display Port converter, so it’s an alternative as well.

The Vive Cosmos Elite foregoes the LED-ringed controls in place of the traditional wireless Vive controllers. In our opinion, this is a good thing because they provide greater battery life, more precise tracking, and a much more pleasant feel in the hand.

One disadvantage we discovered was that everything had to be connected through Micro-USB to facilitate firmware upgrades. That’s a big deal, but it’s not something you’ll use daily. It’s strange, given the ease with which the regular Vive Cosmos controllers may be upgraded over the air.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Cosmos and Cosmos Elite?

Whenever you purchase a Cosmos Elite, you’re getting a Cosmos, and that they’ve changed the whole front faceplate to exterior tracking rather than the original’s inside and out tracking. Also, the color was switched to black. That’s all. However, the specs are identical to the Vive Cosmos.

Is the Cosmos Elite worth it?

There was a lot to admire about HTC’s Cosmos ambitions, but neither of those intriguing capabilities is available in the Elite. After a few months with it, I can say it’s a good headset, but well over twice the price of its nearest competition, it should be much more than acceptable.

Is Vive Cosmos better than Vive Pro?

The new Vive Cosmos expands on this with a redesigned flip-up goggle style, but the primary distinction headsets are that now the Pro depends on external sensors, whilst the Vive Cosmos utilizes integrated cameras, making it more appropriate for usage in small living room areas.

Are the Vive Cosmos elite better than the valve index?

To compare htc vive cosmos vs valve index, in terms of graphics, the Valve Index provides superior images over the other headsets. To begin, the Valve Index has a FOV of around 130 degrees, whilst the Cosmos Elite has just 110 degrees. The Cosmos Elite features a 90 Hz display, whereas the Valve Index seems to have a 120 Hz display.

Does Cosmos elite have finger tracking?

According to a video released on Twitter by HTC Vive’s China President, the HTC Vive Cosmos will feature the very same fingertip tracking SDK as the Vive and Vive Pro. Designers may incorporate it into their program, and it will function on every HTC VR headset.

Is the Cosmos Elite better than the cosmos?

The Cosmos Elite is superior to the two HTC Vive Cosmos headsets currently possible. Even though it employs the original Vive’s controllers and lighting base stations, this appears more accurate inside its tracking and hence more useful with most apps and games.

Does Vive Cosmos Elite have full body tracking?

Just keep in mind that it isn’t an entire monitoring package, but only the waist tracker operates. And it’s really bad without the foot trackers. They trick you into thinking you’re getting a fantastic bargain, but it’s more of a fraud.

Does Vive Cosmos need a PC?

The $699 price tag The Vive Cosmos is an elevated, PC-powered virtual reality headset. (Once, HTC stated that it could be fueled by a phone.) But for the time being, you’ll need a powerful PC.) And, instead of the outdated Vive remotes or the futurist Index controllers, it adopts the widely standardized Oculus Touch controller style.

How do you charge a Vive cosmos?

  • Plug the tiny tip of such USB Type-C cable into the USB Type-C connection on the headset.
  • Connect the USB Type-C cable’s opposite end into the power adapter.
  • To begin charging the headset, connect the power adapter to an electrical socket. When the LED turns white, the headset is completely charged.

Do Vive controllers take batteries?

The package includes four alkaline AAA batteries. Simply press out the entire battery container lid, and then raise it to replace it, with the controller staring down. Fill the container with 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Check that the positive and negative ends are pointing in the right way.

What does the red light on HTC Vive mean?

If the current light is red, use the following steps to remedy the problem: Disconnect and reattach the connection box’s headset 3-in-1 cable. Make sure the connections connecting the link box to your PC are correctly connected. As necessary, disconnect or reconnect the wires.

Winner product

With the word “Elite” in its name, it is clear that Cosmos Elite is better than its competitors. It features improved tracking as well as an improved controller. But, it comes at a high cost. If you’re looking for a low-cost method to try out VR for the first time, I recommend the Vive Cosmos. The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, on the other hand, is a no-brainer for anyone looking for the best.

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