Contrast linking: Fugoo Style vs Bose Soundlink find the best

Fugoo and Bose are great Bluetooth portable speakers, everyone loved to buy these. After experiencing both speakers I would honor to debate on it. I recommend which one you would buy. It’s cool to enjoy your life & these mini soundlinks add more joy to it.

Contrast Table: Fugoo Style VS Bose Soundlink

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Similarities: The Fugoo Style And The Bose Soundlink

All facts that make Bose and Fugoo similar elaborate importance in detail are following:

Sound channel for the best music:

The main reason behind purchasing a speaker is louder sound. For a party or any function, the speaker creates more enjoyment. With a 1.0 sound channel, you can play music with clear sound. Also, low & high-frequency sound adjustment is best for music. You can compare either Fugoo style or Bose soundlink are same in sound system.

Sound channel for the best music:

Connections with different multimedia:

First of all, there are many sources of connection with different multimedia like Android app, iOS app, PC app, Window phone app, Mac app, and integrated speaker, etc. Also, there is a micro USB connector for USB connection with the help of wired inputs. You can connect Bose or Fugoo without a port also like Bluetooth. In addition, the speakers have a headphone port which added benefit to it.

Waterproof for enjoyment enhancement:

Do you want to go to a pool party with your friends? Want to enjoy at beech? What you’re afraid of speaker’s damage? Then your wait is over. Both given speakers have the water-resistance quality that makes them more adorable. You can enjoy dancing to music no matter where you’re. You can easily be brought these speakers outside and have fun.

Wireless long-range connection:

What happened if your music-playing device is having distant from the speaker? There is a long-range wireless conductivity in it. You can connect your device from 32.81 ft away from the speaker and enjoy its sound. It’s the demand of the modern era to invent wireless devices your customer’s easiness & comfort.


Dissimilarities: B/w Fugoo style or Bose Soundlink

Different colors make your speaker attractive:

When it comes to the appearance of speakers there is a huge difference in their dimension and colors also. The different colors of both speakers make it more attractive & adorable.

The Fugoo style:

With unique style Fugoo speaker’s dimensions are 2.6 x 6.5 x 2.9 inches (H x W x D). Also, it is available in 2 decent colors silver & brown. Its size is compactable and solid in appearance which makes it durable for a long-lasting time. Fugoo is more demanding just because of its appearance & color availability due to its uniqueness.

The Bose soundlink:

The Bose soundlink has a square shape whose dimensions are 2.2 x 5 x 5.2 inches (H x W x D). It is available in 3 bright colors which are loved by youngsters. It also has a solid compactable body with easily controllable features. Its appearance is common and available in different brands.

The winner is Fugoo just because of its unique shape & availability in decent colors.

B/w Fugoo style

Weight for easy handling:

If you’re buying a mini speaker you want a lightweight speaker for easy carrying & handling. So, it should be easy for you to analyze the winner between Fugoo & Bose.

The Fugoo style:

According to its size and appearance, you can imagine its weight. With accurate measurement, its weight is 16.26 oz. It means you can easily take it outside wherever you’re going like camping or pool party. You can bring Fugoo with you easily.

The Bose soundlink:

Bose is minor heavier than Fugoo style. Its accurate measurement is 20.11 oz. So, with nothing more debating on it you can accumulate the difference. The Bose speaker is not much heavier you can carry it easily but there is a fight b/w both so it is minor heavy.

The clear winner is Fugoo style, nothing more discussion on that.

Bluetooth version for connectivity:

A Bluetooth version helps to increase the battery life and extend the range of its connectivity. Therefore, you have to select a more robust version of Bluetooth. With a strong connectivity connection, you’ll get satisfaction.

The Fugoo style:

The series above the 2.0 version is acceptable for good results. But in Fugoo style it’s available in the 4.0 version. With this updated robust version you get the best connectivity with more longevity battery life.

The Bose soundlink:

With the same series but minor differences, Bose Bluetooth version is 4.2. It means the same version with minor modifications and updates. You can say that it can easily connect with a strong range connection.

Due to minor differences, the Bose soundlink is the winner speaker.

Sound for comfort listening:

What kind of sound do you want to listen to from your Bluetooth? The true sound with ear’s comfort is called the best Bluetooth speaker. With our research on both speakers, we find out the true sound Bluetooth mini speaker for you.

The Fugoo style:

In true meaning, Fugoo is made for premium sound quality with more durability. You can put whatever in between this you can listen more loud and clear sound by it. It’s not only in conversation, we pretested it and found it as real as listed.

The Bose soundlink:

Bose soundlink is also a nice quality speaker with good sound quality. But when it comes to comparison b/w Fugoo and Bose it is less loud and clear than Fugoo style. It is not a neglecting point in a speaker but also obvious to choose one.

The winner is so prominent in “The Fugoo Style”.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”The Fugoo Style” cons_title=”The Bose soundlink” ][i2pros]Pros:
Fugoo style has the premium sound built up.
100% waterproof quality makes it more demanding.
Battery life is too long, you can use it for up to 10 hours.
It’s wired or wireless both connectivity is so compactable.
Also, there is a microphone that enabled your voice.
Quality of material beautifully maintained.
There is no prominent con in it.
Innovative Bose soundlink is a water resistance speaker.
Built-in microphone for the clear sound of conference or personal calls.
Battery life is compactable, you can use up to 8 hours.
Wireless Bluetooth & wired USB port is available in it.
Waterproof protection makes it more secure.
The sound quality is so smooth in listening.
It has short battery life as compared to Fugoo.
The price range is relatively high.


FAQ’s That Enhance Your Knowledge:

FAQ’s that enhance your knowledge:

Is Bose soundlink is better than JBL?

There are many models of both brands but we tested a particular one. We find the JBL speaker more superior as compared to Bose. With the best sound, more battery time, and durability JBL wins the competition. In Bose speaker, we find the best sound quality but with low volume and the price is relatively high.

Is Bose or Ultimate Ears better?

Ultimate Ears is a better working speaker as compared to Bose soundlink. With the suspicious soundstage & louder speaker without compression, Ultimate Ears wins. You can also customize its sound according to your choice. In this fight, it’s obvious Ultimate speaker leads. UE is more efficient than Bose.

What are the buttons on bose soundlink color?

Four buttons are the main controls of Bose soundlink as power button, Bluetooth button, input mode button, & volume decrease button. These all are used for easy controlling of your speaker. You don’t need to technically understand it. A basic household person can use the speaker easily without guidance.

Is Fugoo going out of business?

Nothing more it’s just a rumor. Fugoo is one of the loving speaker brands famous at the national & international level. You can buy it from Amazon online as well. In the given link, you can buy Fugoo Style speak with one click. So, stop worrying about it.

How do I update my Fugoo speaker?

It’s not so complicated to update the Fugoo speaker. You’ve to connect your speaker with a PC or Mac book & launch the updater. You can see the firmware version on the screen & if the version is older, run the Fugoo updater and install the latest firmware. Therefore, after a while, it gets updated and you’ll receive the notification of done.


Final Verdict

The final verdict means final result & last decision. So, our last decision is based on the result after the experiment. We found “Fugoo style” as a winner product. The reason is so clear like its battery life, price range, and other compactable features that you would love.

The Final Verdict: