Anker A3143 vs Bose: Which Portable Wireless Speakers Can Beat the Battle?

If you are looking for splendid speakers to keep around you then you’ve come to the right place. Anker and bose Bluetooth speakers will get the job done. However, both Anker a3143 and bose are differently able to deliver outstanding audio and features. They let you get rid of bulky and plug-in speakers. We will compare both portable speakers to kill the substantial competition between them. We’ll let you choose the best wireless speaker between Anker a3143 vs bose.

Side-By-Side Comparison Chart: Anker A3143 vs Bose

Firstly, let’s get into a detailed breakdown comparison to help you to decide, which wireless speaker, you should give a try.

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Things In Common: Anker A3143 vs Bose

Anker and Bose, are giving tough competition to each other by manufacturing flat, small, portable, and cool-looking wireless speakers. The essential advantage of wireless Bluetooth speakers is their portability. Moreover, BlueTooth speakers make it simple to share music with others any place you are. Furthermore, convenient Bluetooth speakers empower you to effectively and easily pay attention to music progressing whenever and any place. Moreover, the most important benefit of wireless Bluetooth speakers is portability, which makes it possible to enjoy music anywhere around the globe and makes it a social activity as well.

Things In Common: Anker A3143 vs Bose

A3143 vs Bose SoundLink Mini Both are portable speakers; you can carry them in your bag without feeling heavy.  A complete package that lets you enjoy the TV, movies, and audio just anywhere. They deliver sound with its breathtaking stereo bass, exceptional clarity, and zero distortion.  Let’s grab some features you can enjoy whether you are using Anker soundcore or bose.

Robust & Unibody Design Easily Go with You

The primary advantage of BlueTooth speakers is their transposability and light-weighted. Which makes it easy to carry wherever you are going. Moreover, heavy and bulky speakers are not suitable to carry at different places. Both Anker 3143 and Bose SoundLink Mini are lightweight and handy to grab at the park or yard.  Moreover, their robust and unibody design provides the perfect and astonishing audio experience at your home, garden, bike parties and, camping. Its position of safety allows you to put it anyplace and gives a low focus of gravity that makes it almost impossible to spill.

Astonishing Sound with Zero Distortion

Most people tend to use speakers with rich quality audio to have a splendid audio experience. Moreover, the sound can make or break your sound experience. To this, both A3143 vs Bose SoundLink Mini have breathtaking audio quality with deep bass. Furthermore, the sound is delivered with outstanding clarity and zero distortion. Both are having implanted high-sensitivity drivers with a patented bass port.

Built-in Control Panel for Speakers

The control panel on devices provides you the ability to view and change the device settings. It usually consists of multiple buttons for different settings. Fortunately, both the Anker soundcore and bose soundlink mini have a control panel on their body. Therefore, you can easily access the remote settings and volume control. Moreover, you don’t have to touch the cable or the other device connected to it.   

Bluetooth Connectivity: Anker a3143 vs Bose Speakers

Bluetooth Connectivity: Anker a3143 vs Bose

Bluetooth connectivity makes it a quite simple and effective way to make the wireless audio experience. You’ve got the effortless way to connect with both the Anker a3143 and the bose soundlink mini. Both portable speakers easily connect to your BlueTooth device. Moreover, BlueTooth connections enable you to listen to music on the way anytime. Furthermore, it ensures instant pairing, maintains a strong connection, and lets you enjoy your ride.

Compatibility: Anker a3134 vs Bose

The latest technology of BlueTooth is the most considerable aspect for wireless speakers. It maximizes device compatibility and pairing. Both, the Anker a3143 vs bose soundlink mini kept their promise by integrating the BlueTooth which can easily pair with your smartphone, PC, iPad, and other BlueTooth devices. Moreover, both speakers come with a range of up to 30 feet, therefore you can enjoy the audio without any cables.

Anker A3143 vs Bose: How Are They Different From Each Other?

Anyhow, both Bose Mini and Anker a3143 are known for portable batteries and have a tough market. Now, we came up with some differences which can turn the scoreboard. Eventually, you’ll be guaranteed which one you should buy.

Extensive Battery Life: Anker a3143 vs Bose

You can listen longer on BlueTooth speakers if they have long-lasting battery life. Let’s see which speaker fits best.

Anker a3143 Soundcore

The Anker a3143 wirelessly connects with your devices and keeps your song playing for up to 24 hours. Moreover, Anker 3143 power management technology provides playtime over a week with a single charge.

Bose Soundlink Mini

On the other hand, mini soundlink comes with the lithium particles battery conveys 7 hours of playtime. Moreover, it works longer at home. However, the battery charges in approximately 3 hours and let you listen while it’s charging.

The Winner is: Anker Soundcore a3143

Are They Water Resistance?

When it comes to portability, you must consider the safety measures as well.

Anker a3143 Soundcore

Fortunately, the Anker supports the waterproof build. Therefore, it comes with the IPX5-rated casing which makes it able to keep the protection against rain or other liquids.

Bose Soundlink Mini

Despite this, Bose mini is a compact mobile speaker that easily goes where you grab it but lacks water resistance. Moreover, it decreases its point on the scoreboard.

The Winner is: Anker a3143

Sound-Off Notification and Status

Anker a3143 Soundcore

The Anker and bose have the toughest market. The a3143 speakers jump into the market with a sound-off and voice assistant for incoming notifications for calls, audio signals quality, and battery status as well.

Bose Soundlink Mini

In contrast, the bose mini speakers have the hearts of many music lovers but don’t beep for the incoming calls, notifications, or battery status.

The Winner is: Anker a3143 Speakers

Which is Worth Buying Anker a3143 vs Bose?

Last but not least, don’t forget about the price. Let’s go through Anker A3143 reviews and Bose SoundLink Mini reviews to go for the best.

Anker a3143 Soundcore

The soundcore has more than 20 million users all because of its affordable price. However, it provides excellent audio quality at cheaper prices. Moreover, it has many latest technologies such as bass Up and IPX5.

Bose Soundlink Mini

On the other hand, the bose soundlink manufactures home-based speakers with extraordinary build and sleek aluminum design. Moreover, it looks very fancy and enhances your personality if you’re a hardcore bass music lover.

The Winner is: A Tie


Pros & Cons: Anker A3143 vs Bose

Now, we’ll get into the ins and outs of both of the Anker 3143 vs bose mini smart wireless speakers. So, you can decide which one of them will work as your stationary home speakers better.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Anker A3143″ cons_title=”Bose Soundlink Mini” ][i2pros]Pros:
Core background sound gives the unforgettable journey
Extensive Battery Playtime
Easily stays at your palm
Latest Bass Up
IPX5 Water-Proof Technology
Easy Bluetooth Connectivity
Quality speakers at an affordable price
Sound off Notifications
No button for answering calls.
Smallest portable speakers from Bose
Compatible with all devices
Long run battery
Astonishing sound quality
Solid and Sleek Construction
Handy Charging Cradle
Comes with Room filling sound
Bass is not much powerful
A bit expensive



Is Anker better than Bose?

The bose and the Anker are identical with minimal differences in some features. Bose manufactures high-end speakers at a great price. Anker provides the almost same thing at cheap rates.

Which is better JBL or Bose?

Bose is lightweight, portable, and has longer battery life. And it provides an astonishing sound around the table and even at outdoor places.

Is Marshall better than Bose?

Unlike Marshall, the Bose supports the voice assistant and is compatible with audio, video, games, and movies. Marshall works best for the movies only.

Is Bose SoundLink mini discontinued?

The bose was discontinued last year quietly however, due to high production numbers, it was still available in the market.

Is Anker better than JBL?

The Anker Soundcore manufactures better than the average sound quality at a cheap cost. Moreover, it is water-resistant and has extensive battery life.


Final Verdict

If you’re not too choosy about the audio quality and don’t want to spend a lot of money, look no further, Anker will be the best choice for you. The Anker A3143 probably will be one of the best speakers, you can buy for an affordable price. And if you’re a hardcore fan of bass music and want a clearer and pronounced vocal then bose will be the best one. Moreover, it suits the personality of a bass music lover with its sleek design.

Final Verdict