Yaber V2 vs Yaber Y61: Which mini WiFi projector is the best?

With the passage of time, technological advances shrink the size of the products.  The situation is not really much different with mini projectors. It began as a large, bulky box, but in the present era, it becomes shrink enough to fit in the palm of a human’s hand. The launching of the projectors in the market follows the suitability of small projectors. These projectors are compact and portable, and they can be taken with you wherever you go. The main and attributed feature of projectors is their small weight. They may be taken wherever a person wishes without having to bother about connections or cords. This article will give you comprehensive information about Yaber items such as the Yaber V2 vs Yaber Y61. It will also assist you in locating the greatest tiny projector by allowing you to compare its features.

Yaber V2 vs Yaber Y61- A Comparison Table

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Similarities Between Yaber V2 And Y61 Mini Projectors

The Yaber products, the Yaber V2 and Y61 are various similarities. Some of them are discussed here.

Wireless And WiFi Connection In Mini Projectors

Yaber’s two variants, the Yaber V2 and the Yaber Y61, both include a WiFi connection and HDMI port for Android and iOS. They also offer a wireless connection to connect your devices with them.

Advanced Cooling System Of Yaber V2 And Y61

The Yaber Y61 and V2 projectors give an exceptional sensory hearing experience without designed speakers.  Such projectors also have a complex cooling system that includes three fans operating at the same time.

Innovative Display Technology And Native 1280x720P Resolution

The Yaber Y61 and V2 projectors offer a native resolution of 1280x720P, a brightness of 5500 Lumens, a contrast ratio of 6000:1, and a 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio, making its screen brighter than similar projectors.

Yaber V2 vs Yaber Y61- Differences

Although both Yaber projectors have similarities, both some features are different in them.

Designing Of Mini-Projectors

Yaber V2

Yaber projector V2 is a small sized- portable projector with a big screen that can display a 200-inch image. This digital projector’s minimalist design makes it very easy to transport. This versatile projector is also great for watching movies at home, in the outdoors, or at a party.

Yaber Y61

The Yaber Y61 is a compact projector with a very practical design that is easy to transport. The Yaber Y61 is exceedingly tiny, measuring around 6in x 8in x 3in and weighing 3 pounds. When mounted on the ceiling, it also has two threaded holes for bolting on.

The Winner Product Is Yaber V2

Brighter Image

Yaber V2

The contrast ratio of Yaber projector V2 allows for a colourful and vivid image on a 200-inch gaint screen, whether indoors and outdoors. The brighter projection in a darker space is attributed to its specifications which provide a pleasant performance.

Yaber Y61

Yaber Y61’s high contrast ratio, full resolution, and high specs allow you to enjoy the entire contents without any problems

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Yaber V2″ cons_title=”Yaber Y61 ” ][i2pros]Pros:
Super bright light
The brightness of 5500 Lumens
The model provides a great quality of picture
Noise-free cooling system
Long warranty and supportive model
In-built 3 W speakers
The software update is required during playing a video
Light and compact projector
5500 Lumens of Brightness
Also a high quality image is attained
Provide a convenient cooling system
Long warranty and support
In-built 3 W speakers
The adjustment screw does not fully fit The adjustment screw does not fully fit [/i2cons][/i2pc]

Buyer Guide Before Buying Yaber Mini Projectors

You should follow these guides before buying mini projectors. These will definitely help you to find the best product in accordance with your requirement.

Reliability Of The Yaber Y61 And V2

Reliability is the primary thing that needs to consider before buying your choice product. Customer reviews are much important to assure the best mini projectors under 500$. Their feedback helps you to buy an appropriate product without any trouble.

Cost Of Yaber Mini Projectors- Y61 And V2

The important factor you need to know is the cost of the mini projector. As variable price ranges are available in the market, but you will require a tight budget to buy these types of products.

VGA or HDMI Connectors

Frequently, low-cost projectors come with serious connectivity concerns. If you want to utilize these products in your business or at home, you can’t afford to overlook this factor while making your purchase. Make sure that the projectors you buy have VGA or HDMI connectors so that you can connect to them easily.

Decent Sound System Of The Yaber V2 And The Yaber Y61

The majority of projectors lack decent built-in speakers. The ones from Yaber, on the other hand, come with appropriate in-built speakers that generate decent sounds. As a result, if you want to enjoy movies and videos with your family, make sure to look into this.


Q: What Are The Pros Of Yaber Projectors?

A: Projectors with startling good quality and features are found in higher-priced models from well-known companies.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Connect My Yaber Projector?

A: Connect the PC to the projector with the provided VGA connection. You can also connect the DVD player to the mini projector with the included AV cable.

Q: Is It Possible To Link A Bluetooth Speaker To The Yaber Projector?

A: Yes, a 3.5 headphone jack helps you to make it possible.

Q: How Can I Repair The Remote Control For My Projector?

A: Check that the remote control batteries are in good working order.  Replace the batteries if necessary. You have to be assure that the remote control system works with the mini projector range.

Q: Are There Filters On Projectors?

A: Various processes are occurred in mini projectors. Filters are one of them that can captures dust and grime before entering in the components of the projectors.

Final Verdict- The Winner Product Is Yaber V2

You must ensure that you read through these in-depth reviews and compare these features to your requirements. They are both good and high-quality. When to ask to pick one, ofcourse, the Yaber V2 is.  Given its superb design and features, such as sharp brightness, high HD resolution, WiFi, and so on, it delivers a very pleasant viewing experience.

The Overall Winner Product Is Yaber V2.

This comparison of the Yaber V2 vs Yaber Y61 will help you select the finest Yaber mini projector.

Yaber V2