An Ultimate & Best DPL Projector b/w BenQ W1070 vs HT1075

Are you stuck b/w HT1075 vs W1070, which projector is the best one? Keep calm! You’re at the right sight. I’m here to serve you with the best 1080p DLP projector. Both projectors are specialized in their capabilities but overall one is best:

Comparison Chart: BenQ W1070 vs HT1075

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BenQ W1070 and BenQ HT1075 by individual Review:

With individual review, you can analyze what similar features are available in both competitors BenQ w1070 and HT1075.

Display size perfect for viewers:

Display size perfect for viewers

Most people who want to watch the large display love to buy a projector. The best thing about BenQ projectors is their large display area up to 200 inches. When a user demands a clear & large image projector, BenQ W1070 and HT1075 are on the top.

The viewing screen of the BenQ projector is larger than a television screen available in the market. The throwing distance is so far, it can be stretch up to 20 feet distance. In addition, a throwing distance calculator is available with the projector that is installed in it for measurement.

Listening quality of audio:

The best option with audio speakers available in the market is BenQ projectors. These are built-in speakers with the best sound quality which is more impressive with the 10-watt output energy. When you find the error in listening no matter how its screening is perfect.

It’s not stereo so, you don’t have to worry about it, there is a mono speaker in it. You can also attach an external speaker with it for more heavy sound. Many ports are available for extensional speakers.

High Native Resolution:

Both models BenQ W1070 and HT1075 work with high native resolution at 60 Hertz of 1920 x 1080 pixel. The end-user always prefers to choose 1080p projectors that are more competitive and efficient in pricing. The best viewing capabilities are matter when you’re selecting a projector. Both projectors are working on other modes as well. Moreover, the same zooming ability makes it more adorable, it can zoom more than 1.3 times. With a 3D mode, at 1080p it adds more benefit to it.

BenQ W1070 VS BenQ HT1075; Main & prominent difference:

The brightness you loves in projectors:

LCD projectors provide brightness with the same wattage as the lamp, the image is quite brighter overall. There is a minor difference in b/w BenQ W1070 vs HT1075 brightness.

BenQ W1070 is available with lower brightness of 2,000 ANSI Lumens as compared to another one. You have to spread darkness in the room before playing your movie. In both BenQ projectors, a 240W P-VIP bulb is used. The lamp life is rated more than 3,500 hours to 6,000 hours at eco mode. On other hand, LCD projectors have short-rated lamp life. Moreover, you can also replace the lamp by online buying.

BenQ W1070 is available with a peak brightness of 2,200 ANSI Lumens that is brighter enough. The brightness in both projectors is available in ANSI Lumens. ANSI Lumens means the brightness of the projector is accurately measurable. Therefore, other projectors in the market are available with Lumens brightness that is inaccurate in measurement. But overall in the two projectors comparison, you find BenQ HT1075 gives better brightness at peak.

Lens Shift & Keystone Correction:

Lens Shift & Keystone Correction

When you set up a projector, it gives you a straight viewing image on the first try. You have to correct it manually via lens shift or keystone correction.

Lens shifts of the BenQ W1070 are lacking more as compared to the BenQ HT1075 lens. The only vertical keystone correction is available in W1070. BenQ is the best lens shifting company and it is mentioned on their official page. With the 5 degrees allowance in BenQ W1070, you can shift the lens vertically.

On other hand, BenQ HT1075 can move in two axes, vertically or horizontally. It is not mentioned in the instruction that how much you can adjust. But, surely, you can adjust it horizontally and vertically. The counter advantage in BenQ HT1075 is its higher 10 inches allowance.

So, again it’s BenQ HT1075 winner in lens shift.

Ports; every user is conscious about:

Ports are really necessary to output images by your projector. There’re many ways to reflect the image, which are dependent on the availability of ports at the back of your projector.

In BenQ W1070, a pair of HDMI 1.4a is available that is importantly used to connect modern technology devices. In addition, RCA & VGA ports are available for video playing. You can easily and efficiently play all types of multimedia with the help of a USB port. A 12-volt trigger is also available in BenQ W1070, which is used to automatically activate the projector screen.

In BenQ HT1075 you have the same dual HDMI ports for easy connectivity. In dual ports, there is a port that can connect with your smartphone and tablet too for easy screening the video. Moreover, an extra USB port is available for flash drivers. The 12-volt trigger can enhance the advancement of BenQ HT1075.

You may find both projectors are equal due to ports but the smartphone facility in BenQ HT1075 makes it a winner.

BenQ W1070 with bright features and long setup VS BenQ HT1075 with sharp features and incredible picture

BenQ HT1075 with sharp features and incredible picture

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”BenQ W1070″ cons_title=”BenQ HT1075″ ][i2pros]Pros:
• The rainbow effect in BenQ W1070 makes it a more adorable and best 3D projector as compared to HT1075.
• It gives you higher and deeper contrast in the picture.
• The project screen size is stretchable up to 230 inches diagonally.
• Lamplight can be easily replaceable with the new one.
• Ports of projector lack of audio jack and extra USB port as compared to HT1075.

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• In BenQ Ht1075, the menu is clear and easy to set up with the best picture control.
• Keystone’s adjusting ability is fantastic.
• You can see the image with 1.1 gain, 150 max white, and 12m away distance.
• Port selection is better with BenQ HT1075.
• The effect of the rainbow is visible in the highest brightness.

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FAQ about BenQ W1070 and HT1075:

How do I check the lamp hours on a BenQ W1070 projector?

There are twice methods to check lamp hours, due to modern innovation there is an “Information” option on the display menu where you can see lamp hours. In old projects, you have to hold the “Power Button” for an estimated 20 sec. Therefore, you can see lamp hours on screen for a long.

FAQ’s about BenQ W1070 and HT1075

Is BenQ W1070 Short Throw?

The BenQ W1070 throw distance is indeed short. You can essentially call it the best short throw projector, perfect for small and congested places. For best results, you only need to place the projector near to screen to avoid any error.

How do you use a BenQ projector?

BenQ DLP HD 1080p projector (w1070) and (HT1075) are really simple and easy to use. You just have to follow the workflow:

  • Download the QCast app from the website.
  • Install the app on your pc.
  • Connect your computer with a projector.
  • In the input, the menu selects network display.
  • Launch QCast & start display projecting.

How do I connect my projector to HDMI?

HDMI is an input device that is use for the connection of the projector. To connect your projector with HDML, you need to attach an HDMI cable whose one side is attached to the laptop and the other with the projector. Therefore, you can play any type of media on the screen.

How do I project my laptop to full screen on a projector?

You have to follow the given step to project your laptop to full screen on a projector:

  1. Connect the projector with the computer and turn it on.
  2. Next, open the action center from the taskbar.
  3. Click the project option.
  4. Click on the duplicate option.
  5. Follow given instructions on-screen.
  6. After all send the full screen to the projector.

Final Verdict: Which one is the best Projector?

It’s become pretty sure after a detailed analysis of comparison, similarities, and differences BenQ HT1075 is a winner projector. I suggested to you in b/w BenQ W1070 and HT1075 to buy HT1075 because of its little more advancement and innovative projector.

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