Yaber Y31 vs Yaber Y30: Which TV projector is better to choose?

The idea of projectors or large television came into our mind promptly when we consider theater setup at home. However, the prices of large televisions are unexpectedly high. Even the televisions of 50 “from well-known brands will get you back more than 300 US$. For more entertainment and luxurious life, a television of 50 inches is not adequate. Luckily, cheap projectors are covering an area of ​​200 to 300 inches.

If you want your home theater setup to look alluring and looking for projectors, then yaber projectors are the best choice for you. It is just because of the impressive ratio of quality to price.

In this article, we have compared two projectors, Yaber – the Y30 and Y31.


Let’s Start With The Comparison Chart Of The Yaber Y30 And The Yaber Y30

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Differences Between The Yaber Y30 And Y31

The most noticeable difference between these projectors is a difference in contrast ratio. Yaber Y31 has a higher contrast ratio of 10000 whereas Yaber 30 has a contrast ratio of 8000. In addition, the projected image range of yaber Y31 is higher is from 50 inches to about 300 inches. On the other hand, the projected image range of yaber 30 is 45 to 200 inches.

All the major differences between these two projectors have been discussed below. Have a glance at them for a better understanding.

Quality of picture and video:

How Do You Check The Quality Of A Projector?

Quality of image and video is the predominant and foremost feature of any projector. Let’s check how these two projectors work.

Yaber Y30:

In addition to its 4K support and native resolution, a few other factors such as contrast ratio also affect the quality of video and image of yaber Y30. As compared to yaber Y31, its contrast ratio is lower with 8000:1. Its higher contrast ratio makes it a very impressive product as other monitors have a very low contrast ratio such as 1000:1. In addition to the contrast ratio, its advanced high-reflection 5-layer glass lens permits you to experience the best viewing ability.

Yaber Y31:

Yaber Y31, on the other hand, has a maximum contrast ratio which is 10000:1. Therefore, the videos stay dark and the colors give you a better movie experience. The facility of a one-click brighten button in the yaber Y31 allows you to use it when you have ambient light. The brightness will be increased from this button to the top.

Winner Product:

This winner’s product is yaber Y31.

Yaber Y31

Size Of Projected Screen:

The size of the projector screen is fixed for each projector. Its range and radius fluctuate from distance to distance. The image will be smaller if the projector is close to the wall and vice versa.

Yaber Y30:

Unluckily, the image output of yaber Y30 is small. The image range of yaber Y30 is 45 to 200 inches only. Comparing this range with the latest flat screen televises let us know that this range is not sufficient. Although its size projected screen is small it has greater capabilities of zooming. You can decrease the extended picture up to a large portion of its size (- 50 %

Yaber Y31

If you have a bigger divider to extend a picture, you will be glad to realize that Yaber Y31 has a bigger projected screen size. It goes from 50 crawls to around 300 inches! That is without a doubt huge, and it will allow you to feel like you are in a genuine theater. Its cornerstone rectification is likewise more developed than the Y30 because it has a single tick reestablish and programmed changes.

Winner Product:

The winner product is yaber Y31.

Yaber Y31


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Quality of audio:

Sound is one more part of the general media experience. A horrible sound encounter will destroy the whole general media experience

Yaber Y30:

Yaber didn’t neglect to place good Hi-Fi speakers in the two projectors. The Yaber Y30 has double 3W sound system speakers which are not awful thinking about how little the Yaber Y30 is. Both additionally have the sound recovery framework or SR’s innovation which will improve the sound nature of the speakers.

Yaber Y31:

The Yaber Y31 has a preferable sound framework over the Y30 because of its double 3W sound system speakers. Not exclusively will it be stronger, yet it will be likewise solid crisper, and more point by point on top of the improvements the SR’s innovation gives. Also, it has support for Dolby Digital. Encompass sound quality is conceivable with this innovation. Hence, you will feel more like you are inside the film you are watching.

Winner product:

The winner product is yaber Y31.

Similarities Between The Projectors, The Yaber Y31, And The Yaber Y30

4K Resolution Support

The Yaber Y30 and Y31 have a local resolution of 1080p or 1920 x 1080 pixels. That by itself is noteworthy enough thinking about that there are projectors in the market that main backings 720p or 480p video yields. What separates these projectors from their rivals is their help with 4K resolution content. In this way, you can appreciate additional itemized and better substance from your home theater setup. Note that you can exploit the 4K resolution when you associate the two projectors to a PC.

Correction Of 4K Keystone

Keystone adjustment is probably the best component of both Yaber projectors. Yaber considers it a 4D keystone correction since you can change the picture upward and evenly. Both have ± 50-degree rectification which is amazing considering others just permit 15-degree changes.

Pinnacle Brightness And Life Of Lamp

The pinnacle splendor of a projector influences its evaluated light life. Both Yaber projectors have an indistinguishable pinnacle splendor of 7200 Lumens. The normal pinnacle splendor of TVs is 350 units or around 1200 lumens. Projectors need this higher splendor so you can see its picture when surrounding light is available. In any case, their 7200-lumen top brilliance is exceptional. In conclusion, you can anticipate 100,000 hours of use from these projectors. That is around 11 and a portion of persistent utilization.

Pros And Cons: The YABER Y30 And  Y31.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Yaber Y30″ cons_title=”Yaber Y31″ ][i2pros]Pros:
The Yaber Y30 can supplant the TV in your home theater arrangement as it can yield up to 4K resolution.

You can put the Y30 adjacent to your lounge chair while as yet keeping a rectangular picture because of its 50-degree keystone adjustment.

It has preferable zooming capacities over the Y31.

Although its image quality is decent, it is the second rate contrasted with the Y31.[/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
You can exploit Yaber Y31’s 4K resolution support with its projected screen size up to 300 inches.

It has a higher difference and high splendor picture quality.

Sound quality is likewise better because of its extra wattage and Dolby Digital help.

You can exploit Yaber Y31’s 4K resolution support with its projected screen size up to 300 inches.

It has a higher difference and high splendor picture quality.

Sound quality is likewise better because of its extra wattage and Dolby Digital help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Difference Between The YABER Y30 And The Yaber  Y31?

Correlation between the Y30 and the Y31

Indeed, there isn’t a lot of contrast between these two projectors in determinations. They all have a genuine local resolution of 1920*1080, a surprising 7200L brilliance, and a high powerful difference proportion of 10000:1.

Are Yaber Projectors Good?

In rundown, with attention on family diversion, Yaber stands apart from other family amusement brands, giving family-accommodating items as well as top-notch items at a reasonable cost. Every one of the projectors from this brand has amazing evaluations so Yaber is one of the most outstanding projector brands

Are Toptro Projectors Any Good?

While looking for a spending plan projector for everyday amusement, you certainly saw any of the TOPTRO projectors. Furthermore, they have heaps of extraordinary reviews. Indeed, you generally see 4.3+ beginning appraisals. Like Yaber, even TOPTRO has a great deal of financial plan projector with a better than expected rating.

What Is The Newest Yaber Projector?

[Innovative 4D Keystone Correction and Zoom Function] Our HD projector is the primary projector with± 50 ° 4D (vertical and level) keystone stone rectification capacity to guarantee the projected picture is consistently a standard square shape.

How do I turn the sound on my yaber projector?

You have to press the M (Menu) button on the remote control, then press the ► button for “Audio Settings”, and then select the audio source.

How Is The Yaber Projector?

The projector has 7000 lumens brilliance and looks OK even in light conditions. Ideal projection is accomplished at lower light conditions, in any case. I like the picture from the Y30, there is insignificant obscuring, and lucidity is acceptable…

How To Get Sound From A Projector To Speakers

  • Look at your associations. …
  • Check your association type. …
  • Try new links.
  • Check your sound info gadget. …
  • Take a look at the projector’s volume. …
  • Look at the sound yield source settings of the projector. …
  • Look at the speaker’s volume. …
  • Take a look at the information settings at the speakers.

Do Mini Projectors Have Sound?

Most projectors nowadays transport with worked in speakers, so the possibility that they just need sound should be neglected. That, however numerous projectors show up with incredible speakers that effectively cover even a huge family room with rich sound. Subsequently, leave the thought that all projectors offer unremarkable sound behind.

Final Thoughts

Who said building a home theater framework is costly? Indeed, here and there more costly is better. Nonetheless, with regards to contrasting TVs and projectors, the previous is without a doubt more costly to purchase. In case you are on a careful spending plan, you wanted to investigate projectors. You can get a theater-like encounter when you get a projector since most can extend up to 300 inches slantingly. This indistinguishable size in TVs is generally more costly. In this correlation of the Yaber Y30 and Y31, there is no question that the Yaber Y31 is a preferred projector in general over the Yaber Y30. The distinction in cost is practically non-existent. This is actually why it is absurd not to get the Yaber Y31 over the Y30.


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