ClearStream Eclipse vs Flex: Which Antennas Direct TV Antenna Is Better?

Antennas Direct claims to provide the most powerful and comprehensive TV Antennas in the world. The ClearStream Eclipse and ClearStream Flex come from Antenna Direct indoor multi-directional antenna lineup. Here, we create a head-to-head comparison between ClearStream eclipse vs flex to determine whether the company’s bold claim is true or not.

Let’s look at the similarities, differences, and pros & cons of ClearStream eclipse and flex to find out which TV antenna is better between the two.

ClearStream Eclipse vs Flex: Side By Side Comparison Chart

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Similarities Between ClearStream Eclipse And ClearStream Flex

Although streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ grow in popularity, their subscriptions annually set you back several hundred dollars. Indoor/outdoor TV antennas are the simplest and great option for those who want to enjoy live events, TV shows, and movies without added costs.

Both the ClearStream eclipse and flex are two powerful Antennas Direct products that can pull dozens of free TV channels for completing your entertainment needs. As both TV antennas come from the same brand, they share many features in common. Let’s dive straight into their similarities.

Note: In this comparison, we compare Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse TV Antenna, 35+ Miles Range, and Antennas Direct ClearStream FLEX Amplified TV Antenna, 50+ Mile Range.  You can also find other versions of Eclipse indoor antenna with 60 and 70 miles range. Similarly, another version of flex is available with 60 miles antenna range.

They Are Multi-directional Antennas

Both The eclipse and flex are omnidirectional or multi-directional TV antennas. Therefore, they can pick up transmitting signals from all directions regardless of their aiming.

Where Can You Place ClearStream Antennas?

Where Can You Place ClearStream Antennas?

Both eclipse antenna and flex antenna are indoor TV antennas designed to perfectly fit your dorm rooms, recreational vehicles, house, and RVs. You can effortlessly install these antennas without using your tool kit or any hardware. Besides, ClearStream antennas don’t have any hooks or Velcro.

Instead, they come with a stick grip strip and stick to any surface including glass windows and drywalls. So, install these indoor antennas without poking holes and ruining your walls.

Both Antennas Are 4K Ready

The Direct ClearStream eclipse and Direct Clearstream Flex provides higher-quality images and brings HD quality signals to your TVs. Besides, both supports advanced broadcast technology and allow you to enjoy 4K content right on your house.

Reversible Color & Thinness Of Eclipse And Flex

Another similarity between the ClearStream eclipse 2 and flex is their dual-color design. Their one side is black while the other side is white. So, you can decide which side to be visible. Besides, both are ultra-thin at just 1mm thin and conceal behind your wall clocks and picture frames.

Do ClearStream Eclipse And Flex Have App Compatibility?

Both ClearStream eclipse and flex are compatible with the Antenna Point App. You can view broadcast towers near your area and appropriately aim your antenna for better signal reception. You can download the app for Paly Store or Apple Store and enjoy free HD channels on your TV.

Both Antennas Are Whole-Home Ready

Both Antennas are Whole-Home Ready

Antenna Direct ClearStream eclipse and flex are whole-home ready. This means you can use one antenna to support multiple TVs in your house simultaneously.

ClearStream Eclipse And Flex Have Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty is something irresistible and ensures that the products are standard and have high quality. Both the eclipse and flex are backed up by a lifetime warranty on their parts.

ClearStream Eclipse vs Flex- How ClearStream TV Antennas Differ?

Now, it’s time to discuss the differences lies between the ClearStream indoor TV antennas. Thus, you can better decide whether eclipse or flex is the right choice for you.

Eclipse vs Flex- Design & Assembled Dimensions

Even though, both the clear stream eclipse and clear stream flex are ultra-thin, they have entirely different designs and dimensions when assembled.

ClearStream Eclipse

As its name indicate, it uncannily looks like an eclipse and has a ring-like design. the circular design somewhat resembles their most popular ClearStream 2V outdoor TV antenna. It is a compact HDTV antenna weighing around 4 oz. Besides its assembled size is 10inches x 9inches x 1mm.

ClearStream Flex

On the other hand, the ClearStream flex has a rectangular design and looks like a blank sheet of paper. It is a bit larger at 12” x 16” x 1mm assembled dimensions and weighs around 6oz. In our opinion, the flex can blend to any wall or window and have an overall better design. However, you can decide according to your personal preferences.

The Winner Is: A Tie

Antenna Range Of ClearStream Eclipse And ClearStream Flex

When it comes to range, the more is better as barriers like foliage and buildings can reduce the antenna range. It is a crucial specification of any antenna. Because the range defines how strong and what kind of sign reception antennas can attain.

ClearStream Eclipse

The ClearStream eclipse indoor HDTV antennas have a 35+ miles antenna range. Although its range is less than the flex, it is still unparalleled for the price. Besides you can opt for another version of eclipse having better range. Even, you can select Clearstream eclipse amplified tv antenna which consists of a Jolt in-line amplifier.

ClearStream Flex

In contrast, the ClearStream flex already comes with a Jolt 15dB USB in-line amplifier out of the box. However, you can expect a better reception range with a higher price tag. It has 50+ miles of TV antenna range that is worth the price.

The Winner Is: ClearStream Flex indoor TV antenna

Radio Frequencies Of ClearStream TV Antennas

Radio Frequencies of ClearStream TV Antennas

Generally, there are two frequency bands UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency) where over-the-air signals are distributed.

ClearStream Eclipse

Some TV antennas including ClearStream eclipse can receive and capture UHF signals. Thus, you can watch only UHF TV channels with the eclipse 2 antennas. Antennas Direct ClearStream eclipse TV antenna lacks a VHF band that leads to missing out on popular channels on the VHF band such as ABC and Fox. Even if you are live near the local broadcast tower, your antenna can hardly detect and capture VHF channels.

ClearStream Flex

In contrast, the Flex can cover both bands the UHF and VHF. Therefore, you can almost enjoy all OTA tv channels on your TV. Besides, you don’t need to search and verify the channel and frequency to enjoy your favorite TV shows. Having both TV bands is a huge advantage over the eclipse and therefore the flex is a better choice between the two.

The Winner Is: ClearStream Flex indoor TV antenna

Which TV Antenna Can Scan More Channels?

The number of channels an antenna can scan roughly depends on the antenna range, frequency bands, and beam angles. Perhaps, you already guess which one facilitates you with more TV channels.

ClearStream Eclipse

The ClearStream Eclipse indoor antenna can scan almost 32 channels. It is one of the best HD digital antennas available in the market for the price.

ClearStream Flex

On the other hand, the ClearStream flex is an award-worthy digital antenna due to its exceptional performance. As it has a better range and covers both frequency bands, you are supposed to receive more TV channels with it. Roughly, you can scan and receive more than 60 channels with the flex indoor TV antenna.

The Winner Is: ClearStream Flex indoor TV antenna


[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”ClearStream Eclipse” cons_title=”ClearStream Flex” ][i2pros]Pros:
Decent TV antenna range of 35+ miles.
Conceal it behind frames and wall clocks due to its 1mm thinness.
You can enjoy high-definition pictures on multiple TVs.
Futureproof as ready to work with 4K broadcasting.
You can access dozens of free channels at a significantly lower cost.
Being an indoor antenna, it’s susceptible to more interference.
It lacks VHF signal reception. [/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
Powerful and more flexible TV antenna
It is also ready to work with 4K broadcast.
Unlike the Eclipse antenna, it has a relatively larger rectangular design but can be concealed behind a frame.
It provides a 50+ miles range with the inclusion of a Jolt 15db amplifier.
It can scan more channels than eclipse.
You can enjoy high-definition pictures on multiple TVs.
It can receive both VHF and UHF bands.
It significantly comes at a higher price tag.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

The winner of today’s comparison is ClearStream Flex indoor HDTV antenna.

Frequently Asked Question

Which antenna is better ClearStream eclipse or ClearStream flex?

Undeniably, you get better results with the ClearStream flex antenna and should opt for it over the eclipse TV antenna.

Why does the Eclipse have a sticky grip strip?

The clear stream eclipse has a sticky grip strip to conveniently mount the antenna. The strip easily sticks to smooth and clean surfaces such as a wall and window.

What is the strongest digital TV antenna?

Antennas Direct ClearStream Flex HDTV antenna is one of the most powerful antennas that offer award-worthy performance with flexible installations. No matter, wherever and in which city you hung it, it always provides excellent results.

How can I boost my indoor antenna signal?

Try these tricks to boost signal reception with your indoor TV antenna:

  • Place the antenna close or in the window.
  • Go as high as you can for its placement.
  • Aims the antenna at TV transmission towers.
  • Add an amplifier to tune even weaker channels.

Does aluminum foil boost the antenna signal?

When you wrap aluminum foil around the antenna, it increases the conductivity and surface area of your antenna. As a result, it receives boosted TV signals.

How many channels does the ClearStream flex scan?

The clear stream flex is best when it comes to pulling in most TV channels. It can roughly scan more than 60 channels. Further testing exposes that 54 of those stations are indeed watchable (excellent results).

Final Verdict

To sum up, both the ClearStream Eclipse and the ClearStream Flex are great TV antennas that save you a lot of money that streaming services cost you. However, based on our comparison, the Flex TV antenna is better than the eclipse as it comes with a longer antenna range and receives more TV channels. Although its better features come at a higher cost, we confidently recommend it as it is worth the higher price. If you are on a budget, ClearStream eclipse is still a decent choice.

ClearStream Eclipse vs Flex

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