Lava HD 2605 vs 2805: Which Outdoor HDTV Antenna Is Better To Buy?

Which Outdoor HDTV Antenna Is Better to Buy

Do you want to cut the cord? Say goodbye to your tv cable and invest in a good quality HDTV antenna instead. Lava HD 2605 and 2805 are two popular TV antennas used by many individuals. But it may be overwhelming to decide the better one from these 2 outdoor antennas. Therefore, we create a detailed comparison between HD 2605 and HD 2805 to help you to make a precise decision. Let’s quickly review their features in the comparison table!

Lava HD 2605 vs 2805: Side By Side Comparison Chart:

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Similarities Between Lava HD 2605 vs 2805:

If you ditch your TV cable services and buy an outdoor HD antenna. Then this initial investment works out well for you in a long run. You can save hundreds of dollars annually because hidden charges and monthly bills are gone with a TV antenna.

Both the Lava HD 2605 and Lava HD 2805 are omnidirectional antennas. They can receive high-quality signals from all directions and provide you enough entertainment through your favorite clyster clear HD channels. You may enjoy your favorite shows from early morning to late at night. As both Lava HD antennas belong to the same product line, so they are almost alike. Let’s look at identical features of Lava 2605 and 2805.

Remote Controlled Antennas Have Identical VHF Frequency And Rotation:

Remote Controlled Antennas Have Identical VHF Frequency and Rotation

Both the Lava HD 2605 and 2805 are remote controlled and come with a motor rotor that allows them to receive clearer signals by 360 degrees rotation. Moreover, you can rotate them and point to your desired direction from the comfort of your couch using a remote control. No need to go outside for antenna adjustment (our favorite thing!).

Furthermore, both HDTV provides 40 to 300 MHz VHF reception/frequency that is somewhat reasonable for excellent performance.

Both HD Antennas Come With G3 Control Box & Built-In Amplifier:

The Lava HD 2605 and HD 2805 feature a built-in amplifier having a low noise level. So, you can easily enjoy your desired movies and TV shows without any intrusion.

Moreover, both Outdoor TV antennas equip a G3 control box that has the latest technology. It gives surge protection which is a shield against lightning bolts and power surges. So, it ensures the safety of your antenna and TV as well.  Besides, the innovative and powerful features of both antennas allow them to work from various spots and suit different TV stations.

Can LAVA HD 2605 And 2805 Support Multiple TVs?

Lava 2605 and Lava 2805 come with high sensitivity reception and Dual TV output. So, they can even pick up weaker signals from a distance. Moreover, you can use a splitter (sold separately to install between antenna & control box) to support up to 8 TVs with a single antenna simultaneously either LAVA HD 2605 or Lava HD 2805.

You can watch different channels on each TV at the same time. Generally, both Lava antennas work with almost all HDTV and standard TVs. However, some standard Tv my need a digital to analog converter box to work properly.

Power And Impudence Of Lava HD 2605 And HD 2805:

Both outdoor HDTV antennas from Lava have an impedance of 75 ohms (50 ohms considered as better) which is quite decent. Besides, both Lava HD 2605 and HD 2805 come with a standard maximum capacity of 3W.

Difference Between Lava HD-2605 & Lava HD-2805:

Although both the lava 2605 and 2805 are identical, they have some slight differences that can affect your final purchase decision. Let’s look at the differences between the Lava HD 2605 vs 2805!

What Is The Reception Range of Both HD Antennas?

What Is The Reception Range of Both HD Antennas?

Lava HD 2605:

The Lava HD 2605 comes with a higher reception range of 150 miles. It can pick signals of ultra-high frequency quite easily. Besides, it allows to pick up the even weaker signals from further areas because of its highly sensitive perception. Therefore, this antenna is a great choice for rural and suburban locations.

Lava HD 2805:

On the contrary, the Lava HD 2805 has a less reception range than the 2605 HDTV antenna. However, it offers a decent range of 100 miles. Like HD 2605, it can pick up high-frequency signals but may face difficulty while picking up weaker signals from a more distance.

The Winner Is: The Lava HD 2605

Lava HD 2605 vs HD 2805- UHF Frequency:

Lava HD 2605:

The UHF frequency range of the Lava 2605 outdoor antenna is 400 to 890MHz.It comes with a slightly higher frequency range than the 2805 HDTV antenna.

Lava HD 2805:

In contrast, the UHF frequency range of the Lava 2805 outdoor antenna is 400 to 860MHz. Although the difference is insignificant, the HD2605 antenna is a clear winner between these two antennas.

The Winner Is: The Lava HD 2605

Lava 2605 vs 2805- How Their VHF / UHF Gain Differ?

Lava HD 2605:

The Lava HD 2605 comes with a gain control function that allows you to adjust the gain levels according to your needs. So, you can control and adjust the gain control to receive stable and strong signals. The range of VHF gain is between 28 and 32 dB, whereas the UHF gain range is between 32 and 36 dB.

Again, it is the winner of this round too because of its higher UHF/VHF levels and superior gain control.

Lava HD 2805:

On the other hand, the Lava HD 2805 TV antenna also comes with an adjustable gain control function to receive stable signal strength. However, it has a VHF gain range between 22 and 28 dB, while UHF gain is between 27 and 33 dB.

The Winner Is: The Lava HD 2605

Size & Weight Of HD 2605 And HD 2805 Outdoor Antennas:

Lava HD 2605:

Both the Lava HD 2605 and the Lava HD 2805 come with an almost similar design. The difference in their size and weight is slight and does not matter a lot. However, Lava HD 2605 weighs 3.65 pounds that is lighter than the HD 2805 antenna. So, it is easier to carry up and install on your rooftop as it is lightweight.

Lava HD 2805:

In contrast, the Lava HD 2805 is a bit heavier than the 2605 antenna and weighs around 4.09 pounds.

The Winner Is: The Lava HD 2605

Which Lava HD Antenna Gives Better Value For Money:

Which Lava HD Antenna Gives Better Value for Money

Lava HD 2605:

As we mentioned before, both HDTV antennas come with similar features. However, the 2605 TV antenna offers you better performance and more features at a great price. Ultimately, you get better value for money with this HD 2605 device.

Lava HD 2805:

On the contrary, You don’t get more features at a bit higher price tag with the HD 2805 TV antenna.

The Winner Is: The Lava HD 2605

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Lava HD 2605″ cons_title=”Lava HD 2805″ ][i2pros]Pros:
Crystal Clear HD channels and high-quality pictures.
The incredible reception range of up to 150 miles.
The whole home-ready TV antenna supports multiple TVs.
Easy adjustment of directions via rotors.
A durable antenna can survive tough weather conditions.
Future proof as it is 4K ready.
Wide channels range at a lower price.
Poor signals in rainy weather.
A bit complex instruction. [/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
User-friendly instruction and easy installation.
Great reception and clear channels.
Can easily rotate and adjust signal levels.
Future proof as it is 4K ready.
The whole home-ready TV antenna supports multiple TVs.
The lower range of channels as compared to HD 2605.
Fuzzy channels and maybe poor signal reception during harsh weather. [/i2cons][/i2pc]

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the best thing about the Lava HD-2805?

Lava HD 2805 antenna comes with a remote-controlled rotor that is the best thing about it. You can rotate it and pick up your favorite channels using its remote control.

Is the Lava HD-2605 UHF remote control antenna good?

Yes, you get great performance with a Lava HD 2605 tv antenna. No other antenna offers you better performance for this less price.

Do you need splitter for Lava HD-2605 ultra?

A splitter allows you to connect two or more TVs with a single antenna. The Lava HDS12 4-way splitter (sold separately) is the only compatible option for LAVA HD antennas.

What kind of channels does the Lava antenna pick up?

Lava antenna either the Lava HD 2605 or HD 2805 can do a great job and pick up UHF and VHF channels as well as convert easily to pick up digital channels.

Which is better Lava Omni pro or Lava HD-2605?

Both the Lava HD 2605 and Lava HD 2805 antennas are better than the Omni pro antenna. Because they can even pick up weaker signals and have a wide reception range. Conversely, the Lava Omni pro is an indoor antenna and can pick up only strong and some moderate signals.

Final Verdict

Finally, the Lava HD 2605 and the HD 2805 are cut from the same cloth. However, The Lava HD 2605 HDTV antenna is the clear winner of our comparison. Because it provides better performance and quality in every category than the HD 2805. So, HD 2605 is a wiser choice.

Lava HD 2605 and Lava HD 2805

ClearStream Eclipse vs Flex: Which Antennas Direct TV Antenna Is Better?

ClearStream Eclipse vs Flex

Antennas Direct claims to provide the most powerful and comprehensive TV Antennas in the world. The ClearStream Eclipse and ClearStream Flex come from Antenna Direct indoor multi-directional antenna lineup. Here, we create a head-to-head comparison between ClearStream eclipse vs flex to determine whether the company’s bold claim is true or not.

Let’s look at the similarities, differences, and pros & cons of ClearStream eclipse and flex to find out which TV antenna is better between the two.

ClearStream Eclipse vs Flex: Side By Side Comparison Chart

[table id=134 /]

Similarities Between ClearStream Eclipse And ClearStream Flex

Although streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ grow in popularity, their subscriptions annually set you back several hundred dollars. Indoor/outdoor TV antennas are the simplest and great option for those who want to enjoy live events, TV shows, and movies without added costs.

Both the ClearStream eclipse and flex are two powerful Antennas Direct products that can pull dozens of free TV channels for completing your entertainment needs. As both TV antennas come from the same brand, they share many features in common. Let’s dive straight into their similarities.

Note: In this comparison, we compare Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse TV Antenna, 35+ Miles Range, and Antennas Direct ClearStream FLEX Amplified TV Antenna, 50+ Mile Range.  You can also find other versions of Eclipse indoor antenna with 60 and 70 miles range. Similarly, another version of flex is available with 60 miles antenna range.

They Are Multi-directional Antennas

Both The eclipse and flex are omnidirectional or multi-directional TV antennas. Therefore, they can pick up transmitting signals from all directions regardless of their aiming.

Where Can You Place ClearStream Antennas?

Where Can You Place ClearStream Antennas?

Both eclipse antenna and flex antenna are indoor TV antennas designed to perfectly fit your dorm rooms, recreational vehicles, house, and RVs. You can effortlessly install these antennas without using your tool kit or any hardware. Besides, ClearStream antennas don’t have any hooks or Velcro.

Instead, they come with a stick grip strip and stick to any surface including glass windows and drywalls. So, install these indoor antennas without poking holes and ruining your walls.

Both Antennas Are 4K Ready

The Direct ClearStream eclipse and Direct Clearstream Flex provides higher-quality images and brings HD quality signals to your TVs. Besides, both supports advanced broadcast technology and allow you to enjoy 4K content right on your house.

Reversible Color & Thinness Of Eclipse And Flex

Another similarity between the ClearStream eclipse 2 and flex is their dual-color design. Their one side is black while the other side is white. So, you can decide which side to be visible. Besides, both are ultra-thin at just 1mm thin and conceal behind your wall clocks and picture frames.

Do ClearStream Eclipse And Flex Have App Compatibility?

Both ClearStream eclipse and flex are compatible with the Antenna Point App. You can view broadcast towers near your area and appropriately aim your antenna for better signal reception. You can download the app for Paly Store or Apple Store and enjoy free HD channels on your TV.

Both Antennas Are Whole-Home Ready

Both Antennas are Whole-Home Ready

Antenna Direct ClearStream eclipse and flex are whole-home ready. This means you can use one antenna to support multiple TVs in your house simultaneously.

ClearStream Eclipse And Flex Have Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty is something irresistible and ensures that the products are standard and have high quality. Both the eclipse and flex are backed up by a lifetime warranty on their parts.

ClearStream Eclipse vs Flex- How ClearStream TV Antennas Differ?

Now, it’s time to discuss the differences lies between the ClearStream indoor TV antennas. Thus, you can better decide whether eclipse or flex is the right choice for you.

Eclipse vs Flex- Design & Assembled Dimensions

Even though, both the clear stream eclipse and clear stream flex are ultra-thin, they have entirely different designs and dimensions when assembled.

ClearStream Eclipse

As its name indicate, it uncannily looks like an eclipse and has a ring-like design. the circular design somewhat resembles their most popular ClearStream 2V outdoor TV antenna. It is a compact HDTV antenna weighing around 4 oz. Besides its assembled size is 10inches x 9inches x 1mm.

ClearStream Flex

On the other hand, the ClearStream flex has a rectangular design and looks like a blank sheet of paper. It is a bit larger at 12” x 16” x 1mm assembled dimensions and weighs around 6oz. In our opinion, the flex can blend to any wall or window and have an overall better design. However, you can decide according to your personal preferences.

The Winner Is: A Tie

Antenna Range Of ClearStream Eclipse And ClearStream Flex

When it comes to range, the more is better as barriers like foliage and buildings can reduce the antenna range. It is a crucial specification of any antenna. Because the range defines how strong and what kind of sign reception antennas can attain.

ClearStream Eclipse

The ClearStream eclipse indoor HDTV antennas have a 35+ miles antenna range. Although its range is less than the flex, it is still unparalleled for the price. Besides you can opt for another version of eclipse having better range. Even, you can select Clearstream eclipse amplified tv antenna which consists of a Jolt in-line amplifier.

ClearStream Flex

In contrast, the ClearStream flex already comes with a Jolt 15dB USB in-line amplifier out of the box. However, you can expect a better reception range with a higher price tag. It has 50+ miles of TV antenna range that is worth the price.

The Winner Is: ClearStream Flex indoor TV antenna

Radio Frequencies Of ClearStream TV Antennas

Radio Frequencies of ClearStream TV Antennas

Generally, there are two frequency bands UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency) where over-the-air signals are distributed.

ClearStream Eclipse

Some TV antennas including ClearStream eclipse can receive and capture UHF signals. Thus, you can watch only UHF TV channels with the eclipse 2 antennas. Antennas Direct ClearStream eclipse TV antenna lacks a VHF band that leads to missing out on popular channels on the VHF band such as ABC and Fox. Even if you are live near the local broadcast tower, your antenna can hardly detect and capture VHF channels.

ClearStream Flex

In contrast, the Flex can cover both bands the UHF and VHF. Therefore, you can almost enjoy all OTA tv channels on your TV. Besides, you don’t need to search and verify the channel and frequency to enjoy your favorite TV shows. Having both TV bands is a huge advantage over the eclipse and therefore the flex is a better choice between the two.

The Winner Is: ClearStream Flex indoor TV antenna

Which TV Antenna Can Scan More Channels?

The number of channels an antenna can scan roughly depends on the antenna range, frequency bands, and beam angles. Perhaps, you already guess which one facilitates you with more TV channels.

ClearStream Eclipse

The ClearStream Eclipse indoor antenna can scan almost 32 channels. It is one of the best HD digital antennas available in the market for the price.

ClearStream Flex

On the other hand, the ClearStream flex is an award-worthy digital antenna due to its exceptional performance. As it has a better range and covers both frequency bands, you are supposed to receive more TV channels with it. Roughly, you can scan and receive more than 60 channels with the flex indoor TV antenna.

The Winner Is: ClearStream Flex indoor TV antenna


[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”ClearStream Eclipse” cons_title=”ClearStream Flex” ][i2pros]Pros:
Decent TV antenna range of 35+ miles.
Conceal it behind frames and wall clocks due to its 1mm thinness.
You can enjoy high-definition pictures on multiple TVs.
Futureproof as ready to work with 4K broadcasting.
You can access dozens of free channels at a significantly lower cost.
Being an indoor antenna, it’s susceptible to more interference.
It lacks VHF signal reception. [/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
Powerful and more flexible TV antenna
It is also ready to work with 4K broadcast.
Unlike the Eclipse antenna, it has a relatively larger rectangular design but can be concealed behind a frame.
It provides a 50+ miles range with the inclusion of a Jolt 15db amplifier.
It can scan more channels than eclipse.
You can enjoy high-definition pictures on multiple TVs.
It can receive both VHF and UHF bands.
It significantly comes at a higher price tag.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

The winner of today’s comparison is ClearStream Flex indoor HDTV antenna.

Frequently Asked Question

Which antenna is better ClearStream eclipse or ClearStream flex?

Undeniably, you get better results with the ClearStream flex antenna and should opt for it over the eclipse TV antenna.

Why does the Eclipse have a sticky grip strip?

The clear stream eclipse has a sticky grip strip to conveniently mount the antenna. The strip easily sticks to smooth and clean surfaces such as a wall and window.

What is the strongest digital TV antenna?

Antennas Direct ClearStream Flex HDTV antenna is one of the most powerful antennas that offer award-worthy performance with flexible installations. No matter, wherever and in which city you hung it, it always provides excellent results.

How can I boost my indoor antenna signal?

Try these tricks to boost signal reception with your indoor TV antenna:

  • Place the antenna close or in the window.
  • Go as high as you can for its placement.
  • Aims the antenna at TV transmission towers.
  • Add an amplifier to tune even weaker channels.

Does aluminum foil boost the antenna signal?

When you wrap aluminum foil around the antenna, it increases the conductivity and surface area of your antenna. As a result, it receives boosted TV signals.

How many channels does the ClearStream flex scan?

The clear stream flex is best when it comes to pulling in most TV channels. It can roughly scan more than 60 channels. Further testing exposes that 54 of those stations are indeed watchable (excellent results).

Final Verdict

To sum up, both the ClearStream Eclipse and the ClearStream Flex are great TV antennas that save you a lot of money that streaming services cost you. However, based on our comparison, the Flex TV antenna is better than the eclipse as it comes with a longer antenna range and receives more TV channels. Although its better features come at a higher cost, we confidently recommend it as it is worth the higher price. If you are on a budget, ClearStream eclipse is still a decent choice.

ClearStream Eclipse vs Flex

Lava HD 8008 vs 8000: which one of the TV antennas is best to choose?

Lava HD 8008 vs 8000

Gone are the days when TV cables were used. As the world is making progress by leaps and bounds, people are turning them to TV antennas instead of cables. These antennas are in great demand these days and their popularity has skyrocketed. In this article, two TV antennas – Lava HD 8008 vs 8000 have been discussed. If you are confused and not sure which antenna can receive high-quality signals or generally better antennas then this review is best for you.

Comparison chart between lava Hd 8008 and lava Hd 8000

[table id=23 /]

Lava HD 8008 vs 8000 – Similarities

Let’s talk about the similarities between the lave HD 8008 and the lava HD 8008.

The amplifier of the antennas:

These antennas come with a built-in amplifier that does not need an external amplifier. The built-in amplifier in these TV antennas has high gain and low noise. This will also permit users to easily watch movies and TV shows without disruption or interruption in signal strength.

Frequency range (UHF and VHF)

What is the frequency of cable TV signals?

VHF and UHF frequency levels of lava HD 8008 and lava HD 8000 are the same. 40 – 230 megahertz is its frequency VHF and 470 – 862 megahertz is its frequency UHF. A stable TV is calculated by these high frequencies. 360-degree signals are also received by both antennas. The Versatility and adaptability of both lava HD 8008 vs HD 8000 are high. There is no need for the motor to rotate to a 360-degree angle. Their advanced technology instinctively detects them.

Antenna’s power gain:

Lava HD 8008 and lava HD 8000 have adjustable antenna power gain. The antenna’s power gain is almost 25 – 31 DB. The antenna itself is very delicate and it does not require to be regulated as multi-directional. These antennas immediately receive a signal without any disturbance.

Impedance, voltage, and power of TV antennas:

HD TV antennas require power to function properly. For most of the HD TV antennas, 3W of power storage is enough. Luckily, these two HD TV antennas have this specialty. In addition, the level of voltage is the same at 110V. In general, 50-ohm impedance is more suitable for a TV antenna. The impedance in both of these TV antennas is 75 ohms which are quite decent.

Lava HD 8000 vs 8008- Differences

Let’s talk about the differences that exist between lava HD 8008 and lava HD 8000.
Does the size and design of the TV antenna matter?

Lava HD Dimension and design:

Lava HD 8008:

Design and size are not important features to take into account. The design of the TV antenna is the very first feature that separates these two devices. The lava HD 8008 has a dome with a diameter of 11 inches. The diameter of the wings is 32 inches. As compared to the lava HD 8000, it is heavier and the weight of lava HD 8008 is 7.11 pounds.

Lava HD 8000:

With weighing very little and about 2.59 pounds, lava HD 8000 is not heavier than 8008. It has no wings but it has a dome with a diameter of 12 inches.

Lava HD 8000 is a winner product.

Range or latitude of reception:

How far do HD antennas reach?

Lava HD 8008:

The reception range of lava HD 8008 is wide and large and it can reach up to 150 miles. Though, for high quality and premium signals, the distance which is often recommended is about 85 miles. For rural and urban areas, this kind of antenna is appropriate and acceptable. Being unidirectional, the signals can be detected without rotating and adjusting.

Lava HD 8000:

The reception range of lava HD 8000 is also the highest and extreme which is nearly equal to 150 miles. The reception range recommended by this TV antenna is about 50 miles. This TV antenna is also Omnidirectional and to capture the signal, it does not need rotation and adjustment.

The lava HD 8008 is a winner product.

Number of Channels

How many TV channels can you get with an antenna?

Lava HD 8008:

About 130 TV channels can be receive by the lava HD 8008 TV antenna. Living near a large metropolitan area can give you the maximum TV channels. There are also many ways of receiving countless channels like if you experiment your TV antenna with different locations at your home, the chances of receiving TV channels increase automatically. Your antenna should always be laid flat horizontally for capturing maximum channels.

Lava HD 8000:

Up to 45 TV channels can be easily access by lava HD 8000. The reception range of this TV antenna is also high. In addition, TV antennas also have a longer life span so you can easily and happily use them for years.

Lava 8008 is a winner product.

Antenna gain (UHF); Ultra-high frequency:

What is the highest gain TV antenna?

Lava HD 8008:

For lava HD 8008, 29 – 35 DB is the range of UHF antenna gain. Higher the antenna gain, the better the coverage.

Lava HD 8000:

For lava HD 8000, 27 – 33 DB is the range of UHF antenna gain.

Lava HD 8008 is the winning product. 

Lava HD-8008 Antenna installation

The Lava Omni pro-HD-8008 reviews are increasing day by day due to its popularity and best working. Being outdoor antenna is not only a special feature but also it is very easy and simple to install. You can install this antenna within 5 minutes without any effort. There is no need for any technological knowledge.

Put the antenna power supply out from the package and plug it into the wall. Use any coaxial cable for connecting the antenna to the TV. Now turn on the antenna.

Use the add channel option for scanning more antenna channels through your converter box.

The setup is now finished.

Lava HD-8000 Antenna installation:

Its installation process is the same just like lava HD 8000. Being outdoor antenna is not only a special feature but also it is very easy and simple to install. Its installation takes just your 5 minutes. There is no need for any technological knowledge.

Put the antenna power supply out from the package and plug it into the wall. Use any coaxial cable for connecting the antenna to the TV. Now turn on the antenna.

Use the add channel option for scanning more antenna channels through your converter box.

The setup is now finished.

Competitive and great value for money product:

Both of these two devices have a longer life span. Manufacturers ensure a warranty period of about 2 years. Features of these two devices are alike but still, some features of lava HD 8008 are superior to others. Although it is a bit expensive it will surely give you excellent value for money.

Pros and Cons Lava HD 8008 vs HD 8000

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Lava HD 8008″ cons_title=”Lava HD 8000″ ][i2pros]Pros:
The picture given by lava HD 8008 is very clear and vivid.
The channel range is maximum
Low cost and cost-efficient.
It also performs its function in rural areas,
Users usually complain that the antenna has difficulty receiving some signals.
In bad weather, the picture is sometimes distorted.
The installation process is very easy and simple.
Reception range is high.
There is No interruption in transmission.
The power supply is sometimes overheated.
The antenna does not receive many signals.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Final thoughts

If you want to get rid of cables, then these two TV cables are a great choice for you. But lava HD 8008 is one of the best choices for you because of the maximum number of channels and extensive range of reception. Its antenna also receives enough signals without any interception.

Frequently asked questions

Are Lava TV antennas any good?

It works great. I used lava TV antennas. The result was remarkable. On the top of my double-story house, I had installed it. Even from 15 to 60 miles away, I am receiving channels from all directions without any interruption.

Does an HD antenna have to be in a window?

The second floor which is preferably by a spacious window is the best location if possible. Most people will keep the antenna in the same room where there is a TV. So try some high places in the room, like a wall which is near the ceiling.

Are Omnidirectional TV antennas any good?

There is a special feature of omnidirectional antennas that they can pull 3G and 4G signals and also their overall performance is better than others. The reception field of 360 degrees allows the reception from different locations.

How can I get local channels without an antenna?

There exist several ways for streaming your local channel network if you don’t like to use an antenna. For streaming local NBC, ABC, Fox is live YouTube TV and live TV and Hulu.

Nvidia Shield 2017 vs 2019: Which 4K HDR Streaming Media Player Is Better?

Nvidia Shield 2017 vs 2019

Surprisingly, Nvidia Shield TVs have all bells and whistles to give you powerful streaming and impressive gaming features. Nvidia expanded its lineup by launching two new models in 2019: Shield TV and Shield Pro. Both are upgraded versions of the previous Nvidia Shield 2017 model and come with new capabilities and features. The question is “Which Nvidia Shield is worth your money?”. OR if you already have a previous Nvidia Shield, Is it worth an upgrade.

In this Nvidia Shield 2017 vs 2019 comparison, we comprehensively compare these three streaming devices. So, you may get an obvious picture in your mind that leads to a wise buying decision. Let’s make headway!

Nvidia Shield 2017 vs 2019: Side By Side Comparison Chart

[table id=56 /]


Similarities Between Nvidia Shield 2017 and 2019

Back in 2015, the release of the first Nvidia Shield TV was a great surprise in the streaming industry. It came with high-end hardware and offered 4K streaming, a video app library, and access to GeForce Now gaming features. Like the first Nvidia Shield, current models also offer quite exceptional performance with an improved interface and more features.

Both the Nvidia Shield 2017 and 2019 (standard + pro) comes with considerable improvements over their ancestor. The latest pro and non-pro 2019 models come with more attractive price points and great performance. As all these streaming devices come from the same lineup, they offer many things in common. Let’s look at the similar features of Nvidia Shield 2017 and Nvidia Shield 2019!

Android TV Experience on All Nvidia Shields

Android TV Experience on All Nvidia Shields

To begin with, everybody knows that the Nvidia Shield is one of the best Android devices ever (officially supported). You almost get the same updates on Shield 2017 as you get on Shield 2019. Regardless of the version, NVIDIA ensures a similar Android TV experience on every streaming device. They all come with excellent hardware and give you an outstanding experience than other available devices in the market.

Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited entertainment via a built-in 4K Chromecast. So, you can cast your favorite images, videos, and app from your smartphone to your Android TV. Eventually, it is compatible with Google Stadia, GeForce Noe, and Nvidia’s in-home game streaming app.

Are Nvidia Shield 2017 and 2109 (standard+ Pro) have Virtual Assistant?

All three Nvidia Shield streaming devices come with built-in Google Assistant. so, you can control your Shield hands-free. You can schedule your day, ask about the weather, hunt down your favorite movies and TV shows, and much more using Google Assistant. Besides, they feature a program called “Nvidia Spot” that allows you to control your smart home devices by giving verbal commands to Google Assistant.

Moreover, the Nvidia Shield 2017 and the Nvidia Shield 2019 (pro & non-pro) have Amazon Alexa compatibility. These all shields offer excellent functionality, and you can use any of them as a central entertainment hub for your whole house.

Which Operating System Do Nvidia Shield TVs have?

Both models of Nvidia Shield 2019 (pro & non-pro) come with the latest Android OS 9.0 Pie version. On the other hand, the Shield 2017 has Android 9.0 Oreo at the time of its release. However, it is now upgradable to the new OS version. Thus, all Shields currently running on the Android Pie operating system offers better interface customization.

Wireless Connectivity of Nvidia Shield 2017 and Shield 2019

Last but not the least, Shield 2017 and Shield 2019 (pro & non-pro) come with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. All three shields are compatible with 2.4 and 5 GHz connections. However, the shield 2017 has Bluetooth 4.1 version while the other two models come with Bluetooth 5.0 version.

Nvidia Shield 2017 vs 2019- How These Streaming Devices Differ?

Although Shield 2019 models are upgraded versions of Shield 2017, it only offers a few more features here and there than Shield TV 2017. Now, we will get into further details of their differences. So, you can end up with a more obvious and informed buying decision.

Design of Shield 2017, Shield 2019, and Shield 2019 Pro

Design of Shield 2017, Shield 2019, and Shield 2019 Pro

The design of Nvidia Shields makes them stand out among other android boxes. Almost all Nvidia Shields features an iconic angular design that appeals to many people.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017

The Nvidia Shield 2107 has an angular design and resembles a micro-console or a modern art sculpture. It is more compact as compared to the older Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Standard

On the other hand, Nvidia Shield 2019 non-pro model comes with an entirely different design. It has a cylindrical shape and can be tucked behind your entertainment hub (TV). Besides, it resembles Amazon echo and is also known as “tube” and “shield Ghost”. Shield tube 2019 is more compact and stealthier and comes with a different power cable. We find it more appealing, and it just looks like a smart home device than another thing.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Pro

The 2109 pro model comes with the traditional familiar-looking angular design as the 2017 model has. It looks like a mini-game console and is certainly designed to attract gamers. Nvidia shrinks this device by 40% and it is sleeker and more compact than the Shield 2017. It’s up to which design you find more appealing to place in your display cabinet.

The Winner Is: A Tie


Which Nvidia Shield Offer High-end and Better Performance?

Which Nvidia Shield Offer High-end and Better Performance

The newer versions come with a faster processor which translates to faster and better performance.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017

Nvidia Shield 2017 comes with a Tegra X1 chip that is still one of the powerful chipsets powers a streaming device. It has a 1000 MHz clock speed that is more than enough to give you an excellent streaming experience and a satisfying gaming experience as well. If you are contented with Nvidia 2017 model, you may not require an upgrade only for the new chipset.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Standard

In contrast, the new 2019 Nvidia versions are powered by the new Tegra X1+ chipsets. So, it can go a long way when you want to do massive cloud streaming.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Pro

Like non-pro Shield, the pro version of Nvidia shield 2019 also comes with Nvidia’s Tegra X1+ processor. Nvidia promises up to 25% faster performance in new Shield TV versions with a 1267 MHz clock speed. It matters a lot if you are a true gamer and take your game streaming to the next level.

The Winner Is: The Nvidia Shield 2019 Media Player (Standard + Pro)


Nvidia Shield 2017 vs 2019 vs Shield Pro- Memory & Storage

Storage capacity and Memory is another significant difference between Nvidia Shield TV 2017 and Nvidia Shield 2019 models.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017

The Shield 2017 comes with 3 GB RAM and 16 GB of storage capacity. So, you have plenty of space to store apps, games, and movies. Moreover, you can use a USB stick or hard drive to expand its storage.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Standard

Although non-pro Shield 2019 comes with a faster and newer processor, it has less memory and storage capacity. To keep the price down, Nvidia cut its RAM down to 2GB while its native storage capacity is just 8 GB. It is quite enough for streaming purposes.

However, This reduced storage is not acceptable for true gamers. Another downside is you can expand storage via a microSD card rather than a hard drive or USB stick as it lacks USB ports.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Pro

The Nvidia Shield pro also comes with 3GB RAM and 16GB native internal storage along with a faster chipset. The Nvidia Pro also supports a large hard drive, and you can also expand pro Shield storage using a USB stick. So, you get massive to store movies, TV shows, and games.

The enhanced spec of Shield 2019 pro ensures smooth streaming, gaming, and deal tasks in a better manner than another shield. So, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is a must-have device for hardcore gamers.

The Winner Is: The Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro


Audio & Video- Dolby vision, Upscaling, Dolby Atmos, & More

Audio & Video- Dolby vision, Upscaling, Dolby Atmos, & More

Arguably, the technical upgrades like Dolby vision, AI upscaling, and more are the basic reasons to consider Shield TV 2019.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017

Sadly, The Shield 2017 doesn’t feature Dolby Vision and AI upscaling. However, it still supports HDR10 and includes upscaling. Like every Nvidia Shield, it also supports HEVC and VP9 codecs and can display 4K images at 60 fps.

Furthermore, it has Dolby Digital audio and supports all video and music apps. Besides, Shield 2017 is compatible with many Dolby, DTS, and audio codecs, older TVs, and audio devices.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Standard

In contrast, the 2019 model comes with Dolby Vision and AI upscaling that can upscale lower-quality videos (720p and 1080p) to 4K at 30 fps. It is a nifty feature of the new Nvidia Shield models. Although some 4K TVs come with this feature, Nvidia ensures that its technology gives sharper and clearer vision quality.

In term of audio, Shield 2019 again deliver improved quality by bringing Dolby Digital plus while the older versions have Dolby digital Atmos (pass-through). Technically, you get a higher bitrate, more channels, and efficient compression.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Pro

Like non-pro shield TV, the pro version also comes with audio and video enhancements. So, you can the same improved audio and video quality by buying an Nvidia non-pro or pro model.

The Winner Is: The Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro and non-pro models


Remote Controller of Nvidia Shield 2017 and Nvidia Shield 2019

Remote Controller of Nvidia Shield 2017 and Nvidia Shield 2019

One more noticeable difference exists in their remote controllers. The new versions come with a new and improved Shield remote.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017

The old remote of Nvidia 2017 runs on coin cells and has voice search, Bluetooth connectivity, and IR blaster options. However, the good news is the new and updated shield remote is compatible with the older versions such as Shield 2017 and 2015.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Standard

The updated remote includes many handy options such as a lost remote locator, motion-activated, and backlit button. Besides, the new Shield remote comes with more media and audio controls and a programmable button to make use of Plex.

Furthermore, It has a big Netflix button that has a self-explanatory function. Overall, you can breathe new life with the modernized Shield remote.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Pro

Both the Nvidia Shield pro and non-pro models have similar Nvidia Shield 2019 remotes with a sleeker design than the old remote. Besides, it has all the options you find in the previous one such as voice search and Bluetooth connectivity.

One plus point, all three models of Nvidia Shield TV can use the official Nvidia Shield mobile app to perform all operations instead of the Shield remote.

The Winner Is: The Nvidia Shield 2019 and Shield Pro


Nvidia Shield 2017 vs 2019: Pros & Cons

[table id=61 /]



What is the difference between Nvidia Shield 2017 and 2019?

The Nvidia Shield 2019 comes with many more technical improvements than Nvidia 2017 model. It has a faster processor, AI upscaling, HDR Dolby vision, and Digital Plus. Besides, it comes with an advanced remote controller.

What is the difference between Shield and Shield pro (2019) models?

Shield 2019 and Shield pro come with a completely different designs. Meanwhile, the non-pro Shield has 2GB Ram and 8GB storage that is expandable through a microSD card. While the pro version has 3GB Ram and 16 GB storage that is expandable vis hard drive or USB stick.

Which Nvidia Shield model is best?

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Pro is a better choice if you want excellent gaming and streaming experience. It can also act as a hub for SmartThings.

Does the 2017 Nvidia Shield have AI upscaling?

No, Shield 2017 doesn’t receive AI upscaling via an update.

Will there be a new Nvidia Shield in 2021?

Unfortunately, No! Nvidia officially skip it and says it was a “no-op” for the company.

Is it worth upgrading to the new Nvidia Shield?

If Dolby Vision and AI upscaling entice you, the upgrade is worth considering.

What can I use Nvidia Shield for?

Initially, it can act as a control hub for your smart home. You can use it for streaming PC games and as a media center for online and local streaming and media playback.

What is Plex on Nvidia Shield?

Plex is an app that allows you to stream your media anywhere and on any device. It makes your shield a media player and a media server as well.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Nvidia Shield is wholly a revolutionary device that allows you for streaming, gaming, and gives total control over your smart home devices. All Shield models cater to different potential audiences. If you already won Shield 2017, it is not worth upgrading. But if you don’t have any shield, Nvidia Shield 2019 is a decent option due to its great feature with a lower price point. However, by spending some extra buck, the Nvidia Shield Pro will be your best bet.

Thus, the clear winner of our Nvidia Shield comparison is The Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019).

Roomba 675

A Quick Comparison to Buy the Best Antenna – Clearstream 2max vs 2v

Clearstream 2max vs 2v

Getting a Netflix membership for watching movies and TV shows provides a number of benefits. It does, however, come at a high price. The cost of a Netflix subscription ranges from $8.99 to $15.99 each month. This can expense you about $200 at the close of the year. Alternatively, you can go out and buy TV antennae, which will reduce your money over time. In most locations of the United States, you can watch 50 to 100 TV stations unrestricted over the air. Here we are going to compare products. Clearstream 2max vs 2v

Quick Comparison of the Clearstream 2max™ antenna vs Clearstream 2v

[table id=8 /]

This is not a concern with more than television broadcasts. Finally, thanks to advancements in streaming technology, anyone can watch 4K free content. Moreover, most cable or satellite programs are reduced, resulting in a lower-quality image. Now, we’ll take a look at the ClearStream 2V or ClearStream 2Max TV antennas from Antennas Direct. Now let us look at the differences and similarities between ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 2Max in more detail.

Why choose the Clearstream 2v and 2max?

Let’s look at the similarities and differences between the ClearStream 2V and 2Max.

Range of TV Antennas

Both ClearStream 2V and 2Max both seem to have TV antenna coverage of 60 miles or more. Right off of the box, users can broadcast crystal-clear, elevated transmissions. These antennas are ideal for urban and rural settings where their receiving signal may be obstructed by extensive foliage or rooftop constructions. The ClearStream 2V and 2Max are high output TV antennas, which explains their ranging of 60+ miles. These antennas could go even further when there are fewer trees and buildings inside the signal path.

Outdoor Multi-Directional Antenna

Multi-direction antennas are the ClearStream 2V and 2Max. The multidimensional antennas are also referred to as Omni-directional Antennas. Therefore, it’s doesn’t care how the sending signal proceeds. In addition, the antenna location or movement does not mind as far as the transmission signal can be picked up. I don’t believe it’ll be an issue with its more than 60 km. You can adjust the orientation of the antennas when you would like a more precise transmission. Fortunately, the 2V and 2Max each offer broad beam angles. Finally, the antennas may properly target with an app.

ClearStream Eclipse Indoor Antenna

The configuration is simple! This antenna has a specially designed strip to pull & attach to any flat object, without hooks, velcro, and wall damages. It’s ideal for cities, sleeping areas, RVs – wherever carry your TV antenna. It contains 12 ft. of coaxial removable cable. Whereas the majority of TV antennas are positioned outdoors of the home, many could also be fixed within the house to get over-the-air TV broadcasts. Samples of such TV antennas that may be put both indoors and outdoors include Antenna Direct’s ClearStream 2V and 2Max.

Location of Antenna

These TV antennas have an interior style as well as a ring-like shape which enable them acceptable without being a problem to look. They lend flair and refinement to their subdued black or dark-gray color. These TV antennas have an interior style as well as a ring-like shape which enable them acceptable without being a problem to look. They lend flair and refinement to their subdued black or dark-gray color.

Antenna Point App of ClearStream 2V and 2Max

Nearly all goods also have a supporting application. You are glad to learn that perhaps the ClearStream 2V and 2Max are also fit with an app, the Antenna Point application. Typically, it’s guesswork to aim your antennae. You must presume that you are pointing the antennas to a good signal on your TV. It shows you the TV towers in the region in the Antenna Point App, but you will also know precisely how and when to target excellent HDTV signals from your front of the TV antenna. You could also find out where all the antennas may be mounted outdoors with the app. This software may be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

ClearStream 4MAX Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

This antenna is simple to install with fast connection mounting. Still, no antenna can comply with this small efficiency. It is perfect for the countryside. It comprises of a mast of 20.”

Whole-Home Ready of ClearStream 2V and 2Max

While it is feasible to put two TV antennas in the home, the best potential outcome is to arrange things outside to better receive the signal. Furthermore, when put outdoors, fewer blocks and interferences occur. That both 2V and 2Max ClearStream are suitable for use at home. One antenna may therefore handle many TVs simultaneously. TV antennas can be used for all televisions within your house with high-quality TV signals. Finally, whenever the new ATSC 3.0 technology is implemented, you may predict 4K resolution broadcasting, because both of the TV antennae are also 4K capable.

Lifetime guarantee of the Clearstream 2max and 2v

You understand that Antenna Direct takes care of its customer since it guarantees you a promise for your lifetime. Antenna Direct ensures you of the industry’s top goods and services. And this is why companies don’t have to provide their items a lifetime guarantee.

Satisfaction is most important

The finest in the business are your goods and services. They are so certain that you’re pleased that we ensure you against every material flaws or manufactory for as soon as you possess the goods with the best extensive warranties.

Clearstream 2max vs 2v –Differences

Whereas the ClearStream 2V and 2Max are separate brands, the TV antennae do not change much. They certainly have a distinction in UHF and VHF winnings, but it doesn’t matter because they all have big winnings. In addition, they only have ten degrees of residual beam angle variation, a negligible one. Even the measurements gathered are not far away. The weight of the ClearStream 2V will be more severe at four pounds compare to the 1.8 pounds of the 2Max if a substantial difference occurs.

Pros and Cons of Clearstream 2max versus 2v

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Clearstream 2max” cons_title=”Clearstream 2v” ][i2pros]Pros:
• Antennas are provided by an application called the Antenna Point App that really can assist you to get a TV signal. A TV antenna may be use to create high-resolution images for numerous TV sets.
• A connected antenna provides a lifetime guarantee for both TV antennae.
• Indoors or outdoors may be mount on the ClearStream 2V and 2Max.

• While 4K-resolution TV shows seem promising, the technology remains in its immaturity.


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• One TV antenna may provide numerous TV with a slightly elevated picture.
• The TV antennae of ClearStream may receive television signals and over 60 kilometers from broadcast towers.
• Indoors or outdoors may be mount on the ClearStream 2V and 2Max.
• They both have extremely stubborn and elegant concepts that match beautifully any living room.

• Whereas the level of film and television series by subscribing services such as Netflix is better than that, even though such TV antennas could save just a few hundred USD each year.

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Frequently asked questions

Is ClearStream 4MAX better than 2MAX?

The 4MAX is a more extensive antenna. If you already have stations around 70 km of your area, I would suggest 4MAX and I would suggest 2MAX if you do have stations around 60 km. By visiting this link and inputting your zip code, you can view the number of stations or where antennas are.

Clearstream 2v


Is the ClearStream Max V amplified?

The ClearStream MAX-V by Antennas Direct is design for capturing stations within 60 miles and is available at reasonable prices. The amplifier is not use, yet our testing was still very good.

What is the range of clear TV?

The Clear TV antenna is 35 miles away, which is far more than adequate in a very rural setting to grab the most prominent TV channels.

Do indoor HDTV antennas really work?

An indoor digital antenna links up for well over broadcasting on a single TV. It’s the easiest antenna to build, however for everybody it’s not good. If you just want a single digital TV antenna’s signal to be better, it might accomplish the work by placing it nearer to windows or up a wall.

What is a ClearStream antenna?

In order to be grant TV signals 70 miles from signal boosters, the Clear Stream 4 antenna employs patently used technologies. This 4.3-star antenna is excellent for rural and suburban locations in which the signal is decreased by thick feathered or roofing materials. Neither antenna can comply with this small efficiency.

How do you point to Clearstream 2MAX?

Extend your dipoles till you click. Elevate the dipole till you click. Place the top of the antenna just on the signal boosters of your TV stations and search again for channels for the receipt. If all accessible channels really aren’t receive, reposition and re-scan the antenna.

Clearstream 2max

How do I aim for a ClearStream antenna?

If you use the TV antenna, just point it towards the TV sender mast. Naturally, it requires the visibility of the TV transmitter mast, and if not then, the antenna may frequently align in almost the same way as some other local antennas.

Does aluminum foil boost the antenna signal?

When the foil-wrap it around the antenna, the outer layer and conductance of the antenna will be essentially improve to maximize the signals it gets from your TV.

Can over the air antennas go bad?

Well, not just that. But sure, things may genuinely cease working on to an antenna. You usually need to have a new antenna if that occurs. An antenna is something really basic.

Is there a difference between HD antennas and regular antennas?

A normal and an HDTV antenna have no difference. Every antenna can collect HDTV transmissions. They have send at the very same frequencies since even the traditional rabbit ears can collect. But the digital signal forgives the misplacement of the antenna considerably less than the analog transmissions.


Winner product

If you discover a method to save prices, another of the greatest ways to accomplish it is to get a TV antenna. One can discover a programmer that you would want to watch from up to hundreds of TV stations. In addition to the conventional FOX networks, CBS, ABC, like the PBS, The CW, Comet, Buzzr, MeTV, etc. in certain places, you will also discover free. Whenever you purchase ClearStream 2V or 2Max, you could get these complementary channels. Both are similar, save from their weight difference.  What you buy doesn’t matter because it was a fantastic shopping experience that might be paying for in the long term.

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