A Quick Comparison to Buy the Best Antenna – Clearstream 2max vs 2v

Getting a Netflix membership for watching movies and TV shows provides a number of benefits. It does, however, come at a high price. The cost of a Netflix subscription ranges from $8.99 to $15.99 each month. This can expense you about $200 at the close of the year. Alternatively, you can go out and buy TV antennae, which will reduce your money over time. In most locations of the United States, you can watch 50 to 100 TV stations unrestricted over the air. Here we are going to compare products. Clearstream 2max vs 2v

Quick Comparison of the Clearstream 2max™ antenna vs Clearstream 2v

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This is not a concern with more than television broadcasts. Finally, thanks to advancements in streaming technology, anyone can watch 4K free content. Moreover, most cable or satellite programs are reduced, resulting in a lower-quality image. Now, we’ll take a look at the ClearStream 2V or ClearStream 2Max TV antennas from Antennas Direct. Now let us look at the differences and similarities between ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 2Max in more detail.

Why choose the Clearstream 2v and 2max?

Let’s look at the similarities and differences between the ClearStream 2V and 2Max.

Range of TV Antennas

Both ClearStream 2V and 2Max both seem to have TV antenna coverage of 60 miles or more. Right off of the box, users can broadcast crystal-clear, elevated transmissions. These antennas are ideal for urban and rural settings where their receiving signal may be obstructed by extensive foliage or rooftop constructions. The ClearStream 2V and 2Max are high output TV antennas, which explains their ranging of 60+ miles. These antennas could go even further when there are fewer trees and buildings inside the signal path.

Outdoor Multi-Directional Antenna

Multi-direction antennas are the ClearStream 2V and 2Max. The multidimensional antennas are also referred to as Omni-directional Antennas. Therefore, it’s doesn’t care how the sending signal proceeds. In addition, the antenna location or movement does not mind as far as the transmission signal can be picked up. I don’t believe it’ll be an issue with its more than 60 km. You can adjust the orientation of the antennas when you would like a more precise transmission. Fortunately, the 2V and 2Max each offer broad beam angles. Finally, the antennas may properly target with an app.

ClearStream Eclipse Indoor Antenna

The configuration is simple! This antenna has a specially designed strip to pull & attach to any flat object, without hooks, velcro, and wall damages. It’s ideal for cities, sleeping areas, RVs – wherever carry your TV antenna. It contains 12 ft. of coaxial removable cable. Whereas the majority of TV antennas are positioned outdoors of the home, many could also be fixed within the house to get over-the-air TV broadcasts. Samples of such TV antennas that may be put both indoors and outdoors include Antenna Direct’s ClearStream 2V and 2Max.

Location of Antenna

These TV antennas have an interior style as well as a ring-like shape which enable them acceptable without being a problem to look. They lend flair and refinement to their subdued black or dark-gray color. These TV antennas have an interior style as well as a ring-like shape which enable them acceptable without being a problem to look. They lend flair and refinement to their subdued black or dark-gray color.

Antenna Point App of ClearStream 2V and 2Max

Nearly all goods also have a supporting application. You are glad to learn that perhaps the ClearStream 2V and 2Max are also fit with an app, the Antenna Point application. Typically, it’s guesswork to aim your antennae. You must presume that you are pointing the antennas to a good signal on your TV. It shows you the TV towers in the region in the Antenna Point App, but you will also know precisely how and when to target excellent HDTV signals from your front of the TV antenna. You could also find out where all the antennas may be mounted outdoors with the app. This software may be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

ClearStream 4MAX Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

This antenna is simple to install with fast connection mounting. Still, no antenna can comply with this small efficiency. It is perfect for the countryside. It comprises of a mast of 20.”

Whole-Home Ready of ClearStream 2V and 2Max

While it is feasible to put two TV antennas in the home, the best potential outcome is to arrange things outside to better receive the signal. Furthermore, when put outdoors, fewer blocks and interferences occur. That both 2V and 2Max ClearStream are suitable for use at home. One antenna may therefore handle many TVs simultaneously. TV antennas can be used for all televisions within your house with high-quality TV signals. Finally, whenever the new ATSC 3.0 technology is implemented, you may predict 4K resolution broadcasting, because both of the TV antennae are also 4K capable.

Lifetime guarantee of the Clearstream 2max and 2v

You understand that Antenna Direct takes care of its customer since it guarantees you a promise for your lifetime. Antenna Direct ensures you of the industry’s top goods and services. And this is why companies don’t have to provide their items a lifetime guarantee.

Satisfaction is most important

The finest in the business are your goods and services. They are so certain that you’re pleased that we ensure you against every material flaws or manufactory for as soon as you possess the goods with the best extensive warranties.

Clearstream 2max vs 2v –Differences

Whereas the ClearStream 2V and 2Max are separate brands, the TV antennae do not change much. They certainly have a distinction in UHF and VHF winnings, but it doesn’t matter because they all have big winnings. In addition, they only have ten degrees of residual beam angle variation, a negligible one. Even the measurements gathered are not far away. The weight of the ClearStream 2V will be more severe at four pounds compare to the 1.8 pounds of the 2Max if a substantial difference occurs.

Pros and Cons of Clearstream 2max versus 2v

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Clearstream 2max” cons_title=”Clearstream 2v” ][i2pros]Pros:
• Antennas are provided by an application called the Antenna Point App that really can assist you to get a TV signal. A TV antenna may be use to create high-resolution images for numerous TV sets.
• A connected antenna provides a lifetime guarantee for both TV antennae.
• Indoors or outdoors may be mount on the ClearStream 2V and 2Max.

• While 4K-resolution TV shows seem promising, the technology remains in its immaturity.


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• One TV antenna may provide numerous TV with a slightly elevated picture.
• The TV antennae of ClearStream may receive television signals and over 60 kilometers from broadcast towers.
• Indoors or outdoors may be mount on the ClearStream 2V and 2Max.
• They both have extremely stubborn and elegant concepts that match beautifully any living room.

• Whereas the level of film and television series by subscribing services such as Netflix is better than that, even though such TV antennas could save just a few hundred USD each year.

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Frequently asked questions

Is ClearStream 4MAX better than 2MAX?

The 4MAX is a more extensive antenna. If you already have stations around 70 km of your area, I would suggest 4MAX and I would suggest 2MAX if you do have stations around 60 km. By visiting this link and inputting your zip code, you can view the number of stations or where antennas are.

Clearstream 2v


Is the ClearStream Max V amplified?

The ClearStream MAX-V by Antennas Direct is design for capturing stations within 60 miles and is available at reasonable prices. The amplifier is not use, yet our testing was still very good.

What is the range of clear TV?

The Clear TV antenna is 35 miles away, which is far more than adequate in a very rural setting to grab the most prominent TV channels.

Do indoor HDTV antennas really work?

An indoor digital antenna links up for well over broadcasting on a single TV. It’s the easiest antenna to build, however for everybody it’s not good. If you just want a single digital TV antenna’s signal to be better, it might accomplish the work by placing it nearer to windows or up a wall.

What is a ClearStream antenna?

In order to be grant TV signals 70 miles from signal boosters, the Clear Stream 4 antenna employs patently used technologies. This 4.3-star antenna is excellent for rural and suburban locations in which the signal is decreased by thick feathered or roofing materials. Neither antenna can comply with this small efficiency.

How do you point to Clearstream 2MAX?

Extend your dipoles till you click. Elevate the dipole till you click. Place the top of the antenna just on the signal boosters of your TV stations and search again for channels for the receipt. If all accessible channels really aren’t receive, reposition and re-scan the antenna.

Clearstream 2max

How do I aim for a ClearStream antenna?

If you use the TV antenna, just point it towards the TV sender mast. Naturally, it requires the visibility of the TV transmitter mast, and if not then, the antenna may frequently align in almost the same way as some other local antennas.

Does aluminum foil boost the antenna signal?

When the foil-wrap it around the antenna, the outer layer and conductance of the antenna will be essentially improve to maximize the signals it gets from your TV.

Can over the air antennas go bad?

Well, not just that. But sure, things may genuinely cease working on to an antenna. You usually need to have a new antenna if that occurs. An antenna is something really basic.

Is there a difference between HD antennas and regular antennas?

A normal and an HDTV antenna have no difference. Every antenna can collect HDTV transmissions. They have send at the very same frequencies since even the traditional rabbit ears can collect. But the digital signal forgives the misplacement of the antenna considerably less than the analog transmissions.


Winner product

If you discover a method to save prices, another of the greatest ways to accomplish it is to get a TV antenna. One can discover a programmer that you would want to watch from up to hundreds of TV stations. In addition to the conventional FOX networks, CBS, ABC, like the PBS, The CW, Comet, Buzzr, MeTV, etc. in certain places, you will also discover free. Whenever you purchase ClearStream 2V or 2Max, you could get these complementary channels. Both are similar, save from their weight difference.  What you buy doesn’t matter because it was a fantastic shopping experience that might be paying for in the long term.

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