Find out the best printer between HP OfficeJet pro 8710 vs 9015

HP OfficeJet pro 8710 vs 9015

If you’re purely asking which type of printer should I buy? To stay dynamic at the office or home then you come up at the right place here you can see HP OfficeJet pro 8710 VS 9015. With step-by-step guidance, you’ll ascertain the winner’s product.

Comparison Table: HP Officejet pro 8710 vs 9015

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Similarities: Between HP OfficeJet pro 8710 vs 9015

Now we will elaborate same features of both printers because both have some similarities you can see below:

Colored touchscreen presentation:

You know that almost all printers of HP brand have colored touchscreen display so both the OfficeJet pro 8710 and 9015 also have a clear and 2.65 display so that you can read easily and command. But both are fixed at different places, OfficeJet pro 8710 has its touchscreen on the right-hand side but the OfficeJet 9015 has its display on the left-hand side that makes it operative and different from other printers with printing experience.

Connectivity technology:

It’s too clear that every printer can be connected through a wired USB cable. The first one is that HP decided to enhance connectivity on top of the extensive printer connection, 2nd the advanced era demand wireless connectivity which is available in both the hp OfficeJet pro 8710 and 9015. Both the OfficeJet pro model can be connected through your mobile network. Mutually they have Ethernet, Wi-Fi; wireless connections. You can also use it for children’s daily homework prints if we have a home office.

Ability to print, scan, copy, and fax:

Luckily, both the OfficeJet pro 8710 and 9015 can do the whole functions like scan, print, copy, and fax both colored and colorless documents and photos. Otherwise, the all-in-one printer can scan, copy, and print the documents and the particular printer can do work as a fax machine. Both OfficeJet pro model is flawless if you are searching for borderless printing.

Dissimilarities: Between HP OfficeJet pro 8710 vs 9015

Let’s come to describe the differences between both HP OfficeJet Pro printers:

The appearance of OfficeJet pro:

When we talk about appearance it does not only stand how it looks?  It can differ in dimension, weight, and color. Customers prefer the attractable and compact size. If you are going to pick any durable printer then you will also look at its appearance.

HP OfficeJet pro 8710:

This printer 8710 is larger as compared to the 9015 and also its weight is 11.52 kg which is heavier than others its color is fully black. As aforementioned its display is on the opposite side to the Officejet 9015. The difference is minor but it’s essential to know about it.

Find out the best printer between HP OfficeJet pro 8710 vs 9015

HP OfficeJet pro 9015:

As you can see the OfficeJet 9015 color is grey and white which is available on Amazon and its weight is 8.95 kg which is lower than the 8710. Its size is 10.94 x 17.3 x 13.48 inches is also less than 8710. Through this, we will figure out that 8710 is proficient for household and office use.

According to minor differences, our winner product is HP OfficeJet pro 9015.

Speed of printing and copy:

Speed of printing and copy is vital when we elect one of the best printers. The speed is obvious when we use in office and shared with several workers.

HP OfficeJet pro 8710:

Copying with the Officejet pro 8710 has a lower speed as compared to OfficeJet pro can copy only 27 copies per minute for colored and 30 copies per minute for monochrome, while another side it has a higher printing speed like it can 35 print per also has a higher printing resolution speed while copying resolution speed is low so here you have to be very careful when you choose the best printer if your office has higher printing work then hp OfficeJet 8710 is the best option.

HP OfficeJet pro 9015:

Just like some other printers this also has a lower printing speed it can only maximum of 32 prints per minute. But this printer has a higher copying speed it can 32 copies per minute. Automatic Duplex

Printing capabilities are available in both printers 8710 & 9015 so there are no prominent differences b/w the two printers. We can use this in small workgroups and micro offices.

The winner is not prominent, it’s A Tie

 Mobile printing facilities:

As stated before, either HP Officejet pro 8710 or HP OfficeJet pro 9015 has mobile printing options. By using this we can print through smartphone or tablet,

Find out the best printer between HP OfficeJet pro 8710 vs 9015

HP OfficeJet pro 8710:

We can see the most efficient advanced feature in Officejet pro 8710 is ePrint through which we can print from anywhere while we have an internet connection and we can easily print from iPhone with Airprint by sending an email can be print any document which we want to process. We can scan digital files directly to email and the cloud with preloaded business apps.

HP OfficeJet pro 9015:

In HP Officejet pro 9015 you don’t have a most valued feature ePrint that most customers appreciate because it’s very feasible but you can see here some other features like if you have an iPhone then you can use AirPrint. Otherwise, the only option is that you can send your documents through HP smart app or you can print by using a flash drive directly for printing files. Now, this is too obvious that OfficeJet 8710 has strong mobile printing services.

The winner product is HP OfficeJet pro 8710.

Fax competency:

Both of these printers offer fax ability already embedded in them. Its competency gives us so many benefits like the authenticity of legal documentation and diverse accessibility so you have to be very careful while you select a printer with fax ability,

HP OfficeJet pro 8710:

As you know, HP Officejet Pro 8710 is an all-in-one printer and fax machine, its memory to save received fax is approximately 100 pages and it has a lower resolution speed of 200 x x200 DPI. Fax transmission is here 4 sec per page which is comparatively low from 9015. Both printers can send and receive fax in both colored and monochrome format but there are also major differences in transmission and resolution speed.

HP OfficeJet pro 9015:

Indeed, HP Officejet pro 9015 has high quality and transmission speed because all printers have transferring speed in Mbps and Gbps but the hp 9015 has 33.6 Kbps speed to transfer documents. Its resolution speed is 300 x 300 DPI.

The winner product is HP Officejet pro 9015.

The capacity of paper:

Here we see which printer lost the paper capacity fight because it’s important while we doing business we don’t have spare time to be feeding the printer with paper.

HP OfficeJet pro 8710:

This is a noticeable and carefully picking feature while you want to print in bulks with high speed. Hp Officejet pro 8710 has a vast input paper tray that can put up more than 250 sheets of paper. However, it has a large output capacity of 150 sheets of paper.

HP OfficeJet pro 9015:

On the other hand, hp Officejet pro 9015 has the same capacity of 250 sheets of paper accommodated in the input tray. While the other side has low space in the output tray, you can put just 60 sheets of paper. This is not a problem but shows that 9015 is not more efficient than 8710.

The winner product is HP OfficeJet pro 8710.

Pros & Cons: HP OfficeJet pro 8710 vs 9015

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”HP OfficeJet pro 8710″ cons_title=”HP OfficeJet pro 9015″ ][i2pros]Pros.
It has a faster printing speed, it can be 35 prints per minute.
HP instant ink is eligible for this.
The capacity of the output paper tray is higher, you can put up to 150 sheets of paper.
In mobile printing service, an additional feature HP ePrint is available.
It has a 2.65 display with a colored LCD and IR touch.
Its copy speed is minor low otherwise there’s no prominent con.

It has a high copying speed of more than 32 pages per minute.
Its fax resolution speed is 300 x 300 DPI which is high as compared to the 9015.
It has advanced wireless connectivity and a touchscreen display.
In hp 9015 mobile printing has some options like a flash drive, google assistant service.
Works with Alexa are available.
In mobile printing, the HP ePrint option is not available.
It has a slower printing speed.

FAQ’s (All you want to know)

Is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 Wireless?

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 comes with built-in wireless and Ethernet networking.

Does the HP 8710 scan double-sided pages automatically?

Yes, it can, but you need to make sure to download and install the full printer feature driver from HP. To get full functionality scanned documents, you need to scan from the HP Printer Assistant rather than HP Smart.

What HP printers allow you to enlarge and reduce the size of the item being copied?

Yes, it does allow one to enlarge or reduce the print of something being copied. Press Copy Document and then you will see a small gear-looking icon. Press that and you will see the resizing option.

Does HP 9015 have automated double-sided printing?

If you select double-sided printing from the software it will do double-sided printing automatically. You can also configure the printer in the control panel so it defaults to double-sided printing.

The Final Verdict

Finding the best printer from HP Officejet pro 8710 or 9015 is not so difficult after this detailed comparison. you can see that the 9015 is efficient in copying speed and fax resolution but that’s not enough because the 8710 has more valuable features like printing speed, the capacity of the tray, and HP also available at a lower price as compared to, it’s clear that our winning product is HP Officejet Pro 8710.

HP Officejet pro 8710 vs 9015

HP 8610 vs. 8710: Which printer is better to buy?

HP 8610 vs. 8710

An Office jet printer is one of a line of Hewlett-Packard inkjet printers intended for business use. Laser printers utilize dry toner rather than ink and wire it to the paper utilizing heat. The two sorts of printers give sufficient quality to text and shading pictures. Printers make our lives easy and have many advantages. Like, they reduce Expenses. Reduce expenses by up to half contrasted with lasers1. Save Energy. Reduce expenses by up to half contrasted with lasers1.Quicker Prints. Laser-quick paces of up to 20 ppm dark or 16 ppm shading. Ink Permanence and Quality. Save Time and Quick Setup. Get more with HP Print Studio.

Here is the comparison of two hp office jet printers- hp 8610 vs. 8710. Let’s go through all the features, similarities, and differences to better understand about office jet printer.

Comparison Chart:

[table id=119 /]


Similarities Between The HP 8610 And The 8710:

Inkjet printing technology:

The Office jet Pro 8610 and 86710 e-All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer from HP is a quality across-the-board answer for your printing, filtering, replicating, and faxing needs. It highlights warm inkjet printing innovation that considers quick printing paces of 19 ppm in dark and white or 14.5 ppm in shading. This makes it an extraordinary all-around unit for a home or little office. The examining is done at a high goal of 1200 dpi and duplicates are done rapidly at paces of 13 CPM in dark and white and 11 CPM in shading. The 8610 is additionally a skilled fax machine with paces of around 4 seconds for every page.

Software installation process:

The Software installation process of both printers is the same. You just have to follow the following rules.

Switch on your framework.

Then, at that point, ensure that it is associated with a similar remote framework as your printer.

Then, open any program and go to 8710

Enter the name of your printer and the model number of your printer in the inquiry box.

Your printer’s name and model number are given on the right side.

Whenever you’ve entered the name of the printer and model number, press Search.

Click Download to download the product drivers on your printer.

Once the download is finished, you can open the product from the program download bar.

Peruse and consent to HP’s agreements once the HP Easy Start Utility programming is opened.

Then, at that point, HP shows a rundown of programming that will be introduced on the screen.

You can likewise alter the product utilizing the Customize programming determination button.

Then, adhere to the guidelines on the screen to finish the establishment cycle.

Paper handling: hp 8610 vs. 8710:

Paper taking care of is done using a 250-sheet input plate just as a 35-sheet ADF. This gives the capacity to utilize various media types and record evaluates to 8.5 x 14″. The Office jet Pro 8610 even has programmed duplexing ability for creating two-sided prints. This functions admirably with a month-to-month obligation pattern of 30,000 pages to guarantee that the printer will endure.

Main accessories of hp printers:

This Certified Refurbished item is tried and guaranteed to look and work like new. The revamping system incorporates usefulness testing, fundamental cleaning, examination, and repackaging. The item sends with every single important frill, a base 90-day guarantee, and may show up in a conventional box. Just select dealers who keep an elite exhibition bar might offer Certified Refurbished items on

Key functions:

Primary elements of this HP tone inkjet photograph printer: duplicate, examine, fax, remote printing, Air Print, two-sided duplex printing, shading touchscreen, Instant Ink prepared so you’ll never run out of ink, and that’s just the beginning

Portable printing is also possible with these printers. Print from anyplace utilizing your cell phone or tablet with the free HP print application, effectively print from your iPhone or iPod with Air Print, print even without an organization utilizing Wireless Direct printing

Print proficient shading for up to half lower cost per page than lasers with an across-the-board designed for business printing. With basic arrangement and quickest in-class speeds, these all-in-ones are ideally suited for a little office or workspace

Differences Between HP 8610 And 8710:

Remote availability

 Hp office jet pro 8710:

Support the accompanying outer Jet direct servers; Print as it were: HP Jet direct en1700 External Print Server (J7988G), HP Jet direct en3700 Fast-Ethernet External Print Server for Network Capable Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Peripherals (J7942G), HP Jet direct ew2400 802.11b/g remote and Fast Ethernet outside print server (USB 2.0, 10/100Base-TX, 802.11b/g) (J7951G), HP Jet direct ew2500 802.11b/g Wireless Print Server (J8021A); Other upheld extras: Apple AirPort Express, Apple AirPort Extreme, Apple Airport Time Capsule

Hp office jet pro 8610:

Remote availability as 802.11 Wi-Fi is accessible, permitting you to associate with PCs and cell phones over the air. This can improve multi-PC networks just as permit the comfort of printing straightforwardly from a telephone or tablet. There are additionally standard associations as a USB port, 10/100 Ethernet, and RJ-11 modem associations. Also, settings and modes can be changed and seen on the 2.65″ CGD touchscreen show and this printer is qualified for HP’s Instant Ink Program.

                              Winner product:

Hp office jet pro 8610 is the winning product.


Hp office jet pro 8710: 

its Portable printing allows you to print from anyplace utilizing your cell phone or tablet with the free HP print application, effectively print from your iPhone with Air Print

This full-highlighted across the board remote shading printer conveys proficient quality tone for up to half lower cost per page than lasers

Hp office jet pro 8610:

  • ISO print paces of 19 ppm in dark and white and 14.5 ppm in shading
  • The draft model takes into account printing up to 31 ppm
  • Shading print goal of 4800 x 1200 dpi and dark and white goal of 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • HP Thermal Inkjet print innovation
  • Borderless printing is dependent upon US letter 8.5 x 11″
  • HP Web and Embedded Web server printer the executives’ choices
  • HP PCL 3 GUI and HP PCL 3 Enhanced print dialects

                 Winner product:

Hp office jet pro 8610 is the winning product.

Scanning process:

Hp office jet pro 8710:

Follow the means underneath to figure out how to filter records to your PC and email utilizing your HP Office Jet Pro 8710 across-the-board printer.

Right off the bat, go to the Scan area.

Then, at that point, select Manage Scan to Computer.

Click Enable to empower the filtering system.

Then, open the scanner glass cover and spot the record print-side down on the scanner glass top.

  1. output Macintosh sox

Presently, open the HP Print Software and snap Scan a Document or Photo.

To save the output as a PDF, select save the record as a PDF document.

Select save the record as a JPEG document to save the output as JPEG,

Hp office jet pro 8610:

Flatbed and ADF examining choices with Contact Image Sensor (CIS)

The optical goal of 1200 dpi

Document designs: BMP, JPG, PDF, PNG, RTF, Searchable PDF, TXT, TIF

Examine the size of 8.5 x 14″ with ADF and 8.5 x 11″ with flatbed

The shading profundity of 24-bit and 256 grayscale levels

Output to email and fax document to email choices

Winner product:

Hp office jet pro 8610 is the winning product.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Hp office jet pro 8610″ cons_title=”Hp office jet pro 8710″ ][i2pros]Pros:
This can improve multi-PC networks just as permit the accommodation of printing straightforwardly from a telephone or tablet.
The ink lasts longer than any printer.
Hp’s customer service is horrible.
This used item has been expertly reviewed, tried, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified providers.
Assist with ensuring data and admittance to secret print occupations with HP Jet Advantage Private Print.
This printer works beautifully and the scanner is outstanding.
Hp’s customer service is horrible.
The ink is Expensive.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between HP 8710 and HP 8715?

HP Office jet Pro 8710 and 8715 are technically something similar. The print head CAN be changed for the two models. The thing that matters are 8710 is Instant Ink prepared while 8715 isn’t. For 8710, assuming the client chooses a moment ink bundle during the arrangement; he will have moment ink counter beginnings once the arrangement cartridges are embedded.

Is the HP office jet pro 8610 wireless?

Yes, it is wireless. A revolutionary smart printer that works the way you need. Help save time with Smart Tasks shortcuts and get automatic two-sided scanning. Count on easy mobile printing, Borderless print, seamless connections, and enhanced security.

Does the HP office jet pro 8710 have a tonner?

The HP Office Jet 8710 printer utilizes HP 952 inkjet cartridges which come in dark, cyan, red, and yellow. The standard dark HP 952 prints something like 1,000 pages while a high return dark HP 952XL cartridge

What is the difference between Office Jet and Office Jet Pro?

An Office Jet is an inkjet printer with a normal print speed of 15 pages each moment, so it’s particularly reasonable for a division with up to 3 individuals. The Office Jet Pro is accessible for little workplaces with 4 to 5 representatives. It’s quicker and has a bigger info and result cabinet.

What does the e mean on HP printers?


E indicates print: Exclusive to HP, print permits you to print by means of email. Utilized generally as an office crisis include, print which is publicized as an instrument used to print when you can’t interface through USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Presented in 2010, print isn’t as generally included in HP printer model names any longer.

Which is better HP Deskjet or HP Office Jet?

The HP Desk Jet 3755 and the HP Office Jet 250 are both reduced printers with sheeted scanners; however, the Office Jet 250 performs somewhat better for most employments. It has a higher page yield, a lower cost-per-print, a battery-powered battery, and it can print straightforwardly from a USB thumb drive.

What does C mean on an HP printer?

At the point when you are confronted with the mistake C on your HP printer, the message – “Ink Cartridge Carriage Stalled” will be shown on the PC. On the control board of the printer, the consideration light squints regularly, the ink level markers flicker typically, and the fragment show counter shows a ‘C.

Why is HP toner so expensive?

Innovative work is frequently referred to as the principal justification for the significant expense of provisions for inkjets and laser printers. HP claims it goes through $1 billion per year on innovative work, and holds north of 4,000 licenses alone on consumables, similar to toner cartridges for laser printers, and, obviously, ink cartridges.

Can toner go bad?

While toner endures longer than the printing ink utilized in inkjet printers, a toner cartridge has a limited time span of usability and ought to be utilized before it turns sour. Utilizing toner after its termination date has passed can effectively affect your print occupations and the gadgets they’re utilized in.


Final Thoughts:

After discussing all features, similarities, differences, and functions, we have concluded that 8710 is the winning product and best among all other printers. This printer works beautifully and the scanner is outstanding. Moreover, the instant ink subscription counts the merest number of characters as a full page of printing. This printer has everything that you need for your printing process.

Final thoughts:

Pick out the best between HP OfficeJet 8022 vs 8024

HP OfficeJet 8022 vs 8024

Detecting the leading one b/w HP OfficeJet 8022 or 8024 quite time taken. Because due to the same branding company and minor model difference OfficeJets have a lot of similarities and only some dissimilarities. On the behalf of minor dissimilarities, we’ll find our winner at last.

Comparison Table: HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 vs HP OfficeJet Pro8024

[table id=88 /]

Quick Summary:

Here we gonna explain the comparison b/w HP OfficeJet 8022 and 8024. No doubt these two are the leading ones and customer required their fight, whose win? We’ll bring brightness on HP OfficeJet each aspect in detail. With our deep analysis and testing experience, you found the actual best HP printer.

Similarities: Between HP OfficeJet 8022 and Hp OfficeJet 8024

HP OfficeJet 8022 or 8024

Controlling type of Pro OfficeJet:

In the modern era, everyone wants innovation. At present days most technologies have the touch controlling feature. Either you’re talking about LCDs or cellphones. Just like that HP OfficeJet 8022 or 8024 fulfill the customer demand and give touch screen controllability feature.

Technical abilities of printers:

It is the most important ability in the printers. These techs allow you to run your printer on every window with the best operating system. Also, its internal memory is 256 Mb that is large enough to easily save your data on both printers.

Display for easy reading:

A clear and 2.7-inch display allows you for easy reading and command. CGD display is loving to work either you’re using it in household work or business work. With this display, you can touch its screen and control it at your fingertips.

Scanning features:

There are only some printers who are multi-functional in their tasks. But here both HP OfficeJet printers are best in color scanning. ADF & flatbed type is the best scanner with 3.5ppm scanning speed in HP OfficeJet pro 8022 and HP OfficeJet pro 8024. Greyscale level and color depth are perfectly installed in it.

Copying easy to operate:

You can easily make more than 99 copies at a time very easily with both HP printers. You can make black & white and color copies in a short time. There is no complication to operate its copy function only you have to give the command and you’ll get your file’s copies. Most copying functions relate same b/w printer 8022 vs 8024.

Automatic duplex printing capabilities:

Automatic duplex printing is available with the advancement of features. This option helps whenever you’re using your printer in professional life where you need more printing in bulk.

Colored Faxing:

Faxing is an important & necessary function in official life. With these OfficeJet 8022 and Office jet 8034 printers, you can do color faxing for more understanding and professionalism.

Connectivity with several devices:

You can connect your printers to either HP Officejet 8022 or 8024 both with several devices. You can run it on your computer on most windows or your cellphones through wifi, and with the USB to give command with the display screen. These two printers are innovative and the best in their use.

HP OfficeJet 8022 and HP OfficeJet 8024

Certificate of approval:

This certificate means to get security or long-term use warranty satisfaction. EnergyStar approved both printers and allocate them certificates which allows their customers more security and satisfaction.

Differences: HP OfficeJet 8022 and HP OfficeJet Pro 8024

The difference in appearance is so minor but it differs from dimension and color also. Compact and strong printers are loved and customer attracts to their appearance. If you’re going to choose any product you also prefer its body appearance.

HP Pro OfficeJet 8022:

In this printer 8022, it is larger in height as compared to 8024. Its height is 9.21 inches larger enough for more paper capacity and is best for professional work. Also, its color is grey & light basalt both are available on amazon. You can’t measure it’s a pro or con. Differ is minor but it’s our right to get this thing in your knowledge.

HP Pro OfficeJet 8024:

Here if you take 8024, its height is 9.17 inches as I told you minor less than 8022. It also looks great with the light basalt color and more strong body. But as you know it’s best for household use or professional also.  HP Pro 8024 is also demanding one but HP OfficeJet 8025 counter its place more with minor changes.

The winner is not prominent but according to minor differences, HP OfficeJet 8022 is the winner.

HP OfficeJet 8022 is the winner.

Copying Time:

The time for the first copy is different either you’re copying in the black and white or the color copy. This term affects you whenever you’re copying in bulk. Therefore, a minor difference in time affects the printer’s demand.

HP OfficeJet 8022:

Color copy for the first time in 8022 takes only 12 sec and the black n white takes less than the color one that is too obvious. With this fast & rapid speed, OfficeJet HP 8022 become so professional and liked by most of their users. Positive feedback about its speed is available on Amazon.

HP OfficeJet 8024:

In printer 8024 the speed is a minor low as compared to 8022. Color copy time of its first copy is 17 s and black n white less than color. This difference is not so high but according to customer satisfaction, it matters. Therefore, 8024 has some issues so advance to 8025.

According to fast copying speed, HP OfficeJet 8022 is the winner.

Value for money:

The product which costs less and gives you more benefits beautifully maintained the value of money. In Both printers value of money differ just due to one aspect.

HP OfficeJet 8022:

In the market, HP 8022 is a well-known printer with the best affordable price. In a comparison of other models and branding companies, HP OfficeJet 8022 is a killer one and doesn’t put the burden on your pocket.

HP OfficeJet 8024:

Value of money maintained in it with the quality printer HP 8024. It is made up of a strong body, longevity functions, and best use but according to price, it is minor expensive than 8022. The customer also loved it but here it’s the genuine difference.
The winner printer is HP OfficeJet 8022, due to its affordable & reasonable price.

Pros & Cons: HP OfficeJet 8022 or HP OffieceJet Pro8024

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”HP OfficeJet pro 8022″ cons_title=”HP OfficeJet pro 8024″ ][i2pros]Pros:
• HP 8022 printer is a high-quality product with a professional look.
• A guarantee is provided by Amazon.
• The touch screen feature is also available.
• Printing quality is beautifully maintained.
• It is easy to use.
• Available at a really affordable price.
• Probably there is no prominent con in it.
• Best HP 8024 printer for the household.
• Fast copying, printing, Scanning, & faxing ability.
• Same as 8022 touch screen feature is available in it.
• It has a technology support system.
• Relatively expensive than OfficeJet 8022.

FAQ’s (All you want to know)

What cartridge does HP 8022 use?

HP 910 & HP 916 ink cartridges are used in HP 8022 that are specially designed to work with decency.

How do I change the ink cartridge on my HP OfficeJet 8022?

It’s not so complicated to change the ink cartridge. You just have to follow the given steps in the video then you would be liable to refill HP OfficeJet pro 8022 ink at home.

What is the difference between HP Officejet pro 9015 and 8025?

When you search out the whole market, with experience 9015 HP OfficeJet is better as compared to 8025 HP OfficeJet. HP 9015 prints more with duplex printing & scanning at a more affordable price.

Which is the better HP OfficeJet or HP DeskJet?

If you’re taking between these two HP OfficeJet 8022 & HP OfficeJet 8024 both are efficient in working. But 8022 is enough professional, fast, and good in appearance, therefore, more people like to use it in businesses. 8024 is more likely used in homes.

The Final Verdict

The final verdict is all about giving the last decision. In HP OfficeJet 8022 vs HP OfficeJet 8024, there are a lot of similarities and minor differences it’s a quite difficult task. But due to more liking & purchasing with the best professional work at an affordable price is HP OfficeJet 8022.

Pick out the best between HP OfficeJet 8022 or 8024

Which HP Envy Printer is best? Comparison between 7640 & 7645

Comparison between 7640 & 7645

Hung up with the decision? Which HP envy printer is best? No issue when we’re here to guide you. HP envy printers may look similar in appearance but the features and detail in this article help you in choosing the best. I know you’re here to comparison with main differences but a detailed study gives you full knowledge about printers. Having the comparison chart on top saves your time.

Comparison Chart HP Envy 7640 vs 7645

[table id=9 /]

HP Envy 7640 and HP Envy 7645 by individual Review:

Firstly, we’re taking the similarities between HP envy 7640 vs 7645 just like its same branding company. These similarities in both printers are worth your money. After the comparison table, this detailed knowledge helps you for proper guidance and the best choice.

All of its great similar features are describing in detail below:

HP Envy bright colorful touchscreen 3.5” inches:

The HP Envy 7640 vs 7645 both have the same front colorful screen. This relatively large touch screen is about 3.5 inches, which means more than enough for a printer. All functions are at your fingertips you can copy, scan, and print easily with its touchscreen. Also, you can configure the functions as you like and easily for you. Duplex printing on HP Envy 7640 & 7645 can easily be performed with the simple setting on their screen. Moreover, when you have already done the copy or scan once, you can also enlarge or reduce its size from 25% to more than 400%.

Wired or Wireless connectivity; both connections supported:

Both the Envy printers 7645 and 7640 have wired & wireless connectivity. In addition, both printers have an Ethernet port that is used for faxing. You can connect these printers from your phone like Apple Airprint therefore, you can easily print the documents wirelessly. Moreover, the most adopted feature is to add a memory card in 7640 or 7645 and give the direct printing command easily and efficiently.

How much Paper capacity do both the Envy 7640 & 7645 have?

The paper capacity in the printers 7640 vs 7645 depends upon its size. The good thing is both the 7640 & 7645 are best and famous among the many people. That is not so large but according to their paper capacity, they hold enough paper for printing, scanning, or copying.

The HP Envy 7645 holds a minor more paper than HP envy 7640. The difference is minor also in the common count these printers hold 125 sheets of paper. These sheets are more than enough for easy printing and nominal projects.

Rapid and fast Printing Capabilities:

A printer is made to print and another scanning, copying, and faxing feature adding for benefit in it. However, printers may differ in their printing speed but 7640 & 7645 both have the same printing speed. For homely and nominal projects it works so rapidly and fast. It can print the documents in a few minutes more speed info and specification of printing are given on the comparison table.

Inaccurate speed both envy 7640 and 7645 can print 22 papers of black n white per minute and 21 papers of colored sheets per minute. The quality of both prints is perfect and its resolution is 1200 x 1200 best for everyone.

HP Envy 7640 & 7645 quick Scanning & Copying capabilities:

If it comes to a printer’s copying capability then you have to clear your mind that copying speed is rapid as printing speed. HP Envy 7640 vs 7645 can copy more than 21 black n white sheets and up to 19 sheets of color paper. You can easily copy your all documents in few minutes.

Also, the scanning capability is perfect and its resolution is 1200 x 1200 DPI. All sizes of official paper can be easily scanned through Envy 7640 and 7645. In other printers, there is no perfect DPI quality and you face many problems so you can take both as best DPI.

Additional advantages of Faxing Capabilities:

An additional advantage available in both printers is its faxing capabilities. Fax transmission speed in 7640 or 7645 is more rapid as compared to fax machines. The transmission speed is up to 33.6 kbps that is more than enough efficiency in faxing.

Faxing quality is of the best resolution of 300 x 311 DPI. When it comes to faxing the number of papers, you can receive up to 100 pages. Furthermore, the junk faxing is filtered and save. These additional features are admired by most users and maybe the main reason behind selecting HP Envy 7640 or 7645.

HP Envy 7640 vs HP Envy 7645: Main and Prominent Difference:

After analyzing the similarities and comparison chart it’s so easy to understand both products are carbon copies. You can’t able to find the differences that make the huge comparison. The main and only difference is its availability on Amazon otherwise, these are identical printers 7640 and 7645. As you know these are from the same product line, other models may have differences and choosing difficulties but you can buy anyone between these HP envy 7640 & 7645.

You can easily buy both printers from Amazon, but one is available at some retailers like office depot, COSTCO, and staples. My recommendation to you is to choose a printer which is cheaper in rate and available to purchase. Here you can find HP envy 7640 vs 7645 both as winners according to the availability.

Pros and Cons: HP Envy 7640 vs 7645

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”HP Envy 7640″ cons_title=”HP Envy 7640 HP Envy 7645″ ][i2pros]Pros:
• Connectivity is available via wired or wireless.
• An automatic duplexer is available.
• Border-free printing capabilities.

• Business printing is slow.
• Printing via mobile phones or tablets.
• You can add a memory card or USB.
• 3.5” inches touch screen for easy printing.

• Printing via mobile phones or tablets.
• You can add a memory card or USB.
• 3.5” inches touch screen for easy printing.

FAQ’s: The HP Envy 7640 and 7645

Is HP ENVY 7640 or HP ENVY 7645 inkjet or laserjet??

Both the HP envy 7640 vs 7645 are inkjets but the difference in 7640 is its thermal inkjet. HP envy most printers are inkjet and best in their working abilities.

How do I connect my HP Envy 7640 to WIFI?

Obviously yes, you just have to on the control panel and go to the wifi setting feature. Follow the 3 following steps:

  1. Select Setting.
  2. Wireless Setting.
  3. Enable Wifi direct.

After that open printer software on your computer and choose wireless. It is done now.

Does HP ENVY 7645 have Bluetooth?

You may find it a con in HP Envy 7645 that it doesn’t have Bluetooth, air print, mobile hotspot, and data connection facility.

How do I recover my HP printer password?

You just have to follow the easy steps to recover the envy 7640 or 7645:

  1. Open the home menu on your printer.
  2. Click the right arrow.
  3. Next select the setup menu.
  4. Select network.
  5. Restore the network defaults.
  6. Click ok and your setting is restored.

How do I recover my HP printer password?

Final Verdict of HP Envy 7640 vs 7645:

HP Envy is a famous and well-known printer-making company Worldwide. It has been providing high-quality printers. As you have already got to know after comparison both printers are efficient and made durable which run for so long but envy 7645 is minor more perfect according to paper capacity. I recommend buying a cheaper one on the spot.

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