Which HP Envy Printer is best? Comparison between 7640 & 7645

Hung up with the decision? Which HP envy printer is best? No issue when we’re here to guide you. HP envy printers may look similar in appearance but the features and detail in this article help you in choosing the best. I know you’re here to comparison with main differences but a detailed study gives you full knowledge about printers. Having the comparison chart on top saves your time.

Comparison Chart HP Envy 7640 vs 7645

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HP Envy 7640 and HP Envy 7645 by individual Review:

Firstly, we’re taking the similarities between HP envy 7640 vs 7645 just like its same branding company. These similarities in both printers are worth your money. After the comparison table, this detailed knowledge helps you for proper guidance and the best choice.

All of its great similar features are describing in detail below:

HP Envy bright colorful touchscreen 3.5” inches:

The HP Envy 7640 vs 7645 both have the same front colorful screen. This relatively large touch screen is about 3.5 inches, which means more than enough for a printer. All functions are at your fingertips you can copy, scan, and print easily with its touchscreen. Also, you can configure the functions as you like and easily for you. Duplex printing on HP Envy 7640 & 7645 can easily be performed with the simple setting on their screen. Moreover, when you have already done the copy or scan once, you can also enlarge or reduce its size from 25% to more than 400%.

Wired or Wireless connectivity; both connections supported:

Both the Envy printers 7645 and 7640 have wired & wireless connectivity. In addition, both printers have an Ethernet port that is used for faxing. You can connect these printers from your phone like Apple Airprint therefore, you can easily print the documents wirelessly. Moreover, the most adopted feature is to add a memory card in 7640 or 7645 and give the direct printing command easily and efficiently.

How much Paper capacity do both the Envy 7640 & 7645 have?

The paper capacity in the printers 7640 vs 7645 depends upon its size. The good thing is both the 7640 & 7645 are best and famous among the many people. That is not so large but according to their paper capacity, they hold enough paper for printing, scanning, or copying.

The HP Envy 7645 holds a minor more paper than HP envy 7640. The difference is minor also in the common count these printers hold 125 sheets of paper. These sheets are more than enough for easy printing and nominal projects.

Rapid and fast Printing Capabilities:

A printer is made to print and another scanning, copying, and faxing feature adding for benefit in it. However, printers may differ in their printing speed but 7640 & 7645 both have the same printing speed. For homely and nominal projects it works so rapidly and fast. It can print the documents in a few minutes more speed info and specification of printing are given on the comparison table.

Inaccurate speed both envy 7640 and 7645 can print 22 papers of black n white per minute and 21 papers of colored sheets per minute. The quality of both prints is perfect and its resolution is 1200 x 1200 best for everyone.

HP Envy 7640 & 7645 quick Scanning & Copying capabilities:

If it comes to a printer’s copying capability then you have to clear your mind that copying speed is rapid as printing speed. HP Envy 7640 vs 7645 can copy more than 21 black n white sheets and up to 19 sheets of color paper. You can easily copy your all documents in few minutes.

Also, the scanning capability is perfect and its resolution is 1200 x 1200 DPI. All sizes of official paper can be easily scanned through Envy 7640 and 7645. In other printers, there is no perfect DPI quality and you face many problems so you can take both as best DPI.

Additional advantages of Faxing Capabilities:

An additional advantage available in both printers is its faxing capabilities. Fax transmission speed in 7640 or 7645 is more rapid as compared to fax machines. The transmission speed is up to 33.6 kbps that is more than enough efficiency in faxing.

Faxing quality is of the best resolution of 300 x 311 DPI. When it comes to faxing the number of papers, you can receive up to 100 pages. Furthermore, the junk faxing is filtered and save. These additional features are admired by most users and maybe the main reason behind selecting HP Envy 7640 or 7645.

HP Envy 7640 vs HP Envy 7645: Main and Prominent Difference:

After analyzing the similarities and comparison chart it’s so easy to understand both products are carbon copies. You can’t able to find the differences that make the huge comparison. The main and only difference is its availability on Amazon otherwise, these are identical printers 7640 and 7645. As you know these are from the same product line, other models may have differences and choosing difficulties but you can buy anyone between these HP envy 7640 & 7645.

You can easily buy both printers from Amazon, but one is available at some retailers like office depot, COSTCO, and staples. My recommendation to you is to choose a printer which is cheaper in rate and available to purchase. Here you can find HP envy 7640 vs 7645 both as winners according to the availability.

Pros and Cons: HP Envy 7640 vs 7645

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”HP Envy 7640″ cons_title=”HP Envy 7640 HP Envy 7645″ ][i2pros]Pros:
• Connectivity is available via wired or wireless.
• An automatic duplexer is available.
• Border-free printing capabilities.

• Business printing is slow.
• Printing via mobile phones or tablets.
• You can add a memory card or USB.
• 3.5” inches touch screen for easy printing.

• Printing via mobile phones or tablets.
• You can add a memory card or USB.
• 3.5” inches touch screen for easy printing.

FAQ’s: The HP Envy 7640 and 7645

Is HP ENVY 7640 or HP ENVY 7645 inkjet or laserjet??

Both the HP envy 7640 vs 7645 are inkjets but the difference in 7640 is its thermal inkjet. HP envy most printers are inkjet and best in their working abilities.

How do I connect my HP Envy 7640 to WIFI?

Obviously yes, you just have to on the control panel and go to the wifi setting feature. Follow the 3 following steps:

  1. Select Setting.
  2. Wireless Setting.
  3. Enable Wifi direct.

After that open printer software on your computer and choose wireless. It is done now.

Does HP ENVY 7645 have Bluetooth?

You may find it a con in HP Envy 7645 that it doesn’t have Bluetooth, air print, mobile hotspot, and data connection facility.

How do I recover my HP printer password?

You just have to follow the easy steps to recover the envy 7640 or 7645:

  1. Open the home menu on your printer.
  2. Click the right arrow.
  3. Next select the setup menu.
  4. Select network.
  5. Restore the network defaults.
  6. Click ok and your setting is restored.

How do I recover my HP printer password?

Final Verdict of HP Envy 7640 vs 7645:

HP Envy is a famous and well-known printer-making company Worldwide. It has been providing high-quality printers. As you have already got to know after comparison both printers are efficient and made durable which run for so long but envy 7645 is minor more perfect according to paper capacity. I recommend buying a cheaper one on the spot.

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