DrinkMate vs SodaStream Fizzi: Which Soda Maker Or Carbonator Is Best To Buy?

DrinkMate vs SodaStream Fizzi: Which Soda Maker or Carbonator Is Best to Buy?

Do you love to enjoy soda? If yes, then what about the potential health risk associated with a soda can? Fortunately, you can enjoy the same carbonation without compromising your health by drinking sparkling water or soda water. Now you may be interested in a soda maker. Therefore, we or going to compare two dominating carbonating machines: DrinkMate vs SodaStream Fizzi. Let’s see the functionalities, ups, and downs of both the DrinkMate and the SodaStream Fizzi to identify which option is better.

DrinkMate vs SodaStream Fizzi: Side By Side Comparison Chart

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DrinkMate vs SodaStream Fizzi: Similarities

Generally, the soda drinks you buy from your grocery shop contain harmful chemicals and an unhealthy and excessive amount of sugar that can pose health problems to you. Therefore health-conscious people use light or zero variants of sodas that still contain some toxic elements. But sparkling water (also known as soda water) does not contain sugar which translates to no potential health issues.

However, sparkling sodas are tasteless as the water is. But don’t worry because manufacturers of these carbonator machines already consider this matter and provide flavored syrups that you can add to your carbonated water to satisfy your taste buds. For instance, you can buy fruity flavors such as lemon, orange, cucumber, mango, and peach bubbling drops.

Both DrinkMate and SodaStream are inexpensive and the most popular choices among other soda makers available in the market. Although DrinkMate enters recently in the market, it took modern and efficient models into the race. Both carbonator machines are quite similar and are worth your consideration. Let’s look at their similar features closely!

Compatible CO2 Cylinder For DrinkMate And SodaStream

Compatible CO2 Cylinder for DrinkMate and SodaStream

Generally, custom soda makers use CO2 that comes in small tanks and canisters to produce sparkling water. Both the DrinkMate and SodaStream can use a 1L cylinder of carbon dioxide (CO2). Both companies provide carbonating cylinders. However, SodaStream is a more recognized company than DrinkMate. Even you can use SodaStream’s CO2 cylinder with the DrinkMate soda maker.

You can start enjoying soda water immediately with the SodaStream Fizzi machine because it comes with a carbonating canister (more detail is in the differences section).

Are They Have A Manual Or Automatic Carbonation Process?

Oops! Both the DrinkMate and the SodaStream don’t come with an automatic carbonation process. Instead, a manual pump action produces fizzy water in these custom soda maker machines. So, you don’t need any batteries or electricity to operate these machines and they work fine on your countertop without any outlet (One major plus point of a manual pump action).

However, you can’t set the level of fizziness/carbonation of your soda water with a manual pump action (nothing comes without a downside). So, use the guess and trial technique every time to get the desired level of fizz while using both soda makers.

The DrinkMate And SodaStream Fizzi Produce High-quality Carbonating Water

The DrinkMate And SodaStream Fizzi Produce High-quality Carbonating Water

Both the DrinkMate and SodaStream Fizzi provide almost identical quality of carbonation because both utilize the same CO2 cylinder and manual process. So, essentially the carbonation process is the same. You get high-quality sparkling beverages with both carbonators. The only thing that matters is your preferred level of fizziness.

However, both machines follow different actions to make carbonate water (further detail described in next section).

What’s The Difference Between SodaStream And DrinkMate?

Overall, both machines give the same level of fizziness. But there is a clear winner between them which perform better than the other.

Now, it’s time to explore the differences between these sparkling water makers to know how both DrinkMate and the SodaStream Fizzi are unique in their way. Read on to discover a better choice in terms of cost and other characteristics.

Difference Between Their Carbonating Cylinder Cost

Both DrinkMate and SodaStream Fizzi are inexpensive soda makers. However, when we talk about CO2 cylinders, they differ in terms of cost.


DrinkMate is inferior in this category to the Fizzi. You don’t get a CO2 cylinder with this soda maker and need to buy a separate one. Moreover, their cylinders are available at a higher price tag which puts DrinkMate at a great downside. You must pay $30 to $45 for a single 60L CO2 cylinder.

We suggest using the carbonating cylinders from SodaStream as they are compatible with DrinkMate and cost you less.

SodaStream Fizzi

In contrast, the SodaStream comes with carbonating cylinder out of the box. Moreover, its cylinders are cheaper and charge you relatively less cost per cylinder (around $30).

Even more, you can get benefit from SodaStream’s gas exchange deal that costs $15 for a single refill. So, save your money with the Fizzi soda maker in the long run while enjoying Moe fizzy drinks.

The Winner Is: The SodaStream Fizzi

Which Drinks You Can Make With DrinkMate And SodaStream Fizzi?

Almost all people prefer a variety of flavored drinks instead of bland sparkling water. So, it does not need to taste boring. You can use different flavors and fruit syrups to enjoy a variety of bubbling water.


This soda maker manufacturer does not sell any flavors and syrups. However, DrinkMate allows you to fizz almost everything else along with plain water. You can mix fruit juices available in your fridge and carbonate them. DrinkMate even allows you to add fizziness to your cocktails, mocktails, lemonade, coffee, iced tea, wine, and more.

So, you can enjoy more sparkling beverages while controlling harmful elements. You also find recipes for infusion drinks and cocktail recipes on its website. Check them out if you are interested in enjoying carbonating drinks rather than water. However, they may be a little complicated and can result in more mess. Besides, some ingredients can clog carbonator tubes.

SodaStream Fizzi

As mentioned earlier, SodaStream is a well-established company and has been in the market longer than its competitor (DrinkMate). So, you find a wide variety of flavoring syrups it sells in the market. You can choose your favorite flavor from a long list of fruit drops. SodaStream offers a root beer flavoring in sets of 4. When it’s come to soda variety, SodaStream offers more options.

Furthermore, these flavors don’t contain toxic chemicals and have less amount of sugar than market-bought sodas. So, you can enjoy a cheat day now and then. Like DrinkMate, SodaStream also shares recipes for making flavored fizzy drinks on its website. Both machines allow you to carbonate drinks other than water (neither company nor we recommend carbonating anything except water).

The Winner Is: The SodaStream Fizzi

Which Soda Maker Is Easier To Use?

Honestly, both machines are easy to use and do not involve any rocket science for their operation. You can operate them following some easy steps. Though, a minor step set them apart from each other.


Although the DrinkMate does not come with a carbonating canister, it includes a fizz infuser in the box. You can attach a reusable carbonating BPA-free bottle to the carbonating soda maker machine using this fizz infuser. You don’t need to follow this extra step with SodaStream incidentally. you can follow it easily as it is not clunky. But there is a chance that you may lose or break the fizz infuser. Still, you can buy a new one from DrinkMate easily.

SodaStream Fizzi

SodaStream has more experience in the business and therefore offers more convince and easiness when it comes to using their products. You can directly attach the carbonating bottle with the SodaStream Fizzi machine without the need for a fizz infuser. Then press a single button and enjoy soda water. Indeed, SodaStream wins this round too.

The Winner Is: The SodaStream Fizzi

Are These Soda Makers Easy To Clean Too?

You don’t want messy countertops and bulky cleanup methods after preparing your drinks. Both soda makers do not involve bulky cleanup. However, one of them creates fewer spills than the other.


At last, DrinkMate beats the Fizzi in this round. the fizz infuse comes with DrinkMate to avoid spills creation and prevent beverages from overflowing. So, overall cleanup is just as easy as pie. All you need to clean the fizz infuser and carbonating bottle.

SodaStream Fizzi

On the other hand, you do not get any defense such as fizz infuser against overspill. So, the chance of bubbling over and spillage is greater with the SodaStream Fizzi soda maker. More mess translates to larger cleanup. You need to clean bottles as well as the counter around your soda maker.

The Winner Is: The DrinkMate


[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”DrinkMate ” cons_title=”SodaStream Fizzi” ][i2pros]Pros:

Comes with an overall better and innovative design.
The DrinkMate is a more compact and lighter machine that translates to more portability.
Matches the carbonation quality of an already reputable machine (SodaStream).
Honestly speaking, the overall cost is higher.
Both soda makers do not allow you to set your desired level of fizziness.[/i2pros][i2cons]Pros:
The Fizzi soda maker is easier to use as it does not need a fizz infuser for its operations.
You can save money in the long run with SodaStream than DrinkMate carbonator.
SodaStream company sells a variety of flavors, so you can enjoy more and different carbonated beverages.
A bit bulky cleanup. [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Which is better, SodaStream or DrinkMate soda maker?

Eventually, SodaStream is better than DrinkMate in almost every category.

Are SodaStream and DrinkMate CO2 the same?

Yes, both soda makers use the same CO2 and that’s why provide the same quality of fizziness in their drinks.

What can I make with the DrinkMate maker?

You can carbonate almost anything with DrinkMate. You can add tasty Fizz to juices, coffee, iced tea, cocktails, and many more. DrinkMate allows you to explore new and more creative sparkling beverages.

Is SodaStream cheaper than buying carbonated water?

Yes, in the long run, SodaStream costs you less and allows you to save more money than that you may spend on buying carbonated water.

Is SodaStream a healthy alternative to soda?

No, it contains fewer calories than the soda you buy from stores. But being eco-friendly does not mean that it is a healthy alternative to soda.

Is there a way to refill a SodaStream bottle?

SodaStream offers eco-friendly products and focuses on using and reusing its carbonating bottles and CO2 cylinders. You can refill your CO2 canister by utilizing their gad exchange offer.

How do you remove the fizz infuser from DrinkMate?

It’s a bit complicated to remove the fizz infuser after finishing the carbonation process. All excess CO2 pressure must be released (press the blue fast release button) before you remove it from the bottle.

Final Verdict

Between the DrinkMate and Fizzi, certainly, the SodaStream Fizzi nudge it over the DrinkMate. Both machines allow you to control the ingredients of your drink and enjoy healthy beverages without excess sugar. However, SodaStream Fizzi almost wins every round. So, the clear winner of our DrinkMate vs SodaStream comparison is the SodaStream Fizzi.

Sodastream Source VS Fizzi One Touch: Which One is the Better Seltzer?

Looking to get the most sparkling water from tap water? Drinking carbonated or sparkling water may enhance digestion, reduce constipation and keeps you hydrated and, can save your money as well. So, If you are looking aesthetically for a sparkling water maker with the best function and elegant refinement. Sodastream is a well-known company making many variations of drink makers for years. We are going to take a look at SodaStream comparison with their SodaStream the source and SodaStream one-touch soda makers. So, you can get to know which is the better-carbonated drink maker to invest in?

Comparison Chart: Sodastream Source vs Fizzi One Touch

Firstly, let’s go through the breakdown specifications so you can get the SodaStream comparison between Soda Stream source & SodaStream fizzi one touch and SodaStream one touch review as well.

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Sodastream Source vs Fizzi One Touch: What Specs You Can Find in Common?

Undoubtedly, Sodastream is a well-known manufacturing company by Guy Hugh Gilbey which is producing the products like soda makers for years. Since it designs the home-based carbonating system to facilitate the consumers with the best-carbonated drink and sparkling water from simple tap water. Indeed, the company offers the drink maker carbonated bottles, CO2 cylinders, and a variety of soda flavors as well. Of course, everyone suggests the drink maker according to their preference but most hard-core lovers prefer the soda stream source and SodaStream fizzi one touch. However, before we get into some specifications of the soda stream source and SodaStream fizzi one touch, I think, let’s take a look at how to use SodaStream one touch and Soda Stream source vs play.


Without any doubt, SodaStream one touch and SodaStream the source is the most popular carbonated soda makers and both are with the best of their specifications. Therefore, let’s take a look at some similarities of SodaStream one touch and SodaStream source to clear things up and ended up with the best between SodaStream source vs power.

Carbonated Cylinder Capacity

Firstly, each cylinder of SodaStream is the source, and SodaStream fizzi one-touch electric enable you to create your own sparkling and fizzi drinks while staying at home. So, you can make up to 9 liters of carbonating drink not only with the soda stream one-touch electric but also with the SodaStream source. Moreover, the SodaStream source and SodaStream one-touch sparkling water maker starters kit come in two colors (black & white) with a mini carbonated CO2 cylinder too.

Sodastream Bottle Compatibility

In addition to a cylinder, if we talk about the SodaStream source bottle compatibility, SodaStream bottles are compatible with all their variants. Unlike, the measure of water the carbonated cylinder can hold for carbonation is not exactly the full volume. Furthermore, 1 Liter BPA-Free reusable resource carbonating bottles come with SodaStream as the source and SodaStream fizzi one touch to avoid the single-use plastic. Despite this, you can exchange the CO2 carbonator at several from your retailers.

Keep You Hydrated

Secondly, you can enjoy hydration with the bubbly beverages anywhere or any time with a SodaStream source and one-touch SodaStream within seconds. Generally, people need to have sparkling water but they used to prefer drinking plain tap water over carbonated water due to the high cost of sparkling water.

Snap-lock Function

Snap-lock function holds the bottle vertically to make the perfect fizzi drink for you. It will catch the bottle firmly and will make a beep to provide you a bubbly drink and you’ll be ready to put in the next beverage.

How to use SodaStream fizzi one touch and source?

The process is as simple as you can do in just a minute. You’ll go through the following steps:

  • Remove the cover/lid.
  • Fix the water bottle in it.
  • Press the button to select the carbonation level.
  • Press again to start the process (wait till it gets ready).
  • Remove the bottle.
  • Add your desired flavor if you want.

At last, enjoy your bubbly, sparkling carbonated drink.


Sodastream Source VS Fizzi One Touch: Detailed Differences

Although, SodaStream source vs fizzi one touch has several similarities. But now let’s get into some differences so, you can precisely coordinate your requirements with the soft drink creator that will turn out best for you between one touch SodaStream vs sodastream® source.

Carbonation Process

Although, SodaStream source CO2 is used identically for the carbonation process in both a little difference can be seen between SodaStream power and source. Let’s see what is it?

Sodastream Source

As noted earlier, you will receive a carbonating soda stream rebate (60 L), a CO2 mini SodaStream source carbonator and, many flavors. Source has fitted a pump with it, which is needed to press manually to initialize a carbonation process. It doesn’t support the automatic C02 insertion in plain water, it needs to be done by the user. Surprisingly, carbonation levels can be seen through the LED indicators in SodaStream source electric.

Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

In contrast, in SodaStream electric one-touch the carbonation process is fully automatic. This leads to the sparkling and bubbles water with just one click. One-touch electric SodaStream has 3 buttons on the top lid so, you can set the carbonation level according to your need. It may seem, you are only one click away from your carbonating drink when it comes to SodaStream auto.

The Winner is: Sodastream Fizzi One Touch Electric

Size And Design

Typically, when it comes to the quality, size and design don’t matter but let’s see which is better in terms of design.

Sodastream Source

Sodastream source is having a bulky design with a moveable covering which initially needs to be pushed down to fit the bottle inside to initiate the carbonation process. It makes sense when we came to know that SodaStream amazon is designed by the famous designer Yves Behar.

Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

In contrast, SodaStream’s one-touch fizzi step in the house with reviving design in any case, nothing to do with the quality. If you are in love with the innovative and animated design, maybe SodaStream OneTouch is for you.

The Winner is: Sodastream Source

Powered and Non-Powered

When we talk about the power, still we need to go through both to choose best between SodaStream electric vs manual.

Sodastream Source

Surprisingly, SodaStream requires neither electricity nor batteries to start the carbonation process.

Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

In contrast, soda stream fizzi one touch is powered by electricity. Because of this, it requires some batteries or power to initiate the carbonation process.

The Winner is: A Tie

Worth Buying

Now, we will try to choose the best sparkling water maker for you in terms of price and assurance.

Sodastream Source

Hence, you have to pay a little more to get the Soda Stream source as it is designed by a famous designer with a 1-year warranty. It can be one of the reasons to buy it for the animation lovers

Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

In contrast, the one-touch SodaStream is not a bit expensive and has equal functionality.  Therefore, it can be a better one as you can avail it with 2 years warranty without breaking your bank.

The Winner is: Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

Pros And Cons: Sodastream Source vs Fizzi One Touch

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Soda Stream Source” cons_title=”Sodastream Fizzi One Touch” ][i2pros]Pros
Easy to use
Innovative design
Mini CO2 bottle
Desired carbonation level with LED indicators
Best for outdoor use
60-liter mail-in rebate
A bit expensive due to its design
Manual Processing
Easy to use
Consistent & Efficient
Automatic CO2 Level
BPA-Free reusable and better for planet bottles
3 Touch buttons to select the carbonation level
Design is not animated


What is the difference between soda stream power and one touch?

One touch is easy-to-use and has a speedy performance. Thus, you need to plug in and the process will be started. On the other side, the source is an animated and premium product

Which version of SodaStream is best?

All variations existed with co functionalities hence, you can choose the best from fizzi vs one touch, and source or sodastream play vs source can be a good option.

Is SodaStream one-touch better?

Sodastream one touch is an automatically sparkling water maker with different carbonation levels as well is affordable so, it will prove the best for you.

Is SodaStream One Touch vs Fizzi?

Fizzi is a traditionally designed model but hence, one touch is completely automatic.

Are all SodaStream cartriges the same?

In short, No. All the plastic bottles are versatile and can be use with others as well.

Final Verdict: Sodastream Source VS Fizzi One Touch

To choose from Soda Stream source vs fizzi one touch, each does a phenomenal job of providing carbonated drink whenever you want.  Thus, it can be tricky to choose the best especially if you didn’t use the drink maker before. So, if you didn’t consider the budget and want your own carbonation level in drink Soda Stream source will be the best option for you. In addition, if you want to have a fully automatic drink maker then fizzi one touch turns out to be the best.


Sodastream Jet vs Genesis: Which Machine I Should Buy?

Sodastream is a company that specializes in home carbonation. They have two popular models of machines, the Genesis and the Jet. Each product contains its strengths and also weaknesses. So, be aware of them before buying them. Here, this article will break down all of this information so you can make an educated decision when buying one of these SodaStream machines.

Comparison Chart of Sodastream Jet VS the Genesis

[table id=58 /]


Similarities: Sodastream Jet VS Genesis

Sodastream Jet vs Genesis

No Need for Electricity

SodaStream Genesis and Fountain Jet are the ultimate way to enjoy sparkling water, flavored sparkling water, seltzer water, club soda, tonic water, and more. Each product is designed for easy use with no electricity required.

SodaStream Jet or Genesis is perfect for those who want to make their own carbonated beverages at home without any hassle or special equipment. It’s simple!

Just fill up your bottle with plain tap water (or filtered if you prefer), add in your favorite flavor syrup, and carbonate it.

Powered by CO2 Cylinder

Sodastream Jet vs Genesis

Sodastream Jet vs Genesis

Both Soda Stream products term as Jet and Genesis are powered by CO2 Cylinder. Consequently, due to all the necessary things in a package, the user just needs to buy it and enjoy using it at the same time. Both machines come with a CO2 cylinder, but after finishing it the user needs to buy or recycle it through the company.

Carbonation Method

It’s a similar feature in both Jet and Genesis that both of them do not hold automatic Carbonation at a single touch. The user needs to press the carbonation button at least 3 times holding it for a second. Therefore, both machines hold a manual carbonation method.

Twist Lock Bottle Technology

The Sodastream Genesis has a twist lock cap that is easy to open and close. However, the Sodastream get has an extra secure seal with its push-button lid. If you are looking for a bottle that will keep your carbonated water fresh for days on end, this is it. Additionally, both are not compatible with Glass Carafe.

LED Carbonation Indicator

The Sodastream fountain jet vs Genesis is a new product that is used to carbonate water. It is user-friendly and due to you can make your own soda at home. They lack the latest tech feature termed an LED indicator.

Basically, the LED Carbonation Indicator indicates when the bottle has reached the optimal level of CO2 for sparkling water, so you know when it’s ready to drink. Additionally, This product comes in many colors and designs, so you can choose one that fits your style.

Bottle Insertion Method

Sodastream Jet and Genesis contain almost the same bottle insertion methods. As the bottle insertion method is the easiest way to get sparkling water. For Sodastream Genesis, simply insert your bottle into the top of the machine, push down, and in less than 30 seconds you’ll have fresh sparkling water.

For Sodastream Jet, only the difference is that you can’t hold up the head of the machine upward. Accordingly, you just fix the bottle on the sealing circle by turning it on right. After, fill up the soda into the bottle. The Sodastream Jet uses a revolutionary new carbonation technology that allows you to create sparkling water with ease. Notably, this system creates up to 60L of fizzy drinks per cylinder.

BPA Free

The SodaStream Jet is made with BPA-free plastic. This makes it safe to drink from and easy to clean. So no need to worry about harmful chemicals, this product is 100% safe for you and your family. Carbonate your favorite drinks in seconds with the Sodastream Genesis. Carbonating bottles are specially designed high-pressure-resistant bottles. Also, the caps can withstand up to 120 psi of carbonation. They’re also BPA-free, so you can enjoy a variety of soft drink flavors without worrying about harmful chemicals.

All in One Pack

comparison land

The Sodastream Genesis Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started making your own sparkling water at home. Moreover, it includes a carbonator, two carbonating bottles, one CO2 cylinder (which is equivalent to 60L of soda), and a variety pack of flavor syrups.

Easy to Use

Both machines SodaStream play vs jet is easy to use. Simply fill the bottle with your favorite drink, screw on the top, and attach it to a SodaStream machine. In just seconds you will have fresh fizzy water. SodaStream genesis contains also a similar way to use. So, just add syrup directly into the bottle and then screw on the cap before attaching it to the machine.

Differences: Sodastream Jet vs Genesis


Compatibility of Cylinder and Flavours

Sodastream Fountain and Jet

Both machines contain huge carbonators of CO2 that let you make 130L of carbonated sparkling water. Additionally, it provides twice sparkling water as compared to Genesis. Notably, use the Soda Stream 1L classic slim carbonation bottle to carbonate water, juice, or any other beverage of your choice.

The SodaStream Jet can be used with all flavors of soda syrups, as well as the classic carbonation level. Simply twist off the cap and fill it with your favorite flavor or carbonation level.

Sodastream Genesis

SodaStream Genesis contains a mini carbonation capacity. It can carbonate only 60L of carbonated water. And this can be a negative point that it doesn’t hold a large carbonator. Moreover, it also traits to provide a multiple flavor soda for its users to enjoy soda with full sparkle.

The Winner is: SodaStream Jet

Dimensions and Weight

SodaStream Jet

SodaStream Jet is the smart way to make your favorite drinks at home. Chiefly, it comes with an average size containing the dimensions 7.76 x 7.76 x 16.93 inches. Incredibly, it weighs only 6.15 pounds which makes it easy to fit in most refrigerators, cabinets, or counters.

SodaStream Genesis

The SodaStream Genesis comes with an average smart size contains the dimensions 14.37 x 7.99 x 11.81 inches and weighs only 9 Pounds.

The SodaStream Genesis Starter Kit includes everything you need to make fresh, delicious sparkling water and soda at home. Additionally, the SodaStream Genesis is a great addition to your kitchen countertop, which can make you enjoy fresh sparkling water at home or on the go. The compact size makes the SodaStream Genesis perfect for small spaces and on-the-go lifestyles.

The Winner is: SodaStream Jet


SodaStream Jet

Jet holds the pressure button on the center of the top head of the machine. Secondly, to put in or put out the Soda cylinder, there is a button placed on the back mid of the machine. Due to fixing the Soda cylinder press that button and the cylinder will come out completely. Now, here fix the cylinder and close the back again on the machine. Undoubtedly, this model features a sleek design with black accents that will look great in any kitchen, bar, or office.

SodaStream Genesis

Genesis contains the pressure button on the top front of the machine. Plus, you can choose from multiple colors of CO2 cartridges so you can customize your machine to match your decor. Moreover, it allows you to create delicious fizzy drinks in seconds by simply adding one of the included flavor syrups into an easy-to-fill reusable bottle, and then carbonating it with CO2.

The Winner is: Its a Draw


The SodaStream Jet is a great gift idea for anyone who loves a soda but wants to save money. Also it’s the best for users who want to reduce their environmental impact by making their own carbonated beverages at home. According to my experience, if you want a sleek, smart, lightweight design soda carbonator machine then you can go for Sodastream Genesis. And, if you want to go value design, soda cylinder size, compatibility then you must go for SodaStream Jet.

Pros and Cons: SodaStream Jet or SodaStream Genesis

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”SodaStream Jet” cons_title=”SodaStream Genesis” ][i2pros]Pros
● Can carbonate 60L carbonation water
● Easy to use and user friendly
● Energy efficient
● Non-electric
● Lightweight and sleek
● Sparkle the water within less than 30 seconds
● Small soda cylinder
● Relatively old design
● Can carbonate 130L carbonation water
● Non-electric
● Easy to use and user friendly
● A little bit heavy with 9 pounds weight
● Available more than 12000 store that helps to refill the tank with ease way
● Sparkle the water within less than 30 seconds
● Somehow costly according to its performance


Is SodaStream Genesis is discontinued?

Yes, it’s not available in the market but you can check it online or you can get it on Amazon by clicking the above Price links. Also, you can look over the other SodaStream models with their functions, features, and more there.

Which version of the Sodastream is the best?

In my opinion, Sodastream Jet is the best as it’s easily available with its recycled soda cylinders. Secondly, its manual, lightweight, power effective, non-electric and holds a list of features.

What is Sodastream Genesis?

It’s a home carbonation SodaStream machine through you can make your favorite flavor soda drink at home. Rather, it’s a portable machine because it is non-electric, lightweight, and sleek. You can take it on boating, parties, and more.

Is Sodastream water bad for you?

No, it’s not. The evidence declared that it’s not harmful to teeth and bones as well. In actual soda water increases digestion and reduces constipation.


According to the Soda Stream reviews, the SodaStream Genesis is a great machine for making your favorite sparkling drinks, but the Jet offers more features and costs less. Secondly, the main only difference is the soda container. Genesis contains more capacity to produce more Liters as compared to Jet. So, big families must buy the Genesis soda-making machine.

The Sodastream Genesis and the Sodastream Jet are the ultimate way to enjoy sparkling water. Each product is designed for easy use with no electricity required, multiple flavor options, lightweight, energy-efficient, and more. The one special trait that both machines contain is their performance and portability. Due to their small, sleek design with the non-electric capability, you can take them on trips, boating, and more.

SodaStream Genesis

Soda Stream Fizzi vs Source: which one of the soda makers is best to choose?

Soda Stream Fizzi vs Source

Soda stream establishes ascendancy over the soda maker market. Most of the well-known companies have already struggled against them but they do not come close to offering soda stream models. While choosing the best soda stream model has become an issue, this is the reason why people are expressing their concern in making their soda water.

. In this article, two soda stream models – the fizzi and source have been discussed. I know this is a contradictory comparison considering the wide range of their prices. But they have more features in common than differences.

Comparison chart- SodaStream source vs fizzi

[table id=35 /]

Differences between Soda Stream fizzi and the source

Let us analyze that how the models of Soda Stream- fizzi and source differ.

The very first clear difference in the models of Soda Stream is in their size and design. The shape of the fizzi is round and the source has a boxy and angular design. The source is stupendous and giant-sized as compared to fizzi. In addition to black and white, it is also available in many different colors. Though you cannot set the level of fizziness through both soda makers the source is the only one that provides you the facility of LED indicator for fizziness. Mini carbon dioxide cylinder in the source can make soda water up to 9 liters.


Soda Stream Fizzi vs Source: – similarities

Here we are going to describe similarities that exist between fizzi and source soda makers.

Compatibility of carbon dioxide cylinder:

Are Soda Stream cylinders interchangeable?

Soda stream manufacturing company is well known for making soda water and other carbonation products. Fizzi and source both come from the soda stream. With the same carbon dioxide cylinder, both soda machines are reconcilable and compatible. With both 60 liters and 9 liters of carbon dioxide cylinder, soda stream fizzi vs source are compatible and well-matched. Its gas exchange program feature is what sets the soda stream apart from its competitors. The amount of money you pay for a full refill of a 60-liter tank is a mere $15 which is unprecedented. In case, if there is a requirement for an extra carbon dioxide cylinder then no worries because you can buy a cylinder for only $30 and it is the cheapest you can get.

Manual Pump Action of soda stream

How does manual Soda Stream work?

Unfortunately, both the Soda Stream source and the fizzi are not automatic soda machines.

One big advantage, however, is that both sparkling water makers do not require batteries or electricity. Always remember that there is a nonuser replaceable battery in the source and the LED indicator is powered by this battery. Being a purely mechanical process, soda stream batteries are the first need to make soda water. There is also one drawback of the soda stream source that once a SodaStream battery runs out, the LED indicator will not be able to work.

Soda water and other drinks:

Can you make flavored water with Soda Stream?

In addition to making sparkling water with the help of these machines, you can also make other special drinks. You can taste the soft soda water using fruit drops that are also selling soda streams. You can also reap the benefit from the soda flavors that usually contain less sugar than the sodas you buy from your regular store. Additionally, carbonated cocktails can also be prepared from the recipes found on the website of soda streams. In case, if you do not like alcoholic beverages, you may want to look at other recipes like Infusion and Mock tail. Another major benefit of sparkling water maker is that it provides you the facility of having full control over the ingredients you want to use.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Soda stream fizzi” cons_title=”Soda stream source” ][i2pros]Pros:
As compared to the source, fizzi is more dense and light in weight.
Apart from black and white, it comes in many other colors.
Fizzi’s working process and effectiveness is similar to the source but its price is less than a source.
Due to its fewer prices, it is one of the most popular and well-known soda machines.
There is no need for full power and battery to work for the fizzi soda stream.

Each time you use Soda Stream fizzi, you have to estimate the amount of carbonation because it does not have an LED fizzi indicator.

The well-crafted language from Soda Stream Source looks great with other kitchen appliances in your kitchen.
The LED fizzi Indicator protects you from the hassle of estimating the amount of carbonation in beverages.
9 liter of sparkling water can be obtained with the help of a mini carbon dioxide cylinder.
Because the source uses manual pump action for carbonating the water so it does not require batteries or electricity.

Soda stream source is a bit expensive so you have to pay more money for purchasing it.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Soda Stream Fizzi vs source?

A more basic model which is now offered by the soda stream is none other than fizzi it lacks the source clear indicator but is available at the same price as the source. As compared to fizzi, automatic one-touch fizzi is very easy and simple to use but it is a little bit expensive than the source.

How long do Soda Stream cartridges last?

60 L TO 130 L of water can be easily bubbled up by using the carbon dioxide cylinder of the soda stream. With regular use, the average life span of carbonating cylinder is 4 to 8 weeks.

Can I carbonate wine with my Soda Stream?

Manufacturers usually do not recommend it but still, wine can be carbonated by using a soda stream. But it will not carbonate the wine completely and bubbles will arise there.

Can you use glass bottles with Soda Stream one touch?

There are four main types of carbonating bottles of soda stream. Slime bottle of 1 liter, a standard bottle of 1 liter, a glass carafe bottle of 21 oz, and the bottle of 0.1 liter. Except for the glass carafe, the fizzi and one-touch are compatible with all kinds of bottles. Aqua fizz, on the other hand, was only basically designed to work with glass carafe.

Can you put flat Coke in a Soda Stream?

Scientifically yes, while most of the manufacturers of soda streams do not recommend this. They claim that under the carbonation nozzle, a bottle of flat soda is possible to fit. The only downside is that this task is often accompanied by a large sticky mess.

Why is my Soda Stream not fizzing?

The most common reason for fizz reduction is that the carbonating bottle is not installed properly at the water maker base. Obtaining a full tank should reduce this problem as the soda stream will be able to fill your water bottle with much more carbonation than before.


Final Thoughts:

Both soda machines are similar in terms of functions and features. But you will wonder why one is more expensive than the other. What are the features of Soda Stream Source that are not in fizzy? Being designed and manufactured by a special designer, source soda stream is expensive. Despite having better designs than fizzi, the functionality of both soda machines is the same. I recommend you buying fizzi instead of a source. But if you prefer LED indicator and design more than anything then go for source.

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