Sodastream Source VS Fizzi One Touch: Which One is the Better Seltzer?

Looking to get the most sparkling water from tap water? Drinking carbonated or sparkling water may enhance digestion, reduce constipation and keeps you hydrated and, can save your money as well. So, If you are looking aesthetically for a sparkling water maker with the best function and elegant refinement. Sodastream is a well-known company making many variations of drink makers for years. We are going to take a look at SodaStream comparison with their SodaStream the source and SodaStream one-touch soda makers. So, you can get to know which is the better-carbonated drink maker to invest in?

Comparison Chart: Sodastream Source vs Fizzi One Touch

Firstly, let’s go through the breakdown specifications so you can get the SodaStream comparison between Soda Stream source & SodaStream fizzi one touch and SodaStream one touch review as well.

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Sodastream Source vs Fizzi One Touch: What Specs You Can Find in Common?

Undoubtedly, Sodastream is a well-known manufacturing company by Guy Hugh Gilbey which is producing the products like soda makers for years. Since it designs the home-based carbonating system to facilitate the consumers with the best-carbonated drink and sparkling water from simple tap water. Indeed, the company offers the drink maker carbonated bottles, CO2 cylinders, and a variety of soda flavors as well. Of course, everyone suggests the drink maker according to their preference but most hard-core lovers prefer the soda stream source and SodaStream fizzi one touch. However, before we get into some specifications of the soda stream source and SodaStream fizzi one touch, I think, let’s take a look at how to use SodaStream one touch and Soda Stream source vs play.

Without any doubt, SodaStream one touch and SodaStream the source is the most popular carbonated soda makers and both are with the best of their specifications. Therefore, let’s take a look at some similarities of SodaStream one touch and SodaStream source to clear things up and ended up with the best between SodaStream source vs power.

Carbonated Cylinder Capacity

Firstly, each cylinder of SodaStream is the source, and SodaStream fizzi one-touch electric enable you to create your own sparkling and fizzi drinks while staying at home. So, you can make up to 9 liters of carbonating drink not only with the soda stream one-touch electric but also with the SodaStream source. Moreover, the SodaStream source and SodaStream one-touch sparkling water maker starters kit come in two colors (black & white) with a mini carbonated CO2 cylinder too.

Sodastream Bottle Compatibility

In addition to a cylinder, if we talk about the SodaStream source bottle compatibility, SodaStream bottles are compatible with all their variants. Unlike, the measure of water the carbonated cylinder can hold for carbonation is not exactly the full volume. Furthermore, 1 Liter BPA-Free reusable resource carbonating bottles come with SodaStream as the source and SodaStream fizzi one touch to avoid the single-use plastic. Despite this, you can exchange the CO2 carbonator at several from your retailers.

Keep You Hydrated

Secondly, you can enjoy hydration with the bubbly beverages anywhere or any time with a SodaStream source and one-touch SodaStream within seconds. Generally, people need to have sparkling water but they used to prefer drinking plain tap water over carbonated water due to the high cost of sparkling water.

Snap-lock Function

Snap-lock function holds the bottle vertically to make the perfect fizzi drink for you. It will catch the bottle firmly and will make a beep to provide you a bubbly drink and you’ll be ready to put in the next beverage.

How to use SodaStream fizzi one touch and source?

The process is as simple as you can do in just a minute. You’ll go through the following steps:

  • Remove the cover/lid.
  • Fix the water bottle in it.
  • Press the button to select the carbonation level.
  • Press again to start the process (wait till it gets ready).
  • Remove the bottle.
  • Add your desired flavor if you want.

At last, enjoy your bubbly, sparkling carbonated drink.


Sodastream Source VS Fizzi One Touch: Detailed Differences

Although, SodaStream source vs fizzi one touch has several similarities. But now let’s get into some differences so, you can precisely coordinate your requirements with the soft drink creator that will turn out best for you between one touch SodaStream vs sodastream® source.

Carbonation Process

Although, SodaStream source CO2 is used identically for the carbonation process in both a little difference can be seen between SodaStream power and source. Let’s see what is it?

Sodastream Source

As noted earlier, you will receive a carbonating soda stream rebate (60 L), a CO2 mini SodaStream source carbonator and, many flavors. Source has fitted a pump with it, which is needed to press manually to initialize a carbonation process. It doesn’t support the automatic C02 insertion in plain water, it needs to be done by the user. Surprisingly, carbonation levels can be seen through the LED indicators in SodaStream source electric.

Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

In contrast, in SodaStream electric one-touch the carbonation process is fully automatic. This leads to the sparkling and bubbles water with just one click. One-touch electric SodaStream has 3 buttons on the top lid so, you can set the carbonation level according to your need. It may seem, you are only one click away from your carbonating drink when it comes to SodaStream auto.

The Winner is: Sodastream Fizzi One Touch Electric

Size And Design

Typically, when it comes to the quality, size and design don’t matter but let’s see which is better in terms of design.

Sodastream Source

Sodastream source is having a bulky design with a moveable covering which initially needs to be pushed down to fit the bottle inside to initiate the carbonation process. It makes sense when we came to know that SodaStream amazon is designed by the famous designer Yves Behar.

Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

In contrast, SodaStream’s one-touch fizzi step in the house with reviving design in any case, nothing to do with the quality. If you are in love with the innovative and animated design, maybe SodaStream OneTouch is for you.

The Winner is: Sodastream Source

Powered and Non-Powered

When we talk about the power, still we need to go through both to choose best between SodaStream electric vs manual.

Sodastream Source

Surprisingly, SodaStream requires neither electricity nor batteries to start the carbonation process.

Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

In contrast, soda stream fizzi one touch is powered by electricity. Because of this, it requires some batteries or power to initiate the carbonation process.

The Winner is: A Tie

Worth Buying

Now, we will try to choose the best sparkling water maker for you in terms of price and assurance.

Sodastream Source

Hence, you have to pay a little more to get the Soda Stream source as it is designed by a famous designer with a 1-year warranty. It can be one of the reasons to buy it for the animation lovers

Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

In contrast, the one-touch SodaStream is not a bit expensive and has equal functionality.  Therefore, it can be a better one as you can avail it with 2 years warranty without breaking your bank.

The Winner is: Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

Pros And Cons: Sodastream Source vs Fizzi One Touch

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Soda Stream Source” cons_title=”Sodastream Fizzi One Touch” ][i2pros]Pros
Easy to use
Innovative design
Mini CO2 bottle
Desired carbonation level with LED indicators
Best for outdoor use
60-liter mail-in rebate
A bit expensive due to its design
Manual Processing
Easy to use
Consistent & Efficient
Automatic CO2 Level
BPA-Free reusable and better for planet bottles
3 Touch buttons to select the carbonation level
Design is not animated


What is the difference between soda stream power and one touch?

One touch is easy-to-use and has a speedy performance. Thus, you need to plug in and the process will be started. On the other side, the source is an animated and premium product

Which version of SodaStream is best?

All variations existed with co functionalities hence, you can choose the best from fizzi vs one touch, and source or sodastream play vs source can be a good option.

Is SodaStream one-touch better?

Sodastream one touch is an automatically sparkling water maker with different carbonation levels as well is affordable so, it will prove the best for you.

Is SodaStream One Touch vs Fizzi?

Fizzi is a traditionally designed model but hence, one touch is completely automatic.

Are all SodaStream cartriges the same?

In short, No. All the plastic bottles are versatile and can be use with others as well.

Final Verdict: Sodastream Source VS Fizzi One Touch

To choose from Soda Stream source vs fizzi one touch, each does a phenomenal job of providing carbonated drink whenever you want.  Thus, it can be tricky to choose the best especially if you didn’t use the drink maker before. So, if you didn’t consider the budget and want your own carbonation level in drink Soda Stream source will be the best option for you. In addition, if you want to have a fully automatic drink maker then fizzi one touch turns out to be the best.